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Total: 402688371
Today: 10158
Yesterday: 13566

Items: 9505
Mobs: 4024
Recipes: 3285
NPCs: 2066
Quests: 570

Name TypeZoneLocation
Brave Ox Standard MerchantRabaoF-7
Dabih Jajalioh Standard MerchantRu'Lude GardensF-9
Khe Chalahko Standard MerchantJeuno UpperH-9
Deadly Minnow Standard MerchantJeuno UpperH-9
Antonia Standard MerchantJeuno UpperH-8
Coumuna Standard MerchantJeuno UpperH-8
Leillaine Standard MerchantJeuno UpperG-9
Areebah Standard MerchantJeuno UpperH-6
Champalpieu Standard MerchantJeuno UpperH-6
Mejuone Standard MerchantJeuno UpperG-7
Glyke Standard MerchantJeuno UpperF-7
Rhimonne Standard MerchantJeuno LowerG-11
Stinknix Standard MerchantJeuno LowerH-9
Creepstix Standard MerchantJeuno LowerH-9
Pawkrix Standard MerchantJeuno LowerH-10
Hasim Standard MerchantJeuno LowerH-9
Taza Standard MerchantJeuno LowerH-9
Susu Standard MerchantJeuno LowerH-9
Yoskolo Standard MerchantJeuno LowerI-8
Chetak Standard MerchantJeuno LowerH-9
Chenokih Standard MerchantJeuno LowerH-9
Adelflete Standard MerchantJeuno LowerH-9
Matoaka Standard MerchantJeuno LowerH-9
Morefie Standard MerchantJeuno LowerH-9
Challoux Standard MerchantJeuno PortI-8
Gekko Standard MerchantJeuno PortH-8
Leyla Standard MerchantJeuno PortH-8
Ferdoulemiont Standard MerchantSan d'Oria SouthI-11
Lusiane Standard MerchantSan d'Oria SouthF-8
Ostalie Standard MerchantSan d'Oria SouthE-9
Benaige Standard MerchantSan d'Oria SouthF-7
Aveline Standard MerchantSan d'Oria SouthF-7
Carautia Standard MerchantSan d'Oria SouthK-8
Miogique Standard MerchantSan d'Oria SouthK-8
Ashene Standard MerchantSan d'Oria SouthK-7
Thadiene Standard MerchantSan d'Oria SouthK-7
Shilah Standard MerchantSan d'Oria SouthK-6
Arachagnon Standard MerchantSan d'Oria NorthF-3
Gaudylox Standard MerchantSan d'Oria NorthF-4
Tavourine Standard MerchantSan d'Oria NorthE-4
Arlenne Standard MerchantSan d'Oria NorthE-4
Pirvidiauce Standard MerchantSan d'Oria NorthD-8
Boncort Standard MerchantSan d'Oria NorthF-8
Justi Standard MerchantSan d'Oria NorthG-8
Coullave Standard MerchantSan d'Oria PortF-10
Regine Standard MerchantSan d'Oria PortJ-8
Croumangue Standard MerchantSan d'Oria PortG-7
Scamplix Standard MerchantRabaoF-7
Shiny Teeth Standard MerchantRabaoF-6
Generoit Standard MerchantRabaoG-6
Brave Wolf Standard MerchantRabaoG-7
Ghemi Sinterilo Standard MerchantKazhamG-7
Mamerie Standard MerchantKazhamF-9
Tahn Posbei Standard MerchantKazhamH-9
Khifo Ryuhkowa Standard MerchantKazhamH-9
Toji Mumosulah Standard MerchantKazhamI-8
Pahya Lolohoiv Standard MerchantKazhamI-8
Nuh Celodehki Standard MerchantKazhamI-7
Graine Standard MerchantMhauraH-8
Runito-Monito Standard MerchantMhauraH-8
Pikini-Mikini Standard MerchantMhauraG-9
Maera Standard MerchantFerry Between Mhaura & Selbina?-?
Chutarmire Standard MerchantSelbinaH-9
Quelpia Standard MerchantSelbinaH-9
Albinie Standard MerchantSan d'Oria PortH-6
Denvihr Standard MerchantBastok PortG-7
Sugandhi Standard MerchantBastok PortG-6
Blabbivix Standard MerchantBastok PortF-6
Sawyer Standard MerchantBastok PortE-6
Melloa Standard MerchantBastok PortD-6
Numa Standard MerchantBastok PortE-7
Galvin Standard MerchantBastok PortE-7
Zaira Standard MerchantBastok MarketsH-5
Sororo Standard MerchantBastok MarketsH-5
Olwyn Standard MerchantBastok MarketsE-11
Mjoll Standard MerchantBastok MarketsE-11
Brunhilde Standard MerchantBastok MarketsF-10
Charging Chocobo Standard MerchantBastok MarketsF-10
Zhikkom Standard MerchantBastok MarketsF-10
Peritrage Standard MerchantBastok MarketsF-10
Ciqala Standard MerchantBastok MarketsF-10
Carmelide Standard MerchantBastok MarketsI-8
Raghd Standard MerchantBastok MarketsJ-8
Harmodios Standard MerchantBastok MarketsK-10
Hortense Standard MerchantBastok MarketsK-10
Neigepance Standard MerchantBastok MinesJ-9
Proud Beard Standard MerchantBastok MinesK-8
Gelzerio Standard MerchantBastok MinesH-7
Boytz Standard MerchantBastok MinesH-7
Deegis Standard MerchantBastok MinesH-6
Zemedars Standard MerchantBastok MinesH-6
Griselda Standard MerchantBastok MinesH-5
Uli Pehkowa Standard MerchantWindurst PortM-7
Ryan Standard MerchantWindurst PortH-7
Kususu Standard MerchantWindurst PortH-8
Aroro Standard MerchantWindurst PortH-8
Kumama Standard MerchantWindurst PortH-9
Guruna-Maguruna Standard MerchantWindurst PortH-9
Taniko-Maniko Standard MerchantWindurst PortH-9
Hohbiba-Mubiba Standard MerchantWindurst PortH-9
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