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Obtaining RSE Sachets
Starting Info for Obtaining RSE Sachets
Summary: Provides Race-Specific ammo items, dropped by Aroma NMs in three dungeons.
There Is No Fame Requirement For This Quest.

This Quest Is Repeatable.
Related Quests

Related Quests:
Mobs Spawned
Aroma Leech38
Aroma Fly40
Aroma Crawler40
Zones Used
Rewards From Obtaining RSE Sachets
Reward Details: An RSE sachet for the race/sex of the character occasionally drops; one of the Drop items can load instead.
Walkthrough for Obtaining RSE Sachets
This mini-quest provides Race-Specific ammo slot items, with effects that boost the primary attributes of the race. These are obtained as drops from forced spawn NMs in the three dungeons used in The Goblin Tailor RSE quest. Medicine Drop items can also be obtained, if the RSE ammo doesn't load. The total possible drops are: Attar Sachet, Balm Sachet, Black Drop, Blue Drop, Civet Sachet, Clear Drop, Green Drop, Millefleurs Sachet, Musk Sachet, Olibanum Sachet, Purple Drop, Red Drop, Sweet Sachet, White Drop, Yellow Drop.
  1. This mini-quest is connected to the RSE quest The Goblin Tailor, although that quest does not have to be completed to obtain these RSE ammo items. It may need to be activated, however; talk to Guttrix to activate that quest before trying to spawn these NMs.
  2. Find out when your character's race/sex is active for the RSE equipment; this can be seen in the Pyogenes or MithraPride timers. There is a set cycle for all the race/sex combos, between three dungeons: Gusgen Mines, Maze of Shakhrami, and Ordelle's Caves. Each one lasts for a Vana'diel week, giving a number of hours Earth time to get the item.
  3. Go to the appropriate dungeon, when your character's race/sex is active for the RSE quest. Once the week starts for your character's race/sex RSE, a ??? will load randomly at one of three different locations in that dungeon. When the ??? is selected by someone of the proper race/sex, an Aroma NM will spawn; when defeated, it will drop the ammo RSE item for that week's RSE. (Oddly enough, the sachets items for Tarutaru aren't gender-specific, so you can get one from an NM spawned in the other gender's week, if a Tarutaru of the opposite gender spawns the NM for you.)
  4. The mobs and the locations of the ??? in the dungeons are as follows:
    • Gusgen Mines - Aroma Fly
    • Locations for the ???: I-8 on the second map; H-8/H-9 on the map with the ??? for the Monk AF1; at the intersection of F-7 on the map with the Gusgen Clay.
    • Maze of Shakhrami - Aroma Crawler
    • Locations for the ??? are all on the first map: F-5, near the exit to Attohwa Chasm; in the far south corner of I-8; J-6, at the bottom of the drop-off.
    • Ordelle's Caves - Aroma Leech
    • Locations for the ???: F-4 on the map with the main entrance; G-8 near the Stalactite Dew; the north-east corner of I-11, on the map with the Strange Apparatus.
  5. Once you find the ???, select it to spawn the appropriate Aroma NM. Kill it for a chance of the appropriate RSE ammo item to drop. The drop rate is fairly low (no higher than 10%), so bring a Thief with Treasure Hunter if you can. The Aroma NMs can also drop the various Drop items, or nothing at all.
  6. Once the Aroma NM is defeated, the ??? generally respawns in 30 minutes from the NM's corpse disappearing, although it has been reported to respawn anywhere from 13-90 minutes. The ??? spawns randomly at one of the three locations; it can respawn at the same location that it previously was at. This will continue until the RSE game week ends, at which point it moves to the new dungeon, for the next race/sex selection. You can continue to spawn and kill the Aroma NMs in whichever dungeon is appropriate, to get your RSE ammo item; you can spawn it further after obtaining the ammo, if you're trying to help a friend of the same race to get it.
Recommended Level for Obtaining RSE Sachets
The Aroma NMs are around level 40, but are fairly difficult for that level of a mob. They can be soloed by a character of any job at level 60; jobs that are better soloers can take them down by level 55.

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Rating: 0 Direct Link to this Comment Posted by: Thainna,
Yes you can still get the sachets if you collected all your RSE, but you still have to do it during your race's week.

Rating: 0 Direct Link to this Comment Posted by: Drabont,
can the sachets still be obtained even if you have colleceted all the RSE gear for your race?

Rating: 0 Direct Link to this Comment Posted by: Lilpudge,
I decided to go after this one day when I happened to notice it was my week in Ordelle's Caves, as a Taru this would be a nice replacement for my Morion Tathlum and even eliminate the need to upgrade to the Phantom Tathlum when the time comes. Went in as a RDM52/THF19, the fights were easy enough (not particularly quick; but I was never in any real danger), though according to this, Ordelle's Leech is the lowest level of the three Aromas, so perhaps it would have been more difficult elsewhere. anyway I ended the day 0/4... or maybe it was 0/5, I'm not completely sure.<br /> <br /> Oh well, I guess I'll try again the next time I notice it to be my week.

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