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Total: 392958061
Today: 10707
Yesterday: 11792

Items: 9505
Mobs: 4024
Recipes: 3285
NPCs: 2066
Quests: 570

Name TypeZoneLocation
Mahoh Mahborogho Windurst WoodsG-7
Nhobi Zalkia Regional MerchantWindurst WoodsG-8
Patsaa Maehoc Windurst WoodsH-8
Edmondo Windurst WoodsH-8
Orahi-Karapahi Windurst WoodsI-6
Wije Tiren Standard MerchantWindurst WoodsI-8
Tapoh Lihzeh Windurst WoodsI-8
Hohl Nhaesin Windurst WoodsJ-6
Otte Burhiyu Windurst WoodsJ-7
Phuz Mannohl Windurst WoodsK-6
Baha Mannohl Windurst WoodsK-7
Kapeh Myohrye Windurst WoodsK-7
Muhk Johldy Windurst WoodsK-7
Perih Vashai Windurst WoodsK-7
Illu Bohjaa Windurst WoodsI-6
Umumu Windurst WoodsI-6
Khomi Tibariah Windurst WoodsI-5
Kototo Windurst WoodsJ-4
Mheca Khetashipah Windurst WoodsJ-4
Tico Karimakiba Adventurer's AssistantWindurst WoodsK-5
Gioh Ajihri Windurst WoodsK-5
Wani Casdohry Windurst WoodsK-5
Cha Lebagta Windurst WoodsI-4
Bopa Greso Windurst WoodsI-4
Nanaa Mihgo Windurst WoodsJ-3
Bin Stejihna Regional MerchantWindurst WoodsG-8
Jack of Spades Adventurer's AssistantWindurst WoodsF-8
Abby Jalunshi Residence RenterWindurst WoodsF-8
Seven of Spades Windurst WoodsF-8
Dazi Nosuk Windurst WoodsG-8
Iya Rihyo Windurst WoodsG-9
Apururu Windurst WoodsH-9
Spare Three Windurst WoodsH-9
Spare Two Windurst WoodsH-9
Spare One Windurst WoodsH-9
Spare Four Windurst WoodsH-9
Kororo Windurst WoodsH-9
Spare Five Windurst WoodsH-9
Two of Spades Windurst WoodsH-9
Four of Spades Windurst WoodsH-9
Three of Spades Windurst WoodsH-9
Uuroro Windurst WoodsH-9
Six of Spades Windurst WoodsH-9
Boizo-Naizo Windurst WoodsH-10
Kopuro-Popuro Windurst WoodsH-10
Spare Zero Windurst WoodsH-10
Blank Card Windurst WoodsH-10
Blank Card Windurst WoodsH-10
Blank Card Windurst WoodsH-9
Hakaru-Marikaru Windurst WoodsG-10
Panoquieur, T.K. National Conquest Foreign GuardWindurst WoodsG-10
Erpolant Windurst WoodsG-10
Catalia Windurst WoodsG-10
Forine Windurst WoodsG-10
Mourices Consulate RepresentativeWindurst WoodsG-10
Meh Kotomaihro Windurst WoodsF-11
Seno Zarhin Windurst WoodsG-10
Ki Volep Windurst WoodsG-11
Kopua-Mobua A.M.A.N. Mentor RecruiterWindurst WoodsG-11
Gottah Maporushanoh Windurst WoodsH-10
Soni-Muni Windurst WoodsH-10
Phub Bayzarahn Windurst WoodsH-11
Sunana Windurst WoodsH-11
Nya Labiccio Regional MerchantWindurst WoodsH-11
Pehki Machumaht Map DealerWindurst WoodsH-11
Tosh Hohnay Windurst WoodsH-11
Mul Betreh Windurst WoodsH-9
Varun Windurst WoodsH-9
Cayu Pensharhumi Windurst WoodsI-10
Bozack Event Scene ReplayerWindurst WoodsJ-10
Tih Pikeh Windurst Mission StarterWindurst WoodsK-10
Rakoh Buuma Windurst WoodsK-10
Sola Jaab Windurst WoodsK-10
Miiri-Wohri Windurst WoodsK-10
Nine of Spades Windurst WoodsK-10
Ten of Spades Windurst WoodsK-10
Harara, W.W. National Conquest City GuardWindurst WoodsK-10
Femardaque Windurst WoodsJ-10
Taraihi-Perunhi Regional MerchantWindurst WoodsJ-10
Eight of Spades Windurst WoodsJ-11
Kohpe Takhabio Windurst WoodsK-12
Kuoh Rhel Windurst WoodsK-12
Matata Windurst WoodsK-12
Mushuhi-Metahi Weather CheckerWindurst WoodsK-12
Hlif Windurst WoodsK-12
Quesse Standard MerchantWindurst WoodsK-12
Orlaine Chocobo RenterWindurst WoodsK-12
Sariale Chocobo RenterWindurst WoodsK-12
Amimi Chocobo RenterWindurst WoodsK-12
Pattsu-Yabittsu Windurst WoodsK-12
Etsa Rhuyuli Windurst WoodsJ-13
Pew Sahbaraef Item DelivererWindurst WoodsJ-12
Palyalya Adventurer's AssistantWindurst WoodsJ-12
An Polaali Windurst WoodsI-12
An Shanaa Windurst WoodsI-12
Ju Kamja Item DelivererWindurst WoodsI-12
Hae Jakkya Windurst WoodsI-12
Dhiz Tomehrih Windurst WoodsI-12
Cocchi Ryojhbon Windurst WoodsH-13
Chihpi Kapirapehro Windurst WoodsH-13
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