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Total: 402894398
Today: 1800
Yesterday: 16972

Items: 9505
Mobs: 4024
Recipes: 3285
NPCs: 2066
Quests: 570

Guild Recipes: Woodworking (Desynthesis)
Item CapOther CrystalIngredientsHQ Results
Elm Lumber25LightningMisery StaffHQ1: Elm Lumber
HQ2: Slime Oil
HQ3: Black Pearl
Chestnut Lumber27LightningBouncer ClubHQ1: Chestnut Lumber
HQ2: Chestnut Lumber
HQ3: Chestnut Lumber
Willow Lumber27LightningEarth WandHQ1: Willow Lumber
Ancient Lumber--LightningMythic PoleHQ1: Ancient Lumber x2
Ancient Lumber--LightningMythic WandHQ1: Ancient Lumber
HQ2: Phoenix Feather
HQ3: Phoenix Feather
Ash Lumber--LightningAsh StaffHQ1: Ash Lumber
HQ2: Bat Fang
Ash Lumber--LightningBronze SpearHQ1: Grass Thread
HQ2: Bronze Ingot
HQ3: Bronze Ingot
Ash Lumber--LightningPartisanHQ1: Silver Thread
HQ2: Darksteel Nugget x4
HQ3: Darksteel Nugget x6
Ash Lumber--LightningAsh ClogsHQ1: Ash Lumber
HQ2: Sheep Leather
HQ3: Sheep Leather
Ash Lumber--LightningAsh PoleHQ1: Ash Lumber
HQ2: Ash Lumber x2
HQ3: Ash Lumber x2
Ash Lumber--LightningAsh Club
Bronze Ingot--LightningGreat ClubHQ1: Bronze Ingot
HQ2: Mahogany Lumber
Carbon Fiber--LightningArbalestHQ1: Mahogany Lumber
HQ2: Mythril Nugget x4
HQ3: Mythril Nugget x6
Chestnut Lumber--LightningChestnut WandHQ1: Chestnut Lumber
HQ2: Bird Feather
Coeurl Whisker--LightningCythara AnglicaHQ1: Ebony Lumber
HQ2: Ancient Lumber
Coeurl Whisker x2--LightningHarp
Coeurl Whisker--LightningZamburakHQ1: Oak Lumber
Ebony Lumber--LightningEbony PoleHQ1: Ebony Lumber
HQ2: Ebony Lumber x2
HQ3: Ebony Lumber x2
Elm Lumber--LightningElm PoleHQ1: Elm Lumber
HQ2: Elm Lumber x2
Elm Lumber--LightningElm StaffHQ1: Elm Lumber
HQ2: Elm Lumber
HQ3: Ram Horn
Elm Lumber--LightningFastwater Fishing RodHQ1: Elm Lumber
HQ2: Wool Thread
HQ3: Wool Thread
Grass Thread x4--LightningShortbowHQ1: Willow Lumber
Holly Lumber--LightningHolly StaffHQ1: Holly Lumber
HQ2: Holly Lumber x2
HQ3: Sheep Tooth
Iron Ingot--LightningQuarterstaffHQ1: Walnut Lumber
Iron Ingot--LightningRound ShieldHQ1: Rosewood Lumber
HQ2: Iron Sheet
Iron Nugget x4--LightningHickory ShieldHQ1: Iron Nugget x6
Lauan Lumber--LightningLauan ShieldHQ1: Lauan Lumber x2
Mahogany Lumber--LightningMahogany ShieldHQ1: Mahogany Lumber x2
HQ2: Iron Ingot
Mahogany Lumber--LightningMahogany PoleHQ1: Mahogany Lumber
HQ2: Mahogany Lumber x2
HQ3: Mahogany Lumber x2
Maple Lumber--LightningMaple WandHQ1: Maple Lumber
HQ2: Chocobo Feather
HQ3: Chocobo Feather
Maple Lumber--LightningMaple ShieldHQ1: Brass Ingot
HQ2: Maple Lumber x2
Maple Lumber--LightningMaple HarpHQ1: Coeurl Whisker
HQ2: Coeurl Whisker x2
Oak Lumber--LightningCoated Shield
Oak Lumber--LightningOak CudgelHQ1: Oak Lumber
Oak Lumber--LightningWarp CudgelHQ1: Oak Lumber
Parchment--LightningTraversiereHQ1: Parchment
HQ2: Oak Lumber
Parchment--LightningFluteHQ1: Parchment
HQ2: Maple Lumber
HQ3: Maple Lumber
Parchment--LightningPiccoloHQ1: Parchment
HQ2: Holly Lumber
Rabbit Hide--LightningBolt BeltHQ2: Sheep Leather x3
HQ3: Sheep Leather x4
Rainbow Thread--LightningGendawaHQ1: Coeurl Whisker
HQ2: Taurus Horn
HQ3: Ancient Lumber x2
Rosewood Lumber--FireAngel's Flute +1HQ1: Rosewood Lumber
Rosewood Lumber--LightningRose WandHQ1: Black Chocobo Feather
Rosewood Lumber--LightningHume Fishing RodHQ1: Silver Thread
Rosewood Lumber--LightningRepeating CrossbowHQ1: Coeurl Whisker
HQ3: Darksteel Ingot
Sheep Leather--LightningHolly Clogs
Sheep Leather--LightningWrapped BowHQ1: Wool Thread
Silk Thread x3--LightningWar BowHQ1: Glass Fiber
HQ2: Carbon Fiber
Silk Thread--LightningTarutaru Fishing RodHQ1: Silk Thread
HQ2: Walnut Lumber
HQ3: Walnut Lumber
Silk Thread--LightningClothespoleHQ1: Silk Thread
HQ2: Mahogany Lumber
HQ3: Mahogany Lumber
Walnut Lumber--LightningIron-SplitterHQ1: Walnut Lumber
HQ2: Walnut Lumber x2
HQ3: Adaman Nugget x6
Walnut Lumber--LightningBattle StaffHQ1: Walnut Lumber
HQ2: Walnut Lumber x2
HQ3: Steel Nugget x4
Walnut Lumber--LightningSteel-splitterHQ1: Walnut Lumber x2
HQ2: Walnut Lumber x2
HQ3: Adaman Nugget x6
Walnut Lumber--LightningEight-Sided PoleHQ1: Walnut Lumber
HQ2: Walnut Lumber x2
HQ3: Mythril Nugget x6
Willow Lumber--LightningWillow WandHQ1: Willow Lumber
HQ2: Willow Lumber
HQ3: Insect Wing
Willow Lumber--LightningSelf Bow
Yagudo Feather--LightningYew WandHQ1: Yew Lumber
Yellow Rock--LightningPrimate StaffHQ1: Yellow Rock
HQ2: Darksteel Nugget x6
Yellow Rock--LightningKinkoboHQ1: Yellow Rock
HQ2: Darksteel Nugget x4
HQ3: Gold Nugget x4
Yew Lumber x2--LightningLongbowHQ1: Linen Thread x3
HQ2: Coeurl Whisker
HQ3: Ram Horn
Yew Lumber--LightningYew Fishing RodHQ1: Yew Lumber
HQ2: Linen Thread
Ash Lumber?LightningDolphin Staff
Ash Lumber?LightningOnion StaffHQ1: Ash Lumber
Ash Lumber?LightningTridentHQ1: Ametrine
HQ2: Mythril Nugget x6
HQ3: Silk Thread
Ash Lumber?LightningLong BoomerangHQ1: Rosewood Lumber
HQ2: Linen Thread
Bloodwood Lumber?WindSoulflayer StaffHQ1: Bloodwood Lumber
HQ2: Spinel
Clear Topaz?LightningFrost ShieldHQ1: Beastman Blood
HQ2: Ram Leather
HQ3: Mahogany Lumber
Coeurl Whisker?LightningLamia HarpHQ1: Coeurl Whisker
HQ2: Mahogany Lumber
HQ3: Painite
Holly Lumber?LightningHypno StaffHQ1: Holly Lumber
HQ2: Holly Lumber
HQ3: Peridot
Mahogany Lumber?LightningShellbusterHQ1: Mythril Nugget x4
HQ2: Mythril Nugget x6
Maple Lumber?LightningFish Scale ShieldHQ1: Brass Ingot
HQ2: Sardonyx
HQ3: Clear Topaz
Parchment?LightningFaerie PiccoloHQ1: Pearl
Willow Lumber?LightningSpeed BowHQ1: Silk Thread x3
Item CapOther CrystalIngredientsHQ Results

Order: Final Fantasy XI Online: Wings of the Goddess Expansion Pack (PC)(PS2)(XBOX 360)
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