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Total: 364707646
Today: 9325
Yesterday: 13199

Items: 9505
Mobs: 4024
Recipes: 3285
NPCs: 2066
Quests: 570

Guild Recipes: Alchemy (Synthesis)
Item CapOther CrystalIngredientsHQ Results
Aquan Slayer73DarkAmeretat Vine, Bird Blood, Darksteel KilijHQ1: Marine Slayer
FireCermet Chunk x3, Darksteel IngotHQ1: Cutlass +1
High Ebonite x273LightningSulfur, Flan Meat x3HQ1: High Ebonite x4
HQ2: High Ebonite x6
HQ3: High Ebonite x8
Mythril Nugget x973FireMythril Leaf, PanaceaHQ1: Mythril Nugget x12
Venom Baselard73WaterDarksteel Baselard, Animal Glue, Venom PotionHQ1: Venom Baselard +1
Vermin Slayer73DarkAmeretat Vine, Lizard Blood, Darksteel KilijHQ1: Insect Slayer
Sacred Maul74LightHallowed Water, Holy MaulHQ Results the Same
Venom Kukri74WaterDarksteel Kukri, Animal Glue, Venom PotionHQ1: Venom Kukri +1
Dark Anima x1075Tool: Anima SynthesisDarkMercury, Rock Salt, Sulfur, Malevolent Memory x4HQ1: Dark Anima x20
HQ2: Dark Anima x30
HQ3: Dark Anima x40
Earth Anima x1075Tool: Anima SynthesisEarthMercury, Rock Salt, Sulfur, Profane Memory x4HQ1: Earth Anima x20
HQ2: Earth Anima x30
HQ3: Earth Anima x40
Fire Anima x1075Tool: Anima SynthesisFireMercury, Rock Salt, Sulfur, Burning Memory x4HQ1: Fire Anima x20
HQ2: Fire Anima x30
HQ3: Fire Anima x40
Ice Anima x1075Tool: Anima SynthesisIceMercury, Rock Salt, Sulfur, Bitter Memory x4HQ1: Ice Anima x20
HQ2: Ice Anima x30
HQ3: Ice Anima x40
Light Anima x1075Tool: Anima SynthesisLightMercury, Rock Salt, Sulfur, Radiant Memory x4HQ1: Light Anima x20
HQ2: Light Anima x30
HQ3: Light Anima x40
Lightning Anima x1075Tool: Anima SynthesisLightningMercury, Rock Salt, Sulfur, Startling Memory x4HQ1: Lightning Anima x20
HQ2: Lightning Anima x30
HQ3: Lightning Anima x40
Water Anima x1075Tool: Anima SynthesisWaterMercury, Rock Salt, Sulfur, Somber Memory x4HQ1: Water Anima x20
HQ2: Water Anima x30
HQ3: Water Anima x40
Wind Anima x1075Tool: Anima SynthesisWindMercury, Rock Salt, Sulfur, Fleeting Memory x4HQ1: Wind Anima x20
HQ2: Wind Anima x30
HQ3: Wind Anima x40
Cermet Kukri76FireEbony Lumber, Cermet Chunk, Wyvern SkinHQ1: Cermet Kukri +1
Halcyon Rod76FireCermet Chunk, Carbon Fiber x4, Glass Fiber x2HQ Results the Same
Kilo Battery x9976Recruit
WaterCermet Chunk, Silver Ingot, Tin Ingot, Rock Salt, Distilled Water, Lightning ClusterHQ Results the Same
Venom Bolt Heads x676Recruit
WindAnimal Glue, Bronze Ingot, Venom PotionHQ1: Venom Bolt Heads x8
HQ2: Venom Bolt Heads x10
HQ3: Venom Bolt Heads x12
Freshwater Set77WaterSilica, River Foliage, Desalinator, Holy WaterHQ Results the Same
Paralysis Arrowheads x677WindCopper Ingot, Animal Glue, Imperial Cermet, Paralyze PotionHQ1: Paralysis Arrowheads x8
HQ2: Paralysis Arrowheads x10
HQ3: Paralysis Arrowheads x12
X-Potion77WaterSage x2, Hecteyes Eye, Distilled Water, Reishi MushroomHQ1: X-Potion +1
HQ2: X-Potion +2
HQ3: X-Potion +3
Air Rider x3378Apprentice
EarthLauan Lumber, Firesand x2, Bast Parchment, Goblin Doll, Twinkle PowderHQ1: Air Rider x66
HQ2: Air Rider x99
HQ3: Air Rider x99
FireIron Sheet, Coeurl Leather, Cermet Chunk x2HQ1: Jamadhars +1
Paralyze Potion78WaterParalysis Dust, MercuryHQ Results the Same
Paralyze Potion x378Tool: TriturationWaterMercury x3, Paralysis Dust x3, TrituratorHQ Results the Same
Holy Shield79LightHard Shield, Mana Barrel, Holy Water x2HQ1: Divine Shield
Hyper Ether79WaterDried Marjoram x2, Treant Bulb, Taurus Wing x2, Movalpolos WaterHQ Results the Same
Venom Katars79WaterDarksteel Katars, Animal Glue, Venom PotionHQ1: Venom Katars +1
Kororito80WaterShinobi-gatana, Animal Glue, Venom PotionHQ1: Kororito +1
Stun Knife80WaterCermet Knife, Paralyze Potion, Animal GlueHQ1: Stun Knife +1
Bloody Bolt Heads x681Recruit
WindBronze Ingot, Beastman Blood, Revival Tree RootHQ1: Bloody Bolt Heads x8
HQ2: Bloody Bolt Heads x10
HQ3: Bloody Bolt Heads x12
Hawker's Knife81WindArcher's Knife, Beastman Blood, Fiend Blood, Dragon BloodHQ1: Hawker's Knife +1
Holy Wand81LightMythic Wand, Holy WaterHQ1: Holy Wand +1
Chocolixir82LightMistletoe, Revival Tree Root, Gold Leaf, Royal Jelly, Distilled WaterHQ1: Hi-Chocolixir
Saltwater Set82WaterWhite Sand, Sea Foliage, Salinator, Holy WaterHQ Results the Same
Stun Claws82WaterCermet Claws, Paralyze Potion, Animal GlueHQ1: Stun Claws +1
Bloody Blade83DarkDarksteel Falchion, Beastman Blood, Revival Tree RootHQ1: Carnage Blade
Holy Lance83LightMythril Lance, Holy Water x2HQ1: Holy Lance +1
Polyflan x283LightningFlan Meat, Chimera BloodHQ1: Polyflan x4
HQ2: Polyflan x6
Dragon Blood x484LightningDragon HeartHQ1: Dragon Blood x6
HQ2: Dragon Blood x9
HQ3: Dragon Blood x12
Hakutaku Eye Cluster84LightWooden Hakutaku Eye, Burning Hakutaku Eye, Earthen Hakutaku Eye, Golden Hakutaku Eye, Damp Hakutaku Eye, Fiend BloodHQ Results the Same
Ouka Ranman x3384Initiate
EarthFiresand, Amaryllis, Bast Parchment x2HQ1: Ouka Ranman x66
HQ2: Ouka Ranman x99
HQ3: Ouka Ranman x99
Sacred Wand84LightHallowed Water, Holy WandHQ Results the Same
Bloody Rapier85DarkSchlaeger, Beastman Blood, Revival Tree RootHQ1: Carnage Rapier
Composite Fishing Rod85LightBroken Composite RodHQ Results the Same
Gold Bullet x3385Unknown
FireGold Ingot, FiresandHQ1: Gold Bullet x66
HQ2: Gold Bullet x99
HQ3: Gold Bullet x99
Photoanima85Tool: Anima SynthesisFireFire Anima, Ice Anima, Wind Anima, Earth Anima, Lightning Anima, Water Anima, Light Anima, Dark AnimaHQ Results the Same
Alchemist's Water x986DarkPhilosopher's Stone, Beastman Blood, Mercury, Dryad RootHQ1: Alchemist's Water x12
Flint Glass Sheet86FireRock Salt, Shell Powder, Silica x4, Minium x2HQ1: Flint Glass Sheet x2
HQ2: Flint Glass Sheet x3
HQ3: Flint Glass Sheet x4
Mega Battery x9986Novice
WaterIron Ingot, Cermet Chunk, Silver Ingot, Rock Salt, Distilled Water, Lightning ClusterHQ Results the Same
Sacred Lance86LightHallowed Water, Holy LanceHQ Results the Same
Stun Kukri86WaterCermet Kukri, Paralyze Potion, Animal GlueHQ1: Stun Kukri +1
Garden Bangles87Journeyman
DarkFour-Leaf Korringan Bud, Mercury, Great Boyahda Moss, Fiend Blood, Dryad RootHQ1: Feronia's Bangles
Holy Leather87LightRam Leather, Holy WaterHQ Results the Same
Venom Kris87WaterDarksteel Kris, Animal Glue, Venom PotionHQ1: Venom Kris +1
Bloody Sword88DarkBastard Sword, Beastman Blood, Revival Tree RootHQ1: Carnage Sword
Elixir Vitae88LightMistletoe, Revival Tree Root, Imp Wing, Chimera Blood, Distilled WaterHQ Results the Same
Gold Nugget x988FireGold Leaf, PanaceaHQ1: Gold Nugget x12
Viper Dust88LightningKhimaira Tail
Composite Fishing Rod89FireCarbon Fiber x3, Glass Fiber x2, Cermet Chunk x2HQ Results the Same
Stun Jamadhar89WaterJamadhars, Animal Glue, Paralyze PotionHQ1: Stun Jamadhar +1
Super Ether89WaterAhriman Wing, Treant Bulb, Dried Marjoram x3, Distilled WaterHQ1: Super Ether +1
HQ2: Super Ether +2
HQ3: Super Ether +3
Bloody Lance90DarkDarksteel Lance, Beastman Blood x2, Revival Tree RootHQ1: Carnage Lance
Elixir90LightRoyal Jelly, Mistletoe, Distilled Water, Revival Tree Root, Dragon BloodHQ1: Hi-Elixir
Espadon90FireCoeurl Leather, Cermet Chunk x3HQ1: Espadon +1
Ether Cotton91WaterDried Marjoram x3, Cotton Cloth, Ahriman Wing, Treant Bulb, Distilled WaterHQ Results the Same
Ether Holly91WaterDried Marjoram x3, Holly Lumber, Ahriman Wing, Treant Bulb, Distilled WaterHQ Results the Same
Ether Leather91WaterDried Marjoram x3, Ram Leather, Ahriman Wing, Treant Bulb, Distilled WaterHQ Results the Same
Mamushito91WaterShinobi-gatana, Animal Glue, Paralyze PotionHQ1: Mamushito +1
Urushi x291Journeyman
FireLacquer Tree Sap x4, Iron Ore, HoneyHQ1: Urushi x4
HQ2: Urushi x6
HQ3: Urushi x8
Agility Potion92WaterPhalaenopsis, Hecteyes Eye, Dried Mugwort, Distilled Water, HoneyHQ Results the Same
Charisma Potion92WaterCattleya, Two-Leaf Mandragora Bud, Dried Mugwort, Distilled Water, HoneyHQ Results the Same
Cursed Cuisses92DarkDragon Cuisses, Revival Tree Root, Dragon BloodHQ1: Cursed Cuisses -1
Dexterity Potion92WaterSweet William, Malboro Vine, Dried Mugwort, Distilled Water, HoneyHQ Results the Same
Intelligence Potion92WaterOlive Flower, Coeurl Whisker, Dried Mugwort, Distilled Water, HoneyHQ Results the Same
Mind Potion92WaterCasablanca, Bat Wing, Dried Mugwort, Distilled Water, HoneyHQ Results the Same
Platinum Bullet x3392Unknown
FirePlatinum Ingot, FiresandHQ1: Platinum Bullet x66
HQ2: Platinum Bullet x99
HQ3: Platinum Bullet x99
Strength Potion92WaterBoyahda Moss, Red Rose, Dried Mugwort, Distilled Water, HoneyHQ Results the Same
Vitality Potion92WaterChamomile, Lizard Tail, Dried Mugwort, Distilled Water, HoneyHQ Results the Same
EarthDried Marjoram, Maple Sugar, Chamomile, Dried Mugwort, Distilled Water
Cursed Finger Gauntlets93DarkDragon Finger Gauntlets, Revival Tree Root, Dragon BloodHQ1: Cursed Finger Gauntlets -1
Hermes Quencher93WaterDried Mugwort, Honey, Flytrap Leaf, Jacknife, Movalpolos WaterHQ Results the Same
Icarus Wing93WindGiant Bird Feather x6, Beeswax x2HQ Results the Same
Ice Lance93IceCermet Lance, Rock Salt, Distilled WaterHQ1: Ice Lance +1
Cannon Shell x694Novice
FireIron Ingot, Brass Ingot, Bomb Arm, Firesand x2HQ1: Cannon Shell x8
HQ2: Cannon Shell x10
HQ3: Cannon Shell x12
Cursed Greaves94DarkDragon Greaves, Revival Tree Root, Dragon BloodHQ1: Cursed Greaves -1
Marksman's Oil95WaterGoblin Grease, Slime JuiceHQ1: Marksman's Oil
HQ2: Marksman's Oil x2
Max-Potion95WaterSage x4, Distilled Water, Dragon Blood, Reishi MushroomHQ1: Max-Potion +1
HQ2: Max-Potion +2
HQ3: Max-Potion +3
Cursed Mask96DarkDragon Mask, Revival Tree Root, Dragon BloodHQ1: Cursed Mask -1
Platinum Nugget x996FirePlatinum Leaf, PanaceaHQ1: Platinum Nugget x12
Ice Shield97IceDiamond Shield, Rock Salt, Distilled WaterHQ1: Ice Shield +1
Papillion x3397LightRainbow Thread, Insect Wing x2, Artificial Lens, Prism PowderHQ1: Papillion x66
HQ2: Papillion x99
HQ3: Papillion x99
Demon Slayer98DarkAmeretat Vine, Dragon Blood, Adaman KilijHQ1: Devil Slayer
Dragon Slayer98DarkAmeretat Vine, Demon Blood, Adaman KilijHQ1: Wyrm Slayer
Panacea98LightPhilosopher's Stone, Mercury, Sulfur, Rock SaltHQ1: Panacea x2
HQ2: Panacea x3
HQ3: Panacea x4
Cantarella99DarkMercury, Venom Dust, Paralysis Dust, Fresh Orc Liver, Distilled WaterHQ Results the Same
Cursed Mail99DarkDragon Mail, Revival Tree Root, Dragon Blood x2HQ1: Cursed Mail -1
Crystal Rose100Unknown
FireScintillant Ingot, Flint Glass Sheet x3HQ Results the Same
Item CapOther CrystalIngredientsHQ Results
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