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Total: 400326345
Today: 23523
Yesterday: 18930

Items: 9505
Mobs: 4024
Recipes: 3285
NPCs: 2066
Quests: 570

Name TypeZoneLocation
Diradour Adventurer's AssistantRu'Lude GardensF-8
Ratoto Adventurer's AssistantJeuno UpperI-10
Zona Shodhun Adventurer's AssistantJeuno PortE-8
Raging Lion Adventurer's AssistantJeuno PortH-8
Supiroro Adventurer's AssistantJeuno PortJ-8
Chudigrimane Adventurer's AssistantJeuno PortH-8
Foletta Adventurer's AssistantSan d'Oria SouthI-11
Simmie Adventurer's AssistantSan d'Oria SouthI-9
Ceraule Adventurer's AssistantSan d'Oria SouthG-9
Guilboire Adventurer's AssistantSan d'Oria SouthD-7
Coderiant Adventurer's AssistantSan d'Oria SouthF-8
Ailevia Adventurer's AssistantSan d'Oria SouthI-9
Kuu Mohzolhi Adventurer's AssistantSan d'Oria NorthF-8
Villion Adventurer's AssistantSan d'Oria NorthF-3
Bricorsant Adventurer's AssistantSan d'Oria PortH-8
Avandale Adventurer's AssistantSan d'Oria PortF-10
Gournaie Adventurer's AssistantSan d'Oria PortI-10
Majjih Bakrhamab Adventurer's AssistantKazhamG-6
Numi Adaligo Adventurer's AssistantMhauraF-9
Dieh Yamilsiah Adventurer's AssistantMhauraH-10
Nazar Adventurer's AssistantSan d'Oria PortH-5
Bodaway Adventurer's AssistantBastok PortH-8
Valah Molkot Adventurer's AssistantBastok PortJ-12
Dulsie Adventurer's AssistantBastok PortJ-12
Tiger Tooth Adventurer's AssistantBastok PortJ-7
Mathurin Adventurer's AssistantBastok PortF-6
Steel Bones Adventurer's AssistantBastok PortD-8
Ihsan Adventurer's AssistantBastok PortH-6
Tancredi Adventurer's AssistantBastok MarketsH-6
Alert Gaze Adventurer's AssistantBastok MarketsH-7
Reet Adventurer's AssistantBastok MarketsG-7
Rock Jaw Adventurer's AssistantBastok MarketsE-8
Epione Adventurer's AssistantBastok MarketsG-8
Julio Adventurer's AssistantBastok MarketsM-9
Parnika Adventurer's AssistantBastok MarketsK-10
Anguysh Adventurer's AssistantBastok MarketsI-9
Amar Adventurer's AssistantBastok MinesF-6
Dry Bone Adventurer's AssistantBastok MinesG-7
Vaghron Adventurer's AssistantBastok MinesH-9
Arva Adventurer's AssistantBastok MinesK-8
Hound Nose Adventurer's AssistantBastok MinesH-8
Kameel Adventurer's AssistantWindurst PortM-7
Jack of Clubs Adventurer's AssistantWindurst PortL-4
Eki Kamalabi Adventurer's AssistantWindurst PortH-9
Yuhito-Kubhito Adventurer's AssistantWindurst PortE-7
Noragu-Meragu Adventurer's AssistantWindurst PortE-8
Anja-Enja Adventurer's AssistantWindurst WatersF-12
Lago-Charago Adventurer's AssistantWindurst WatersF-8
Jack of Hearts Adventurer's AssistantWindurst WatersL-10
Kobunono Adventurer's AssistantWindurst WallsI-11
Jack of Diamonds Adventurer's AssistantWindurst WallsC-13
Ojha Rhawash Adventurer's AssistantWindurst WallsC-13
Tico Karimakiba Adventurer's AssistantWindurst WoodsK-5
Jack of Spades Adventurer's AssistantWindurst WoodsF-8
Palyalya Adventurer's AssistantWindurst WoodsJ-12
Aleria Adventurer's AssistantSelbinaI-10
Humilitie Adventurer's AssistantSelbinaH-10
Naillina Adventurer's AssistantSelbinaF-9
Flandiace Adventurer's AssistantSelbinaI-7
Quasim Adventurer's AssistantMetalworksG-8
Kaela Adventurer's AssistantMetalworksI-8
Patricius Adventurer's AssistantMetalworksH-8
Nomad Moogle Adventurer's AssistantRu'Lude GardensH-5
Honorine Adventurer's AssistantJeuno LowerI-7
Avijit Adventurer's AssistantJeuno PortH-6
Gaura Adventurer's AssistantJeuno PortH-10
Najib Adventurer's AssistantJeuno PortI-10
Jaipal Adventurer's AssistantJeuno PortI-6
Parike-Poranke Adventurer's AssistantJeuno LowerH-8
Felourie Adventurer's AssistantCarpenters' LandingH-8
Luquillaue Adventurer's AssistantPhanauet Channel?-?
Ratoulle Adventurer's AssistantCarpenters' LandingH-6
Anguenet Adventurer's AssistantCarpenters' LandingJ-10
Chuaie Adventurer's AssistantCarpenters' LandingJ-10
Sleakachiq Adventurer's AssistantNewton MovalpolosJ-7
Resauchamet Adventurer's AssistantTavnazian SafeholdK-7
Tswe Panipahr Adventurer's AssistantBibiki BayH-7
Fheli Lapatzuo Adventurer's AssistantBibiki BayH-7
Gniyah Mischatt Adventurer's AssistantManaclipper?-?
Noih Tahparawh Adventurer's AssistantBibiki Bay - Purgonorgo IsleH-7
Toh Zonikki Adventurer's AssistantBibiki Bay - Purgonorgo IsleH-7
Laughing Lizard Adventurer's AssistantWindurst PortC-8
Baya Hiramayuh Adventurer's AssistantAht Urhgan WhitegateH-12
Abquhbah Adventurer's AssistantAht Urhgan WhitegateI-10
Kuhn Tsahnpri Adventurer's AssistantAht Urhgan WhitegateI-5
Rujen-Gorgen Adventurer's AssistantAht Urhgan WhitegateF-8
Sharin-Garin Adventurer's AssistantAht Urhgan WhitegateL-8
Yohj Dukonlhy Adventurer's AssistantNashmauH-10
Shihu-Danhu Adventurer's AssistantAl ZahbiJ-10

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