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Starlight Celebration Walkthrough
Posted by: Mirriam - Sat Dec 17th, 2005 11:56 pm EST
Santa Mirriam Let the holiday event begin! This is rather different from last year's Fellowship of the Red Hat festival. This event has 2 parts to it. The first is similar to last year's holiday event; talk the NPC in one of the starting towns (dressed in a holiday suit) and she will hand you a Kiddie Present. Give the present to a child, and then talk again to the NPC. The NPC will now offer to transport you to another town, because children in other parts of Vana'diel need joy, too. Unlike last year, as far as I can tell, there are no NPCs to buy more presents from. There do appear to be different "holiday fame" messages like last year, but it doesn't seem to affect the ability to teleport, nor does job or level. NOTE: you must be wearing a dream hat in order to give presents to children. You can buy a Dream Hat, fireworks, the holiday trees from last year and the Kadomatsu that was previously available from the 2004-2005 New Year Rivalry Event, at each of the Moogle Vendors in the cities.

To get a Dream Hat +1, place the Holiday Trees you buy from the Moogle Vendors (or received from last year's event) in your Mog House. After you have maxed our your "joy" by handing out presents to children, your Moogle should tell you that he found a Special Present for you under the tree. Use it like a firework, and in your inventory you'll find a Dream Hat +1.

The other part of this holiday event qualifies as one of the most frustrating holiday events Square-Enix has ever thought up. Each game day, speak with one of the Holiday Moogles. He will give you one of four holiday cards: Aldebaran Card, Betelgeuse Card, Canopus Card and the Pleiades Card. Each is "addressed" to a certain job and level, such as a Ranger in the 60s, or a Beastmaster in the 10s, and rarely to a specific level, like a 17 White Mage. You cannot tell which job and level it is for by looking at the card in your inventory, so pay attention to what the Holiday Moogle tells you when he hands you the card. If you forget, you can always return to the Moogle, and he will repeat the information for you. Find someone whose job/level matches the requirements, give them the card you have, and have them turn it in to the Moogle. They will receive various fireworks and another card, which they need to give back to you for you to turn in. So basically, you have to rely on other people to get cards to turn into the Moogle. You MUST be on the particular required job to turn the card in. You will receive either Brilliant Snow, or a Dream Robe. It appears to be random how you get your Dream Robe. Once you have your Dream Robe, this process is still the same, however the Moogle will inform you that all the cards are addressed to people wearing red. Whether it's also random for the Dream Robe +1, or whether you must turn in 1 of each card, or 3 of the same (both popular theories), is unclear.

In addition, like last year, if you trade 10 fireworks to the Outpost Teleporter in each city, you may teleport to any region, regardless of who owns the region or what level your character is: 10 Brilliant Snow in Bastok, 10 Popstars in Windurst or 10 Sparkling Hands in San d'Oria. You can purchase fireworks at the Moogle Vendors.

List of NPCs Smilebringer:
Cristina, Bastok Mines (I-9)
Charmealaut, San d'Oria North (D-8)
Atagei-Portagei, North Windurst Waters (F-5)

Holiday Moogles:
Bastok Mines (I-9)
Bastok Markets (G-9)
San d'Oria South (K-9)
San d'Oria North (D-8)
Windurst Woods (K-10)
Windurst Waters North (F-5)

Moogle Vendors:
Bastok Port (L-7)
San d'Oria South (D-8)
Windurst Waters North (G-10)

List of Children
Bastok Port:
Dehlner, Kaede, Rex, Rin, Valah Molkot
Bastok Markets:
Arawn, Brygid, Emrys, Enu, Gwill, Rothais
Bastok Mines:
Detzo, Gumbah, Vaghron, Valeri, Roh Latteh
Bastok Metalworks:
Folzen, Patricius, Remus
Southern San d'Oria:
Authare, Blendare, Foletta, Leuveret, Raminel
Northern San d'Oria:
Ailbeche, Kuu Mohzolhi, Maurinne, Taurette
San d'Oria Port
Artinien, Auvare, Brifalien, Miene
Windurst Port:
Diegai, Gomada-Vulmada, Kohlo-Lakolo, Mov Lingyoh, Odilia, Papo-Hopo, Paruru, Paytah, Pichichi, Pyo Nzon, Shanruru, Yafa Yaa
Windurst Waters:
Akkeke, Aora-Uora, Arukoko, Buchi Kohmrijah, Chomoro-Kyotoro, Clais, Diroku-Oroku, Foi-Mui, Hororo, Janta-Jonta, Kirarara, Koko Lihzeh, Kotan-Moritan, Majiji, Mashuu-Ajuu,Mimono, Myumimi, Pakesse-Myukesse, Paku-Nakku, Rabiri-Tabiri, Rukuku, Temoe-Amoe, Yohra-Ora, Yung Yaam
Windurst Walls:
Chomomo, Juna Moshal, Komomo, Migi Centa, Purakoko, Rutango-Botango, Toi Pio
Windurst Woods:
Etsa Rhuyuli, Iya Rihyo, Nhobi Zalkia, Patsaa Maehoc, Phuz Mannohl

Event Specifics
Official Announcement: The Starlight Celebration
Event Schedule: Dec. 12, 2005 15:00 to Dec. 31, 2005 7:00 (PST)
Event Item Rewards: Dream Robe, Dream Robe +1, Brilliant Snow, Popstars, Sparkling Hands, Chocopass
Other Event Rewards: Teleports between the three starting cities; teleports to any outpost (regardless of who holds the region or the character's level) from the Outpost Teleporters in exchange for fireworks.
Other Items Used in Event: Kiddie Present, Aldebaran Card, Betelgeuse Card, Canopus Card, Pleiades Card

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