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Total: 402824057
Today: 6214
Yesterday: 15081

Items: 9505
Mobs: 4024
Recipes: 3285
NPCs: 2066
Quests: 570

Guild Recipes: Leathercraft (Desynthesis)
Item CapOther CrystalIngredientsHQ Results
Sheep Leather2WindGoblin MaskHQ1: Sheep Leather
HQ2: Sheep Leather
HQ3: Sheep Leather
Sheep Leather33WindMoblin ArmorHQ1: Sheep Leather
HQ2: Ram Leather
Ram Leather x335WindBugbear MaskHQ1: Ram Leather x3
HQ2: Ram Leather x3
HQ3: Gold Thread x2
Sheep Leather36WindGoblin ArmorHQ1: Sheep Leather
HQ2: Ram Leather
HQ3: Ram Leather
Marid Leather86LightningTariqah -1HQ1: Marid Leather
Ash Lumber--LightningHimantesHQ1: Sheep Leather x2
HQ2: Lizard Skin
HQ3: Raptor Skin
Ash Lumber--LightningLizard CestiHQ1: Lizard Skin
HQ2: Lizard Skin
HQ3: Sheep Leather x2
Ash Lumber--LightningCestiHQ1: Sheep Leather
HQ2: Sheep Leather x2
Beeswax--LightningCuir Bandana
Bronze Ingot--LightningLeather HighbootsHQ1: Sheep Leather
HQ2: Sheep Leather x2
HQ3: Sheep Leather x3
Cotton Thread--LightningCoeurl GorgetHQ1: Cotton Thread
HQ2: Coeurl Hide
HQ3: Coeurl Hide
Cotton Thread--LightningWolf GorgetHQ1: Cotton Thread
HQ2: Wolf Hide
Dhalmel Hide--LightningDhalmel MantleHQ1: Dhalmel Hide
HQ2: Wool Thread
Dhalmel Leather--LightningStudded BootsHQ1: Iron Ingot
HQ2: Iron Ingot x2
Dhalmel Leather--LightningLeather RingHQ1: Dhalmel Leather
HQ2: Dhalmel Leather
HQ3: Dhalmel Leather
Grass Thread--LightningRaptor MantleHQ1: Raptor Skin
HQ2: Raptor Skin x2
Grass Thread--LightningLeather GorgetHQ1: Grass Thread
HQ2: Ram Leather
Grass Thread x3--LightningLizard GlovesHQ1: Sheep Leather
HQ2: Lizard Skin
Grass Thread x3--LightningRaptor GlovesHQ1: Sheep Leather x2
HQ2: Raptor Skin
Grass Thread--LightningRabbit MantleHQ1: Rabbit Hide x3
HQ2: Rabbit Hide x4
HQ3: Rabbit Hide x5
Grass Thread--LightningWaistbeltHQ1: Ram Leather
HQ2: Ram Leather x2
Grass Thread x5--LightningLeather TrousersHQ1: Grass Thread x6
HQ2: Sheep Leather
HQ3: Sheep Leather x2
Grass Thread x6--LightningStudded Trousers
Grass Thread x2--LightningLeather GlovesHQ1: Grass Thread x3
HQ2: Sheep Leather x2
HQ3: Sheep Leather x3
High-Quality Bugard Skin--LightningBarone CoscialesHQ1: Silk Thread x3
HQ2: Buffalo Leather
HQ3: Buffalo Leather x2
Ram Leather--LightningBlack CotehardieHQ1: Tiger Leather
Ram Leather x2--LightningTiger TrousersHQ1: Ram Leather x3
HQ2: Tiger Leather
HQ3: Tiger Leather x2
Ram Leather--LightningCardinal VestHQ1: Tiger Leather
HQ2: Manticore Leather
HQ3: Gold Thread
Sheep Leather--LightningNoct BraisHQ1: Linen Thread x3
HQ2: Linen Thread x5
Sheep Leather--LightningLeather BandanaHQ1: Sheep Leather
Sheep Leather x2--LightningCuir Gloves
Sheep Leather--LightningLeather BeltHQ1: Sheep Leather
HQ2: Iron Ingot
HQ3: Iron Ingot x2
Sheep Leather--LightningOgre JerkinHQ1: Coeurl Leather x2
HQ2: Manticore Leather
HQ3: Undead Skin
Sheep Leather--LightningSandalsHQ1: Sheep Leather
HQ2: Dhalmel Leather
HQ3: Dhalmel Leather
Sheep Leather--LightningStudded BandanaHQ1: Sheep Leather
HQ2: Iron Ingot
Sheep Leather--LightningCoeurl GlovesHQ1: Sheep Leather x2
HQ2: Ram Leather
HQ3: Coeurl Leather
Sheep Leather x3--LightningCuir Highboots
Sheep Leather--LightningLizard HelmHQ1: Lizard Skin
HQ2: Sheep Leather x2
HQ3: Lizard Skin x2
Sheep Leather--LightningOgre MaskHQ1: Coeurl Leather
HQ2: Manticore Leather
Sheep Leather--LightningLeather VestHQ1: Sheep Leather x2
HQ2: Sheep Leather x3
HQ3: Lizard Skin
Sheep Leather--LightningBarbarian's BeltHQ1: Fiend Blood
Sheep Leather--LightningBrigandineHQ1: Lizard Skin x3
HQ2: Ram Leather
Sheep Leather--LightningAustere HatHQ1: Ram Leather
Sheep Leather--LightningSoleaHQ1: Sheep Leather
HQ2: Sheep Leather x2
Silk Thread--LightningSha'ir GagesHQ1: Tiger Leather
HQ2: High-Quality Bugard Skin
Silk Thread--LightningErrant PigachesHQ1: Ram Leather x2
HQ2: Undead Skin
HQ3: Rainbow Thread
Tiger Hide--LightningTiger MaskHQ1: Wool Thread
HQ2: Ram Leather
HQ3: Wyvern Skin
Tiger Leather--LightningWar BeretHQ1: Tiger Leather x2
HQ2: Giant Bird Plume
HQ3: Gold Nugget x4
Tiger Leather--LightningHard Leather RingHQ1: Tiger Leather
HQ2: Tiger Leather
HQ3: Tiger Leather
Wool Thread--LightningCoeurl MantleHQ1: Wool Thread
HQ2: Coeurl Hide
HQ3: Coeurl Hide
Wool Thread--LightningRam MantleHQ1: Wool Thread
HQ2: Ram Skin
Wool Thread--LightningBehemoth MantleHQ1: Wool Thread
Wool Thread--LightningTiger Mantle
Wool Thread--LightningPanther MaskHQ1: Ram Leather
HQ2: High-Quality Coeurl Hide
HQ3: Wyvern Skin
Grass Thread?LightningLizard MantleHQ1: Lizard Skin
HQ2: Lizard Molt
Karakul Leather?WindQiqirn CapeHQ1: Karakul Leather
HQ2: Karakul Leather
HQ3: Karakul Leather
Sheep Leather?WindMoblin MaskHQ1: Sheep Leather
Item CapOther CrystalIngredientsHQ Results

Order: Final Fantasy XI Online: Wings of the Goddess Expansion Pack (PC)(PS2)(XBOX 360)
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