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Final Fantasy XI Quest List
Quest Type Start NPC Start Zone Fame
Summary Reward
A Crisis in the MakingGeneralRanpi-MonpiWindurst Waters2400 gil
A Discerning Eye (Windurst)GeneralPygmalionWindurst PortUnknown500 gil
A Feather In One's CapGeneralBaren-MorenWindurst WatersUnknownBaren-Moren Quest #21500 gil
A Greeting CardianGeneralKororoWindurst Woods4Manustery Quest #2Tourmaline Earring
A Pose By Any Other NameGeneralAngelicaWindurst WatersAnyAncient Blood, Angelica's Autograph
A Potter's PreferenceGeneralNereusMhauraUnknown2160 gil
A Smudge On One's RecordMapHariga-OrigaWindurst WatersUnknownOptistery Book Quest #33000 gil, Map of Fei'Yin
Acting In Good FaithSpellGantineuxWindurst Waters4Scroll of Teleport-Mea
All at SeaGeneralPaytahWindurst PortUnknownDhalmel Mantle, Leather Ring
As Thick as ThievesArtifactNanaa MihgoWindurst WoodsNoneThief AF2Rogue's Bonnet
Blast From the PastGeneralKoru-MoruWindurst WallsUnknownKoru-Moru Quest #2Great Club
Blood and GloryWeaponskillShantottoWindurst WallsUnknownGrants the Staff weaponskill Retribution.
Blue Ribbon BluesGeneralKerutotoWindurst WatersUnknownRhinostery Quest #43600 gil, Blue Ribbon
Can Cardians Cry?GeneralApururuWindurst WoodsUnknownManustery Quest #55000 gil
Carbuncle DebacleArtifactWindurst WallsNoneSummoner AF3Evoker's Horn
Catch It If You Can!GeneralOhruruWindurst PortUnknown1000 gil
Reward of 1000-1500 gil depending on the ailment: 1000 for Silence, 1200 for Curse, 1500 for Plague.
Chasing TalesGeneralTosuka-PorikaWindurst Waters3Optistery Book Quest #22800 gil
ChocobiliousGeneralKuoh RhelWindurst Woods2Kuoh Rhel Quest #11500 gil
Class ReunionArtifactWindurst WallsNoneSummoner AF2Evoker's Spats
Creepy CrawliesGeneralIllu BohjaaWindurst WoodsAny600 gil
Crying Over OnionsGeneralKohlo-LakoloWindurst Port6Star Onion Brigade Quest #5Star Necklace
Curses, Foiled A-Golem!?SpellShantottoWindurst Walls4Shantotto Quest #3Scroll of Warp II
Curses, Foiled Again!GeneralShantottoWindurst WallsAnyShantotto Quest #1Brass Rod
Curses, Foiled...Again!?GeneralShantottoWindurst Walls2Shantotto Quest #2Misery Staff
Early Bird Catches the BookwormGeneralTosuka-PorikaWindurst Waters2Optistery Book Quest #11500 gil
Eco-Warrior (Windurst)GeneralLumomoWindurst WatersAny5000 gil, Dragon Chronicles
Escort for Hire (Windurst)EscortDehn HarzhapanWindurst PortUnknown10000 gil, Miratete's Memoirs
ExpertiseGeneralTakeMhauraUnknownRycharde Quest #5Tableware Set
Fire and BrimstoneArtifactPerih VashaiWindurst WoodsNoneRanger AF2Hunter's Beret
Fisherman's HeartGeneralKatsunagaMhauraUnknownProvides information about the character's fishing history.
Flower ChildMog House ExitOjha RhawashWindurst WallsAnyGrants the ability to exit from your Mog House in Windurst into any residential area in Windurst.
Food For ThoughtGeneralKerutotoWindurst WatersAnyRhinostery Quest #1440 gil
Gil reward is between 120-440 gil, depending on if the quest is completed fully or not.
From Saplings GrowWeaponskillPerih VashaiWindurst WoodsUnknownGrants the Archery weaponskill Empyreal Arrow.
Glyph HangerMapHariga-OrigaWindurst WatersAnyMap of the Horutoto Ruins
Hat in HandGeneralBaren-MorenWindurst WatersAnyBaren-Moren Quest #1200 gil, Windshear Hat
Between 50-200 gil is rewarded based on the number of NPCs spoken to; the hat is rewarded when the quest is completed properly.
Heaven CentGeneralRopunonoWindurst WatersUnknownOptistery Quest #44800 gil
His Name is ValgeirMapRychardeMhauraUnknownRycharde Quest #4Map of the Toraimarai Canal
Hitting the MarquisateArtifactNanaa MihgoWindurst WoodsNoneThief AF3Rogue's Poulaines
Hoist the Jelly, RogerGeneralMaysoonWindurst WatersUnknownSuper Soup Pot
I Can Hear A RainbowAdvanced JobWindurst WallsNoneSummoner Flag QuestGrants the ability to become a Summoner.
In a PickleGeneralChamamaWindurst WatersAny200 gil, Bone Hairpin
Reward of Bone Hairpin on the first completion; reward of 200 gil for each following completion.
In a StewGeneralKuoh RhelWindurst Woods4Kuoh Rhel Quest #2900 gil
Inspector's Gadget!GeneralKohlo-LakoloWindurst Port3Star Onion Brigade Quest #3Heko Obi
It's Raining MannequinsGeneralFyi ChalmwohMhauraUnknownMannequin Quest #1Elvaan F Mannequin, Elvaan M Mannequin, Galka Mannequin, Hume F Mannequin, Hume M Mannequin, Mithra Mannequin, Tarutaru F Mannequin, Tarutaru M Mannequin
Reward of the mannequin of the character's race.
Know One's OnionsSpellKohlo-LakoloWindurst Port2Star Onion Brigade Quest #2Scroll of Blaze Spikes
Legendary Plan BGeneralKopuro-PopuroWindurst WoodsUnknownManustery Quest #3700 gil, Scentless Armlets
Let Sleeping Dogs LieGeneralPaku-NakkuWindurst Waters4Hypno Staff
Lure of the Wildcat (Windurst)GeneralIbwamWindurst WoodsAnyGreen Invitation Card
Making AmendsGeneralHakkuru-RinkuruWindurst Port2Orastery Quest #11500 gil
Making Amens!GeneralKuroido-MoidoWindurst Port4Orastery Quest #26000 gil
Making HeadlinesGeneralNaiko-PaneikoWindurst WatersAnyTarutaru Times Quest #1560 gil
Making the GradeSpellFuepepeWindurst Waters3Scroll of Aspir
Mandragora-MadGeneralYoran-OranWindurst WallsAny120 gil
Reward of 120-5500 gil, depending on the item delivered.
Mihgo's AmigoGeneralNanaa MihgoWindurst WoodsTenshodo AnyCat Burglar Quest #1200 gil
Nothing MattersGeneralKoru-MoruWindurst Walls9Koru-Moru Quest #310000 gil, Vile Elixir
One Good Deed?MapChipmy-PopmyWindurst PortUnknown1200 gil, Map of the Attohwa Chasm
Onion RingsGeneralKohlo-LakoloWindurst Port4Star Onion Brigade Quest #4Bouncer Club
Orastery WoesWeaponskillKuroido-MoidoWindurst PortUnknownGrants the Club weaponskill Black Halo.
Orlando's AntiquesGeneralOrlandoMhauraUnknown100 gil
Reward of 100-900 gil, depending on which stack of items is turned in.
Overnight DeliveryGeneralKenapa-KeppaWindurst Waters3Rhinostery Quest #2Power Gi
Paying Lip ServiceGeneralTapoh LihzehWindurst WoodsAny150 gil
Reward of 150 gil for 3 Beehive Chips; 200 gil for 2 Remi Shells.
Reap What You SowGeneralMashuu-AjuuWindurst WatersAny700 gil, Stationery Set
Reward of the Stationary Set, and 500 gil for a Sobbing Fungus, 700 gil for a Deathball.
RecollectionsArtifactChumimiHeavens TowerNoneBlack Mage AF2Wizard's Sabots
Recycling RodsGeneralKeshab-MenjabMhauraUnknown1500 gil
Rock RacketeerGeneralNanaa MihgoWindurst Woods3Cat Burglar Quest #22100 gil
Rycharde the ChefGeneralRychardeMhauraUnknownRycharde Quest #11500 gil
Say It With FlowersGeneralMoari-KaaoriWindurst Waters2400 gil, Iron Sword
Iron Sword is the reward the first time it is completed properly; 400 gil for repeat; 100 gil if not completed properly.
Scooped!GeneralNaiko-PaneikoWindurst WatersUnknownTarutaru Times Quest #21500 gil
Sin HuntingArtifactPerih VashaiWindurst WoodsNoneRanger AF1Sniping Bow
Something FishyGeneralTokakaWindurst PortAny70 gil
Star StruckGeneralKoru-MoruWindurst Walls2Koru-Moru Quest #1Compound Eye Circlet
Teacher's PetGeneralMoreno-ToenoWindurst WatersAny250 gil
The All-New C-2000GeneralKopuro-PopuroWindurst WoodsAnyManustery Quest #1200 gil
The All-New C-3000GeneralKopuro-PopuroWindurst WoodsUnknownManustery Quest #4600 gil
The Amazin' ScorpioGeneralSoni-MuniWindurst Woods21500 gil
The BasicsGeneralRychardeMhauraUnknownRycharde Quest #7Tea Set
The ClueGeneralRychardeMhauraUnknownRycharde Quest #63000 gil
The Fanged OneAdvanced JobPerih VashaiWindurst WoodsNoneRanger Flag Quest320 gil, Ranger's Necklace
Grants the ability to become a Ranger.
The Moonlit PathAvatarLeepe-HoppeWindurst WatersUnknown15000 gil, Ancients' Key, Fenrir's Cape, Fenrir's Earring, Fenrir's Stone, Fenrir's Torque
Reward is either: one of the items listed; 15000 gil; or the ability to summon Fenrir.
The Old LadySubjobVeraMhauraNoneGrants the ability to choose a subjob.
The Postman Always K.O.'s TwiceGeneralAmbrosiusWindurst WallsAnyWindurst Walls Assistance Quest #1500 gil
Reward of 50-500 gil: 50 gil for one, 150 gil for two, 250 gil for three, 500 gil for all four.
The PromiseGeneralKohlo-LakoloWindurst PortUnknownStar Onion Brigade Quest #7Promise Badge
The Puppet MasterArtifactWindurst WallsNoneSummoner AF1Kukulcan's Staff
The Root of the ProblemArtifactChumimiHeavens TowerNoneBlack Mage AF3Wizard's Petasos
The Sand CharmMapCelestinaMhauraUnknownMap of the Bostaunieux Oubliette
The Tenshodo ShowdownArtifactNanaa MihgoWindurst WoodsNoneThief AF1Marauder's Knife
The Three MagiArtifactChumimiHeavens TowerNoneBlack Mage AF1Casting Wand
To Bee or not to Bee?GeneralRaamimiWindurst Walls2Windurst Walls Assistance Quest #2Mulsum
Reward of 3 Mulsum.
To Catch a Falling StarGeneralSigismundWindurst PortAnyFish Scale Shield
Toraimarai TurmoilGeneralOhbiru-DohbiruWindurst WatersUnknownRhinostery Quest #54500 gil
The Certificate and title are obtained when starting the quest, the gil from completing it.
Trial by LightningAvatarRipapaMhauraUnknown10000 gil, Elder Branch, Lightning Belt, Lightning Ring, Ramuh's Staff
Reward is either: one of the items listed; 10000 gil; or the ability to summon Ramuh.
Trial-Size Trial by LightningAvatarLaciaMhauraUnknownGrants the Ramuh summon.
Truth, Justice, and the Onion Way!GeneralKohlo-LakoloWindurst PortAnyStar Onion Brigade Quest #1Justice Badge
Tuning InGeneralLeepe-HoppeWindurst WatersUnknownTuning Quest #14000 gil
Tuning OutGeneralLeepe-HoppeWindurst WatersUnknownTuning Quest #26000 gil, Cache-nez
Twinstone BondingGeneralGioh AjihriWindurst Woods3900 gil, Wrapped Bow
Reward of a Wrapped Bow the first time the quest is completed; 900 gil for each completion thereafter.
Unbridled PassionArtifactPerih VashaiWindurst WoodsNoneRanger AF3Hunter's Socks, Ice Arrow
Unending ChaseGeneralRychardeMhauraUnknownRycharde Quest #32100 gil
Water Way To Go!GeneralOhbiru-DohbiruWindurst WatersUnknownRhinostery Quest #3900 gil
Way of the CookGeneralRychardeMhauraUnknownRycharde Quest #21500 gil
Quest Type Start NPC Start Zone Fame
Summary Reward
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