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Today: 16835
Yesterday: 18229

Items: 9505
Mobs: 4024
Recipes: 3285
NPCs: 2066
Quests: 570

Guild Recipes: Bonecraft
Item Cap Other Crystal S/D IngredientsHQ Results
Shell Powder1WindSynthSeashell x3HQ1: Shell Powder x2
HQ2: Shell Powder x3
HQ3: Shell Powder x4
Wailing Bone Chip1Tool: Bone EnsorcellmentWindSynthBone Chip, Ice Anima, Earth Anima, Dark AnimaHQ Results the Same
Shell Earring3WindSynthSeashell x2HQ1: Shell Earring +1
Bone Hairpin4WindSynthBone ChipHQ1: Bone Hairpin +1
Shell Powder4WindSynthVongola Clam x2HQ1: Shell Powder x2
HQ2: Shell Powder x3
HQ3: Shell Powder x4
Fish Scales x126LightningSynthGavial FishHQ1: High-Quality Pugil Scales
HQ2: High-Quality Pugil Scales x2
HQ3: High-Quality Pugil Scales x4
Eldritch Bone Hairpin7WindSynthWailing Bone Chip, Bone HairpinHQ Results the Same
Shell Ring7WindSynthFish Scales, SeashellHQ1: Shell Ring +1
Wailing Shell8Tool: Bone EnsorcellmentWindSynthSeashell, Ice Anima, Earth Anima, Dark AnimaHQ Results the Same
Bone Arrowheads x189Tool: FilingWindSynthBone Chip x6, Shagreen FileHQ1: Bone Arrowheads x24
HQ2: Bone Arrowheads x30
HQ3: Bone Arrowheads x36
Bone Arrowheads x69WindSynthBone Chip x2HQ1: Bone Arrowheads x8
HQ2: Bone Arrowheads x10
HQ3: Bone Arrowheads x12
Manashell Ring10WindSynthWailing Shell, Shell RingHQ Results the Same
Gelatin13FireSynthChicken Bone x2, Distilled WaterHQ1: Gelatin x2
HQ2: Gelatin x3
HQ3: Gelatin x4
Windurstian Baghnakhs14EarthSynthFreesword's Baghnakhs, Bone ChipHQ1: Federation Baghnakhs
Fang Necklace15EarthSynthBat Fang x4, Black Tiger Fang, Bone Chip x2, Grass ThreadHQ1: Spike Necklace
Vivio Femur15Tool: Bone PurificationWindSynthGiant Femur, Wind Anima, Water Anima, Light AnimaHQ Results the Same
Gelatin16FireSynthBone Chip x4, Distilled WaterHQ1: Gelatin x2
HQ2: Gelatin x3
HQ3: Gelatin x4
Bone Ring17WindSynthSheep Tooth, Bone ChipHQ1: Bone Ring +1
Bone Mask18EarthSynthGiant Femur, Bone Chip, Sheep LeatherHQ1: Bone Mask +1
Pebble19WindSynthShall ShellHQ1: Pearl
HQ2: Black Pearl
HQ3: Black Pearl
Pebble19WindSynthIstiridyeHQ1: Pearl
HQ2: Black Pearl
HQ3: Black Pearl
Bone Axe21WindSynthGiant Femur, Ram Horn x2HQ1: Bone Axe +1
Carapace Powder21WindSynthBeetle Shell x2HQ Results the Same
Gemshorn24WindSynthGiant Femur, Beetle JawHQ1: Gemshorn +1
Jolt Axe24Tool: Bone EnsorcellmentWindSynthLambent Fire Cell, Lambent Wind Cell, Bone AxeHQ Results the Same
Beetle Ring25WindSynthBeetle JawHQ1: Beetle Ring +1
Smooth Beetle Jaw25Tool: Bone PurificationWindSynthBeetle Jaw, Wind Anima x2, Light AnimaHQ Results the Same
Beetle Earring27EarthSynthBeetle Jaw, Silver EarringHQ1: Beetle Earring +1
Wailing Ram Horn27Tool: Bone EnsorcellmentWindSynthRam Horn, Ice Anima, Earth Anima, Dark AnimaHQ Results the Same
Beetle Mask28EarthSynthLizard Skin, Beetle JawHQ1: Beetle Mask +1
Gelatin x428FireSynthGiant Femur, Distilled WaterHQ1: Gelatin x6
HQ2: Gelatin x8
HQ3: Gelatin x10
Healing Harness29EarthSynthVivio Femur, Bone HarnessHQ Results the Same
Horn Hairpin29WindSynthRam HornHQ1: Horn Hairpin +1
San d'Orian Horn29WindSynthRoyal Spearman's Horn, Giant FemurHQ1: Kingdom Horn
Beetle Gorget31EarthSynthBeetle Jaw x2, Beetle ShellHQ1: Green Gorget
Eldritch Horn Hairpin32WindSynthWailing Ram Horn, Horn HairpinHQ Results the Same
Beetle Arrowheads x1833Tool: FilingWindSynthBone Chip x3, Beetle Jaw x3, Shagreen FileHQ1: Beetle Arrowheads x24
HQ2: Beetle Arrowheads x30
HQ3: Beetle Arrowheads x36
Beetle Arrowheads x633WindSynthBeetle Jaw, Bone ChipHQ1: Beetle Arrowheads x8
HQ2: Beetle Arrowheads x10
HQ3: Beetle Arrowheads x12
Turtle Shield35EarthSynthTurtle Shell, Beetle ShellHQ1: Turtle Shield +1
Horn Ring37WindSynthFish Scales, Ram HornHQ1: Horn Ring +1
Fang Arrowheads x1838Tool: FilingWindSynthBone Chip x3, Black Tiger Fang x3, Shagreen FileHQ1: Fang Arrowheads x24
HQ2: Fang Arrowheads x30
HQ3: Fang Arrowheads x36
Fang Arrowheads x638WindSynthBlack Tiger Fang, Bone ChipHQ1: Fang Arrowheads x8
HQ2: Fang Arrowheads x10
HQ3: Fang Arrowheads x12
Bone Cudgel39WindSynthBone Chip x6, Grass Cloth, Giant FemurHQ1: Bone Cudgel +1
Titanictus Shell40LightningSynthTitanictusHQ1: Titanictus Shell x2
HQ2: Titanictus Shell x3
HQ3: Titanictus Shell x4
Titanictus Shell40LightningSynthArmored PiscesHQ Results the Same
Bone Knife41WindSynthWalnut Lumber, Giant FemurHQ1: Bone Knife +1
Luminous Shell41Tool: Bone EnsorcellmentWindSynthCrab Shell, Lightning Anima x2, Dark AnimaHQ Results the Same
Vivio Crab Shell41Tool: Bone PurificationWindSynthCrab Shell, Wind Anima, Water Anima, Light AnimaHQ Results the Same
Horn Arrowheads x643WindSynthBone Chip, Ram HornHQ1: Horn Arrowheads x8
HQ2: Horn Arrowheads x10
HQ3: Horn Arrowheads x12
Horn Arrowheads x1843Tool: FilingWindSynthBone Chip x3, Ram Horn x3, Shagreen FileHQ1: Horn Arrowheads x24
HQ2: Horn Arrowheads x30
HQ3: Horn Arrowheads x36
Mist Crown44EarthSynthSmooth Beetle Jaw, Garish CrownHQ Results the Same
Carapace Mask45EarthSynthCrab Shell, Dhalmel LeatherHQ1: Carapace Mask +1
Horn47WindSynthBeetle Jaw, Ram HornHQ1: Horn +1
Thunder Mittens47EarthSynthLuminous Shell, Carapace MittensHQ Results the Same
Carapace Gorget49EarthSynthIron Chain, Crab Shell x2HQ1: Blue Gorget
Vivio Scorpion Claw50Tool: Bone PurificationWindSynthScorpion Claw, Wind Anima, Water Anima, Light AnimaHQ Results the Same
Bone Rod51FireSynthGiant Femur, Ram Horn x2HQ1: Bone Rod +1
Shock Subligar51EarthSynthLuminous Shell, Carapace SubligarHQ Results the Same
Spirit Shell52Tool: Bone EnsorcellmentWindSynthTurtle Shell, Earth Anima x2, Dark AnimaHQ Results the Same
High Healing Harness53EarthSynthVivio Crab Shell, Carapace HarnessHQ Results the Same
Scorpion Arrowheads x1853Tool: FilingWindSynthBone Chip x3, Scorpion Claw x3, Shagreen FileHQ1: Scorpion Arrowheads x24
HQ2: Scorpion Arrowheads x30
HQ3: Scorpion Arrowheads x36
Scorpion Arrowheads x653WindSynthBone Chip, Scorpion ClawHQ1: Scorpion Arrowheads x8
HQ2: Scorpion Arrowheads x10
HQ3: Scorpion Arrowheads x12
Shell Hairpin53WindSynthTurtle ShellHQ1: Shell Hairpin +1
Turtle Bangles54WindSynthTurtle Shell x2, Giant FemurHQ1: Turtle Bangles +1
Tortoise Earring55WindSynthGold Chain, Turtle ShellHQ1: Tortoise Earring +1
Blood Stone57WindSynthGiant Femur, Grass Thread, Fiend BloodHQ1: Blood Stone +1
Stone Bangles57EarthSynthSpirit Shell, Turtle BanglesHQ Results the Same
Astragalos x858WindSynthGiant Femur, Black Ink, Beastman BloodHQ1: Astragalos x12
HQ2: Astragalos x16
HQ3: Astragalos x20
Beetle Knife59WindSynthOak Lumber, Beetle JawHQ1: Beetle Knife +1
Healing Justaucorps59EarthSynthVivio Scorpion Claw, JustaucorpsHQ Results the Same
Macuahuitl59WindSynthBugard Tusk, Rhinochimera, Macuahuitl -1HQ1: Macuahuitl +1
Beak Necklace60EarthSynthHigh-Quality Crab Shell, Oxblood, Colibri Beak x4, Mohbwa Thread, Wivre MaulHQ1: Beak Necklace +1
Scorpion Ring60WindSynthScorpion ShellHQ1: Scorpion Ring +1
Coral Horn61WindSynthOxbloodHQ Results the Same
Fang Earring61WindSynthSilver Chain, Black Tiger Fang x2HQ1: Spike Earring
Wind Fan x6661EarthSynthBeetle Shell, Giant Femur, Beeswax, Bat Wing, Wind ClusterHQ1: Wind Fan x99
Demon Arrowheads x1863Tool: FilingWindSynthBone Chip x3, Demon Horn x3, Shagreen FileHQ1: Demon Arrowheads x24
HQ2: Demon Arrowheads x30
HQ3: Demon Arrowheads x36
Demon Arrowheads x663WindSynthBone Chip, Demon HornHQ1: Demon Arrowheads x8
HQ2: Demon Arrowheads x10
HQ3: Demon Arrowheads x12
Scorpion Mask64EarthSynthRam Leather, Scorpion ShellHQ1: Scorpion Mask +1
Scapegoat65WindSynthPhoenix Feather, Marid TuskHQ Results the Same
Crumhorn66WindSynthBeetle Jaw, Demon HornHQ1: Crumhorn +1
HQ2: Crumhorn +1
HQ3: Crumhorn +2
Bone Patas68FireSynthCrab Shell, Giant Femur x2, Carbon FiberHQ1: Bone Patas +1
Beast Horn69WindSynthRam Horn x2HQ Results the Same
Antlion Trap70EarthSynthCoeurl Whisker, Animal Glue, Antican Pauldron, Antican Robe, High-Quality Antlion Jaw x2HQ Results the Same
Demon's Ring70WindSynthFish Scales, Demon HornHQ1: Demon's Ring +1
Kilo Fan x6671EarthSynthCrab Shell, Giant Femur, Beeswax, Bat Wing, Wind ClusterHQ1: Kilo Fan x99
Vivified Coral71Tool: Bone PurificationWindSynthCoral Fragment, Lightning Anima, Water Anima, Light AnimaHQ Results the Same
Demon's Knife73WindSynthEbony Lumber, Demon HornHQ1: Demon's Knife +1
Lithic Wyvern Scale73Tool: Bone PurificationWindSynthWyvern Scales, Earth Anima x2, Light AnimaHQ Results the Same
Tactician Magician's Hooks +173EarthSynthTactician Magician's Hooks, Demon HornHQ1: Tactician Magician's Hooks +2
Vivio Wyvern Scale73Tool: Bone PurificationWindSynthWyvern Scales, Wind Anima, Water Anima, Light AnimaHQ Results the Same
Coral Finger Gauntlets74EarthSynthLeather Gloves, Coral Fragment x2, Rainbow ThreadHQ1: Coral Finger Gauntlets +1
Coral Greaves75EarthSynthLeather Highboots, Coral Fragment x2, Rainbow ThreadHQ1: Coral Greaves +1
Coral Hairpin77WindSynthBlack Pearl, Coral Fragment, PearlHQ1: Merman's Hairpin
Coral Visor77WindSynthCoral Fragment x2, Sheep LeatherHQ1: Coral Visor +1
Coral Cap78EarthSynthDarksteel Cap, Coral FragmentHQ1: Merman's Cap
Marid Tusk Arrowheads x1878Tool: FilingWindSynthBone Chip x3, Marid Tusk x3, Shagreen FileHQ1: Marid Tusk Arrowheads x24
HQ2: Marid Tusk Arrowheads x30
HQ3: Marid Tusk Arrowheads x36
Marid Tusk Arrowheads x678WindSynthBone Chip, Marid TuskHQ1: Marid Tusk Arrowheads x8
HQ2: Marid Tusk Arrowheads x10
HQ3: Marid Tusk Arrowheads x12
Coral Gorget79WindSynthCoral Fragment, Sheep LeatherHQ1: Merman's Gorget
Tigerfangs79FireSynthCarbon Fiber, Black Tiger Fang x2, Scorpion ShellHQ1: Feral Fangs
Item Cap Other Crystal S/D IngredientsHQ Results
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