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Xbox 360 FFXI News: Development Work Proceeds, Producer Interview
Posted by: Cuer - Sun Sep 04th, 2005 12:39 am EDT
Two recent articles provide information about the work being done at Square-Enix to get Final Fantasy XI ready for the Xbox 360. First is a Gamespot article about game development for the X360 in general. It includes a mention of the work involved in porting FFXI to the new console:
In terms of programming issues, one of the strengths of the Xbox 360, similar to the current Xbox, is the ease of porting Windows programs to the console. But surprisingly, porting programs isn't completely hassle-free, says Square Enix programmer Yasuhiro Yamamoto of his experience with Final Fantasy XI. "Windows PCs and the Xbox 360 have differences, so it'd be a lie if we said there aren't any headaches [in porting programs]. Sound is one example. The Xbox 360 uses a proprietary format, and it gave us a little bit of confusion. A bigger point is the CPU. Windows uses Intel, while the Xbox 360 uses the IBM's PowerPC. Under certain conditions, the two companies' CPUs will display programs in totally opposite ways. Flipping that around took us some time."

An in-depth interview at JustGamers with Toshio Murouchi, European Online Producer at Square-Enix, gives an overview of the progress on the X360 port. As mentioned previously, the X360 is confirmed to take up much the same space on the required hard drive as the PC version uses:
JG: As we know, the Xbox 360 version will make use of the hard disk drive. Can you estimate the free HD space; the game will make use of?

Toshio Murouchi: The final HDD space required has not been determined yet, but approximately same as Windows version. The HDD space that Final Fantasy XI requires will increase eventually depending on version-updates and the installation of expansion packs.

Further confirmation was also given regarding the content that will come with the X360 FFXI package; the current two expansions will be included, and presumably there won't be any others by the time of the X360 release:
JG: Will the final game come with every expansion and on a DVD?

Toshio Murouchi: Yes. The Xbox 360 version of Final Fantasy XI will include both expansion packs Rise of the Zilart and Chains of Promathia and their registration codes.

We will continue to bring further information regarding the development of the X360 FFXI as it becomes available.

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