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PlayOnline: Blitz Buffalo
Posted by: Mirriam - Fri Aug 19th, 2005 06:47 am EDT
Blitz Buffalo It's Cool! It's Hot! It's Hairy! It's Blitz Buffalo!
"Blitz Buffalo" will begin on August 25! So what is this new festival that has the moogles in a frenzy?

Aug. 19, 2005 01:00 [PDT]

Blitz Buffalo

Did you enjoy the Sunbreeze Festival, kupo?
We expected it to bring cool breezes to Vana'diel, but somehow it's as hot as ever.

But I have good news, kupo!
The M.H.M.U. has come up with yet another cool festival to beat the heat--"Blitz Buffalo"!

You all know about buffalos, right?
They're big, black beasts that inhabit the Uleguerand Range. We moogles were able to move them to areas outside of several nations using special magic, kupo!
Eh? Did you just grumble something about "troublemakers"? That word isn't in our moogle vocabulary, kupo.

Anyway, now is your time to shine, adventurers! Chase down the buffalos and snag the red sashes from their horns! Let the Beastmen bask in the wisdom and courage of the nations, kupo!

However...take care, kupo.
The buffalos have grown rather upset watching the red sashes swaying from their horns. Sometimes you may start running after a buffalo, only to end up being the one chased! You wouldn't want to be sent flying into the clouds, would you? On the other hand, the breeze up there might be rather refreshing...if you live to enjoy it, kupo...

So, do you have enough courage to provoke one of the giant beasts? What's that? "It sounds extremely dangerous"? Don't worry--you'll be fine! Live for the moment, right, kupo?

Live on the edge...kupo...

Actually, we moogles gave the event a trial run ourselves and had a blast!
The sweat around our ears and the pounding of our chests during the hunt... It was a real rush, kupo!

Facing the blood-chilling glare of the buffalo...knowing what must be done... Ohhh, it makes me shiver just thinking about it, kupo!

That relieved gasp of freedom after barely escaping a buffalo's enraged charge...then turning back to seize the chance... I...I just can't take this anticipation, kupo!

Um, anyway! J-just make sure to participate!
Well then... Until next time, kupo!!!

[Event Details]
This event is scheduled to commence on August 25, 2005 at 17:00, and will last until September 5, 2005 at 0:00 (PDT).

[Event Locations]
- Southern San d'Oria
- Northern San d'Oria
- Bastok Mines
- Bastok Markets
- Windurst Waters
- Windurst Woods

Official PlayOnline Announcement

Event Specifics

Official Announcement: Blitz Buffalo
Event Schedule: August 25, 2005 to September 5, 2005
Event Item Rewards: Red Sash and Dash Sash.

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