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Final Fantasy XI Quest List
Quest Type Start NPC Start Zone Fame
Summary Reward
A Bitter PastGeneralFreschequeTavnazian SafeholdNoneYinyang Lorgnette
A Generous General?GeneralOldton MovalpolosNoneChoplix's Coif, Gold Beastcoin
A Hard Day's KnightGeneralQuelveuiatTavnazian SafeholdNone2100 gil
A Moral Manifest?GeneralAltar RoomNoneGold Beastcoin, Tsoo's Headgear
A Potter's PreferenceGeneralNereusMhauraUnknown2160 gil
An Affable Adamantking?GeneralQulun DomeNoneDa'Vhu's Barbut, Gold Beastcoin
An Explorer's FootstepsMapAbelardSelbinaUnknown800 gil, Map of the Crawlers' Nest
Reward of 800-10000 gil, depending on the monument. After 15 are turned in, the map is rewarded; the quest is completed when all 17 are turned in.
An Understanding Overlord?GeneralMonastic CavernNoneGadzradd's Helm, Gold Beastcoin
Behind the SmileGeneralTavnazian SafeholdNoneMannequin Quest #2Mannequin Pumps
Better the Demon You KnowGeneralKoblakiqOldton MovalpolosNoneKoblakiq Quest #3Goblin Grenade
Bombs Away!GeneralBuffalostalker DodzbrazUleguerand RangeNoneShu'Meyo Salt
CargoGeneralVuntarSelbinaUnknown800 gil
Reward of 800-3000 gil, depending on which Rolanberry is turned in.
Confessions of a BellmakerGeneralRiverne - Site #A01NoneMinstrel's Dagger
Donate to RecyclingGeneralRomeoSelbinaUnknownWastebasket
Elder MemoriesSubjobIsacioSelbinaNoneGrants the ability to choose a subjob.
Elderly PursuitsGeneralDespachiaireTavnazian SafeholdNoneTaznavian Cuisine Quest #3Elegant Ribbon
ExpertiseGeneralTakeMhauraUnknownRycharde Quest #5Tableware Set
Fisherman's HeartGeneralKatsunagaMhauraUnknownProvides information about the character's fishing history.
Fly HighGeneralFerchinneTavnazian SafeholdNoneMistmelt
For the BirdsGeneralKoblakiqOldton MovalpolosNoneKoblakiq Quest #2Jaguar Mantle
Give a Moogle a BreakInventory & StorageYour MoogleHome City3Moogle House Storage Expansion #1Increases your character's Mog Safe by 10 slots, to a total of 60 spaces.
Go! Go! Gobmuffin!MapEpinolleTavnazian SafeholdNoneMap of Cape Riverne
His Name is ValgeirMapRychardeMhauraUnknownRycharde Quest #4Map of the Toraimarai Canal
In Search of the TruthGeneralTressiaTavnazian SafeholdNoneGramary Cape
In the Name of ScienceGeneralYurimTavnazian SafeholdNoneAnrin Obi, Aqua Gorget, Breeze Gorget, Dorin Obi, Flame Gorget, Furin Obi, Hyorin Obi, Karin Obi, Korin Obi, Rairin Obi, Relaxing Earring, Sanative Earring, Soil Gorget, Suirin Obi
One of the level 72 Gorgets, or level 71 Obi, or one of the two earrings, each time the quest is completed.
Indomitable SpiritGeneralIrmilantRabaoUnknownEbisu Fishing Rod
Inside the BellyGeneralZaldonSelbinaUnknownSelbina Fishing Quest #410 gil, Ancient Sword, Blue Rock, Brigand's Chart, Broken Halcyon Rod, Broken Hume Rod, Cuir Highboots, Darksteel Ore, Drill Calamary, Dwarf Pugil, Earth Wand, Green Rock, Mercurial Sword, Opal Silk, Philosopher's Stone, Pirate's Chart, Saber Shoot, Trident, Turquoise Ring, Twinthread
Reward of 10-800 gil OR an item, based on the fish turned in. Random chance decides whether gil or the item is rewarded.
It's Raining MannequinsGeneralFyi ChalmwohMhauraUnknownMannequin Quest #1Elvaan F Mannequin, Elvaan M Mannequin, Galka Mannequin, Hume F Mannequin, Hume M Mannequin, Mithra Mannequin, Tarutaru F Mannequin, Tarutaru M Mannequin
Reward of the mannequin of the character's race.
Knocking on Forbidden DoorsGeneralTavnazian SafeholdNoneMannequin Quest #3Grants the ability to set the pose of your mannequin.
Missionary MoblinGeneralKoblakiqOldton MovalpolosNoneKoblakiq Quest #14000 gil
Mithran DelicaciesGeneralAnguenetCarpenters' LandingNoneBlackened Muddy Siredon
Moogles in the WildInventory & StorageYour MoogleHome City7Moogle House Storage Expansion #3Increases your character's Mog Safe by 10 slots, to a total of 80 spaces.
Only the BestGeneralMelyonSelbinaAny100 gil
Reward of 100-600 gil, depending on the items turned in.
Orlando's AntiquesGeneralOrlandoMhauraUnknown100 gil
Reward of 100-900 gil, depending on which stack of items is turned in.
Paradise, Salvation, and MapsMapNivorajeanTavnazian SafeholdNoneMap of Sacrarium
Petals for ParelbriauxGeneralOndieulixTavnazian SafeholdNonePowerful Rope
Recycling RodsGeneralKeshab-MenjabMhauraUnknown1500 gil
Requiem of SinGeneralDespachiaireTavnazian SafeholdNoneSin Hunter Rematch Quest #2Cassia Lumber, Dragon Bone, Eltoro Leather, Galateia, Philosopher's Stone, Phoenix Feather, Viridian Urushi, X's Knife, Y's Scythe, Z's Trident
Rycharde the ChefGeneralRychardeMhauraUnknownRycharde Quest #11500 gil
Secrets of Ovens LostGeneralJonetteTavnazian SafeholdNoneTaznavian Cuisine Quest #2Miratete's Memoirs
Tango With a TrackerGeneralDespachiaireTavnazian SafeholdNoneSin Hunter Rematch Quest #110000 gil
Test My MettleGeneralDeveanSelbinaUnknownGil reward varies based on how much you bet, assuming you win.
The BasicsGeneralRychardeMhauraUnknownRycharde Quest #7Tea Set
The Big OneEscortTravonceTavnazian SafeholdNoneDragon Chronicles, Glass Fiber Fishing Rod, Sinking Minnow
The Call of the SeaGeneralAnteurephiauxTavnazian SafeholdNoneMemento Muffler
The ClueGeneralRychardeMhauraUnknownRycharde Quest #63000 gil
The GiftGeneralOswaldSelbinaUnknownSelbina Fishing Quest #2Sleep Dagger
The Moogle's Picnic!Inventory & StorageYour MoogleHome City5Moogle House Storage Expansion #2Increases your character's Mog Safe by 10 slots, to a total of 70 spaces.
The Old LadySubjobVeraMhauraNoneGrants the ability to choose a subjob.
The Real GiftGeneralOswaldSelbinaUnknownSelbina Fishing Quest #3Glass Fiber Fishing Rod
The RescueMapThunder HawkSelbinaUnknown3000 gil, Map of the Ranguemont Pass
The Sand CharmMapCelestinaMhauraUnknownMap of the Bostaunieux Oubliette
Trial by LightningAvatarRipapaMhauraUnknown10000 gil, Elder Branch, Lightning Belt, Lightning Ring, Ramuh's Staff
Reward is either: one of the items listed; 10000 gil; or the ability to summon Ramuh.
Trial-Size Trial by LightningAvatarLaciaMhauraUnknownGrants the Ramuh summon.
Under the SeaGeneralOswaldSelbinaUnknownSelbina Fishing Quest #1Amber Earring
Unending ChaseGeneralRychardeMhauraUnknownRycharde Quest #32100 gil
UnforgivenMapElysiaTavnazian SafeholdNoneMap of Tavnazia
Uninvited GuestsGeneralJustiniusTavnazian SafeholdNoneAdaman Ore, Aluminum Ore, Armoire, Assault Breastplate, Bison Steak, Bream Risotto, Cloud Evoker, Crimson Jelly, Dragon Bone, Elm Log, Mannequin Body, Mannequin Head, Mannequin Legs, Miratete's Memoirs, Mushroom Risotto, Orichalcum Ore, Oversized Fang, Tavnazian Salad, Tiger Eye, Unicorn Horn
Reward of one of the items, each time the quest is completed.
Waking the BeastGeneralLa Theine PlateauNoneCarbuncle's Cuffs, Carbuncle's Pole, Garuda's Sickle, Ifrit's Bow, Leviathan's Couse, Ramuh's Mace, Shiva's Shotel, Titan's Baselarde
Way of the CookGeneralRychardeMhauraUnknownRycharde Quest #21500 gil
X Marks the SpotGeneralDespachiaireTavnazian SafeholdNone4000 gil
Quest Type Start NPC Start Zone Fame
Summary Reward

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