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Final Fantasy XI Quest List
Quest Type Start NPC Start Zone Fame
Summary Reward
A Candlelight VigilGeneralIlumidaJeuno Upper4Ilumida Quest #1Flower Necklace
A Chocobo's TaleGeneralNevelaJeuno UpperUnknown5200 gil
A Clock Most DelicateGeneralJeuno Upper5Clock Tower Quest #11200 gil, Engineer's Gloves
A Minstrel in DespairAdvanced JobMertaireJeuno LowerAnyBard Flag Quest #22100 gil
A New DawnArtifactJeuno LowerNoneBeastmaster AF3Beast Trousers
A Reputation in RuinsGeneralMigliorozzJeuno UpperNone3500 gil
Atop the Highest MountainsLevel BreakMaatRu'Lude GardensAnyLevel Cap (Level 55) Quest #2Raises the level cap of the character to 60.
Axe the CompetitionWeaponskillBrutusJeuno UpperUnknownGrants the Axe weaponskill Decimation.
Beat Around the BushinGeneralJeuno LowerTenshodo UnknownMonk Belt Quest #3Black Belt
Beyond the SunGeneralMaatRu'Lude GardensUnknownMaat's Cap
Borghertz's Calling HandsArtifactGuslamJeuno UpperNoneSummoner AF HandsEvoker's Bracers
Borghertz's Chasing HandsArtifactGuslamJeuno UpperNoneRanger AF HandsHunter's Bracers
Borghertz's Dragon HandsArtifactGuslamJeuno UpperNoneDragon AF HandsDrachen Finger Gauntlets
Borghertz's Harmonious HandsArtifactGuslamJeuno UpperNoneBard AF HandsChoral Cuffs
Borghertz's Healing HandsArtifactGuslamJeuno UpperNoneWhite Mage AF HandsHealer's Mitts
Borghertz's Loyal HandsArtifactGuslamJeuno UpperNoneSamurai AF HandsMyochin Kote
Borghertz's Lurking HandsArtifactGuslamJeuno UpperNoneNinja AF HandsNinja Tekko
Borghertz's Shadowy HandsArtifactGuslamJeuno UpperNoneDark Knight AF HandsChaos Gauntlets
Borghertz's Sneaky HandsArtifactGuslamJeuno UpperNoneThief AF HandsRogue's Armlets
Borghertz's Sorcerous HandsArtifactGuslamJeuno UpperNoneBlack Mage AF HandsWizard's Gloves
Borghertz's Stalwart HandsArtifactGuslamJeuno UpperNonePaladin AF HandsGallant Gauntlets
Borghertz's Striking HandsArtifactGuslamJeuno UpperNoneMonk AF HandsTemple Gloves
Borghertz's Vermillion HandsArtifactGuslamJeuno UpperNoneRed Mage AF HandsWarlock's Gloves
Borghertz's Warring HandsArtifactGuslamJeuno UpperNoneWarrior AF HandsFighter's Mufflers
Borghertz's Wild HandsArtifactGuslamJeuno UpperNoneBeastmaster AF HandsBeast Gloves
Candle-makingGeneralRoulietteJeuno Upper4Holy Candle
Child's PlayGeneralKarlJeuno Port3Wonder Magic Set
Chocobo on the Loose!GeneralBrutusJeuno UpperNone
Chocobo's WoundsGeneralBrutusJeuno UpperAnyChocobo License
Collect Tarut CardsGeneralChululuJeuno Lower2Chululu Quest #1Grants the ability to have your compatability test told by Chululu.
Community ServiceGeneralZaukoJeuno LowerAnyThis quest only rewards Jeuno fame.
Cook's PrideGeneralNaruruJeuno Lower3Merchant's Family Quest #13000 gil, Mythril Ring
Crest of DavoiGeneralBaudinJeuno UpperUnknownQuest for Rank 5Crest of Davoi
Deal With TenshodoGeneralGarnevJeuno LowerTenshodo UnknownClock Tower Sub-QuestClock Tower Oil
Ducal HospitalityGeneralTaillegeasRu'Lude GardensUnknown4000 gil
Empty MemoriesGeneralHarithRu'Lude GardensUnknownDia Wand, Hamayumi, Hysteroanima, Psychoanima, Stone Gorget, Terroanima
Fistful of FuryGeneralVolaJeuno LowerTenshodo UnknownMonk Belt Quest #2Brown Belt
Girl in the Looking GlassGeneralLuto MewrilahJeuno UpperAnyNPC Fellow Quest #2
Hook, Line, and SinkerGeneralOmerJeuno LowerUnknown3000 gil
In Defiant ChallengeLevel BreakMaatRu'Lude GardensAnyLevel Cap (Level 50) Quest #1Raises the level cap of the character to 55.
In the Mood For LoveGeneralOdaselJeuno LowerUnknown4800 gil
Lure of the Wildcat (Jeuno)GeneralAjithaamJeuno UpperAnyWhite Invitation Card
Mirror, MirrorGeneralLuto MewrilahJeuno UpperAnyNPC Fellow Quest #3Signal Pearl
Grants the ability to summon an NPC Fellow.
Mysteries of Beadeaux IGeneralSattal-MansalJeuno LowerTenshodo NoneCoruscant Rosary
Mysteries of Beadeaux IIGeneralSattal-MansalJeuno LowerTenshodo NoneBlack Matinee Necklace
Never to ReturnGeneralKurou-MorouJeuno LowerUnknownKurou-Morou Quest #21200 gil, Garnet Ring
NorthwardMapRadeivepartRu'Lude Gardens4Map of Castle Zvahl
Painful MemoryArtifactMertaireJeuno LowerNoneBard AF1Paper Knife
Past ReflectionsGeneralLuto MewrilahJeuno UpperUnknownNPC Fellow Upgrade #1Strengthens the bonds between you and your adventuring fellow.
Path of the BeastmasterAdvanced JobBrutusJeuno UpperNoneBeastmaster Flag Quest #2Grants the ability to become a Beastmaster.
Pretty Little ThingsMog House ExitZona ShodhunJeuno PortAnyGrants the ability to exit from your Mog House in Jeuno into any area in Jeuno.
Riding on the CloudsLevel BreakMaatRu'Lude GardensAnyLevel Cap (Level 65) Quest #4Raises the level cap of the character to 70.
Rubbish DayGeneralChululuJeuno LowerUnknownChululu Quest #26000 gil, Chain Choker
Save My SisterGeneralBaudinJeuno UpperUnknown3000 gil, Holy Mace
Save My SonAdvanced JobJeuno LowerNoneBeastmaster Flag Quest #12100 gil, Beast Whistle
Save the Clock TowerGeneralDerrickJeuno LowerUnknownClock Tower Quest #2
Scattered into ShadowArtifactBrutusJeuno UpperNoneBeastmaster AF2Beast Gaiters
Searching For the Right WordsSpellIlumidaJeuno UpperUnknownIlumida Quest #23000 gil, Scroll of Sleepga II
Shattering StarsLevel BreakMaatRu'Lude GardensAnyLevel Cap (Level 70) Quest #5Raises the level cap of the character to 75.
Tenshodo MembershipGeneralGhebi DamomoheJeuno LowerTenshodo NoneTenshodo Member's Card
The Antique CollectorMapImasukeJeuno Port4Map of Delkfutt's Tower
The Circle of TimeArtifactImasukeJeuno PortNoneBard AF3Choral Justaucorps
The ClockmasterGeneralJeuno UpperUnknownClock Tower Quest #31200 gil, Time Hammer
The Gobbiebag Part IInventory & StorageBluffnixJeuno Lower2Gobbiebag Quest #1Raises your character's inventory by 5, to a total of 35 spaces.
The Gobbiebag Part IIInventory & StorageBluffnixJeuno Lower4Gobbiebag Quest #2Raises your character's inventory by 5, to a total of 40 spaces.
The Gobbiebag Part IIIInventory & StorageBluffnixJeuno Lower5Gobbiebag Quest #3Raises your character's inventory by 5, to a total of 45 spaces.
The Gobbiebag Part IVInventory & StorageBluffnixJeuno Lower5Gobbiebag Quest #4Raises your character's inventory by 5, to a total of 50 spaces.
The Gobbiebag Part VInventory & StorageBluffnixJeuno Lower6Gobbiebag Quest #5Raises your character's inventory by 5, to a total of 55 spaces.
The Gobbiebag Part VIInventory & StorageBluffnixJeuno Lower6Gobbiebag Quest #6Raises your character's inventory by 5, to a total of 60 spaces.
The Goblin TailorGeneralGuttrixJeuno Lower2
The Kind CardianGeneralPanta-PuttaJeuno UpperUnknownMerchant's Family Quest #3Green Cape
The Lost CardianGeneralPanta-PuttaJeuno LowerUnknownMerchant's Family Quest #22100 gil, Two of Swords
The Old MonumentAdvanced JobJeuno LowerAnyBard Flag Quest #1
The Path of the BardAdvanced JobJeuno LowerAnyBard Flag Quest #33000 gil
Grants the ability to become a Bard.
The RequiemArtifactBki TbujhjaJeuno LowerNoneBard AF2Choral Slippers
The Road to Aht UrhganGeneralFaurselJeuno LowerNoneBoarding Permit, Map of Wajaom Woodlands
Provides ferry access between Mhaura and Aht Urhgan.
The Wonder Magic SetGeneralPanta-PuttaJeuno Lower3Mythril Earring
Unlisted QualitiesGeneralLuto MewrilahJeuno UpperAnyNPC Fellow Quest #1Silver Ingot
Whence Blows the WindLevel BreakMaatRu'Lude GardensAnyLevel Cap (Level 60) Quest #3Raises the level cap of the character to 65.
Wings of GoldArtifactBrutusJeuno UpperNoneBeastmaster AF1Barbaroi Axe
Your Crystal BallGeneralKurou-MorouJeuno Lower2Kurou-Morou Quest #1Grants the ability to have your fortune told by Kurou-Morou.
Quest Type Start NPC Start Zone Fame
Summary Reward

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