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Lure of the Wildcat (Bastok)
Starting Info for Lure of the Wildcat (Bastok)
Realm: Bastok
Starting Zone: Bastok Port
Starting NPC: Alib-Mufalib [K-7]
Required Bastok Fame: Any

This Quest Is Not Repeatable.
Related Quests

Related Quests:
Zones Used
Items Used
NameSlotAH Catagory
Blue Sentinel BadgeKey ItemNot Auction House Sellable
Rewards From Lure of the Wildcat (Bastok)
Item Reward:
Blue Invitation Card--Key Item
Game Details for Lure of the Wildcat (Bastok)
Client: Client: Alib-Mufalib (Beligen Square, Port Bastok)

Summary: The mercenary company "Salaheem's Sentinels" has asked you to help recruit new members.
Walkthrough for Lure of the Wildcat (Bastok)
  1. Talk to Alib-Mufalib for a cut-scene that starts the quest; the quest will activate, regardless of how you answer the initial question.
  2. You will receive the Blue Sentinel Badge key item when starting the quest. Go to each and every one of the NPCs in the list below, and talk to them. The first time you speak to each of these NPCs, a message will display that your badge "flashes brightly", and the NPC will have something to say about the land of the Near East, Aht Urhgan.
  3. Go around to the four different zones in Bastok, and talk to all of the NPCs in the list. You don't have to do this at any specific time, or in any order; they all do need to be talked to, before you can complete the quest.
  4. Once you talk with all the NPCs in the list, return to Bastok Port and speak with Alib-Mufalib again. He will take back the badge, and provide your reward of the Blue Invitation Card key item, finishing the quest.
Quest Note: This quest reward is a key item that is presumably used in the upcoming expansion. There are three other related quests, that each provide similar invitation cards.

Required NPCs
NPC Location Details
Hilda Bastok Port (E-6) Located on the stairs in the Steaming Sheep Restaurant
Kaede Bastok Port (J-5) Located in a house
Patient Wheel Bastok Port (F-5) Located outside behind Warehouse 2
Paujean Bastok Port (F-6) Located in the lower section of Warehouse 2
Tilian Bastok Port (F-8) Located on the pier
Arawn Bastok Markets (J-10)
Harmodios Bastok Markets (K-10) Merchant for Harmodios's Music Shop
Horatius Bastok Markets (I-9) Located in a Trader's Home
Ken Bastok Markets (E-10)
Pavel Bastok Markets (E-11) Located by the West Gate
Ayame Metalworks (K-7) Located on the upper level in the Cannonry
Invincible Shield Metalworks (G-8) Provides information on Ballista; located on the upper level near the entrance to Cid's Lab
Kaela Metalworks (I-8) Displays the stellar map; located on the upper level in the water wheel square
Manilam Metalworks (G-7) Located on the upper level, north of the elevators.
Raibaht Metalworks (G-8) Located on the upper level in Cid's Lab
Deidogg Bastok Mines (H-6) Located in front of a ground level house
Echo Hawk Bastok Mines (I-7) Located on the street
Goraow Bastok Mines (I-6) Located at the top of a staircase
Griselda Bastok Mines (H-5) Merchant for the Bat's Lair Inn
Vaghron Bastok Mines (H-9) Provides information about monster family opposition and predation
NPC Location Details
Recommended Level for Lure of the Wildcat (Bastok)
Since this quest only requires walking around the city and talking to NPCs, it can easily be soloed at level 1.

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Rating: 0 Direct Link to this Comment Posted by: Lost0ne,
The Invitation cards are for a small cutscene when talking to salaheem after completion of ToAU2 Immortal Sentries. the excahge info for the cards can be found here http://wiki.ffxiclopedia.org/Blue_Invitation_Card.

Rating: 0 Direct Link to this Comment Posted by: Lloid,
After this quest now you can warp from any of the main citys/towns, but not Jeuno.

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