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I Can Hear A Rainbow
Starting Info for I Can Hear A Rainbow
Summary: Summoner Flag Quest
Realm: Windurst
Type: Advanced Job
Starting Zone: Windurst Walls
Required Starting Item: Carbuncle's Ruby
There Is No Fame Requirement For This Quest.
Minimum Character Level: 30

This Quest Is Not Repeatable.
Zones Used
Rewards From I Can Hear A Rainbow
Title Obtained: Rainbow Weaver
Reward Details: Grants the ability to become a Summoner.
Game Details for I Can Hear A Rainbow
Client: ??? (House of the Hero, Windurst Walls)

Summary: A strange voice from within Carbuncle's Ruby is asking you to gather the seven colors of light...

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Rating: 0 Direct Link to this Comment Posted by: Kritner,
if you are in a zone and see a weather start that you don't have, you can also log out and back in if you're far away from the zone to get the CS

Rating: 0 Direct Link to this Comment Posted by: Ruggykid,
need help i got the ruby been to windusrt walls got CS<br /> got 5 weathers <br /> but wont give me wind and heatwave when i zone in and out <br /> and i have not got them already as i can`t trade to ??? in G-6 <br /> any one help me out?

Rating: 1 Direct Link to this Comment Posted by: Jester,
From personal experience I can give a few tips here for you trying to get summoner. The first step is to be level 30, of course. <br /> <br /> Afterwards if you can find a high level (71 Beastmaster did this for me) to get you your ruby, I suggest heading into the Maze of Shakhrami and working your way to the position K-10 on the Bottom Map if you use http://ffxi.somepage.com/zonedb/51 . There's a room with about 20 or so Leeches with nothing else around. Just have the high level sweep them all up and destroy them. If not, then you might be able to solo the ones found in Jugner Forest in the ditches spread throughout the zone.<br /> <br /> The next step is to take the Carbuncle's Ruby to the House of the Hero in Windurst Walls at (G-3). Cutscene later and you are ready to find the weather patterns. Whenever you find a weather pattern (It has to be active before you enter the zone. If the weather changed while you're in a zone you have to leave and re-enter.) it will give you a color of light that means you found 1 of the 7 weather effects. If you're not doing this all at once I suggest writing down on a sticky note which ones you've gotten so you don't get stuck looking for one you've already got!<br /> <br /> Here's where I found my weather effects:<br /> <br /> Orange = Sunshine -> Almost anywhere that's weatherless and sunny, La Theine Plateau.<br /> Red = Heat Wave -> I found it in Altep Desert. I checked the weather reporter in Rabao to see which day it would be and waited till about 10:00am in that zone to go out and I got it. Supposedly it happens to be the hardest to find.<br /> Blue = Rainy -> I found it raining in La Theine Plateau<br /> Green = Windy -> I found this in Tahrongi Canyon.<br /> Indigo = Snowing -> I saw the snow effect in Ranguemont Pass, but the ruby didn't take it in. Instead I had to continue all the way to Beaucedine Glacier. Not too hard to get to with Sneak & Invisible.<br /> Yellow = Dust Storm -> I found this in Altep Desert and actually again in Tahrongi Canyon where I found Wind.<br /> Violet = Lightning -> I've seen this in Qufim & on the boat from Whitegate -> Nashmau all the time but I found it for this in Konschtat Highlands of all places!<br /> <br /> Again, there are weather effects all over and you'd have to look for weather checkers to see what the forecasts are going to be. Pretty simple to figure it out once you find the weather NPC's. If you want to know where those are, there's a search function at http://ffxi.somepage.com/npcdb/ that I found on the left side of the page. Just select NPC Type: Weather Checker and search to find a list of the Weather Checker nearest to you.<br /> <br /> Once you've attained all of the colors of light you'll see Carbuncle appear and a message tells you to go to La Theine Plateau. Once there you go to the position G-6 and trade the Carbuncle's Ruby to the ??? and one cutscene later you have the Summoner Job open to you.<br /> <br /> Best advice I can give is to have the Altep Crystal so you can have a 38 WHM Teleport-Altep you too. It can cover 4 of the Weather Effects depending. That combined with the other teleports can probably rack you up the elements relatively quick. Be nice to those WHMs and maybe they can help =D.<br /> <br /> Jester, Quetzalcoatl server.

Rating: 1 Direct Link to this Comment Posted by: Maggot,
First, obtain a Carbuncle's Ruby then go to the House of the Hero in Windurst Walls (G-3). After the cut-scene, you will need to gather 7 lights in the ruby to get it to glow with their power. Simply put, you'll need to enter an area under-going certain weather conditions.<br /> <br /> Red - Hot Spells<br /> Orange - Sunshine<br /> Yellow - Dust Storms<br /> Green - Wind<br /> Blue - Snow<br /> Indigo - Rain<br /> Violet - Thunder<br /> <br /> (The weather must be established before you enter, should the weather change while you are in the area, exit and re-enter to obtain the light)<br /> <br /> A short cut-scene will verify that you have obtained the light. (Hint - be sure to keep notes as to which lights you have gotten and/or which are still needed).<br /> <br /> Upon receiving all 7 lights, Carbuncle will appear in a small cut-scene asking you to go to La Theine Plateau. Go to area G-6 (La Theine Plateau) and trade the ruby to the ???.

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