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Site Updates - June 8, 2007
Posted by: Cuer - Fri Jun 08th, 2007 03:50 am EDT
The following items and recipes are all added or updated from the June 7 patch. These are all detailed in the June 2007 FFXI Patch Compilation of Info.

Items Added: M&P Dumpling, M&P Cracker, M&P Chicken, Pogaca +1, Pogaca, Shrimp Cracker +1, Shrimp Cracker, Silken Smile, Yogurt Cake, Silken Siesta, Maple Cake, Tonno Rosso +1, Tonno Rosso, Hero's Reflections, Glowing Lamp, Smouldering Lamp, Platinum Silk, Kaolin, Netherpact Chain, Nethercant Chain, Netherspirit Chain, Netherfield Chain, Nethereye Chain, Rubber Soles, Rubber Chausses, Rubber Gloves, Rubber Harness, Rubber Cap, Frayed Arrow, Rusty Medal, Flint Glass Sheet, Minium, Cursed Clogs -1, Cursed Clogs, Cursed Trews -1, Cursed Trews, Cursed Cuffs -1, Cursed Cuffs, Cursed Coat -1, Cursed Coat, Cursed Hat -1, Cursed Hat, Cursed Sabatons -1, Cursed Sabatons, Cursed Cuishes -1, Cursed Cuishes, Cursed Gauntlets -1, Cursed Gauntlets, Cursed Breastplate -1, Cursed Breastplate, Cursed Helm -1, Cursed Helm, Hadean Abjuration: Feet, Hadean Abjuration: Legs, Hadean Abjuration: Hands, Hadean Abjuration: Body, Hadean Abjuration: Head, Phantasmal Abjuration: Feet, Phantasmal Abjuration: Legs, Phantasmal Abjuration: Hands, Phantasmal Abjuration: Body, Phantasmal Abjuration: Head, Hammermill, Replicator, Green Bamboo Grass, Blue Bamboo Grass, Red Bamboo Grass, Shell Lamp, Crystal Rose, Bronze Rose, 3-Drawer Almirah, 6-Drawer Almirah, 9-Drawer Almirah, Rook Banner, Leather Pot, Thurible, Morgana's Choker, Kubira Beads, Ritter Gorget, Gleeman's Cape, Aslan Cape, Valhalla Helm, Valkyrie's Hat, Shadow Hat, Valkyrie's Helm, Shadow Helm, Delta Earring, Gamma Earring, Beta Earring, Epsilon Earring, Eta Earring, Sigma Earring, Buccaneer's Belt, Utopia Obi, Dia Sash, Theta Sash, Ksi Sash, Lambda Sash, Zeta Sash, Nu Sash, Omega Ring, Iota Ring, Valkyrie's Clogs, Shadow Clogs, Valkyrie's Sabatons, Shadow Sabatons, Valkyrie's Trews, Shadow Trews, Valkyrie's Cuishes, Shadow Cuishes, Valkyrie's Cuffs, Shadow Cuffs, Valkyrie's Gauntlets, Shadow Gauntlets, Valhalla Breastplate, Valkyrie's Coat, Shadow Coat, Valkyrie's Breastplate, Shadow Breastplate, Perdu Crossbow, Perdu Staff, Perdu Voulge, Perdu Blade, Valkyrie's Fork, Animator +1, Hofud, Perdu Sword

Updated Items: Caedarva Frog, Old Bolt Box, Old Bullet Box, Rotten Quiver, Old Quiver, Rusty Bolt Case, Shu'Meyo Salt, Blackened Muddy Siredon, Mistmelt, Terroanima, Hysteroanima, Psychoanima, Garlic Cracker, Spicy Cracker, Elshimo Frog, Shadow Roll, Golden Gear, Gurfurlur's Helmet, Ja Ja's Chestplate, Star Sapphire, Mythril Gear Machine, Mamool Ja Collar, Mamool Ja Helmet, Troll Vambrace, Gray Chip, Cyan Chip, Carmine Chip, Hippogryph Tailfeather, Recollection of Guilt, Recollection of Pain, Recollection of Fear, Cluster Core, Ose Whisker, Pigeon's Blood Ruby, Fire Bomblet, Imperial Dart, Mercenary's Dart, Volunteer's Dart, Bibiki Seashell, Orphic Egg, Tiphia Sting, Musk Sachet, Civet Sachet, Sweet Sachet, Attar Sachet, Olibanum Sachet, Millefleurs Sachet, Balm Sachet, Astral Pot, Wyvern Feed, Refresh Musk, Spirit Lantern, Healing Feather, Goblin Grenade, Kakanpu, Nazar Bonjuk, Optical Needle, Mantra Coin, Fortune Egg, Happy Egg, Fenrir's Stone, Phantom Tathlum, Bomb Core, Bailathorn, Holy Ampulla, Morion Tathlum

Recipes Added: 9-Drawer Almirah, 6-Drawer Almirah, 3-Drawer Almirah, Cursed Breastplate, Cursed Sabatons, Cursed Gauntlets, Bronze Rose, Cursed Helm, Cursed Cuishes, Cursed Clogs, Leather Pot, Thurible, Hammermill, Pogaca, Tonno Rosso, Yogurt Cake, Shrimp Cracker, Maple Cake, Cursed Cuffs, Cursed Coat, Cursed Trews, Cursed Hat, Rook Banner, Platinum Silk, Shell Lamp, Crystal Rose, Flint Glass Sheet, Replicator

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