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Unlisted Qualities
Starting Info for Unlisted Qualities
Summary: NPC Fellow Quest #1
Realm: Jeuno
Starting Zone: Jeuno Upper
Starting NPC: Luto Mewrilah [G-8]
Required Jeuno Fame: Any
Minimum Character Level: 30

This Quest Is Not Repeatable.
Related Quests

Following Quest in This Series:
NPCs Used
Red GhostJeuno PortG-8
Kuah DakonsaJeuno LowerH-8
AktaRu'Lude GardensH-10
BheemJeuno UpperF-5
Zones Used
Rewards From Unlisted Qualities
Item Reward:
Silver Ingot--Inventory
Game Details for Unlisted Qualities
Client: Luto Mewrilah (Artisan Bridge, Upper Jeuno)

Summary: Luto wants you to find out if the person you chose from her list is holding a certain mirror.
Walkthrough for Unlisted Qualities
Requirements: Rank 4+ and a job at level 30+ is required to start this line of quests, which ends in obtaining an NPC Fellow.
  1. Talk to Luto Mewrilah to activate the quest; it doesn't matter whether you accept or not, she will proceed. Choose the race and name of the NPC Fellow you want, as listed below; there are eight possible names for each specific race and sex combination. Luto makes you verify the name, so if you select the wrong one you'll have a chance to go back and choose another. The names you can choose for your NPC Fellow are:
    • Hume Males: Feliz, Ferdinand, Gunnar, Massimo, Oldrich, Siegward, Theobald, Zenji
    • Hume Females: Amerita, Beatrice, Henrietta, Jesimae, Karyn, Nanako, Sharlene, Sieghilde
    • Elvaan Males: Chanandit, Deulmaeux, Demresinaux, Ephealgaux, Gauldeval, Grauffemart, Migaifongut, Romidiant
    • Elvaan Females: Armittie, Cadepure, Clearite, Epilleve, Liabelle, Nauthima, Radille, Vimechue
    • Tarutaru Males: Balu-Falu, Burg-Ladarg, Ehgo-Ryuhgo, Kolui-Pelui, Nokum-Akkum, Savul-Kivul, Vinja-Kanja, Yarga-Umiga
    • Tarutaru Females: Cupapa, Jajuju, Kalokoko, Mahoyaya, Pakurara, Ripokeke, Yawawa, Yufafa
    • Mithra: Fhig Lahrv, Khuma Tagyawhan, Pimy Kettihl, Raka Maimhov, Sahyu Banjyao, Sufhi Uchnouma, Tsuim Nhomango, Yoli Kohlpaka
    • Galka: Durib, Dzapiwa, Jugowa, Mugido, Voldai, Wagwei, Zayag, Zoldof
  2. Choose the face type of your NPC Fellow. Note that your NPC Fellow's name has nothing to do with how it looks. Instead, there are three face types for each race and sex combination, and two hair colors for each of those face types. Three NPCs in various parts of Jeuno can be talked to, to select the face type you want: the answer you choose will determine how your NPC Fellow looks. You will only ever need to talk to one of these NPCs to get the face you want for your NPC Fellow, by agreeing to the description they give. You can talk to the other Jeuno NPCs and not agree to the description; the one you actually agree to will lock in your choice. The three NPCs in Jeuno who determine what your NPC Fellow will look like are:
    • Red Ghost in Jeuno Port a Galka guard who wanders around G-8.
    • Akta in Ru'Lude Gardens, a Hume at H-10.
    • Kuah Dakonsa in Jeuno Lower, a Mithra at H-8 on a bridge overlooking the walkway.
    There are three different face types available to choose from for each race/sex combination, out of the eight face types that player characters can have. View the official character creation module to see all the face types in the game (Javascript pop-up from www.playonline.com):

    FFXI Character Creation Trial

    This chart lists who you need to talk to to get each of the three face types available for your NPC Fellow's race/sex combination. The easiest way to do this is to choose which face type you want for your NPC Fellow, then go to the Jeuno NPC listed on the chart for that face type. The NPC in Jeuno will describe that face type, as listed in the Message row. To select the face type, simply agree to the description.
    Race & Sex Face Jeuno NPC Message
    Hume Male Face 7 Akta man with a beard
    Face 3 Kuah Dakonsa bristly hair
    Face 1 Red Ghost guy with hair parted in the middle
    Hume Female Face 1 Akta lady with bangs down to her eyes
    Face 3 Kuah Dakonsa shoulder-length hair
    Face 2 Red Ghost girl with a ponytail
    Elvaan Male Face 2 Akta man with long sideburns
    Face 8 Kuah Dakonsa a beard
    Face 7 Red Ghost guy with bangs to his eyes
    Elvaan Female Face 1 Akta lady with parted hair, sides uneven length
    Face 6 Kuah Dakonsa long bangs
    Face 4 Red Ghost girl with pigtails
    Tarutaru Male Face 3 Akta man with a topknot
    Face 2 Kuah Dakonsa messy hair
    Face 4 Red Ghost guy with tied-back hair
    Tarutaru Female Face 2 Akta lady with neatly trimmed bangs
    Face 4 Kuah Dakonsa straight bangs
    Face 1 Red Ghost girl with hair parted in the middle
    Mithra Face 5 Akta Mithra with her hair tied up
    Face 6 Kuah Dakonsa parted bangs
    Face 7 Red Ghost girl with tied-back hair
    Galka Face 3 Akta Galka with swept-back hair
    Face 7 Kuah Dakonsa hair standing up
    Face 6 Red Ghost guy with a full beard

  3. After choosing the face type you want, you can select one of two different hair colors for your NPC Fellow. To do this, return to Jeuno Upper and talk to Bheem, at F-5 across from the Home Point. He will verify the name and face style that you have chosen. Then he asks, "By the way, this person's hair wouldn't happen to be my favorite color, would it?" The answer you choose here determines the hair color your NPC Fellow has: choosing "Could be" selects hair color A, while choosing "Not likely" selects hair color B. These hair colors are also displayed in the Character Creation Trial, linked above.
  4. Talk to Luto Mewrilah again to complete the quest, and receive your Silver Ingot reward. Zoning is required to start the second NPC Fellow quest, Girl in the Looking Glass.

Quest Notes:
  • It is unknown whether the NPC Fellow's stats change based on it's race, like a player character's will. If you work off the assumption that it does, and want to have the most flexible NPC Fellow, your best bet is choosing a race that can work moderately well at everything, such as Hume, Elvaan, or Mithra. So far, there have been no reports to suggest a substantial difference in NPC Fellows based on race.
  • There are around seven different "personalities" for the NPC Fellows, that cause them to use different phrases when communicating. These personalities are based on the face type chosen, and cannot be changed or selected directly. These create no differences in how the NPC Fellow looks or it's actual abilities, but it will produce some variation in the messages that the NPC Fellow gives, compared to other NPC Fellows.
  • If you ever decide you want to change your NPC Fellow into another face type, race or sex, you can restart after all three NPC Fellows quests are completed. Talk to Luto Mewrilah and choose I want to quit this task and verify you want to get rid of your current NPC Fellow, and you will entirely lose your current Fellow and be able to complete the quests all over again, choosing a different NPC Fellow.
Recommended Level for Unlisted Qualities
Solo at any level, although level 30 is required on a job to be able to start the quest.

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Rating: 0 Direct Link to this Comment Posted by: Yojimbo,
Actually, at the start of this quest, I was a 26WHM/13BLM with level 7 Jeuno fame and Rank 5 and I was able to complete it. I had hl friends helping me, so I don't know if it was a fluke getting the quest or the level 30 restriction is actually only a suggestion.

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