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Site Updates - January 18, 2005
Posted by: Cuer - Tue Jan 18th, 2005 11:45 pm EST
The latest round of updates and additions:
  • The Food Guide has been rewritten. It reflects the new food system added with the December 2004 patches, and has recommendations for all of the major groups of food. One section that everyone should read is the Limits on Food Effects. The cap on food effects was the most dramatic change in the revamped food system, and it's important to understand how it works in order to use food effectively in the game.
  • The Fomor family of mobs was updated to reflect their proper detection status. These are a form of Undead, and are now flagged accordingly.
  • A number of other mobs in various Chains of Promathia zones have been updated.

Items Added: Care Package

Items Updated: Vegetable Soup, Hyper Potion, Curry Powder, Four-Leaf Mandragora Bud, Single-Hook Fishing Rod, Fastwater Fishing Rod, Cobalt Jellyfish, Pamtam Kelp, Bijou Glace, Shogun Rice Ball, Tonosama Rice Ball, Naval Rice Ball, Salmon Rice Ball, Rogue Rice Ball, Rice Ball, Pipin' Hot Popoto, Optical Soup, Eyeball Soup, Sole Sushi +1, Sole Sushi, Fatty Tuna Sushi, Tuna Sushi, Squid Sushi +1, Squid Sushi

NPCs Added: ??? Warmachine, Pohka Chichiyowahl, Rhalo Davigoh, Toh Zonikki, Noih Tahparawh, Khots Chalahko, Gniyah Mischatt, Fheli Lapatzuo, Tswe Panipahr, Mep Nhapopoluko, Taillegeas, Resauchamet, Guda, Parelbiaux, Marshal

Mobs Added: Thunder Elemental, Ignis Fatuus, Fetid Flesh, Yensho, Moblin Scalpelman, Moblin Gurneyman

Mobs Updated: Shadow, Carmine-tailed Janberry, Wyvern, Nakki, Asrai, Leshachikha, Orcish Brawler, Air Elemental, Air Elemental, Thunder Elemental, Dark Elemental, Dark Elemental, Odqan, Atomic Cluster, Overgrown Rose, Mantrap, Orcish Stonelauncher, Duendes' Amoroso, Fomor Summoner, Fomor Monk, Fomor Dragoon, Fomor Warrior, Fomor Thief, Fomor Summoner, Fomor Samurai, Fomor Red Mage, Fomor Ranger, Fomor Paladin, Fomor Ninja, Fomor Monk, Fomor Dragoon, Fomor Dark Knight, Fomor Black Mage, Fomor Bard, Fomor Warrior, Fomor Thief, Fomor Summoner, Fomor Samurai, Fomor Red Mage, Fomor Ranger, Fomor Paladin, Fomor Ninja, Fomor Monk, Fomor Dragoon, Fomor Dark Knight, Fomor Black Mage, Fomor Beastmaster, Fomor Bard, Hoo Mjuu the Torrent, Stink Bats, Clot, Viscous Clot, Hobgoblin Toreador, Hobgoblin Fascinator, Air Elemental, Thunder Elemental, Tres Duendes, Fetid Flesh, Stegotaur, Fomor Samurai, Fomor Ranger, Fomor Ninja, Fomor Beastmaster, Fomor's Bat, Fomor's Wyvern, Fomor Bard, Fomor Dark Knight, Fomor Paladin, Fomor Thief, Fomor Red Mage, Fomor Black Mage, Fomor Warrior, Makara, Canal Bats, Dark Elemental, Thunder Elemental, Fomor Samurai, Fomor Ranger, Fomor Summoner, Fomor's Elemental, Fomor Dragoon, Fomor's Wyvern, Fomor Ninja, Fomor Bard, Fomor Beastmaster, Fomor's Bats, Fomor Dark Knight, Fomor Paladin, Fomor Red Mage, Fomor Black Mage, Fomor Thief, Fomor Warrior, Fomor Monk, Blubber Eyes, Stegotaur, Lich, Mummy, Yensho, Moblin Workman, Moblin Draftsman, Moblin Yardman, Goblin's Bat, Moblin Topsman, Goblin Foreman, Goblin Fireman, Moblin Tankman, Goblin Packman, Thunder Elemental, Earth Elemental, Goblin Freelance, Goblin Oilman, Moblin Repairman, Goblin Shovelman, Moblin Rodman, Goblin Tollman, Bugbear Servingman, Moblin Chapman, Moblin Ragman, Goblin Leadman, Goblin's Bat, Goblin Gutterman, Moblin Pickman, Goblin Craftsman, Goblin Hammerman, Moblin Witchman, Stirge, Dark Bats

Desynthesis Recipes Added: Red Cape, Hydro Claws

Recipes Updated: Eight-Sided Pole, Carapace Breastplate, Greaves, Two-Handed Sword, Darksteel Subligar, Hyper Ether, Tomahawk, Bretzel

Desynthesis Recipes Updated: Gloves

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