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Total: 402861366
Today: 477
Yesterday: 15899

Items: 9505
Mobs: 4024
Recipes: 3285
NPCs: 2066
Quests: 570

Guild Recipes: Cooking
Item Cap Other Crystal S/D IngredientsHQ Results
Love Chocolate1Amateur
EarthSynthParchment, Heart Chocolate, Scarlet RibbonHQ1: Truelove Chocolate
Roasted Corn2FireSynthMillioncornHQ1: Grilled Corn
Worm Paste x22WaterSynthCupid Worm x2, La Theine Millet, Lizard Egg, Distilled WaterHQ1: Worm Paste x4
HQ2: Worm Paste x6
HQ3: Worm Paste x8
Carrot Broth x43WaterSynthSan d'Orian Carrot x4HQ1: Famous Carrot Broth x2
HQ2: Famous Carrot Broth x4
HQ3: Famous Carrot Broth x8
Peeled Crayfish3WindSynthCrayfishHQ Results the Same
Hard-Boiled Egg4FireSynthLizard Egg, Distilled WaterHQ1: Soft-Boiled Egg
Pebble Soup5FireSynthFlint Stone x3, Distilled WaterHQ1: Wisdom Soup
Grilled Hare6FireSynthDried Marjoram, Hare MeatHQ1: Grilled Black Hare
Hard-Boiled Egg6FireSynthBird Egg, Distilled WaterHQ1: Soft-Boiled Egg
Herbal Broth x47WaterSynthFrost Turnip x2, Beaugreens x2HQ1: Singing Herbal Broth x2
HQ2: Singing Herbal Broth x4
HQ3: Singing Herbal Broth x8
Peeled Lobster7WindSynthGold LobsterHQ Results the Same
Salmon Sub8EarthSynthCrying Mustard, Black Bread, Apple Vinegar, La Theine Cabbage, Smoked Salmon, Mithran TomatoHQ1: Ilm-long Sub
Boiled Crayfish9FireSynthCrayfish, Rock Salt, Distilled WaterHQ1: Steamed Crayfish
Pet Food Alpha Biscuit x129EarthSynthBird Egg, Hare Meat, Horo Flour, Distilled WaterHQ Results the Same
Orange Juice10WaterSynthSaruta Orange x4HQ Results the Same
Carrion Broth x411WaterSynthGelatin, Hare Meat x2, Rotten MeatHQ1: Cold Carrion Broth x2
HQ2: Cold Carrion Broth x4
HQ3: Cold Carrion Broth x8
Dried Date11IceSynthDateHQ1: Dried Date +1
Herb Paste x211WaterSynthTokopekko Wildgrass x2, La Theine Millet, Lizard Egg, Distilled WaterHQ1: Herb Paste x4
HQ2: Herb Paste x6
HQ3: Herb Paste x8
Sairui-Ran x3311Initiate
EarthSynthKazham Peppers, Bomb Ash, Bird Egg, Bast ParchmentHQ1: Sairui-Ran x66
HQ2: Sairui-Ran x99
HQ3: Sairui-Ran x99
Sliced Sardine x211WindSynthBastore SardineHQ Results the Same
Honey x412WindSynthBeehive Chip x4HQ1: Honey x6
HQ2: Honey x9
HQ3: Honey x12
Dried Marjoram x913Amateur
IceSynthFresh Marjoram x8HQ1: Dried Marjoram x12
Sliced Cod x613WindSynthTiger CodHQ Results the Same
Tortilla x414FireSynthOlive Oil, San d'Orian Flour, Millioncorn, Rock SaltHQ1: Tortilla Bueno x6
HQ2: Tortilla Bueno x9
HQ3: Tortilla Bueno x12
Bug Broth x415WaterSynthLugworm x2, Shell Bug x2HQ1: Quadav Bug Broth x2
HQ2: Quadav Bug Broth x4
HQ3: Quadav Bug Broth x8
Slice of Bluetail x415WindSynthBluetailHQ Results the Same
Roast Mushroom16FireSynthDanceshroom x2, Rock SaltHQ1: Witch Kabob
Roast Mushroom16FireSynthWoozyshroom x2, Rock SaltHQ1: Witch Kabob
Roast Mushroom16FireSynthSleepshroom x2, Rock SaltHQ1: Witch Kabob
Roast Mutton17FireSynthDried Marjoram, Giant Sheep Meat, Mhaura GarlicHQ1: Juicy Mutton
Slice of Carp x217WindSynthForest CarpHQ Results the Same
Slice of Carp x217WindSynthMoat CarpHQ Results the Same
Pea Soup18FireSynthBlue Peas x3, Distilled Water, Dried Marjoram, Wild OnionHQ1: Emerald Soup
Pet Food Beta Biscuit x1219EarthSynthBird Egg, Distilled Water, Giant Sheep Meat, Horo FlourHQ Results the Same
Roast Carp19FireSynthForest Carp, Rock SaltHQ1: Broiled Carp
Roast Carp19FireSynthMoat Carp, Rock SaltHQ1: Broiled Carp
Apple Juice20WaterSynthFaerie Apple x4HQ Results the Same
Selbina Butter x420IceSynthSelbina Milk, Rock SaltHQ1: Selbina Butter x6
HQ2: Selbina Butter x9
HQ3: Selbina Butter x12
Roast Pipira21FireSynthPipira, Rock SaltHQ1: Broiled Pipira
Soy Milk21FireSynthBlue Peas x2, Distilled WaterHQ1: Soy Milk x2
HQ2: Soy Milk x3
HQ3: Soy Milk x4
Vegetable Paste x221WaterSynthGysahl Greens x2, La Theine Millet, Lizard Egg, Distilled WaterHQ1: Vegetable Paste x4
HQ2: Vegetable Paste x6
HQ3: Vegetable Paste x8
Baked Popoto22FireSynthPopoto, Selbina ButterHQ1: Pipin' Hot Popoto
White Honey x422WindSynthPephredo Hive Chip x4HQ1: White Honey x6
HQ2: White Honey x9
HQ3: White Honey x12
Baked Apple23FireSynthCinnamon, Faerie Apple, Maple Sugar, Selbina ButterHQ1: Sweet Baked Apple
Goblin Chocolate x3323DarkSynthKukuru Bean x3, Cobalt Jellyfish, Selbina Milk, Honey, Sunflower Seeds, WijnruitHQ1: Hobgoblin Chocolate x33
HQ2: Hobgoblin Chocolate x66
HQ3: Hobgoblin Chocolate x99
Peperoncino x223Tool: Noodle KneadingFireSynthKazham Peppers, Mhaura Garlic, Olive Oil, Rock Salt, Spaghetti, Misareaux ParsleyHQ1: Peperoncino x4
HQ2: Peperoncino +1 x2
HQ3: Peperoncino +1 x4
Puls24FireSynthDistilled Water, Rye Flour, Horo Flour, HoneyHQ1: Delicious Puls
Salsa x1224WaterSynthKazham Peppers, Rock Salt, Wild Onion, Mithran Tomato, Gysahl GreensHQ Results the Same
Roast Coffee Beans x225Unknown
FireSynthCoffee BeansHQ1: Roast Coffee Beans x4
HQ2: Roast Coffee Beans x6
HQ3: Roast Coffee Beans x8
Vegetable Soup25FireSynthFrost Turnip, San d'Orian Carrot, Eggplant, La Theine Cabbage, Bay Leaves, Wild Onion, Rock Salt, Distilled WaterHQ1: Vegetable Broth
Meat Jerky x226IceSynthGiant Sheep Meat, Rock Salt, Dried MarjoramHQ1: Sheep Jerky x2
Vegetable Gruel26FireSynthSan d'Orian Flour, Chamomile, Frost Turnip, Rarab Tail, Distilled Water, BeaugreensHQ1: Medicinal Gruel
Boiled Crab27FireSynthBay Leaves, Rock Salt, Land Crab Meat, Distilled WaterHQ1: Steamed Crab
Zoni27FireSynthRock Salt, Sticky Rice, Tokopekko Wildgrass, San d'Orian Carrot, Tiger Cod, Distilled Water, Lakerda, Ziz MeatHQ1: Zesty Zoni
Meat Broth x428WaterSynthGelatin, Dhalmel Meat, Giant Sheep Meat, Hare MeatHQ1: Warm Meat Broth x2
HQ2: Warm Meat Broth x4
HQ3: Warm Meat Broth x8
Pomodoro Sauce x428WaterSynthBay Leaves, Black Pepper, Olive Oil, Rock Salt, Holy Basil, Wild Onion, Mithran Tomato, Misareaux ParsleyHQ Results the Same
Vegetable Gruel28FireSynthChamomile, Frost Turnip, Tarutaru Rice, Batagreens, Rarab Tail, Distilled WaterHQ1: Medicinal Gruel
Dhalmel Steak29FireSynthBlack Pepper, Olive Oil, Dhalmel MeatHQ1: Wild Steak
Insect Ball x1229EarthSynthMillioncorn, Little Worm, Distilled WaterHQ Results the Same
Pet Food Gamma Biscuit x629EarthSynthDhalmel Meat, Horo Flour, Distilled Water, Bird EggHQ1: Pet Food Gamma Biscuit x8
HQ2: Pet Food Gamma Biscuit x10
HQ3: Pet Food Gamma Biscuit x12
Smoked Salmon x429Amateur
FireSynthWalnut Log, Cheval Salmon, Rock SaltHQ Results the Same
Pineapple Juice30WaterSynthKazham Pineapple x2HQ Results the Same
Carrot Paste x231WaterSynthVomp Carrot x2, La Theine Millet, Lizard Egg, Distilled WaterHQ1: Carrot Paste x4
HQ2: Carrot Paste x6
HQ3: Carrot Paste x8
Rice Ball x431FireSynthTarutaru Rice, Pamtam Kelp, Rock Salt, Distilled WaterHQ1: Rogue Rice Ball x2
HQ2: Rogue Rice Ball x3
HQ3: Rogue Rice Ball x4
Salmon Eggs x331LightningSynthCheval SalmonHQ1: Salmon Eggs x6
HQ2: Salmon Eggs x9
HQ3: Salmon Eggs x12
Sardine Ball x1231EarthSynthBastore Sardine, Horo Flour, Distilled WaterHQ Results the Same
Acorn Cookie x3332FireSynthSan d'Orian Flour, Selbina Butter, Acorn x4, Honey, Crawler EggHQ1: Wild Cookie x33
HQ2: Wild Cookie x33
HQ3: Wild Cookie x99
Beverage Barrel32Craftsman
EarthSynthWater Barrel, Oak Lumber x2, Grape Juice x3HQ Results the Same
Roast Trout32FireSynthShining Trout, Rock SaltHQ1: Broiled Trout
Roast Trout32FireSynthRock Salt, AlabaligiHQ1: Broiled Trout
Nebimonite Bake33FireSynthSelbina Butter, Nebimonite, Mhaura GarlicHQ1: Buttered Nebimonite
Trout Ball x1233EarthSynthShining Trout, Rye Flour, Distilled WaterHQ Results the Same
Black Bread x434FireSynthRye Flour, Rock Salt, Distilled WaterHQ1: Pumpernickel x4
Iron Bread x434FireSynthSan d'Orian Flour, Rock Salt, Distilled WaterHQ1: Steel Bread x4
Maple Cake35Tool: PatissierFireSynthSan d'Orian Flour, Maple Sugar, Olive Oil, Selbina Milk, Bird Egg, Apkallu EggHQ1: Silken Siesta
Meatball x1235EarthSynthSan d'Orian Flour, Distilled Water, Hare MeatHQ Results the Same
Mushroom Soup35FireSynthRock Salt, Danceshroom, Scream Fungus, Coral Fungus, Distilled WaterHQ1: Witch Soup
Buffalo Jerky x236IceSynthDried Marjoram, Rock Salt, Buffalo MeatHQ1: Bison Jerky x2
Windurst Salad36WindSynthApple Vinegar, Kazham Pineapple, San d'Orian Carrot, Pamamas, Mithran Tomato, La Theine Cabbage, Rolanberry, Yagudo CherryHQ1: Timbre Timbers Salad
Bubble Chocolate x1237FireSynthKukuru Bean x4, Selbina Milk, Maple SugarHQ1: Heart Chocolate
Fish Broth x237WaterSynthBastore Sardine x4HQ1: Fish Oil Broth
HQ2: Fish Oil Broth x2
HQ3: Fish Oil Broth x3
Fish Broth x237WaterSynthHamsi x4
Jack-o'-Lantern38FireSynthOgre Pumpkin, BeeswaxHQ Results the Same
Meat Mithkabob x638FireSynthKazham Peppers, Mhaura Garlic, Wild Onion, Ziz MeatHQ1: Meat Mithkabob x12
HQ2: Meat Chiefkabob x6
HQ3: Meat Chiefkabob x12
Meat Mithkabob x638FireSynthKazham Peppers, Cockatrice Meat, Mhaura Garlic, Wild OnionHQ1: Meat Mithkabob x12
HQ2: Meat Chiefkabob x6
HQ3: Meat Chiefkabob x12
Balik Sandvici39FireSynthOlive Oil, Rock Salt, Kitron, White Bread, Wild Onion, Mithran Tomato, UskumruHQ1: Balik Sandvici +1
Cotton Tofu x439Amateur
EarthSynthCotton Cloth, Bittern, Soy MilkHQ1: Cotton Tofu x6
HQ2: Cotton Tofu x9
HQ3: Cotton Tofu x12
Pet Food Delta Biscuit x639EarthSynthRye Flour, Distilled Water, Bird Egg, Land Crab MeatHQ1: Pet Food Delta Biscuit x8
HQ2: Pet Food Delta Biscuit x10
HQ3: Pet Food Delta Biscuit x12
Melanzane x240Tool: Noodle KneadingFireSynthKazham Peppers, Mhaura Garlic, Olive Oil, Rock Salt, Spaghetti, Wild Onion, Eggplant, Pomodoro SauceHQ1: Melanzane x4
HQ2: Melanzane x6
HQ3: Melanzane +1 x2
Melon Juice40WaterSynthWatermelon, ThundermelonHQ Results the Same
Apple Vinegar x441DarkSynthHoney, Faerie Apple x3HQ1: Apple Vinegar x6
HQ2: Apple Vinegar x9
HQ3: Apple Vinegar x12
Salmon Rice Ball x441FireSynthSmoked Salmon, Tarutaru Rice, Pamtam Kelp, Rock Salt, Distilled WaterHQ1: Naval Rice Ball x2
Salmon Roe x341DarkSynthRock Salt, Salmon EggsHQ1: Salmon Roe x3
HQ2: Salmon Roe x6
HQ3: Salmon Roe x9
Windurst Taco x641FireSynthHare Meat, Wild Onion, Tortilla x2, Stone Cheese, Windurst Salad, SalsaHQ1: Windurst Taco x12
HQ2: Timbre Timbers Taco x6
HQ3: Timbre Timbers Taco x12
Pie Dough x442WaterSynthSan d'Orian Flour, Selbina Butter, Rock SaltHQ1: Pie Dough x6
HQ2: Pie Dough x9
HQ3: Pie Dough x12
EarthSynthDried Marjoram, Maple Sugar, Chamomile, Dried Mugwort, Distilled Water
Fish Broth43WaterSynthUskumru x2
Tomato Juice43WaterSynthRock Salt, Mithran Tomato x3HQ Results the Same
Spaghetti44Tool: Noodle KneadingWaterSynthRock Salt, SemolinaHQ1: Spaghetti x2
HQ2: Spaghetti x3
HQ3: Spaghetti x4
White Bread x444FireSynthSan d'Orian Flour, Selbina Butter, Rock Salt, Distilled Water, HoneyHQ1: Pain de Neige x4
Item Cap Other Crystal S/D IngredientsHQ Results
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