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New Year Rivalry Event
Posted by: Cuer - Wed Dec 29th, 2004 01:46 am EST
A New Year's event is in place, giving a chance to obtain new enchantment items and furniture through collecting sets of cards. It seems the Goblins and Moogles have a bit of a game going on, where the Moogles have hidden various cards and the Goblins have to find them. The sneaky Goblins changed the rules when they started riding chocobos to dig up the cards! Now the Moogles need your help to find the cards before the Goblins get them all.
A Goblin Rider from the New Year event.
Obtaining the Cards

There are seven different Tenshodo trading cards that can be found:
These are all Rare and Exclusive, so that you can only have one of each at a time, and must obtain them yourself.

To obtain the cards, go to one of the following zones:
In each of those zones, there are two Goblin Riders who are riding around on chocobos. They are looking for one of the Overturned Soil that appear at random locations throughout the zone. When they find a soil, they will dig it up and take the cards. You will need to run around the zone (on foot, not a chocobo) and find the Overturned Soil before the goblins do! When you select a soil, you will randomly receive one of the cards listed above. Getting specific sets of these cards and trading them to the holiday Moogles will allow you to recieve rewards.

Some important points about obtaining cards:
  1. When you or a goblin gets the Overturned Soil, that soil will disappear and another one will reappear shortly elsewhere in the zone. These soil can be anywhere in the entire zone, spawning randomly over time.
  2. Occasionally, when you select the Overturned Soil, a worm NM known as the Wayward Worm will pop up instead! It doesn't attack, but instead will Bind or Bindga and then disappear after a few seconds. This mainly just slows down adventurers running around looking for the cards.
  3. Don't be shy about trying to beat the Goblin Riders to the Overturned Soil. They dig in many places, so if you see one that is heading in a certain direction, you can sometimes beat it to the soil. Since they are on chocobos, they do make it there faster most of the time, however. The goblins make amusing comments as they go by as well; this is especially true in South Gustaberg, where you can find the famous goblin adventurer Fablinix. When the Overturned Soil hasn't respawned yet, the Goblin Riders will sit around on their chocobos, muttering about not being able to find anything.
  4. Find other people to search with! When characters are grouped in one of these zones, an Overturned Soil will provide as many cards as there are characters in the party. (This goes up to 6 cards when there is a full party of 6 characters; making an alliance does not help.) Having a party means that each member can run around looking for Overturned Soil themselves, which allows the soil to be found much more quickly overall than searching by yourself. This is especially true in the large and more complicated zones.
  5. Keep in mind that you can get the cards at any point while the event is running; you don't have to talk to the event Moogles first. You will need to talk to the Moogles to trade in the cards for your reward.
  6. All cards can be found in any of the zones, but the most common cards found varies greatly from zone to zone. There are usually two cards that will show up most of the time in each of the zones; it takes a good bit of time in one zone, or moving to other zones, to obtain all the cards. For example, the Ebisu Card is rarely found in most of the lower level zones. It is quite common in the zones around Jeuno, however: Batallia Downs, Rolanberry Fields, and Sauromugue Champaign.

Obtaining Rewards

Kadomatsu - When you speak to one of the event Moogles, they will first want a Bishamon Card, Benten Card, and Daikoku Card. When you trade in those three cards, you'll recieve a piece of Kadomatsu furniture. After you have recieved the Kadomatsu, you can do either of the two parts listed below to receive a belt or neck pendant. Note that since the Kadomatsu is not Rare or Exclusive, you can continue to trade in those three cards to receive many pieces of this furniture.

Belts - Once the Kadomatsu has been obtained from an event Moogle in any city, you can then obtain the city-specific belts. To do that, you need to trade the Fukurokuju Card, Hotei Card, and Jurojin Card to an event Moogle. In return, you'll receive an enchantment belt that provide a costume effect to make you look like a certain type of monster; they can only be used in city zones. These belts recharge once per Earth day, and are city specific:
  • Rabbit Belt -- Obtained from the San d'Oria Moogle; when used, adds a costume that makes a character look and move like a rabbit.
  • Worm Belt -- Obtained from the Bastok Moogle; when used, adds a costume that makes the character look like a worm and unable to move (like a worm).
  • Mandragora Belt -- Obtained from the Windurst Moogle; when used, adds a costume that makes the character look and move like a mandragora.
The belts are Rare and Exclusive; you can get one of each type (by going to each of the cities and turning in the appropriate three cards), but then no more, unless you discard the one you already have.

Pendants - Once the Kadomatsu has been obtained from an event Moogle in any city, you can then obtain the city-specific neck pendant. These are obtained from turning in all seven of the cards; the six cards required for the other two items, and a rare Ebisu Card. Trading all of these cards to an event Moogle will provide you with a Rare/Exclusive neck item for that city. These pendants are enchantment teleport items with 10 uses, that are city specific:
  • Kingdom Stable Collar -- Obtained from the San d'Oria Moogle; when used, teleports the character to the San d'Oria chocobo stables.
  • Republican Stable Medal -- Obtained from the Bastok Moogle; when used, teleports the character to the Bastok chocobo stables.
  • Federation Stable Scarf -- Obtained from the Windurst Moogle; when used, teleports the character to the Windurst chocobo stables.
These pendants are Rare and Exclusive, so only one of each of them can be obtained at a time.

NPC List

Event Moogles:
A Moogle can be found standing next to a chocobo in each of the three starting cities.
Bastok -- Bastok Markets (G-8 by the fountain)
San d'Oria -- San d'Oria South (K-9)
Windurst -- Windurst Woods (K-10 by Leviathan's Gate)

These ride around in the zones listed above, trying to find the Overturned Soil.
Goblin Rider -- Two of these are found in most zones.
Fablinix -- This famous goblin adventurer is in Gustaberg South, instead of the second Goblin Rider.

Event Specifics

Official Announcement: New Year Rivalry: Moogles vs. Goblins?!
Event Schedule: December 26 2004, 19:00 (PST) to January 9 2005, 19:00 (PST)
Event Item Rewards: Kadomatsu, Rabbit Belt, Worm Belt, Mandragora Belt, Kingdom Stable Collar, Republican Stable Medal, Federation Stable Scarf.
Other Items Used in Event: Benten Card, Bishamon Card, Daikoku Card, Ebisu Card, Fukurokuju Card, Hotei Card, Jurojin Card.

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