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Site Updates - November 5, 2004
Posted by: Cuer - November 5, 2004
A slew of behind the scene updates have gone in, making the site's information easier to view and providing a large amount of new info.
  • All the mobs have been updated! Every monster in the database has been reviewed and updated where appropriate, providing new information. Notable changes include:
    • Every standard NM has been updated with information about where and how it spawns, the difficulty in killing it (when that was known,) and more!
    • All the mobs that can be fished up were added.
    • Total Spawn Points information was added to every mob. This usually designates how many many copies of a mob can be loaded in the zone at once; as an example, up to 18 different copies of the Robber Crab in Boyahda Tree can be loaded at once. For many NMs and Fished mobs, it represents how many different specific locations a mob can load at; for example, Ixtab in Delkfutt's Upper Tower can load at two entirely different locations.
    • Behavioral information was updated. Fields were added for mobs that Track Based on Scent, and those that have True Sight, and those fields have been filled in. A field was also added to designate mobs that are Aggressive to Resting; these are mobs that would not normally be aggressive to a character (either because the character is too high level to get standard aggro, or because the mob isn't normally aggressive), but becomes aggressive if the character rests near them. We don't have much data on this sort of mob; if you see certain mobs act in that manner, please leave feedback to let us know.
    • All pet mobs were added and linked to their masters.
    • The respawn timer and location was added to many mobs, where it was known.
    • By popular demand, Bat mobs have been split into two families: Giant Bat mobs which are a single bat, and Bats which are comprised of a set of three bats together.
    • There were many other NM mobs added that aren't in use yet; they are for missions, quests, Garrison, etc. Information on those will be added in the future.
    • This round of updates completes the mobs from the first release of the game, and the Rise of Zilart expansion. No mobs from the recent Chains of Promathia expansion are in yet; they will be added in the near future.
  • The mob display has been updated to reflect all this new information, along with the mob search lists.
  • The item display now shows mob levels, and lists NPCs, mobs, and recipes in a sorted manner.
Enjoy all the changes! As always, if you have further information regarding any data on the site, don't hesitate to leave feedback letting us know, so we can keep it as accurate as possible.

-- Cuer

Recipes Updated: Bloody Bolt Heads, Sha'ir Seraweels, Giant Bird Fletchings, Tuck, Heavy Darksteel Axe, Angel's Flute, Jack-o'-Lantern, Mega Battery, Kilo Battery, Battery, Tuna Sushi, Firesand, Stoneskin Torque

Desynthesis Recipes Updated: Minnow, Tonberry Lantern

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