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Site Updates - February 21, 2006
Posted by: Cuer - Tue Feb 21st, 2006 02:17 am EST
The regular slew of additions here, from the patch. The full details about all of these can be seen, and with regular updates, in the February 2006 FFXI Patch Compilation of Info.

Items Added: Concoction, Trituration, Filing, Tanning, Fletching, Spinning, Sheeting, Chainwork, Boltmaker, Map of Abdhaljs Isle-Purgonorgo, White Invitation Card, Green Invitation Card, Blue Invitation Card, Red Invitation Card, Faded Ruby, Eye of Storms, Eye of Frost, Eye of Gales, Eye of Tides, Eye of Tremors, Eye of Flames, Rainbow Resonator, White Sentinel Badge, Green Sentinel Badge, Blue Sentinel Badge, Red Sentinel Badge, Brenner Band, Brenner Shovel, Note Written by Esha'ntarl, Promyvion - Mea Sliver, Promyvion - Dem Sliver, Promyvion - Holla Sliver, Healing Powder Voucher, Moogle Pie, Elysian Eclair, Mille Feuille, Golden Royale, Mont Blanc, Hi-Potion Drop, Potion Drop, Blackbook Page, Brenner Blackbook, Bluebook Page, Brenner Bluebook, Healing Powder, Zephyr Thread, Workshop Anvil, Mandrel, Wailing Ram Horn, Wailing Bone Chip, Fragrant Ram Skin, Fragrant Dhalmel Hide, Alluring Cotton Cloth, Vision Amethyst, Mighty Sardonyx, Lucent Steel, Lucent Iron, Mana Chestnut Lumber, Mana Willow Lumber, Triturator, Shagreen File, Tanning Vat, Spindle, Metal Chip, Marble Slab, Silver Sheet, Buckler Plaque, Shield Plaque, Marble Bed, Ethereal Earring, Hollow Earring, Magnetic Earring, Static Earring, Musical Earring, Talisman Obi, Hydra Boots, Hydra Sollerets, Hydra Spats, Hydra Gaiters, Hydra Hose, Hydra Brayettes, Hydra Tights, Hydra Brais, Vision Ring, Mighty Ring, Gunner's Mantle, High Breath Mantle, Breath Mantle, Talisman Cape, Eldritch Horn Hairpin, Eldritch Bone Hairpin, Hydra Cap, Hydra Salade, Hydra Tiara, Hydra Beret, Carbuncle's Cuffs, Hydra Bracers, Hydra Moufles, Hydra Mittens, Hydra Gloves, Stealth Earring, Hydra Jupon, Hydra Haubert, Hydra Harness, Hydra Doublet, Carbuncle's Pole, Lucent Axe, Ramuh's Mace, High Mana Wand, Mana Wand, Moogle Rod, Lucent Sword, Darksteel Falx +1, Darksteel Falx, Orphic Egg, Darksteel Voulge +1, Darksteel Voulge, Leviathan's Couse, Lucent Lance, Garuda's Sickle, Lucent Scythe, Adaman Kris +1, Titan's Baselarde, Kaskara +1, Shiva's Shotel, Ifrit's Bow, Kaskara, Adaman Kris

Recipes Added: Animal Glue, Echo Drops, Buckler Plaque, Shield Plaque, Vision Ring, Mighty Ring, Vision Amethyst, Mighty Sardonyx, Armored Arrowheads, Scorpion Arrowheads, Horn Arrowheads, Fang Arrowheads, Beetle Arrowheads, Eldritch Horn Hairpin, Cotton Thread, Bone Arrowheads, Eldritch Bone Hairpin, Wool Thread, Hi-Potion Drop, Wailing Ram Horn, Wailing Bone Chip, Potion Drop, Marble Bed, Mont Blanc, Mille Feuille

Items Drops/Obtained Added: Metal Chip, Stealth Earring, Musical Earring, Gunner's Mantle

Mini-Quests Updated: Ancient Beastcoin Purchases

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