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Total: 401418630
Today: 28605
Yesterday: 33002

Items: 9505
Mobs: 4024
Recipes: 3285
NPCs: 2066
Quests: 570

Guild Recipes: Bonecraft (Desynthesis)
Item CapOther CrystalIngredientsHQ Results
Flint Stone x418LightningGigas NecklaceHQ1: Pearl x2
HQ2: Black Pearl
HQ3: Black Pearl
Giant Femur23LightningShell ShieldHQ1: Giant Femur
HQ2: Giant Femur
HQ3: Turtle Shell
Bugard Tusk59LightningMacuahuitl -1HQ1: Bugard Tusk
HQ2: Rhinochimera
Ash Lumber--LightningBone PickHQ1: Ash Lumber
HQ2: Giant Femur
Beetle Jaw--LightningHornHQ1: Ram Horn
Beetle Jaw--LightningCrumhornHQ1: Beetle Jaw
HQ2: Demon Horn
Beetle Jaw--LightningBeetle RingHQ1: Beetle Jaw
Beetle Jaw--LightningBeetle KnifeHQ1: Beetle Jaw
HQ2: Oak Lumber
Beetle Jaw--LightningBeetle EarringHQ1: Silver Ingot
HQ2: Silver Ingot x2
Beetle Jaw--LightningBeetle GorgetHQ1: Beetle Jaw
HQ2: Beetle Jaw x2
HQ3: Beetle Shell
Beetle Jaw--LightningShofarHQ1: Behemoth Horn
Beetle Shell--LightningBeetle MittensHQ1: Lizard Skin
HQ2: Lizard Skin x2
Beetle Shell--LightningJustaucorps
Bone Chip--LightningBone MittensHQ1: Bone Chip x2
HQ2: Sheep Leather
HQ3: Sheep Leather x2
Bone Chip--LightningBone HairpinHQ1: Bone Chip
Bone Chip--LightningBone EarringHQ1: Brass Ingot
HQ2: Bone Chip x2
Bone Chip x2--LightningBone Cudgel
Bone Chip--LightningBone MaskHQ1: Bone Chip
Bone Chip--LightningTactician Magician's Hooks +1HQ1: Bone Chip x2
HQ2: Glass Fiber
HQ3: Demon Horn
Bone Chip--LightningBone RingHQ1: Bone Chip
HQ2: Sheep Tooth
HQ3: Sheep Tooth
Brass Ingot--LightningCornetteHQ1: Brass Ingot
HQ2: Bone Chip
HQ3: Bone Chip
Buffalo Leather--LightningDragon SubligarHQ1: Buffalo Leather
Bugard Tusk--LightningMacuahuitlHQ1: Bugard Tusk
HQ2: Rhinochimera
Coeurl Leather--LightningIgqira TiaraHQ1: Manticore Hair
HQ2: Coral Fragment
HQ3: Coral Fragment x2
Coral Fragment--LightningCoral MittensHQ1: Coral Fragment
HQ2: Coeurl Leather
Coral Fragment--LightningCoral RingHQ1: Coral Fragment
HQ2: Coral Fragment
HQ3: Coral Fragment x2
Coral Fragment--LightningReraise HairpinHQ1: Coral Fragment
HQ2: Pearl
HQ3: Black Pearl
Coral Fragment--LightningMerman's HairpinHQ1: Coral Fragment
Crab Shell--LightningCarapace RingHQ1: Mythril Nugget x4
HQ2: Mythril Ingot
Crab Shell--LightningCarapace HarnessHQ1: Crab Shell
HQ2: Dhalmel Leather
HQ3: Dhalmel Leather x2
Crab Shell--LightningCarapace MaskHQ1: Crab Shell
HQ2: Dhalmel Leather
Crab Shell--LightningBone PatasHQ1: Giant Femur
HQ2: Giant Femur
HQ3: Carbon Fiber
Fish Scales--LightningCarapace LeggingsHQ1: Dhalmel Leather x2
HQ2: Crab Shell
Fish Scales--LightningCarapace Mittens
Fish Scales--LightningHorn RingHQ1: Ram Horn
Fish Scales--LightningShell RingHQ1: Seashell
Fish Scales--LightningDemon's RingHQ1: Fish Scales
HQ2: Demon Horn
Giant Femur--LightningBandit's Gun
Giant Femur--LightningBone KnifeHQ1: Giant Femur
HQ2: Giant Femur
HQ3: Walnut Lumber
Grass Thread x3--LightningBone ScytheHQ1: Sheep Tooth
HQ2: Giant Femur
Grass Thread--LightningBlood StoneHQ1: Fiend Blood
HQ2: Giant Femur
Grass Thread x3--LightningCarapace GauntletsHQ1: High-Quality Crab Shell
HQ2: Sheep Leather
HQ3: Sheep Leather x3
Imp Horn--LightningHellish BugleHQ1: Imp Horn
HQ2: Colibri Beak
Linen Thread x2--LightningCoral SubligarHQ1: Coeurl Leather
HQ2: Coral Fragment
Linen Thread x2--LightningCarapace SubligarHQ1: Linen Thread x3
HQ2: Crab Shell
HQ3: Dhalmel Leather
Lizard Skin--LightningBeetle MaskHQ1: Lizard Skin
Lizard Skin--LightningBeetle HarnessHQ1: Beetle Shell
HQ2: Lizard Skin x2
HQ3: Lizard Skin x3
Manticore Hair--LightningIgqira ManillasHQ1: Bugard Tusk
HQ2: Garnet
HQ3: Uragnite Shell
Rabbit Hide--LightningCat BaghnakhsHQ1: Bronze Ingot
HQ2: Bone Chip x2
HQ3: Bone Chip x3
Ram Horn--LightningHorn HairpinHQ1: Ram Horn
Scorpion Claw--LightningLamian Kaman
Scorpion Shell--LightningScorpion MaskHQ1: Scorpion Shell
HQ2: Ram Leather
Scorpion Shell--LightningScorpion RingHQ1: Scorpion Shell
Seashell--LightningShell EarringHQ1: Seashell x2
Sheep Leather--LightningCoral GorgetHQ1: Sheep Leather
HQ2: Coral Fragment
Sheep Leather--LightningScorpion HelmHQ1: Copper Nugget x6
HQ2: High-Quality Scorpion Shell
Sheep Leather--LightningReraise GorgetHQ1: Sheep Leather
Sheep Leather--LightningDragon MaskHQ1: Sheep Leather
HQ2: Wyvern Scales
HQ3: Wyvern Scales x2
Sheep Leather--LightningGavial MaskHQ1: High-Quality Pugil Scales
HQ2: Titanictus Shell
Sheep Leather--LightningDemon HelmHQ1: Demon Skull
HQ2: Demon Horn
Silk Thread x3--LightningScorpion GauntletsHQ1: Sheep Leather x2
HQ2: High-Quality Scorpion Shell
Silk Thread--LightningShade Harness
Silver Ingot--LightningCoral EarringHQ1: Silver Ingot
HQ2: Coral Fragment
Silver Ingot--LightningFang EarringHQ1: Silver Ingot x2
HQ2: Black Tiger Fang
HQ3: Black Tiger Fang x2
Turtle Shell--LightningShell Hairpin
Wyvern Scales--LightningDragon LeggingsHQ1: Wyvern Scales
HQ2: Buffalo Leather
HQ3: Buffalo Leather x2
Bronze Ingot?Unknown
LightningLynx BaghnakhsHQ1: Bone Chip x2
HQ2: Bone Chip x3
HQ3: Tiger Leather
Cotton Thread?LightningBeast WhistleHQ1: Giant Femur
Item CapOther CrystalIngredientsHQ Results

Order: Final Fantasy XI Online: Wings of the Goddess Expansion Pack (PC)(PS2)(XBOX 360)
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