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Today: 4694
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Items: 9505
Mobs: 4024
Recipes: 3285
NPCs: 2066
Quests: 570

Guild Recipes: Smithing
Item Cap Other Crystal S/D IngredientsHQ Results
Bronze Ingot1FireSynthBeastcoin x4HQ Results the Same
Bronze Ingot2FireSynthCopper Ore x3, Tin OreHQ Results the Same
Bronze Leggings2LightSynthRusty LeggingsHQ1: Bronze Leggings +1
Bronze Dagger3FireSynthCopper Ingot, Bronze IngotHQ1: Bronze Dagger +1
Bronze Ingot3FireSynthTin Ore, Bronze Nugget x6HQ Results the Same
Bronze Sheet4FireSynthBronze IngotHQ Results the Same
Bronze Sheet x64Tool: SheetingFireSynthBronze Ingot x6, Workshop AnvilHQ Results the Same
Bronze Subligar4LightSynthRusty SubligarHQ1: Bronze Subligar +1
Bronze Knife5FireSynthAsh Lumber, Bronze IngotHQ1: Bronze Knife +1
Bronze Sword6FireSynthBronze Ingot x2, Sheep LeatherHQ1: Bronze Sword +1
Faceguard9WindSynthBronze Sheet, Sheep LeatherHQ1: Faceguard +1
Bronze Mace10FireSynthBronze Ingot x3HQ1: Bronze Mace +1
Bronze Scales10WindSynthBronze SheetHQ Results the Same
Scale Finger Gauntlets11EarthSynthBronze Scales x2, Leather Gloves, Cotton ThreadHQ1: Solid Finger Gauntlets
Bronze Rod12FireSynthCopper Ingot, Bronze Ingot x2HQ1: Bronze Rod +1
Scale Greaves13EarthSynthBronze Scales x2, Leather Highboots, Cotton ThreadHQ1: Solid Greaves
Bronze Bolt Heads x614WindSynthBronze IngotHQ1: Bronze Bolt Heads x8
HQ2: Bronze Bolt Heads x10
HQ3: Bronze Bolt Heads x12
Bronze Hammer14FireSynthChestnut Lumber, Bronze Ingot x2HQ1: Bronze Hammer +1
Dagger15LightSynthRusty DaggerHQ1: Dagger +1
Tin Ingot15FireSynthTin Ore x4HQ Results the Same
Scale Mail17EarthSynthBronze Scales x4, Leather Vest, Sheep Leather, Cotton ThreadHQ1: Solid Mail
Aspis18FireSynthAsh Lumber, Bronze Sheet x2HQ1: Aspis +1
Dagger20FireSynthIron Ingot, Bronze IngotHQ1: Dagger +1
Iron Arrowheads x620WindSynthIron Ingot, Copper IngotHQ1: Iron Arrowheads x8
HQ2: Iron Arrowheads x10
HQ3: Iron Arrowheads x12
Iron Ingot20FireSynthIron Ore x4HQ1: Steel Ingot
Light Steel Ingot20Tool: Metal PurificationFireSynthIron Ore x4, Ice Anima, Lightning Anima, Light AnimaHQ Results the Same
Lucent Iron20Tool: Metal PurificationFireSynthIron Ore x4, Earth Anima, Lightning Anima, Light AnimaHQ1: Lucent Steel
Paktong Ingot20FireSynthCopper Ore x2, Zinc Ore, Kopparnickel OreHQ Results the Same
Iron Ingot21FireSynthIron Nugget x6, Iron OreHQ1: Steel Ingot
Knife21FireSynthIron Ingot, Elm LumberHQ1: Knife +1
Iron Sheet22FireSynthIron IngotHQ Results the Same
Iron Sheet x622Tool: SheetingFireSynthIron Ingot x6, Workshop AnvilHQ Results the Same
Shuriken x3322WindSynthSteel Ingot, Cotton ThreadHQ1: Shuriken x66
HQ2: Shuriken x99
HQ3: Shuriken x99
Baghnakhs23FireSynthIron Ingot, Iron SheetHQ1: Baghnakhs +1
Makibishi x3323WindSynthIron ScalesHQ1: Makibishi x66
HQ2: Makibishi x99
HQ3: Makibishi x99
Mace24FireSynthIron Ingot x3HQ1: Mace +1
Baselard25FireSynthIron Ingot, Steel IngotHQ1: Baselard +1
Iron Sword25FireSynthIron Ingot x2, Lizard SkinHQ1: Iron Sword +1
Spatha25FireSynthLizard Skin, Bronze Ingot x3HQ1: Spatha +1
Assailant's Axe26Tool: Metal EnsorcellmentFireSynthLambent Water Cell, Lambent Wind Cell, Butterfly AxeHQ Results the Same
Iron Scales26WindSynthIron SheetHQ Results the Same
Windurstian Knife26FireSynthIron Ingot, Mercenary's KnifeHQ1: Federation Knife
Longsword27FireSynthIron Ingot x3, Dhalmel LeatherHQ1: Longsword +1
Degen28FireSynthSilver Ingot, Steel Ingot x2HQ1: Degen +1
Iron Mask29EarthSynthIron Sheet, Brass SheetHQ1: Iron Mask +1
Iron Visor29WindSynthIron Scales, Iron Sheet, Sheep LeatherHQ1: Iron Visor +1
Iron Chain x330Tool: ChainworkEarthSynthIron Ingot x6, MandrelHQ1: Iron Chain x6
HQ2: Iron Chain x9
HQ3: Iron Chain x12
Iron Chain30EarthSynthIron Ingot x2HQ1: Iron Chain x2
HQ2: Iron Chain x3
HQ3: Iron Chain x4
Kunai30FireSynthSteel Ingot, Lizard SkinHQ1: Kunai +1
Mythril Dagger30FireSynthIron Ingot, Mythril IngotHQ1: Mythril Dagger +1
Tathlum x830WindSynthSteel IngotHQ1: Tathlum x12
HQ2: Tathlum x16
HQ3: Tathlum x20
Iron Finger Gauntlets31EarthSynthIron Scales x2, Leather Gloves, Cotton ThreadHQ1: Iron Finger Gauntlets +1
Plain Sword31LightSynthRusty GreatswordHQ Results the Same
Rod31FireSynthIron Ingot x2, Bronze IngotHQ1: Rod +1
Temple Knight Army Sword +132FireSynthTemple Knight Army Sword, Iron IngotHQ1: Temple Knight Army Sword +2
Junior Musketeer's Tuck +133FireSynthJunior Musketeer's Tuck, Iron IngotHQ1: Junior Musketeer's Tuck +2
Kukri33FireSynthSteel Ingot, Chestnut Lumber, Lizard SkinHQ1: Kukri +1
Plain Pick33LightSynthRusty PickHQ Results the Same
Mythril Knife34FireSynthChestnut Lumber, Mythril IngotHQ1: Mythril Knife +1
Plain Cap34LightSynthRusty CapHQ Results the Same
Bastokan Dagger35FireSynthMythril Ingot, Decurion's DaggerHQ1: Republic Dagger
Lucent Scythe35FireSynthLucent Iron, ScytheHQ Results the Same
Lightweight Steel Sheet36FireSynthLight Steel IngotHQ Results the Same
Steel Sheet36FireSynthSteel IngotHQ Results the Same
Steel Sheet x636Tool: SheetingFireSynthSteel Ingot x6, Workshop AnvilHQ Results the Same
Targe36FireSynthIron Sheet x2, Holly LumberHQ1: Targe +1
Iron Scale Mail37EarthSynthIron Scales x4, Leather Vest, Sheep Leather, Cotton ThreadHQ1: Iron Scale Mail +1
Katars37FireSynthSteel Ingot x2, Bronze Sheet, Ram LeatherHQ1: Katars +1
Windurstian Sword37FireSynthIron Ingot, Mercenary's GreatswordHQ1: Federation Sword
Windurstian Kukri38FireSynthSteel Ingot, Mercenary Captain's KukriHQ1: Federation Kukri
Twicer39FireSynthLight Steel Ingot, VoulgeHQ Results the Same
Bannaret Mail40Tool: Metal EnsorcellmentEarthSynthLambent Fire Cell, Lambent Wind Cell, ChainmailHQ Results the Same
Mythril Mace40FireSynthMythril Ingot x3HQ1: Mythril Mace +1
Mythril Sword40FireSynthDhalmel Leather, Mythril Ingot x2HQ1: Mythril Sword +1
Steel Scales40WindSynthSteel SheetHQ Results the Same
Bastokan Targe41EarthSynthIron Sheet, Decurion's ShieldHQ1: Republic Targe
Lucent Lance41FireSynthLucent Steel, LanceHQ Results the Same
Combat Caster's Dagger +142FireSynthCombat Caster's Dagger, Mythril IngotHQ1: Combat Caster's Dagger +2
Mythril Kukri42FireSynthOak Lumber, Mythril Ingot, Raptor SkinHQ1: Mythril Kukri +1
Throwing Tomahawk x3342FireSynthSteel Ingot x2, Chestnut Lumber x2HQ1: Throwing Tomahawk x66
HQ2: Throwing Tomahawk x99
HQ3: Throwing Tomahawk x99
Falchion43FireSynthIron Ingot, Steel Ingot x3HQ1: Falchion +1
Juji Shuriken x3344WindSynthIron Sheet, Steel IngotHQ1: Juji Shuriken x66
HQ2: Juji Shuriken x99
HQ3: Juji Shuriken x99
Lucent Axe44FireSynthLucent Steel, Heavy AxeHQ Results the Same
Mythril Bolt Heads x644WindSynthMythril IngotHQ1: Mythril Bolt Heads x8
HQ2: Mythril Bolt Heads x10
HQ3: Mythril Bolt Heads x12
Bastokan Sword45FireSynthMythril Ingot, Centurion's SwordHQ1: Republic Sword
Lucent Sword45FireSynthLucent Iron, Two-Handed SwordHQ Results the Same
Mythril Rod45FireSynthSteel Ingot, Mythril Ingot x2HQ1: Mythril Rod +1
San d'Orian Mace45FireSynthMythril Ingot, Royal Squire's MaceHQ1: Kingdom Mace
Bastokan Greataxe46FireSynthSteel Ingot, Centurion's AxeHQ1: Republic Greataxe
Combat Caster's Scimitar +146FireSynthMythril Ingot, Combat Caster's ScimitarHQ1: Combat Caster's Scimitar +2
Hibari46FireSynthTama-Hagane, Lizard SkinHQ1: Hibari +1
Maul46FireSynthOak Lumber, Mythril Ingot x2HQ1: Maul +1
Bastokan Axe47FireSynthMythril Ingot, Legionnaire's AxeHQ1: Republic Axe
Gust Claymore49EarthSynthTin Ingot, Iron Sheet, ClaymoreHQ1: Gust Claymore +1
Knight's Sword49FireSynthMythril Ingot x3, Ram LeatherHQ1: Knight's Sword +1
Steel Visor49WindSynthIron Scales, Steel Sheet, Sheep LeatherHQ1: Steel Visor +1
Kite Shield50EarthSynthIron Sheet x2, Ash Lumber, Darksteel SheetHQ1: Kite Shield +1
Bastokan Hammer51FireSynthDecurion's Hammer, Darksteel IngotHQ1: Republic Hammer
Broadsword51FireSynthLizard Skin, Mythril Ingot x2HQ1: Broadsword +1
Patas51FireSynthIron Sheet, Carbon Fiber, Steel Ingot x2HQ1: Patas +1
Item Cap Other Crystal S/D IngredientsHQ Results
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