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PlayOnline: Development News - April 2005
Posted by: Cuer - Fri Apr 15th, 2005 02:38 pm EDT
From the Official FFXI Site (April 19):

Harvesting Adventure!

From new quests and items to adjustments in mining and harvesting, the April version update will bring dozens of exciting changes in several different areas.

The following is a list of just a few of the changes that await our adventurers!

1. Mining/Harvesting Expansions
New items can soon be found in Newton Movalpolos, Giddeus, and West Sarutabaruta.

2. New Quests
Numerous new quests will be available in Tavnazia, Jeuno, and other familiar locations.

3. Marble Bridge Coaster
When in possession of this special item, a message will automatically inform players whether or not they have access to the Marble Bridge Tavern in Upper Jeuno.

4. New Relics
The veil is about to be lifted on several new pieces of relic-style armor.

Official PlayOnline Announcement

From the Official FFXI Site (April 18):

New Areas!

The FINAL FANTASY XI development team is currently working on several new areas to be released in the upcoming version update. What adventures await you in these unexplored new lands? Click here to have a sneak peek!

From the Official FFXI Site (April 15):

An Important Notice Regarding Experience System Revisions

Our next version update will implement changes to the experience system. These changes will be applicable to players who are level 51 and above.

The number of experience points required to gain each level was originally calculated after considering players' effects on the world of Vana'diel as they progressed beyond the initial level cap of 50. However, a considerable amount of time has passed since the implementation of the final cap of 75, and players beyond level 50 no longer have the same influence on the balance of the game. After a close review, the FINAL FANTASY XI development team has decided to reduce the amount of experience needed for leveling up after reaching level 51 (levels 1-50 will remain the same, however).

The update will affect the following:

-Experience points lost due to KO.
Starting at level 25, experience points lost after being KO'd will be 8% of the amount needed to reach the next level. However, this value will never exceed 2,400.

-Currently accumulated experience points.
At the time of the version update, if a player's currently accumulated experience points exceed the number required for the newly adjusted level, that player's experience points will be reset to one point below the number needed to gain a level.

New content and system-related adjustments are under constant consideration by the FINAL FANTASY XI development team to ensure a balanced playing experience in the evolving world of Vana'diel.

Further details will be provided on the day of the update.

Official PlayOnline Announcement

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