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Final Fantasy XI Gardening Database

Pot Seed
Crystal #1 Crystal #2

The never-ending quest for Gardening Glory
So, you want to be a gardener? FFXI gardening is more irritating than a Tarutaru trying to bite off your kneecap, but it can be fun and will occasionally give you a spiffy harvest. It requires time and patience, and for "higher" plants, it often requires gil. There are many, many theories about FFXI gardening, and very few facts. Below you can find some information to help you get started on your gardening adventures. Feel free to post questions about gardening in our discussion forum.

Use the search above to look through the gardening recipes known so far. The quick lists below display all gardening recipes that come from a specific type of seed, or you can look at all the gardening recipes together.

All Gardening Recipes
Grain Seeds | Vegetable Seeds | Herb Seeds | Fruit Seeds
Tree Cuttings | Cactus Stems | Tree Saplings | Wildgrass Seeds
Gardening Facts
Gardening Theory
You need to place a flowerpot in your Mog House. Otherwise, your moogle will get piqued at you: "I can't plant seeds without a flowerpot, Kupo!" To do this, place your flowerpot in your Mog Safe. Then, choose Layout from your Moogle Menu to place the flowerpot in your Mog House. You can place up to 10 flowerpots in your Mog House. Each seed and flowerpot has its own elemental attribute. This can be very important to know if you're trying to grow colored rocks (raw ore) for goldsmithing. In addition, each city (Bastok, San d'Oria, Windurst AND Jeuno) has its own flowerpot, and planting in one of those pots may increase the likelihood of a harvest common to that nation. (I.E. Saruta Cotton from an Earthen (Windurst) pot.) In addition, the pot from Jeuno (Porcelain), is thought to be a "better" pot, and is thought to increase the growth-time, thus leading to a better harvest.
Even though your Moogle will take care of the plants for you, you still must check your plants at least once every 24 Earth hours, or they will wither and die. This means if you go away for the weekend, you'll need to find a good friend or linkshell buddy to watch your plants for you. Alternately, using Gardening Moghancement will extend the life of your plants, so that they won't die as quickly if not checked every 24 hours. You can over-fertilize or under-fertilize your plant, based on the element of the seed, pot and crystal. Over-fertilization will lead to little worms, while under-fertilization will lead to rock salt.
At some point (days, or weeks), you will get the option to fertilize the plant wtih a crystal. Feeding a crystal is not necessary. If you do not feed your plant a crystal, but regularly keep checking it, you will still be able to harvest it. Feeding your plant a crystal on the day that crystal is strong against (I.E feeding a water crystal to a plant on Firesday), will increase your chances of crystals. Feeding your plant a crystal on the same day as the crystal (I.E. feeding a water crystal to a plant on Watersday), will give you a better chance for items.
Once your plants are ready to harvest, they will "glow". When you click on the plants from your gardening menu, your Moogle will tell you that the are ready to be picked, and you will now have a "harvest" option. Do NOT click "dry flowers" to harvest, as essentially all this does is turn your real plant into a fake plant decoration. Checking your plant often is thought to increase the quality of your yield, while checking your plant rarely is thought to give you a better chance of crystals. Harvesting during a new or full moon is thought to increase the quantity of your harvest. (Keep in mind these are theories!)

Seed Elements
Grain: Fire
Vegetable: Earth
Herb: Wind
Fruit: Water
Tree Cutting: Ice
Cactus Stems: Light
Tree Sapling: Darkness
Table of Elements
Fire over Ice
Earth over Lightning
Water over Fire
Wind over Earth
Ice over Wind
Lightning over Water
Light over Dark
Dark over Light
Days of the Week
Firesday (red dot)
Earthsday (yellow dot)
Watersday (blue dot)
Windsday (green dot)
Iceday (blue dot)
Lightningday (purple dot)
Lightsday (white dot)
Darksday (black dot)
Elements of Stones
Fire: Red Rock
Earth: Yellow Rock
Water: Blue Rock
Wind: Green Rock
Ice: Translucent Rock
Lightning: Purple Rock
Light: White Rock
Dark: Black Rock

Flowerpot Element City
Where Found
Brass Fire Bastok Purchased Bastok Mines, Boytz Knicknacks
Merchant: Boytz (H-7)
Crafted 9 Goldsmithing
Fire Crystal, 3 Brass Sheets
Ceramic Water San d'Oria Purchased North San d'Oria
Merchant: Pirvidiauce (D-8)
Earthen Earth Windurst Purchased Windurst Waters, Ensasa's Catalyst Shop
Merchant: Ensasa (H-6)
Porcelain Wind Jeuno Crafted 72 Alchemy
Fire Crystal, Cerment Chunk
Arcane Quested Mini-Quest: Strange Apparatuses

Gardening Moghancement

Moghancements are a way to gain specific bonuses, from the furniture you place in your Mog House. There are several factors that go into Moghancements, so if you're interested in using a Gardening Moghancement, be sure to read up on the Moghancement system in our Furniture and Moghancement Guide. The Gardening Moghancement helps keep your plants alive longer, preventing them from withering as quickly, but that in turn may help you yield a better harvest. Below is a list of some of the commonly available furniture items that will give you the Gardening Moghancement if the element from it is DOMINANT in your Mog House.

Furniture Storage Element
Where Found
Tarutaru Desk 2 4 Earth Crafted 36 Woodworking
Earth Crystal, 5 Luauan Lumber, Linen Cloth
Workbench 1 6 Earth Crafted 7 Woodworking
Earth Crystal, 4 Luaun Lumber
Purchased North San d'Oria
Woodworking Guild
Maple Table 1 8 Earth Crafted 16 Woodworking
Earth Crystal, 4 Maple Lumber
Purchased North San d'Oria
Woodworking Guild
Oak Table 1 10 Earth Crafted 40 Woodworking
Earth Crystal, 4 Oak Lumber
Purchased North San d'Oria
Furniture Shop, Justi (G-8)


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