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Girl in the Looking Glass
Starting Info for Girl in the Looking Glass
Summary: NPC Fellow Quest #2
Realm: Jeuno
Starting Zone: Jeuno Upper
Starting NPC: Luto Mewrilah [G-8]
Required Jeuno Fame: Any

This Quest Is Not Repeatable.
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NPCs Used
BheemJeuno UpperF-5
Mobs Spawned
Zones Used
Game Details for Girl in the Looking Glass
Client: Laurana (Artisan Bridge, Upper Jeuno)

Summary: Laurana's daughter has gone missing. She is a young girl with blonde hair, and was wearing a brown dress and a brown cap.
Walkthrough for Girl in the Looking Glass
Requirements: The Unlisted Qualities quest must be completed; once you zone after that quest is done, you can immediately start this one.
  1. Talk to Luto Mewrilah for a cut-scene that activates the quest.
  2. Talk to Bheem for another cut-scene.
  3. Go through Batallia Downs to G-8, and enter the Eldieme Necropolis entrance there. You can take a chocobo from Jeuno Upper to get there more quickly, or if you need to avoid aggro from mobs in Batallia.
  4. Once you enter Eldieme Necropolis, take the passageway down until you reach a ???. No mobs spawn that far up, so there shouldn't be any need for Sneak. Select the ??? for a cut-scene, that ends in the NM Namorodo spawning, aggro to you and your NPC Fellow who is there. The Fellow will provoke it immediately; be sure to Provoke or do enough damage so that you end up tanking it instead, or cure your Fellow to keep him/her alive. Namorodo is a Skeleton NM that does regular Skeleton special attacks; it is probably around level 25 or so with around 1200. It can be soloed by a level 40 character, and the NPC Fellow will help do a bit of damage. Up to three copies of the NM can be spawned at once if there are multiple people doing the quest, so spawn your NM at the ??? and pull it away so the area HP Drain attacks won't overlap.
  5. Once Namorodo is defeated, select your NPC Fellow and he/she will give a message about returning to Jeuno, at which point he/she will leave. This must be done within a minute after Namorodo dies, or the Fellow will disappear anyway and you can't continue the quest. If you don't select the Fellow in time to get this message, zone out and back in, spawn and kill the NM again, then talk to the Fellow and you can continue.
  6. Return to Jeuno Upper and talk to Luto for a cut-scene that completes this quest. The only reward is the ability to access the final NPC Fellow quest, Mirror, Mirror, which can be started immediately after zoning.
Recommended Level for Girl in the Looking Glass
Solo easily at level 40.

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Rating: 0 Direct Link to this Comment Posted by: Razorclaws,
The mob you need to get past is a slime, just in case you don't know. Also I just soloed it as a 37whm/17blm. Basically, get a club (seraph strike did some wonderful damage), keep your hp and buddy's hp up, and keep pounding away, also if you fellow can get hate off of you (as a whm anyways) let him. Cure him when needed, and then Divine Seal Cure III for some nice damage on the skeleton. Silence is also a good spell to use, the skeleton does Sleepga, a lot, but even still shouldn't be a problem. I packed a rolanberry pie and a yag drink. Didn't need the yag drink.

Rating: 0 Direct Link to this Comment Posted by: Renshai,
There was a MOB that you needed Sneak to get past for me .. RDM38/BLM19 again fight was easy. Silence helps and cureIII seemed to do good damage

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