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Final Fantasy XI Quest List
Quest Type Start NPCStart ZoneFame
Summary Reward
A Flash in the PanGeneralAquillinaBastok MarketsAny100 gil
Breaking StonesGeneralHoratiusBastok Markets2400 gil
Creepy CrawliesGeneralIllu BohjaaWindurst WoodsAny600 gil
Buckets Of GoldGeneralFossBastok MarketsAny300 gil
Fit for a PrinceGeneralHalverChateau d'OraguilleUnknownCastor's Ring, Pollux's Ring
A Timely VisitGeneralDeraquienSan d'Oria SouthUnknownMedieval Collar
A Discerning Eye (San d'Oria)GeneralEddySan d'Oria PortUnknown500 gil
GourmetGeneralSalimahBastok MarketsAnyVariable gil reward
Twinstone BondingGeneralGioh AjihriWindurst Woods3900 gil, Wrapped Bow
Reward of a Wrapped Bow the first time the quest is completed; 900 gil for each completion thereafter.
Stamp HuntGeneralArawnBastok MarketsAnyLeather Gorget
The Bare BonesMapDegenhardBastok MarketsAnyMap of the Dangruf Wadi
The Cold Light of DayGeneralMaleneBastok MarketsAny500 gil
The Curse CollectorGeneralZon-FobunBastok Markets4Poison Cesti
Wish Upon a StarGeneralZaccBastok Markets5Cactus Stems
Four bags of Cactus Stems are rewarded.
Altana's SorrowSpellVirnageBastok Mines4Scroll of Teleport-Dem
The Amazin' ScorpioGeneralSoni-MuniWindurst Woods21500 gil
Blade of DeathGeneralGumbahBastok Mines3Deathbringer
DrachenfallGeneralBlack MudBastok Mines22000 gil
Fallen ComradesGeneralPavvkeBastok Mines2550 gil
GroceriesGeneralTamiBastok MinesAny10 gil, Rabbit Mantle
Variable reward depending on the completion of the quest: either 10 gil, or a Rabbit Mantle.
Trial by IceAvatarGulmamaSan d'Oria North610000 gil, Ice Belt, Ice Ring, Rust 'B' Gone, Shiva's Claws
Reward is either: one of the items listed; 10000 gil; or the ability to summon Shiva.
Trial-Size Trial by IceAvatarCastilchatSan d'Oria NorthUnknownGrants the Shiva summon.
MinesweeperGeneralGerbaumBastok MinesAny150 gil
RivalsGeneralDetzoBastok Mines3Wolf Gorget
The Siren's TearGeneralWahidBastok MinesAny150 gil
Vengeful WrathGeneralGoraowBastok Mines3900 gil
A Discerning Eye (Bastok)GeneralGrinBastok PortUnknown500 gil
A Foreman's Best FriendMapGudavBastok PortAnyMap of the Gusgen Mines
A Lady's HeartMog House ExitValah MolkotBastok PortAnyGrants the ability to exit from your Mog House in Bastok into any residential area in Bastok.
All at SeaGeneralPaytahWindurst PortUnknownDhalmel Mantle, Leather Ring
To Catch a Falling StarGeneralSigismundWindurst PortAnyFish Scale Shield
Something FishyGeneralTokakaWindurst PortAny70 gil
Mandragora-MadGeneralYoran-OranWindurst WallsAny120 gil
Reward of 120-5500 gil, depending on the item delivered.
Undying FlamesGeneralPagisalisSan d'Oria North2Friar's Rope
Tiger's TeethGeneralTaumilaSan d'Oria South32100 gil
Bite The DustGeneralYazanBastok Port2350 gil
Escort For Hire (Bastok)EscortTrilokBastok Port610000 gil, Miratete's Memoirs
Fear Of FlyingGeneralKurandoBastok Port3Black Silk Neckerchief
Souls in ShadowWeaponskillNovalmaugeBostaunieux OublietteUnknownGrants the Scythe weaponskill Spiral Hell.
Eco-Warrior (San d'Oria)GeneralNorejaieSan d'Oria SouthAny5000 gil, Dragon Chronicles
A Pose By Any Other NameGeneralAngelicaWindurst WatersAnyAncient Blood, Angelica's Autograph
Reap What You SowGeneralMashuu-AjuuWindurst WatersAny700 gil, Stationery Set
Reward of the Stationary Set, and 500 gil for a Sobbing Fungus, 700 gil for a Deathball.
Grimy SignpostsGeneralMaugieSan d'Oria South21500 gil
Her Majesty's GardenMapChalvatotChateau d'Oraguille4Map of the Northlands Area
Hoist the Jelly, RogerGeneralMaysoonWindurst WatersUnknownSuper Soup Pot
Past PerfectGeneralEviBastok Port3Scale Mail
Methods Create MadnessWeaponskillBalasielSan d'Oria SouthUnknownGrants the Polearm weaponskill Impulse Drive.
The Wisdom Of EldersGeneralBenitaBastok PortAnyTraveler's Hat
Beadeaux SmogGeneralHigh BearMetalworks4Chakram
Faded PromisesGeneralRomualdoMetalworksUnknownFukuro
Mean MachineSpellUnlucky RatMetalworks2Scroll of Warp
Smoke on the MountainGeneralHungry WolfMetalworksAny300 gil
StardustGeneralBaldricMetalworks2300 gil
The DarksmithGeneralMighty FistMetalworks38000 gil
The Gustaberg TourGeneralIzabeleMetalworksAny500 gil
Over the Hills and Far AwayMapAntreneauSan d'Oria PortUnknownMap of the Uleguerand Range
Thick ShellsGeneralVounebariontSan d'Oria Port2750 gil
Lufet's Lake SaltGeneralNogelleSan d'Oria PortAny600 gil
Say It With FlowersGeneralMoari-KaaoriWindurst Waters2400 gil, Iron Sword
Iron Sword is the reward the first time it is completed properly; 400 gil for repeat; 100 gil if not completed properly.
Wondering MinstrelGeneralJatan-ParatanWindurst Waters6Faerie Piccolo
A Purchase of ArmsGeneralHelbortSan d'Oria South3Elm Staff
Teacher's PetGeneralMoreno-ToenoWindurst WatersAny250 gil
Glyph HangerMapHariga-OrigaWindurst WatersAnyMap of the Horutoto Ruins
Paying Lip ServiceGeneralTapoh LihzehWindurst WoodsAny150 gil
Reward of 150 gil for 3 Beehive Chips; 200 gil for 2 Remi Shells.
Distant LoyaltiesGeneralFemitteSan d'Oria South4White Cape
Eco-Warrior (Bastok)GeneralRaifaBastok PortAny5000 gil, Dragon Chronicles
The Weight of Your LimitsWeaponskillIron EaterMetalworksUnknownGrants the Great Axe weaponskill Steel Cyclone.
Shoot First, Ask Questions LaterWeaponskillCidMetalworksUnknownGrants the Marksmanship weaponskill Detonator.
InheritanceWeaponskillGumbahBastok MinesUnknownGrants the Great Sword weaponskill Ground Strike.
The Walls of Your MindWeaponskillOggbiBastok PortUnknownGrants the Hand-to-Hand weaponskill Asuran Fists.
Sleepless NightsGeneralPaoualaSan d'Oria South25000 gil
Catch It If You Can!GeneralOhruruWindurst PortUnknown1000 gil
Reward of 1000-1500 gil depending on the ailment: 1000 for Silence, 1200 for Curse, 1500 for Plague.
Warding VampiresGeneralMaloquedilSan d'Oria North3900 gil
Fear of the DarkGeneralSecodiandSan d'Oria NorthAny200 gil
Starting a FlameGeneralLegataSan d'Oria SouthAny100 gil
The General's SecretGeneralCurillaChateau d'Oraguille2Lynx Baghnakhs
Growing FlowersMog House ExitKuu MohzolhiSan d'Oria NorthAnyGrants the ability to exit from your Mog House in San d'Oria into any residential area in San d'Oria.
Exit the GamblerMapAuregeSan d'Oria NorthAnyMap of King Ranperre's Tomb
All By MyselfEscortMarinBastok MarketsUnknown1500 gil
ChipsGeneralCidMetalworksUnknownCCB Polymer
Trial-Size Trial by EarthAvatarFerrolBastok PortUnknownGrants the Titan summon.
Trial by EarthAvatarJuroroBastok Port610000 gil, Desert Light, Earth Belt, Earth Ring, Titan's Cudgel
Reward is either: one of the items listed; 10000 gil; or the ability to summon Titan.
A Sentry's PerilGeneralGlenneSan d'Oria SouthAnyBronze Subligar
A Crisis in the MakingGeneralRanpi-MonpiWindurst Waters2400 gil
Rosel the ArmorerGeneralRoselSan d'Oria SouthAny200 gil
Reward of 100-200 gil, depending on whether the proper prince is named.
The PickpocketGeneralMieneSan d'Oria PortAnyLight Axe
Father and SonGeneralAilbecheSan d'Oria NorthAnyWillow Fishing Rod
Escort for Hire (San d'Oria)EscortRondipurSan d'Oria NorthUnknown10000 gil, Miratete's Memoirs
The Dismayed CustomerGeneralGulemontSan d'Oria Port2560 gil
Acting In Good FaithSpellGantineuxWindurst Waters4Scroll of Teleport-Mea
The Sweetest ThingsGeneralRaimbroySan d'Oria South2400 gil
Making the GradeSpellFuepepeWindurst Waters3Scroll of Aspir
Unexpected TreasureGeneralMorunaudeSan d'Oria North412000 gil
Grave ConcernsGeneralAndeciaSan d'Oria SouthAny560 gil
Let Sleeping Dogs LieGeneralPaku-NakkuWindurst Waters4Hypno Staff
Old WoundsWeaponskillCurillaChateau d'OraguilleUnknownGrants the Sword weaponskill Savage Blade.
Flyers for RegineGeneralRegineSan d'Oria PortAny440 gil
Gates to ParadiseGeneralOlbergieutSan d'Oria NorthAnyCotton Cape
The Merchant's BiddingGeneralParviponSan d'Oria SouthAny120 gil
In a PickleGeneralChamamaWindurst WatersAny200 gil, Bone Hairpin
Reward of Bone Hairpin on the first completion; reward of 200 gil for each following completion.
Quest Type Start NPCStart ZoneFame
Summary Reward
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