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Happy Halloween!
Posted by: Mirriam - October 23, 2004
If you were expecting fireworks and colored drops this Halloween, you'll find them oddly missing! The staple "special occasion" rewards are notably absent, but there are several amusing weapons and face masks that you may find yourself the lucky recipient of, as well as - of course - jack-o'-lanterns:
Around town, you'll find 2 different types of costumed NPCs. Some of your favorite regular NPCs will now be sporting costumes, and in select areas of each starter city, you'll find trick-or-treaters running around in costume. You can trade a "treat" to either type of NPC. One of two things will happen: you will receive a magical costume, or you will receive an item. Note that while you are in this magical costume, you will not be able to cast spells, use items, fish, trade items, or do anything that requires targetting, such as opening doors. Costumes last for roughly 10 minutes (I haven't timed it exactly). You can remove your costume by cancelling the special affect (like you would a regular affect, like invisible or sneak). You can turn into a Yagudo, Orc, Quadav, Bogy, Wolf, Skeleton or a Shade.

Getting a costume:
Trick Spirit : Thank you...
And now for your treat...

Getting an item:
Trick Ghast : Here, take this...
Obtained: Jack-o'-Lantern

Would that I could give you a good strategy for this. I've tried it with my main as well as several mules, and it appears completely random. I've tried turning stacks and stacks into the same NPC, as well as alternating food, and alternating NPCs. So far, each time I've received an item it's been on the "first trade" with an NPC, and I've received them from both stationary NPCs as well as trick-or-treaters, with several different types of sweets. By first trade, I mean the first time an item is traded to the NPC for that day, not necessarily the first trade ever.

My only recommendation would be to use a few different types of inexpensive sweets. Buy what you can from merchants, NOT the AH. On many servers, prices of sweets have skyrocketed. (Ah, to be a cook in these times!) Here's a short list of food that you can trade to costumed NPCs that may be bought at various vendors: (Click on the food for more information.)
Happy tricks and happy treats!

Halloween Event Collage

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