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Overview of Aht Urhgan

Install the expansion, following the instructions in the instruction manual for whichever platform you're using. Make sure you register the Content ID, or it isn't fully active. Once that's done, the first time you select the Play button, it will go through an update procedure: checking all files (14095 on the PC), downloading a few new ones, and then installing them all. This can take a little while, depending on your system and connection speed.

Getting to the City
Once you're in the game, head to Lower Jeuno. You will need the Boarding Permit that gives access to the actual areas in the expansion. This is a provided by the Tenshodo quest The Road to Aht Urhgan, but there doesn't seem to be any sort of fame requirement. You do have to be a Tenshodo member though, just to get in to talk to Faursel. Follow the walkthrough for that quest, and you should end up with your own Boarding Permit. You can now travel to Aht Urhgan!

If you're rich enough that you paid 500k to get the Boarding Permit, you'll be in Wajaom Woodlands just outside the city, with a map; follow it to get into the city, being careful to avoid mobs along the way that might aggro. If you didn't want to blow the gil, you now need to ride the ferry. Head on out to Mhaura and pay to get on the ferry. The ferry to Aht Urhgan arrives at the same place as the ferry between Mhaura and Selbina; it just alternates every other one. The ferry to Aht Urhgan leaves Mhaura every day at 4:00, 12:00, and 20:00 Vana'diel time, and takes about 16 minutes Earth time for the ferry trip. There are various fish and undead that spawn on the ride, along with some fish that can be fished up. If you're not high level, it's best to stay in the hold if you want to be safe. You'll eventually find the ride ending, and you'll be in Aht Urhgan Whitegate!

Exploring the City
After you exit the ferry, there will be some nearby merchants. Head northeast to the map merchant Riyadahf, to purchase maps for the surrounding areas. If you want to set your home point, head to H-9 in the Serpentking Square to set it before going out to explore the other zones.

More to come!

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