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Total: 364708944
Today: 10623
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Items: 9505
Mobs: 4024
Recipes: 3285
NPCs: 2066
Quests: 570

Guild Recipes: Alchemy (Desynthesis)
Item CapOther CrystalIngredientsHQ Results
Distilled Water x32LightningTahrongi CactusHQ1: Distilled Water x6
HQ2: Distilled Water x9
HQ3: Distilled Water x12
Poison Dust x215FireGigas SocksHQ1: Poison Dust x4
HQ2: Poison Dust x6
HQ3: Poison Dust x8
Glass Fiber x221LightningGoblin MaskHQ1: Glass Fiber x4
HQ2: Glass Fiber x6
HQ3: Glass Fiber x8
Glass Fiber x323LightningTonberry LanternHQ1: Glass Fiber x6
HQ2: Glass Fiber x9
HQ3: Glass Fiber x12
Olive Oil x324WaterTonberry LanternHQ1: Toad Oil x2
HQ2: Slime Oil
HQ3: Slime Oil
Glass Fiber x229LightningMoblin MaskHQ1: Glass Fiber x4
HQ2: Glass Fiber x6
HQ3: Glass Fiber x8
Animal Glue--LightningAcid Dagger
Animal Glue--LightningSilence DaggerHQ1: Brass Ingot
Animal Glue--LightningAcid ClawsHQ1: Bronze Ingot
Animal Glue--LightningShrimp LureHQ1: Glass Fiber
Ash Lumber--LightningBlind KnifeHQ1: Animal Glue
HQ2: Bronze Ingot
HQ3: Blinding Potion
Beetle Jaw--LightningCermet Claws
Brass Ingot--LightningWater TankHQ1: Sheep Leather
Brass Ingot--LightningFrog LureHQ1: Brass Ingot
HQ2: Glass Fiber
Brass Ingot--LightningEther TankHQ1: Animal Glue
Bronze Ingot x2--LightningBee SpathaHQ1: Bronze Ingot x3
HQ2: Beeswax x2
HQ3: Lizard Skin x2
Cermet Chunk--LightningComposite Fishing RodHQ1: Cermet Chunk x2
HQ2: Glass Fiber
HQ3: Carbon Fiber
Cermet Chunk x2--LightningEspadonHQ1: Cermet Chunk x3
HQ2: Coeurl Leather
HQ3: Coeurl Leather
Copper Ingot--LightningMinnowHQ1: Copper Ingot
HQ2: Glass Fiber
HQ3: Glass Fiber
Glass Fiber--LightningCarbon Fishing RodHQ1: Carbon Fiber x2
HQ2: Carbon Fiber x3
HQ3: Carbon Fiber x4
Hallowed Water--LightningSacred LanceHQ1: Mythril Nugget x10
Holy Water--LightningHoly MaceHQ1: Oak Lumber
HQ2: Mythril Nugget x10
HQ3: Mythril Ingot x3
Holy Water--LightningHoly MaulHQ1: Oak Lumber
HQ2: Mythril Nugget x10
HQ3: Mythril Ingot x2
Holy Water--LightningHoly LanceHQ1: Mythril Nugget x10
HQ2: Ash Lumber x2
Holy Water--LightningHoly SwordHQ1: Mythril Nugget x10
Lizard Skin--LightningPoison CestiHQ1: Sheep Leather x2
HQ2: Animal Glue
HQ3: Poison Potion
Paralyze Potion--LightningMamushitoHQ1: Elm Lumber
HQ2: Iron Nugget x6
HQ3: Tama-Hagane
Rock Salt--LightningIce LanceHQ1: Ash Lumber x2
HQ2: Cermet Chunk
HQ3: Cermet Chunk x2
Sheep Leather x2--LightningCursed CuissesHQ1: Revival Tree Root
HQ2: Silver Thread
HQ3: Wyvern Scales x2
Sheep Leather--LightningCursed Finger GauntletsHQ1: Revival Tree Root
HQ2: Silver Thread
Venom Potion--LightningKororitoHQ1: Elm Lumber
HQ2: Iron Ingot
HQ3: Tama-Hagane
Wyvern Scales--LightningCursed MailHQ1: Wyvern Scales x2
Ash Lumber?LightningOrc PiercerHQ1: Grass Thread
HQ2: Black Tiger Fang
Glass Fiber x4?LightningBugbear MaskHQ1: Glass Fiber x6
HQ2: Glass Fiber x8
HQ3: Glass Fiber x10
Ram Leather?LightningSuzaku's Sune-AteHQ1: Glass Fiber
Sheep Leather?LightningGenbu's KabutoHQ1: Cermet Chunk
Item CapOther CrystalIngredientsHQ Results

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