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The Doll Festival
Posted by: Cuer - Thu Feb 23rd, 2006 07:42 am EST
The Doll Festival

Feb. 23, 2006 00:50 [PST]

The Doll Festival

Get ready once again for Vana'diel's Doll Festival!

The Doll Festival is a solemn Far Eastern celebration in which displays of dolls and sweets are used to congratulate young girls on their growth.

The festival is supposed to be for young girls only, but leave it to the moogles to find a loophole. During the last Doll Festival, the M.H.M.U. (Mog House Management Union) worked with Windurst's Rhinostery to develop a special variety of rice cake that turned anyone who ate one into a little girl!

The moogles' original plan was to help grown women recapture their childlike innocence and relive the old days for a short time. In reality, however, the moogles misunderstood the event and laid down some rather unusual rules for obtaining the cakes, transforming the solemn festival into a giant fiasco! The guards were quite upset with the entire ordeal...

That wasn't enough to get the moogles down, however. Now they are responding with firm resolve:

"We want to give rice cakes to the adventurers again, kupo! We learned a valuable lesson last time, so this time we'll make getting the cakes simpler. It'll be the most solemn, super festival you've ever seen!"

They even seem to have managed to persuade the guards to let them try again, with their rants of how the festival started out of a desire to do good...

It doesn't end there, though.

According to separate reports, the real story is quite different. It seems that the M.H.M.U. spotted a prime business opportunity with the last Doll Festival. The reports state that the moogles are planning to advertise their rice cakes by handing out small samples, and then make a fortune selling the rest by dubious means. This seems to imply that poor management of M.H.M.U. finances has led to desperate measures, but the actual facts are enveloped in mystery.

Will the moogles' plans live up to expectations, or are they preparing a recipe for disaster?

Be sure to join in the celebrations and find out!

[Event Details]

This event is scheduled to commence on February 28, 2006 at 16:00, and will last until March 14, 2006 at 0:00 (PST).

[How to Participate]

-You can only receive one item per day from the moogles.

-New adventurers must wait a period of one Vana'diel day after character creation before receiving an item.

[Moogle Locations]

Southern San d'Oria
Northern San d'Oria
Bastok Mines
Bastok Markets
Windurst Waters
Windurst Woods

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