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Final Fantasy XI Quest List
Quest Type Start NPC Start Zone Fame
Summary Reward
A Discerning Eye (Bastok)GeneralGrinBastok PortUnknown500 gil
A Flash in the PanGeneralAquillinaBastok MarketsAny100 gil
A Foreman's Best FriendMapGudavBastok PortAnyMap of the Gusgen Mines
A Lady's HeartMog House ExitValah MolkotBastok PortAnyGrants the ability to exit from your Mog House in Bastok into any residential area in Bastok.
A Question of FaithGeneralAyameMetalworksUnknownMovalpolos Investigation Quest #23000 gil
A Test of True LoveGeneralCarmeloBastok Port6Carmelo Quest #310000 gil
Achieving True PowerLevel BreakShamarhaanBastok MarketsNonePuppetmaster Level Cap Quest (Level 70)Raises the level cap of the character to 75.
All By MyselfEscortMarinBastok MarketsUnknown1500 gil
Altana's SorrowSpellVirnageBastok Mines4Scroll of Teleport-Dem
Ayame and KaedeAdvanced JobEnsetsuBastok PortNoneNinja Flag QuestGrants the ability to become a Ninja.
Beadeaux SmogGeneralHigh BearMetalworks4Chakram
Beauty and the GalkaGeneralTalibBastok PortAnyZinc Ore Quest #1Bronze Knife
Bite The DustGeneralYazanBastok Port2350 gil
Blade Of DarknessAdvanced JobGumbahBastok MinesNoneDark Knight Flag QuestGrants the ability to become a Dark Knight.
Blade of DeathGeneralGumbahBastok Mines3Deathbringer
Blade of EvilArtifactBeadeauxNoneDark Knight AF3Chaos Burgeonet
Breaking StonesGeneralHoratiusBastok Markets2400 gil
Brygid the Stylist ReturnsGeneralBrygidBastok MarketsUnknownBrygid Quest #2Aikido Gi, Cerise Doublet, Duende Cotehardie, Gaudy Harness, Glamor Jupon, Gloom Breastplate, Nimbus Doublet, Nokizaru Gi, Parade Cuirass, Rapparee Harness, Shikaree Aketon, Shinimusha Hara-Ate, Wyvern Mail
One piece is rewarded each time the quest is completed.
Brygid, The StylistGeneralBrygidBastok MarketsAnyBrygid Quest #1Gloves
Buckets Of GoldGeneralFossBastok MarketsAny300 gil
ChipsGeneralCidMetalworksUnknownCCB Polymer
Cid's SecretGeneralCidMetalworks4Helping Cid Quest #1Ram Mantle
Dark LegacyArtifactRaibahtMetalworksNoneDark Knight AF1Raven Scythe
Dark PuppetArtifactCidMetalworksNoneDark Knight AF2Chaos Sollerets
DrachenfallGeneralBlack MudBastok Mines22000 gil
Eco-Warrior (Bastok)GeneralRaifaBastok PortAny5000 gil, Dragon Chronicles
Escort For Hire (Bastok)EscortTrilokBastok Port610000 gil, Miratete's Memoirs
Faded PromisesGeneralRomualdoMetalworksUnknownFukuro
Fallen ComradesGeneralPavvkeBastok Mines2550 gil
Father FigureGeneralMicheaBastok Markets2Goldsmith Quest #22200 gil
Fear Of FlyingGeneralKurandoBastok Port3Black Silk Neckerchief
Forever to HoldGeneralQijiBastok Port2Married Couple Quest #1300 gil
Ghosts of the PastArtifactOggbiBastok PortNoneMonk AF1Beat Cesti
GourmetGeneralSalimahBastok MarketsAnyVariable gil reward
GroceriesGeneralTamiBastok MinesAny10 gil, Rabbit Mantle
Variable reward depending on the completion of the quest: either 10 gil, or a Rabbit Mantle.
Guest of HauteurGeneralPowhatanBastok Port5Powhatan Quest #2Targe
Hearts of MythrilGeneralElkiBastok MinesAnyElki Quest #1Sitabaki
Hyper ActiveGeneralRaibahtMetalworksUnknownRaibaht Quest #23000 gil
InheritanceWeaponskillGumbahBastok MinesUnknownGrants the Great Sword weaponskill Ground Strike.
Love and IceGeneralCarmeloBastok Port5Carmelo Quest #2Lamia Harp
Lovers in the DuskGeneralCarmeloBastok PortUnknownCarmelo Quest #4Siren Flute
Lure of the Wildcat (Bastok)GeneralAlib-MufalibBastok PortAnyBlue Invitation Card
Mean MachineSpellUnlucky RatMetalworks2Scroll of Warp
MinesweeperGeneralGerbaumBastok MinesAny150 gil
Mom, The Adventurer?GeneralNbu LattehBastok MarketsAnyNbu Latteh Quest #1100 gil
Reward of 100 gil if the letter is read; 200 if it isn't.
Out of One's ShellGeneralRonanBastok Port3Quadav Quest #2Monk's Headgear
Out of the DepthsGeneralAyameMetalworksUnknownMovalpolos Investigation Quest #13200 gil
1200 gil is the end-quest reward; 1000 gil is obtained from turning in key items.
Past PerfectGeneralEviBastok Port3Scale Mail
Return to the DepthsGeneralAyameMetalworks5Movalpolos Investigation Quest #33000 gil, Bowyer Ring
RivalsGeneralDetzoBastok Mines3Wolf Gorget
Shady BusinessGeneralTalibBastok PortTenshodo 3Zinc Ore Quest #2350 gil
Shoot First, Ask Questions LaterWeaponskillCidMetalworksUnknownGrants the Marksmanship weaponskill Detonator.
Silence of the RamsGeneralPaujeanBastok PortTenshodo 2Monk Belt Quest #1Purple Belt
Smoke on the MountainGeneralHungry WolfMetalworksAny300 gil
Stamp HuntGeneralArawnBastok MarketsAnyLeather Gorget
StardustGeneralBaldricMetalworks2300 gil
Teak Me to the StarsGeneralRaibahtMetalworks3Raibaht Quest #12100 gil
The Bare BonesMapDegenhardBastok MarketsAnyMap of the Dangruf Wadi
The Cold Light of DayGeneralMaleneBastok MarketsAny500 gil
The Curse CollectorGeneralZon-FobunBastok Markets4Poison Cesti
The DarksmithGeneralMighty FistMetalworks38000 gil
The DoormanArtifactPharaBastok MinesNoneWarrior AF1Razor Axe
The Eleventh's HourGeneralElkiBastok Mines3Elki Quest #2Small Sword
The Elvaan GoldsmithGeneralMicheaBastok MarketsAnyGoldsmith Quest #1180 gil
The First MeetingArtifactOggbiBastok PortNoneMonk AF2Temple Gaiters
The Gustaberg TourGeneralIzabeleMetalworksAny500 gil
The Naming GameGeneralRaibahtMetalworksUnknownRaibaht Quest #33600 gil
Grants the ability to name the new airship shown in the Chains of Promathia chapter 5 mission; can rename with another Ordrynite.
The Quadav's CurseGeneralCorannBastok PortAnyQuadav Quest #1Bronze Subligar
The Return Of The AdventurerGeneralGwillBastok Markets3Goldsmith Quest #3Cotton Headband
The Signpost Marks the SpotGeneralNbu LattehBastok Markets2Nbu Latteh Quest #2Linen Robe
The Siren's TearGeneralWahidBastok MinesAny150 gil
The Stars Of IfritGeneralAgapitoBastok Port4Carmelo Quest #12100 gil
The Talekeeper's GiftArtifactDeidoggBastok MinesNoneWarrior AF3Fighter's Lorica
The Talekeeper's TruthArtifactDeidoggBastok MinesNoneWarrior AF2Fighter's Calligae
The UsualGeneralHildaBastok Port5Helping Cid Quest #2Speed Bow
The Walls of Your MindWeaponskillOggbiBastok PortUnknownGrants the Hand-to-Hand weaponskill Asuran Fists.
The Weight of Your LimitsWeaponskillIron EaterMetalworksUnknownGrants the Great Axe weaponskill Steel Cyclone.
The Wisdom Of EldersGeneralBenitaBastok PortAnyTraveler's Hat
Till Death Do Us PartGeneralRomildaBastok Port3Married Couple Quest #22000 gil
Trial by EarthAvatarJuroroBastok Port610000 gil, Desert Light, Earth Belt, Earth Ring, Titan's Cudgel
Reward is either: one of the items listed; 10000 gil; or the ability to summon Titan.
Trial-Size Trial by EarthAvatarFerrolBastok PortUnknownGrants the Titan summon.
True StrengthArtifactAyameMetalworksNoneMonk AF3Temple Hose
Vengeful WrathGeneralGoraowBastok Mines3900 gil
Welcome to BastokGeneralPowhatanBastok PortAnyPowhatan Quest #1Spatha
Wish Upon a StarGeneralZaccBastok Markets5Cactus Stems
Four bags of Cactus Stems are rewarded.
Quest Type Start NPC Start Zone Fame
Summary Reward

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