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Site Updates - November 29, 2004
Posted by: Cuer - Mon Nov 29th, 2004 01:59 am EST
New mobs for more CoP zones, an updated Food & Juice Effects guide, and more.

Mobs were added to the Chains of Promathia zones: Pso'Xja, Riverne - Site #A01, Riverne - Site #B01, Sacrarium, The Shrouded Maw, Uleguerand Range.

A guide was written to explain in detail the Food & Juice Effects, along with information on the standard food used by each job.

Items Updated: Drogaroga's Fang, Fool's Gold, Fishing Hole Map, Emeralda, Gilt Tapestry, Drawing Desk, Cordon Bleu Set, Golden Fleece, Mastersmith Anvil, Heavy Lance

Mobs Added: Variable Hare, Uleguerand Tiger, Tyrannotaur, Succubus Bats, Stygian Demon, Srei Ap, Snoll, Smolenkos, Polar Hare, Phasma, Nival Raptor, Nightmare Bats, Mountain Worm, Morozko, Molech, Mindgazer, King Buffalo, Kindred Warrior, Demon's Elemental, Kindred Summoner, Kindred Dark Knight, Kindred Black Mage, Judicator Demon, Jormungand, Ice Elemental, Gore Demon, Glacier Eater, Giant Buffalo, Fachan, Esbat, Dread Demon, Doom Soldier, Doom Mage, Cwn Annwn, Bonnacon, Buffalo, Brontotaur, Akselloak, Agloolik, Diremite, Diabolos, Utukku, Thunder Elemental, Teratotaur, Stegotaur, Mariselle's Pupil, Old Professor Mariselle, Mummy, Lich, Greater Gaylas, Gazer, Fomor Warrior, Fomor Thief, Fomor's Elemental, Fomor Summoner, Fomor Samurai, Fomor Red Mage, Fomor Ranger, Fomor Paladin, Fomor Ninja, Fomor Monk, Fomor's Wyvern, Fomor Dragoon, Fomor Dark Knight, Fomor Black Mage, Fomor's Bats, Fomor Beastmaster, Fomor Bard, Elel, Dark Elemental, Blubber Eyes, Azren Kuguza, Keremet, Azren Kuba, Air Elemental, Imdugud, Thunder Elemental, Strato Hippogryph, Pyrodrake, Nitro Cluster, Nimbus Hippogryph, Lunantishee, Lesser Roc, Ignidrake, Spell Spitter Spiluspok, Chemical Cook Chemachiq, Book Browser Bokabraq, Air Elemental, Thunder Elemental, Riverne Vulture, Hippogryph, Hawkertrap, Hawker, Flamedrake, Firedrake, Cloud Hippogryph, Atomic Cluster, Air Elemental, Aiatar, Vampire Bat, Treasure Chest, Thousand Eyes, Talos, Snowball, Snow Lizard, Snoll, Purgatory Bat, Nunyunuwi, Morozko, Million Eyes, Maze Lizard, Maledict Millstone, Magic Millstone, Labyrinth Lizard, Ice Elemental, Gyre-Carlin, Goblin's Bat, Goblin Veterinarian, Goblin Mercenary, Goblin Jeweler, Goblin Hunter, Goblin Enchanter, Goblin Bouncer, Goblin Bandit, Goblin Alchemist, Gazer, Gargoyle-Mu, Gargoyle-Lambda, Gargoyle-Kappa, Gargoyle-Iota, Gargoyle, Frost Lizard, Diremite Stalker, Diremite Dominator, Diremite Assaulter, Diremite, Dire Bat, Demonic Millstone, Dark Elemental, Cryptonberry Stalker, Cryptonberry Plaguer, Tonberry's Elemental, Cryptonberry Harrier, Cryptonberry Cutter, Camazotz, Blubber Eyes, Avalanche, Archaic Chest

Desynthesis Recipes Added: Errant Pigaches, Bronze Harness, Spark Baselard

Recipes Updated: Mythril Leggings, Vivified Coral, Sha'ir Crackows, Cursed Pumps, Garish Slacks, Grenade, Potion Tank, Oak Shield

Desynthesis Recipes Updated: Moblin Helm

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