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Final Fantasy XI Quest List
Quest Type Start NPC Start Zone Fame
Summary Reward
20 In Pirate Years1ArtifactRyomaNorgNoneNinja AF11Anju, Zushio
A Discerning Eye (Kazham)GeneralSwiftKazhamUnknown500 gil
A Question of TasteGeneralJakoh WahcondaloKazham6Jakoh Wahcondalo Quest #13000 gil
A Thief In Norg!?ArtifactGilgameshNorgNoneSamurai AF3Myochin Kabuto
An Undying PledgeGeneralStray CloudNorgTenshodo UnknownLight Buckler
Black MarketGeneralMuzaffarNorgTenshodo Any1500 gil
Variable gil reward, depending on what is turned in: 4 Eastern Pottery is 2000; 4 Northern Fur is 1500; 4 Southern Mummy is 3000.
Bugi SodenWeaponskillRyomaNorgTenshodo UnknownGrants the Katana weaponskill Blade: Ku.
Chasing DreamsGeneralZoribohRabaoUnknownZoriboh Quest #14000 gil, Venerer Ring
Cloak and DaggerWeaponskillJakoh WahcondaloKazhamUnknownGrants the Dagger weaponskill Evisceration.
Divine MightGeneralShrine of Ru'AvitauNoneAbyssal Earring, Beastly Earring, Bushinomimi, Knight's Earring, Suppanomimi
Reward of one of the earrings.
Don't Forget the AntidoteGeneralEdigeyRabaoUnknown1800 gil, Dotanuki
Reward of Dotanuki on the first completion, 1800 gil when repeated.
Even More Gullible's TravelsGeneralMagriffonKazham7Opo-opo Quest #2Rafflesia Nectar
Everyone's GrudgeGeneralMagephaudNorgTenshodo AnyClears all Tonberry hate, each time it is completed.
Everyone's GrudgingGeneralJakoh WahcondaloKazhamUnknownJakoh Wahcondalo Quest #211000 gil
Forge Your DestinyAdvanced JobJaucribaixNorgTenshodo NoneSamurai Flag QuestMumeito
Grants the ability to become a Samurai.
Greetings to the GuardianGeneralHari PakhroibKazham75000 gil
Gullible's TravelsGeneralMagriffonKazham6Opo-opo Quest #1This quest's only reward is fame, and fulfilling a prerequisite for later quests.
I'll Take the Big BoxArtifactRyomaNorgNoneNinja AF2Ninja Hakama
It's Not Your VaultSpellKealNorgTenshodo 3Scroll of Tonko: Ichi
Like a Shining SubligarSpellHeijiNorgTenshodo 3Scroll of Kurayami: Ichi
Like Shining LeggingsSpellHeizoNorgTenshodo 3Scroll of Dokumori: Ichi
Mama MiaGeneralMamaulabionNorgTenshodo 4Evoker's Ring
Missionary ManSpellRauteinotKazham3Scroll of Teleport-Yhoat
Personal HygieneGeneralGatih MijurabiKazhamUnknownOpo-opo Quest #4Mithran Stone
Secret of the Damp ScrollSpellShiviviNorgTenshodo 4Scroll of Jubaku: Ichi
Soul SearchingGeneralSanctuary of Zi'TahNoneBat Earring
Stop Your WhiningSpellWashuNorgTenshodo 4Scroll of Hojo: Ichi
The Firebloom TreeGeneralSoun AbralahKazham65000 gil
The Immortal Lu ShangGeneralIrmilantRabaoUnknownLu Shang's Fishing Rod
The Kuftal TourGeneralDattaRabaoUnknown8000 gil
The Missing PieceSpellAlfesarRabaoUnknownScroll of Teleport-Altep
The Opo-opo and IGeneralKazhamUnknownOpo-opo Quest #3Opo-opo Crown, Pamamas
The Potential WithinWeaponskillJaucribaixNorgTenshodo UnknownGrants the Great Katana weaponskill Tachi: Kasya.
The Sacred KatanaArtifactJaucribaixNorgNoneSamurai AF1Magoroku
The Sahagin's StashSpellLaisreanNorgTenshodo 4Scroll of Utsusemi: Ichi
The Search for GoldmaneGeneralZoribohRabaoUnknownZoriboh Quest #23000 gil, Deluxe Carbine
Trial by FireAvatarRonta-OntaKazham610000 gil, Egil's Torch, Fire Belt, Fire Ring, Ifrit's Blade
Reward is either: one of the items listed; 10000 gil; or the ability to summon Ifrit.
Trial by WaterAvatarEdal-TahdalNorgTenshodo 410000 gil, Eye of Nept, Leviathan's Rod, Water Belt, Water Ring
Reward is either: one of the items listed; 10000 gil; or the ability to summon Leviathan.
Trial by WindAvatarAgado-PugadoRabao510000 gil, Bubbly Water, Garuda's Dagger, Wind Belt, Wind Ring
Reward is either: one of the items listed; 10000 gil; or the ability to summon Garuda.
Trial-Size Trial by FireAvatarDodmosKazhamUnknownGrants the Ifrit summon.
Trial-Size Trial by WaterAvatarVerctissaNorgTenshodo UnknownGrants the Leviathan summon.
Trial-Size Trial by WindAvatarRahi FohlattiRabaoUnknownGrants the Garuda summon.
True WillArtifactRyomaNorgNoneNinja AF3Ninja Chainmail
Wandering SoulsGeneralCape TerigganNoneFlagellant's Rope
Wrath of the Opo-oposGeneralYuhtunga JungleNoneOpo-opo Necklace
Yomi OkuriArtifactGilgameshNorgNoneSamurai AF2Myochin Sune-Ate
You Call That a Knife?GeneralMhebi JuhbilyKazhamUnknown7200 gil
Quest Type Start NPC Start Zone Fame
Summary Reward

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