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Trick or Treat!
Posted by: Mirriam - Sun Oct 23rd, 2005 01:48 am EDT
Those expecting "the same old" Halloween festival may have been pleasantly (or otherwise) surprised by a few added complications to this year's event. There are 2 new Halloween items, a Pitchfork and a Pitchfork +1. These items, unlike the traditional Halloween items that are also available (including the Trick Staff, Trick Staff II, Pumpkin Head, Pumpkin Head II, Treat Staff, Treat Staff II, Horror Head, Horror Head II), require a party to obtain. You and one other member, preferably from the same nation for the sake of convenience, will need to party up to obtain the Pitchfork, which must be obtained before you can obtain the Pitchfork +1.

Trick or Treat! To obtain the Pitchfork, grab a friend and head to Bastok, San d'Oria or Windurst. The recommended zones are Bastok Markets, North San d'Oria or Windurst Waters. This is because these zones each contain the specific Halloween NPCs that roam around. (Note that Bastok Mines, South San d'Oria and Windurst Woods all have decorations and regular NPCs in costume, but it can be more difficult to get a good match in these zones.) Speak first to the Moogle in the zone, and then head out to get your costume.

You can obtain a costume by trading a sweet to the NPC. A sweet is any type of sweet baked good. Note that unlike other Halloween events, items that are not crafted do not work. (This means that you can't use Faerie Apples, Saruta Oranges, Yagudo Cherries, etc.) If the sweet does not have a recipe, don't use it. (You can still buy them from an NPC, though, like Ginger Cookies.) For best results, switch NPCs frequently (especially if you also want the eight "standard" rewards listed above), and use a large variety of different sweet items when trading.

You and your partner will need to try different combinations of costumes in order to obtain the Pitchfork. A combination of hound and ghost worked for me in Bastok Mines. After you think you have a good combination (this may take some experimenting or checking with other players), try running together under the decorations. You may have to try all the decorations in order to get the right one. NOTE: you do not have to "check" the decorations. All you have to do is run under them.

To obtain the Pitchfork +1, you will need to head to a different city than the one where you received your Pitchfork. You may do this with the same partner, or a different partner. This is where being from the same nation as your partner comes in handy. You will need to find the NPC that normally turns characters into the enemy of their home nation. Equip your Pitchfork, and trade a sweet to this NPC. Instead of turning you into the enemy of your home nation, the NPC will instead turn you into a goblin. Once you and your partner have both turned into goblins, you must run around to the decorations, just like before, to try and obtain your Pitchfork +1. A Bastokan will need to find the NPC that normally turns players into a Quadav, a Windurstian will need to find the NPC that turns players into a Yagudo, and a San d'Orian will need to find the NPC that turns players into an Orc.

If you wish to obtain the other holiday events, you will have a much easier (though more costly) time, and you do not need a partner. Simply trade a sweet to one of the NPCs. The NPC will turn you into a monster, or give you a Halloween item. This may take a lot of different sweets, a lot of time trading different NPCs, and a lot of time waiting for new days and running around.

Moogle Locations:
Bastok Markets
South San d'Oria
Windurst Woods

Bastok Markets roaming NPCs:
Trick Bones: Ghost Costume
Trick Ghast: Shade Costume
Trick Ghost: Hound Costume
Trick Phantom: Quadav Costume
Trick Shade: Shade Costume
Trick Shadow: Skeleton Costume
Trick Skeleton: Yagudo Costume
Trick Specter: Ghost Costume
Trick Spirit: Orc Costume
Trick Wight: Skeleton Costume

North San d'Oria roaming NPCs:
Trick Bones: Quadav Costume
Trick Ghast: Yagudo Costume
Trick Ghost: Skeleton Costume
Trick Phantom: Shade Costume
Trick Shade: Yagudo Costume
Trick Shadow: Orc Costume
Trick Skeleton: Hound Costume
Trick Specter: Quadav Costume
Trick Spirit: Ghost Costume
Trick Wight: Orc Costume

Windurst Waters roaming NPCs:
Trick Bones: Orc Costume
Trick Ghast: Quadav Costume
Trick Ghost: Yagudo Costume
Trick Phantom: Ghost Costume
Trick Shade: Quadav Costume
Trick Shadow: Hound Costume
Trick Skeleton: Shade Costume
Trick Specter: Orc Costume
Trick Spirit: Skeleton Costume
Trick Wight: Hound Costume

Event Specifics

Official Announcement: Trick or Treat?
Event Schedule: Oct. 20, 2005 17:00 to Nov. 1, 2005 0:00
Event Item Rewards: Pitchfork, Pitchfork +1, Trick Staff, Trick Staff II, Pumpkin Head, Pumpkin Head II, Treat Staff, Treat Staff II, Horror Head, Horror Head II
Other Items Used in Event: All crafted sweets food.

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