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Final Fantasy XI Discussion BoardDiscussion Boards -> General

News Item: The Starlight Celebration!

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From: Cuer

Posted: 2005-12-08 20:49:35
Update: A complete walkthrough is now available!

The Starlight Celebration!

Dec. 6, 2005 21:00 [PST]

The Starlight Celebration!

Master, Master!
The Starlight Celebration is here again, kupo!

You...you have no idea what I'm talking about?
Well...the Starlight Celebration is...
Well, it's happy and glad and busy and grand.
It's noisy and crazy and fun and then...

I...I'm so excited I can't think straight, kupo...
In any case, you're going to love it!
It's a great festival, kupo!

Up until now, those red-wearing smilebringers have stolen the show with all their joyful present-giving and laughter, kupo!

But festivals are moogle territory!
This year, the M.H.M.U. will bring you a Starlight Celebration to remember, kupo!

If those smilebringers are going to win all the children's hearts, then the moogles will focus on the adventurer population. We have presents galore for you all, kupo!

Except...we've sort of run into a snag, kupo.
As you probably know, adventurers never stay still for very long. They're always off killing some dragon, or saving the world or something, and you can never pin them down, kupo.
Even using the incredible crystal ball network of the M.H.M.U., we're finding it impossible to track every adventurer's movements!

Then we thought, "Who better to find an adventurer than another adventurer?"
We'll employ your services to deliver all the greeting cards we have prepared, which can then be exchanged for a wonderful gift, kupo!

You're telling me those smilebringers manage to deliver their presents all over Vana'diel in a single
night? You must be pulling my bobble, kupo!
You couldn't accomplish that feat with all the airships in Jeuno!
Well, we're not doing this to prove who's better!
This is for the adventurers, so let's all pitch in and make it a great festival, kupo!

[Event Details]

*The schedule for the Starlight Celebration will be announced at a later time. Please check back later!

[Moogle Locations]

Southern San d'Oria
Northern San d'Oria
Bastok Mines
Bastok Markets
Windurst Waters
Windurst Woods

Official PlayOnline Announcement
From: Cuer

Posted: 2005-12-09 12:13:10
And now the schedule, added to the news:

Dec. 8, 2005 23:00 [PST]

The Starlight Celebration Event Schedule

Following is the schedule for The Starlight Celebration.

The event is scheduled to commence after the maintenance on December 12 and continue until 7:00(PST) on December 31.

*Festival decorations will be present from December 12, while greeting card deliveries begin at 16:00(PST), on December 15.
From: Lukahn
Registered User

Posted: 2005-12-13 08:30:58
Update looks good so far, just a matter of time before new items. hopefully a good guide will be written this weekend to tell us what do do :). I'll get round to it if i'm first.
From: Yomiijeromi

Posted: 2005-12-14 23:42:28
Is there any way to get Dream Hat+1 this year? I wasn't able to play this time last year so I missed it. ; ;
From: Lukahn
Registered User

Posted: 2005-12-15 14:38:03
You can buy Dream hats at the moogles around various cities, but i'm not sure about +1 yet
From: Aliria
Registered User

Posted: 2005-12-15 17:28:47
Anyone know anything about the:
...Then we thought, "Who better to find an adventurer than another adventurer?"
We'll employ your services to deliver all the greeting cards we have prepared, which can then be exchanged for a wonderful gift, kupo!...

bit? Yet to see moogles doing anything other than selling the hats, Xmas trees and fireworks. Very curious to know what the "wonderful gift" is.
From: Kalecyos

Posted: 2005-12-15 19:55:50
event moogles are in the typical places now, they distribute "aldebaran card"s together with a job and lvl range description (something like "give this card to a WHM in the 20's")
once per IG day you can grab another card, and i think the moogle mentioned something about a nice reward once you traded the 4th card. christmas body maybe? ^^
From: Anonymous

Posted: 2005-12-15 20:25:18
Search the site here for Charm Wand and Charm Wand +1... i believe these are some of the rewards this christmas... reraise items... one has one charge and reflls every 5 days.. 120 hours... and the other has 10 charges useable every 24 hours and then is empty... like the haloween staves
From: Discordant

Posted: 2005-12-15 21:27:04
Quote from: Anonymous
Search the site here for Charm Wand and Charm Wand +1... i believe these are some of the rewards this christmas... reraise items... one has one charge and reflls every 5 days.. 120 hours... and the other has 10 charges useable every 24 hours and then is empty... like the haloween staves

Quote from: Kalecyos
event moogles are in the typical places now, they distribute "aldebaran card"s together with a job and lvl range description (something like "give this card to a WHM in the 20's")
once per IG day you can grab another card, and i think the moogle mentioned something about a nice reward once you traded the 4th card. christmas body maybe? ^^

Check out in item search "Dream Robe(+1)" Maybe another reward?
From: Kodos
Registered User

Posted: 2005-12-15 21:32:58
People who have gotten the Christmas body have traded at least 2 cards to people of the right job and turned in 2 cards to the moogle, don't know yet if other combinations are possible or if the only requirement is to give 2 cards while the right job for the NQ. The NPC in the santa suit will teleport you to any other nation once you've given out a present, I'm assuming your "gift giving fame" depreciates a level when you use it the way it did last year. Last years highest level was "ludicris amounts of joy".
As for the charm wands, It's quite possible they are not for the Christmas event at all, last year there was a valentines day event of some sort, don't remeber the title.
From: Guest

Posted: 2005-12-16 02:46:01
Well I got a Dream Robe and a Dream Robe +1
I traded enough cards to get at least 160 fireworks, and I did this all in Windy Woods. Don't know if giving presents helps, but I gave about 4 or 5 presents plus all my fireworks before I got mine. I only have 5 jobs that are above 10, but I did it at least once for each on, many times on some of them.

Also in the middle of it somewhere I got 3 chocopasses (not chocobo tickets, but the chocopasses you can get if someone invites you with a gold world pass). I remember the chocopasses being really useless when I was new, and I don't know if they get any better being a higher level, but I threw mine away when I was new because it would make me dismount after riding through East Sarutabaruta and part of Tahrongi Canyon
From: Lukahn
Registered User

Posted: 2005-12-16 04:53:29
Well you beat me to it. It does seem like the event items this year are Charm Wand and Charm Wand +1, as well as Dream Robe and Dream Robe +1. The moogle mentions that there are 4 cards to be given out, but to get the items i'm not sure what to do. I can guess this:

Either send 4 cards to people, and talk to moogle for reward.

Trade 4 cards seperately and 4th reward will be a special item.

Trade the 4 (different?) cards at once to get an item.

Later on i'll try these methods out.
Also you mentioned the smilebringer and handing out gifts, where abouts can I find him, and is it possible to get dream hat +1 this year because of it.

The event itself is pretty fun, you pay 10,000 gil for a Dream Hat from the stall moogles, and 20,000 for a tree. The other moogle asks you to give out a card to a job in a level range, e.g a Black Mage in the 20 range means Blm 20-29. After you trade the card to them, they can trade to moogle for a prize, which so far seems to be some crackers that make your hands sparkley. You can get a card from the moogle once per game day.

Hope this has been helpful so far, i'll post back later with any other information I gather.
From: TrueDarkFire

Posted: 2005-12-16 08:20:12
This guide is taken from Allakhazam. It was written by *Prose*
NQ Robe
Card Moogle Locations
South San'Doria: (J-9)/(K-9) line
Northern San'Doria: (D-8)
Windurst Woods: (K-10)
Windurst Waters: (F-5)
Bastok Markets: (G-8)
Bastok Mines: (I-9)

Moogle in the starting nations will give you a card, and tell you to find someone with a "[Job] in the [X]'s". For example "Find a warrior in the 50s and hand the card over kupo!"
It is easiest to find the people via shout, or /sea region job lvl-lvl

Once you find the person, ask them to trade the card to the moogle. They will most likely recieve Sparkling Hands. If not, they will receive "Dream Robe." I got my Robe when trading my fourth card to the moogle- I have read someone got their robe on their first turn in, though. **You get your robe by being the FOURTH person to trade an individual card in, it doesnt matter if it is your first trade, as long as it is the cards fourth***
Robe on Taru, Elvaan, Mithra, Hume

You will get four cards from the moogle, before you start over. Like the summer event, there are no penalties for having to start over.

-Save the fireworks!! You can use these for Smilebringer quests!
-You can only get one card per VD day.
-If you are having problems trading, it is because the person already has the card (remember, they are Rare)
-Other confirmed gifts from moogle are chocobo tickets! (Save them for mea >_<!)

The different kinds of cards are:

Suit Theorys:
First theory from Totz from Bahamut >> Almost 100% proven!
(1)Talk to the moogle get a card.
(2)Trade the card to the job and lvl it ask's for, have that person trade it to the moogle, then have them trade it back to you.(1st trade)
(3)Talk to the moogle to see what next job is.
(4)Trade it to a person with then next job, have them trade to moogle, then trade it back to you.(2nd trade)
(5)Talk to moogle again for next job requirment.
(6)Trade it to person with that job, have them trade to moogle, and then trade it back to you.(3rd trade)
(7)Now when you talk to the moogle for the last time he will tell you that you need to give the card to someone that has a job in a level range that is equal to one of the job's that you have.
(8)Swich to that job, trade the card to the moogle.(4th trade)

Robe +1
Not much is known for sure about this - but after you receieve your first robe, the moogle then tells you the card is for the [insert job] at [level range] who is wearing red.

I have spoken to a few people with the +1 robes, and they said that it is exactly like the first part (For NQ) except you just need to receive it from someone wearing a robe, who has a "red" card.

*** One person with HQ said it would be worthwhile to note they had been in two cities ***

Smilebringer Locations:
Northern San'Doria: (D-8)
Windurst Waters: (F-5)
Bastok Mines: (I-9)

You must wear your hat to give presents, if you do not have one from last year, buy one from a Moogle vendor for 10k.

The Smilebringer will warp you to another area after you distribute presents if you have enough joy. Collect joy by trading fireworks to children. (Fireworks can be obtained from NPC moogles or from the card event)
Joy message.

After trading approximately 18 fireworks, I talked to the Smilebringer again, and the NPC turned into a pirate, and gave me a present to give to a kid. The present gives you "barrelfuls of joy to the children of Vana'diel!"

Smilebringer theory:
Kittyn pointed out you can outpost warp anywhere for only 10 Popstars from your local NPC teleporter.
*Note* If you 'can' still recieve a Dream Hat+1 then it 'might' be like last years method
"CAUTION: Warping to another city from the Moogle will cause your Holiday Fame to go down. The basic fame message stays the same, it's only the amount of joy that changes. Once you have maxed it in one city, it is maxed in the others. Also, it appears that your Holiday Fame either decreases with time or with completion of other parts of the Holiday Festival. After I got my Dream Hat +1, my Holiday Fame dropped to Level 2.

Moogle : (Ah! One of the strange hat-lady's/man's underli--)
Merry holidays, Ms./Mr. Adventurer! It looks like you (JOY MESSAGE BELOW) to the children of Vana'diel, kupo!
Moogle : Now, if you want, I could warp you to another nation so you could bother--I mean, bring joy to the wee ones there, kupo.

Level 1: "haven't brought any joy"
Level 2: "have been slacking off bringing joy"
Level 3: "have been bringing a tad bit of joy
Level 4: "have been bringing a fair amount of joy"
Level 5: "have been bringing barrelfuls of joy"
Level 6: "have been bringing ridiculous amounts of joy"
Level 7: "have been bringing caravans loaded with ludicrous quantities of joy""
*NOTE* on turning in my first gift in Bastok at the start of the event I already had lvl7 "Joy" I don't know if this is due to my already holding a DreamHat+1 from last year.
From: Chihi

Posted: 2005-12-16 16:49:22
For +1 Suit---Confirmed by almost all people in my LS including me and 2 housemates whom I have witnessed doing the quest.

Exactly the same as to get the suit except for you only trade with people wearing the Dream Suit or Dream Suit +1 and you only have to do two trades instead of four to recieve the card for your job and level. If you don't get it, well then you did something wrong, because this works. I promise..... :)

{Dream Suit} +1 {Found it!}
From: Bola
Registered User

Posted: 2005-12-16 17:40:51
I can confirm that the Dream Hat +1 is a reward this year. I'm not sure exactly how much is required to get it, but I had 1 holiday tree up and handed out presents to the kiddies until the smilebringer said "The children love you! Even I think you're great!" I didn't get anything right away so I waited for the server reset and then went into my mog house. When I talked to my moogle, it told me it found a present under my tree. I had a Dream Hat +1 sitting in my inventory after opening the special present.
From: Finndel

Posted: 2005-12-16 18:25:34
I got a Dream Hat +1 from my moogle. Not entirely sure how I got it but this is my theory.

- Put a Christmas Tree in your MH
- Play the Joybringer game til you have maxed it out
(The christmas npc says something along the lines of "The children love you. And so do I")
- Go to your MH and talk to your moogle. He will give you a special present he found under your christmas tree.
- Go outside and use the present. Will look like normal fireworks but check your inventory for the Dream Hat +1

I am guessing this is the way to get it. But Im not sure if I got it because of the Joybringer game. Maybe you only need to put a tree in your MH and wait.

Leave a reply if this worked for anyone ^_^
From: Kylea
Registered User

Posted: 2005-12-16 19:01:51
I noticed a lot of different explanations, some which made this more complicated than it had to be. So, here's my little list of just how to get it. Hopefully it helps.

Steps to get a Dream Robe +1

1. Talk to the event moogle (not the moogles selling fireworks and items from last year.) and receive a card. Pay attention to the job and level range the moogle says the card is for (eg. Black Mage in the 30s or Ninja in the 70s).

2. Find someone who needs the card and ISN'T wearing a Dream Robe and trade it to them. There were a lot of shouts where I was, so it shouldn't be too hard to find someone. If you get one, like I did (30s Dragoon), that there's no way you're going to find someone with that job, drop it, as you need it out of your inventory before you turn in YOUR first card to the moogle.

3. Find someone who has a card for one of your jobs and isn't wearing a Dream Robe and have them trade you the card. It helps to have a lot of jobs leveled at least past 10 because that's the lowest job level range for the cards.

4. Change to the job of the card you need to trade to the moogle FIRST, then trade the card to the moogle. If you didn't get rid of the first card he gave you, then you're going to get fireworks or something else silly PLUS another card to hand out. If you did, he gives you the Dream Robe.

5. Make sure it's a new vana'diel day from the day you first spoke to the event moogle. Talk to him again and he'll give you a new card. This time he'll tell you that you need to give it to someone in red. In other words, someone wearing a Dream Robe. Again, pay attention to the job and level range it's for.

6. This time find someone who needs the card and is wearing a Dream Robe and trade it to them. Try not to drop these (though you still can if you get the dreaded 30s dragoon card).

7. After you get the card out of your inventory, find someone in a Dream Robe to give you a card for a job you have a level for. Again, change to that job before turning it in. Also make sure that you're wearing your Dream Robe when you turn in the card and that you don't have any other cards in your inventory. The moogle will give you a prize (fireworks or chocobopass) and another card.

8. Repeat steps 6 and 7 until the moogle gives you the Dream Robe +1. It takes 2-3 full trades with him, but he will give it to you eventually.

NOTE: If you drop a card, don't forget that it takes a full vana'diel day before you can get a new card to hand out. I know that people who didn't have to drop a card with a job no one had, got their HQ robes faster, so it's very likely the moogles know if your cards have been turned in or not.
From: Meikoromaru

Posted: 2005-12-16 23:51:38
exactly how do i trade this "gift for the kiddies" to a kiddie? do i buy fireworks and give them that? cause all the kids i talk to (and i am wearing a dream hat) only give me the basic NPC response - i talked to the taru at the gate and he just gave me another present - so now i have two i don't know what to do with ><
how can SE have an event with no guide :'( i'm so lost
From: Kodos
Registered User

Posted: 2005-12-17 01:12:59
It has to be a literal child that you trade the presents to, in Windurst this can be quite difficult without good eyesight, the Tarutaru children are about a millimeter shorter then the adults. They do come in some models not found on the adults though, as well as different dress.
Just trade a present to them, don't need to talk to them or anything first, and they will state "you've provided barrelfulls of joy" if the present you gave them was the "ex" one, lesser amounts if they still sell the other varieties. Your "gift giving fame" will depreciate one level every time you teleport to another nation.
You must have the "dream cap" or "dream cap +1" equipped!
If you start with the dream cap +1(from last year) equipped you will begin with max fame before you even trade the first present to a child.
From: Morfran

Posted: 2005-12-17 01:13:40
You just "Trade" like you normally do , target the NPC kid and click Trade. Then give the Kids Gift which will give you "Bundles Of Joy"
I haven't been able to get the Dream Hat +1 though and I think my Holiday Fame is maxed out (Kids love me .....)
Also have a tree in Mog House but my moogle has not given me a present
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