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Site Updates - March 5, 2005
Posted by: Cuer - Sat Mar 05th, 2005 04:12 pm EST
The changes and additions from the Feb. 23 continue to roll in. The most notable addition is the new information about all of the Empty Notorious Mob (ENM) quests! The information is all found in the new ENM Guide.

Other additions include more recipes, and updates on the drops of many new items. All of this info can be easily viewed at any time in the Feb. 2005 FFXI Patch Compilation of Info.

Items Added: Angelica's Letter, Censer of Animus, Censer of Antipathy, Censer of Abandonment, Monarch Beard

Items Updated: Florid Stone, Sylvan Stone, Chamnaet Ice, Cotton Pouch, Parradamo Stones, Flaxen Pouch, Dragon Leggings, Tavnazian Ring, Dorado Sushi, Tuna Sushi, Squid Sushi, Sole Sushi, Crimson Jelly, Muddy Siredon, Snow Lily, Recollection of Suffering, Recollection Of Pain, Recollection Of Guilt, Recollection Of Fear, Recollection of Anxiety, Recollection of Animosity, Cluster Core, Startling Memory, Somber Memory, Radiant Memory, Profane Memory, Malevolent Memory, Fleeting Memory, Burning Memory, Bitter Memory, Neptunal Abjuration: Feet, Neptunal Abjuration: Legs, Neptunal Abjuration: Hands, Neptunal Abjuration: Body, Neptunal Abjuration: Head, Wyrmal Abjuration: Feet, Wyrmal Abjuration: Legs, Wyrmal Abjuration: Hands, Wyrmal Abjuration: Body, Wyrmal Abjuration: Head, Martial Abjuration: Feet, Martial Abjuration: Legs, Martial Abjuration: Head, Martial Abjuration: Hands, Martial Abjuration: Body, Aquarian Abjuration: Feet, Aquarian Abjuration: Legs, Aquarian Abjuration: Hands, Aquarian Abjuration: Body, Earthen Abjuration: Feet, Earthen Abjuration: Legs, Earthen Abjuration: Hands, Earthen Abjuration: Body, Dryadic Abjuration: Feet, Dryadic Abjuration: Legs, Dryadic Abjuration: Hands, Dryadic Abjuration: Body, Dryadic Abjuration: Head, Bream Sushi +1, Chameleon Diamond, Tortilla Bueno, Leremieu Salad, Timbre Timbers Salad, Windurst Salad, Bream Sushi, Elm Log, Scroll of Banish III, Viking Herring, Salsa, Salty Bretzel, Coeurl Sub +1, Coeurl Sub, Timbre Timbers Taco, Windurst Taco, Emerald Quiche, Green Quiche, Bataquiche +1, Bataquiche, Tavnazian Taco, Leremieu Taco, Red Gravel, Kite Shield, Mushroom Soup, Cinna-cookie, Hiraishin, Makibishi, Bast Parchment, Toad Oil, Elshimo Coconut, Bitter Cluster, Kejusu Satin, Galateia, Wyrm Horn, Viridian Urushi, Cassia Lumber, Vermilion Lacquer, Cluster Ash, Mithran Rice Cake, Tarutaru Rice Cake, Hume Rice Cake, Elvaan Rice Cake

NPCs Added: Jakaka, Zebada, Twinkbrix, Yurim, Morangeart, Ratonne, Taulenne, Ophelia, Istvan, Tesch Garanjy, Shasha, Laughing Lizard, Venessa, Vladinek, Gregory, Sinon

NPCs Updated: Mep Nhapopoluko, Pikini-Mikini, Ratonne, Mazuro-Oozuro, Nilerouche, Pirvidiauce, Carautia, Shilah, Ness Rugetomal, Tesch Garanjy, Scavnix, Shasha, Vuliaie, Ghemi Sinterilo, Nomad Moogle

Mobs Added: Repiner, Neoingurgitator, Ingurgitator, Contemplator, Memory Receptacle (Blue), Memory Receptacle (Yellow), Memory Receptacle (Green), Memory Receptacle (Red), Zoredonite, Swift Hunter, Shrewd Hunter, Armored Hunter, Apis, Tuchulcha, Mindertaur, Eldertaur, Snow Devil, Bearclaw Rabbit, Bearclaw Leveret, Bugboy, Pasuk, Hamadryad, Seether, Envier, Wanderer, Neosatiator, Neogorger, Neoingester, Ingester, Weeper, Cogitator

Mobs Updated: Upyri, Odqan, Padfoot, Aiatar, Dire Bat, Ancient Goobbue, Sewer Syrup

Zones Updated: Bearclaw Pinnacle, The Shrouded Maw, Monarch Linn, Boneyard Gully, Spire of Dem, Spire of Mea, Spire of Holla, Spire of Vahzl

Recipes Added: Vulcan Degen

Desynthesis Recipes Added: Ebony Pole, Kororito, Mahogany Shield, Poet's Circlet, Trident

Recipes Updated: Gavial Mask, Pickled Herring, Urushi, Lacquer Tree Sap, Pirate's Gun, Molybdenum Ingot, Jagdplaute, Brimsand, Coeurl Sub, Salsa, War Bow, Elshimo Palm, Scimitar Cactus, Tsahyan Mask, Metal Knuckles

Desynthesis Recipes Updated: Gigas Necklace, Gloves

Items Drops Added: Scroll of Curaga IV, Sylvan Stone, Snow Lily, Wyrm Horn, Florid Stone, War Hose, Zoredonite Ring, Nebimonite Belt, Kosshin, Healing Mace, Scroll of Banish III, Platinum Ore, Shakudo Ingot, Bloody Robe, Extra-Fine File

ENMs Added: Sheep in Antlion's Clothing, Holy Cow, Brothers, When Hell Freezes Over, Follow the White Rabbit, Bionic Bug, Test Your Mite, Bad Seed, Pulling the Plug, Playing Host, You Are What You Eat, Simulant

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