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Total: 401356078
Today: 18710
Yesterday: 18233

Items: 9505
Mobs: 4024
Recipes: 3285
NPCs: 2066
Quests: 570

Name TypeZoneLocation
Kameel Adventurer's AssistantWindurst PortM-7
Breanainn Windurst PortM-7
Pygmalion Windurst PortM-7
Peepikiki Windurst PortM-7
Uli Pehkowa Standard MerchantWindurst PortM-7
Josefina Windurst PortM-7
Newlyn Windurst PortM-7
Zoreen Regional MerchantWindurst PortM-7
Seburoa-Mabilua Windurst PortL-7
Baladanzo Windurst PortL-7
Diegai Windurst PortL-7
Wynne Windurst PortM-6
Yujuju Windurst PortM-6
Deeto-Yaato Windurst PortM-6
Tun Habyryu Windurst PortM-7
Wau Kaatapoh Windurst PortM-6
Aigneis Windurst PortM-6
Rishi Windurst PortM-7
Eya Bhithroh Weather CheckerWindurst PortM-7
Honorio Windurst PortM-7
Opabibi Windurst PortL-6
Sugn Windurst PortL-6
Griffyth Windurst PortL-6
Teruga-Boruga Windurst PortL-6
Mefa Euron Windurst PortL-5
Ochacha Windurst PortM-5
Jack of Clubs Adventurer's AssistantWindurst PortL-4
Sattsuh Ahkanpari Regional MerchantWindurst PortM-4
Boronene Residence RenterWindurst PortM-4
Chapa-Cha Windurst PortL-4
Pakku-Shakku Windurst PortK-6
Five of Clubs Windurst PortJ-6
Mov Lingyoh Windurst PortJ-5
Odilia Windurst PortI-7
Paytah Windurst PortI-7
Snha Migashniohra Windurst PortI-6
Reiso-Haroiso Windurst PortI-6
Hepo Pinulpe Windurst PortI-7
Pherchabalet Windurst PortH-6
Remesasa Windurst PortH-7
Ryan Standard MerchantWindurst PortH-7
Six of Clubs Windurst PortH-7
Three of Clubs Windurst PortG-7
Chakwaina Windurst PortG-7
Eugie Windurst PortG-8
Pateruru Windurst PortG-8
Paruru Windurst PortH-8
Kususu Standard MerchantWindurst PortH-8
Aroro Standard MerchantWindurst PortH-8
Mhoji Roccoruh Map DealerWindurst PortG-9
Khel Pahlhama Linkshell DealerWindurst PortH-9
Eki Kamalabi Adventurer's AssistantWindurst PortH-9
Kumama Standard MerchantWindurst PortH-9
Guruna-Maguruna Standard MerchantWindurst PortH-9
Taniko-Maniko Standard MerchantWindurst PortH-9
Hohbiba-Mubiba Standard MerchantWindurst PortH-9
Seven of Clubs Windurst PortG-6
Dehn Harzhapan Windurst PortG-6
Shanruru Windurst PortH-5
Gomada-Vulmada Windurst PortG-5
Pyo Nzon Windurst PortG-5
Pichichi Windurst PortG-5
Yafa Yaa Windurst PortG-5
Kohlo-Lakolo Windurst PortG-5
Papo-Hopo Windurst PortG-5
Eight of Clubs Windurst PortG-6
Mosusu Windurst PortG-6
Choyi Totlihpa Windurst PortF-6
Lebondur Regional MerchantWindurst PortF-6
Enjojo Windurst PortE-6
Kucha Malkobhi Standard MerchantWindurst PortE-7
Blank Card Windurst PortE-7
Blank Card Windurst PortE-7
Blank Card Windurst PortE-7
Goltata Windurst PortD-7
Kunchichi Windurst PortE-7
Mojo-Pojo Windurst PortE-7
Yaman-Hachuman Windurst PortE-7
Maabu-Sonbu Windurst PortE-7
Kuroido-Moido Windurst PortE-7
Hakkuru-Rinkuru Windurst PortE-7
Ohruru Windurst PortE-7
Blank Card Windurst PortD-7
Blank Card Windurst PortD-8
Blank Card Windurst PortD-8
Blank Card Windurst PortE-8
Blank Card Windurst PortE-8
Blank Card Windurst PortF-7
Yuhito-Kubhito Adventurer's AssistantWindurst PortE-7
Satata Windurst PortE-8
Noragu-Meragu Adventurer's AssistantWindurst PortE-8
Rachuchu Windurst PortD-7
Posso Ruhbini Regional MerchantWindurst PortD-7
Sigismund Windurst PortE-7
Tohopka Windurst PortE-7
Machu-Kuchu Windurst PortE-7
Skopopo Windurst PortD-6
Yapam-Alpam Windurst PortE-6
Calixte Windurst PortE-5
Sachetan, I.M. National Conquest Foreign GuardWindurst PortE-5
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