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Items: 9505
Mobs: 4024
Recipes: 3285
NPCs: 2066
Quests: 570

Site Updates - January 28, 2005
Posted by: Cuer - Fri Jan 28th, 2005 06:05 pm EST
The latest updates and additions:
  • The FFXI links in the Final Fantasy XI Resource Repository was updated again, including some new additions involving Renkei/Skillchains.
  • The Food Guide was updated further, with the Rarab Meatball added to the list for recommended Attack and Ranged Attack foods.
  • An update was done to the Abjuration Items Guide. As listed below, all the items involved in abjuration were also updated to link them to the guide.
  • All of the desynthesis guild recipes were checked, and many were updated or added to the recipe database.

Items Updated: Millionaire Desk, Blood Cuisses, Blood Finger Gauntlets, Blood Greaves, Blood Mask, Blood Scale Mail, Crimson Cuisses, Crimson Finger Gauntlets, Crimson Greaves, Crimson Mask, Crimson Scale Mail, Cursed Mask -1, Cursed Mask, Cursed Mail -1, Cursed Mail, Cursed Finger Gauntlets, Cursed Finger Gauntlets -1, Cursed Cuisses, Cursed Cuisses -1, Cursed Greaves, Cursed Greaves -1, Wyrmal Abjuration: Body, Wyrmal Abjuration: Feet, Wyrmal Abjuration: Hands, Wyrmal Abjuration: Head, Wyrmal Abjuration: Legs, Hecatomb Cap, Hecatomb Cap +1, Hecatomb Harness, Hecatomb Harness +1, Hecatomb Leggings, Hecatomb Leggings +1, Hecatomb Mittens, Hecatomb Mittens +1, Hecatomb Subligar, Hecatomb Subligar +1, Cursed Cap, Cursed Cap -1, Cursed Harness, Cursed Harness -1, Cursed Gloves, Cursed Gloves -1, Cursed Subligar, Cursed Subligar -1, Cursed Leggings, Cursed Leggings -1, Neptunal Abjuration: Body, Neptunal Abjuration: Feet, Neptunal Abjuration: Hands, Neptunal Abjuration: Head, Neptunal Abjuration: Legs, Kaiser Cuirass, Kaiser Diechlings, Kaiser Handschuhs, Kaiser Schaller, Kaiser Schuhs, Koenig Schaller, Koenig Schuhs, Koenig Handschuhs, Koenig Diechlings, Koenig Cuirass, Cursed Schaller, Cursed Schaller -1, Cursed Cuirass, Cursed Cuirass -1, Cursed Handschuhs, Cursed Handschuhs -1, Cursed Diechlings, Cursed Diechlings -1, Cursed Schuhs, Cursed Schuhs -1, Assault Earring, Martial Abjuration: Body, Martial Abjuration: Feet, Martial Abjuration: Hands, Martial Abjuration: Head, Martial Abjuration: Legs, Adaman Sollerets, Armada Sollerets, Adaman Breeches, Armada Breeches, Adaman Mufflers, Armada Mufflers, Adaman Hauberk, Armada Hauberk, Adaman Celata, Armada Celata, Cursed Mufflers, Cursed Mufflers -1, Cursed Breeches, Cursed Breeches -1, Cursed Sollerets, Cursed Sollerets -1, Cursed Hauberk, Cursed Hauberk -1, Cursed Celata, Cursed Celata -1, Earthen Abjuration: Body, Earthen Abjuration: Feet, Earthen Abjuration: Hands, Earthen Abjuration: Head, Earthen Abjuration: Legs, Shura Togi, Shura Togi +1, Shura Zunari Kabuto, Shura Zunari Kabuto +1, Ashura +1, Shura Sune-Ate +1, Shura Sune-Ate, Shura Kote +1, Shura Kote, Shura Haidate +1, Shura Haidate, Cursed Sune-Ate, Cursed Sune-Ate -1, Cursed Haidate, Cursed Haidate -1, Cursed Kote, Cursed Kote -1, Cursed Togi, Cursed Togi -1, Cursed Kabuto, Cursed Kabuto -1, Dryadic Abjuration: Feet, Dryadic Abjuration: Hands, Dryadic Abjuration: Head, Dryadic Abjuration: Legs, Dryadic Abjuration: Body, Zenith Slacks +1, Zenith Slacks, Zenith Pumps +1, Zenith Pumps, Zenith Mittens +1, Zenith Mittens, Zenith Crown +1, Zenith Crown, Dalmatica +1, Dalmatica, Cursed Pumps -1, Cursed Pumps, Cursed Slacks -1, Cursed Slacks, Cursed Mitts -1, Cursed Mitts, Cursed Dalmatica -1, Cursed Dalmatica, Cursed Crown -1, Cursed Crown, Aquarian Abjuration: Legs, Aquarian Abjuration: Head, Aquarian Abjuration: Hands, Aquarian Abjuration: Feet, Aquarian Abjuration: Body, Amrita, Cursed Beverage, Libation Abjuration, Ambrosia, Cursed Soup, Oblation Abjuration, Rice Dumpling, Stamina Soup, Newton Coffer Key, Voulge, Falx, Femina Subligar, Vir Subligar, Barone Manopolas, Barone Gambieras, Barone Cosciales, Apple Mint, Millioncorn, San d'Orian Carrot, San d'Orian Flour, Black Bread, Apple Vinegar

NPCs Updated: Caiphimonride, Misseulieu, Migran, Komalata

Mobs Updated: Groundskeeper

Recipes Added: Arhat's Tekko

Desynthesis Recipes Added: Lizard Mantle, Bone Mask, Bone Earring, Ether Tank, Bone Knife, Shell Ring, Bone Ring, Studded Trousers, Soil Hachimaki, Seer's Slacks, Cotton Hachimaki, Brais, Arhat's Tekko, Golden Spear, Sabiki Rig, Wingedge, New Moon Armlets, Mythril Earring, Corrosive Claws, Onion Sword, Iron-Splitter, Mythic Pole, Coated Shield, Zamburak, Frost Shield

Recipes Updated: Gambison, Hyper Ether, Mandibular Sickle, Urushi, Hanger, Fish Broth, Rasetsu Sune-Ate, Flint Caviar, Jack-o'-Lantern

Desynthesis Recipes Updated: Bone Mask, Bone Ring, Blind Knife, Moblin Mask, Bugbear Mask, Bone Pick, Gavial Mask, Sandals, Dhalmel Mantle, Leather Ring, Lizard Cesti, Studded Bandana, Studded Boots, Leather Gloves, Kyahan, Tekko, Cotton Cape, Cotton Headband, Cotton Dogi, Green Ribbon, Silver Hairpin, Brass Hairpin, Brass Ring, Electrum Ring, Maul, Wakizashi, Padded Cap, Kunai, Iron Mask, Light Axe, Bronze Harness, Scale Finger Gauntlets, Bronze Mace, Xiphos, Bronze Mittens, Bronze Cap, Legionnaire's Knuckles, Battle Staff, Clothespole, Tarutaru Fishing Rod, Great Club, Elm Pole, Chestnut Wand, Elm Staff, Yew Wand, Piccolo, Yew Fishing Rod, Ash Pole, Lauan Shield, Flute, Bronze Rod

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