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Access via Ornamented Door (SSG)
Starting Info for Access via Ornamented Door (SSG)
Summary: Provides the Sahagin Key, which opens the <i>Ornamented Door</i> in Sea Serpent Grotto.
Starting Zone: Norg
Starting NPC: Gimb [H-9]
There Is No Fame Requirement For This Quest.

This Quest Is Repeatable.
NPCs Used
Bou the RighteousSea Serpent GrottoH-11
Hurr the BetrayerSea Serpent GrottoH-3
Zones Used
Items Used
NameSlotAH Catagory
Gold BeastcoinInventoryOthers / Beast-made
Mythril BeastcoinInventoryOthers / Beast-made
Norg ShellInventoryOthers / Misc.
Silver BeastcoinInventoryOthers / Beast-made
Rewards From Access via Ornamented Door (SSG)
Item Reward:
Sahagin Key--InventoryRare/Ex
Walkthrough for Access via Ornamented Door (SSG)
  1. Talk to Gimb in Norg to start the mini-quest. He is used in other quests as well, but eventually he should ask whether you want a Sahagin Key, and tell you to "ask one of the little buggers" about getting one.
  2. Obtain the necessary items to complete the mini-quest: a Silver Beastcoin, a Gold Beastcoin, 3 Mythril Beastcoins, and a Norg Shell. These can all be purchased from the Auction House.
  3. Go to Sea Serpent Grotto (SSG). Note that the following steps in Sea Serpent Grotto must be completed without exiting the zone; you have to walk through all of the next steps in a row, without using Escape or any other movement that takes you outside of the zone. You will need Sneak (via the spell or many Silent Oils) eventually, regardless of level; characters below level 70 will need it very soon, because of the levels of the mobs along the way.
  4. Go to I-14 on the first map in SSG to the hidden door; select it (if this is the first time you have accessed it, it will give some messages the first few times it is selected) and then trade the Gold Beastcoin to it. You will not lose the beastcoin, but the door will open, allowing access through it.
  5. After going through the Gold Beastcoin door, head southwest onto the next map through the winding path, through the Cracked Wall into the room at H-11. Talk to the Sahagin NPC Bou the Righteous in the room. Head back out, up through the Gold Beastcoin door and eastward.
  6. Go to N-14 on the first map, to another closed door. After selecting it for the messages, trade the Silver Beastcoin to the door to open it; you will keep the Silver Beastcoin doing this, as well.
  7. After going through the Silver Beastcoin door, head northward on that map to H-3 to find Hurr the Betrayer, another Sahagin NPC.
  8. Talk to Hurr the Betrayer, then trade him one Norg Shell and three Mythril Beastcoins at the same time; he will give you the Sahagin Key key item in exchange.
  9. You now have the Sahagin Key, and can safely leave SSG and come back to use it at any time. The Sahagin Key is traded to the Ornamented Door at J-11 on the first map in SSG; this opens the door (only one key is needed for a full group/alliance to move through at one time), providing access to restricted sections of the zone. Note that the Sahagin Key is used up when it is traded; also, the Ornamented Door cannot be opened from the inside, so it is important to have everyone in your group/alliance at the door before using the key to open it.
Repeating the Mini-Quest: This mini-quest can be repeated to obtain another Sahagin Key. You can skip to step 6, and just go talk with Hurr the Betrayer to obtain another key. Hurr's requirements change: after the first completion, he requires a single Gold Beastcoin (instead of the Mythril Beastcoins) along with the Norg Shell, in order to provide the key.
Recommended Level for Access via Ornamented Door (SSG)
This mini-quest can be completed at essentially any level, as long as Sneak is kept up constantly in the Sea Serpent Grotto. At levels 70+, Sneak is only needed in the deeper parts of the zone.

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Rating: 0 Direct Link to this Comment Posted by: Omegadevil85,
i got lost on this stupid mini quest like 100 times... but yea finally figured it out... once ur past the gold door u go to H-9 and u fall down go straight and u should be at another drop off at G-9 u go straight again to another drop off at F-9 this drop off is not on the map from there u go south till u get to F-11/G-11 there is a cracked wall and inside is Bou the Righteous. Next u go to the silver door once ur past that u head east keep going east till u start headiing up a ramp from there on u keep heading northbound till u get to H-8 at a drop off keep heading northbound u'll eventually find him at H-3

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