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Final Fantasy XI Quest List
Quest Type Start NPCStart Zone Fame
Summary Reward
Borghertz's Harmonious HandsArtifactGuslamJeuno UpperNoneBard AF HandsChoral Cuffs
Painful MemoryArtifactMertaireJeuno LowerNoneBard AF1Paper Knife
The RequiemArtifactBki TbujhjaJeuno LowerNoneBard AF2Choral Slippers
The Circle of TimeArtifactImasukeJeuno PortNoneBard AF3Choral Justaucorps
Borghertz's Wild HandsArtifactGuslamJeuno UpperNoneBeastmaster AF HandsBeast Gloves
Wings of GoldArtifactBrutusJeuno UpperNoneBeastmaster AF1Barbaroi Axe
Scattered into ShadowArtifactBrutusJeuno UpperNoneBeastmaster AF2Beast Gaiters
A New DawnArtifactJeuno LowerNoneBeastmaster AF3Beast Trousers
Borghertz's Sorcerous HandsArtifactGuslamJeuno UpperNoneBlack Mage AF HandsWizard's Gloves
The Three MagiArtifactChumimiHeavens TowerNoneBlack Mage AF1Casting Wand
RecollectionsArtifactChumimiHeavens TowerNoneBlack Mage AF2Wizard's Sabots
The Root of the ProblemArtifactChumimiHeavens TowerNoneBlack Mage AF3Wizard's Petasos
BeginningsArtifactWaoudAht Urhgan WhitegateNoneBlue Mage AF1Immortal's Scimitar
OmensArtifactWaoudAht Urhgan WhitegateNoneBlue Mage AF2Magus Charuqs
TransformationsArtifactWaoudAht Urhgan WhitegateNoneBlue Mage AF3Magus Keffiyeh
Equipped for All OccasionsArtifactArrapago ReefNoneCorsair AF1Trump Gun
Navigating the Unfriendly SeasArtifactArrapago ReefNoneCorsair AF2Corsair's Culotte
Against All OddsArtifactAht Urhgan WhitegateNoneCorsair AF3Corsair's Tricorne
Borghertz's Shadowy HandsArtifactGuslamJeuno UpperNoneDark Knight AF HandsChaos Gauntlets
Dark LegacyArtifactRaibahtMetalworksNoneDark Knight AF1Raven Scythe
Dark PuppetArtifactCidMetalworksNoneDark Knight AF2Chaos Sollerets
Blade of EvilArtifactBeadeauxNoneDark Knight AF3Chaos Burgeonet
Borghertz's Dragon HandsArtifactGuslamJeuno UpperNoneDragon AF HandsDrachen Finger Gauntlets
A Craftsman's WorkArtifactMiauxSan d'Oria NorthNoneDragoon AF1Peregrine
Chasing QuotasArtifactCeraulianSan d'Oria PortNoneDragoon AF2Drachen Brais
Knight StalkerArtifactRahalChateau d'OraguilleNoneDragoon AF3Drachen Armet
Borghertz's Striking HandsArtifactGuslamJeuno UpperNoneMonk AF HandsTemple Gloves
Ghosts of the PastArtifactOggbiBastok PortNoneMonk AF1Beat Cesti
The First MeetingArtifactOggbiBastok PortNoneMonk AF2Temple Gaiters
True StrengthArtifactAyameMetalworksNoneMonk AF3Temple Hose
Borghertz's Lurking HandsArtifactGuslamJeuno UpperNoneNinja AF HandsNinja Tekko
20 In Pirate Years1ArtifactRyomaNorgNoneNinja AF11Anju, Zushio
I'll Take the Big BoxArtifactRyomaNorgNoneNinja AF2Ninja Hakama
True WillArtifactRyomaNorgNoneNinja AF3Ninja Chainmail
Borghertz's Stalwart HandsArtifactGuslamJeuno UpperNonePaladin AF HandsGallant Gauntlets
Sharpening the SwordArtifactAilbecheSan d'Oria NorthNonePaladin AF1Honor Sword
A Boy's DreamArtifactAilbecheSan d'Oria NorthNonePaladin AF2Gallant Leggings
Under OathArtifactChateau d'OraguilleNonePaladin AF3Gallant Surcoat
The Wayward AutomatonArtifactIruki-WarakiAht Urhgan WhitegateNonePuppetmaster AF1Turbo Animator
Operation TeatimeArtifactIruki-WarakiAht Urhgan WhitegateNonePuppetmaster AF2Puppetry Churidars
Puppetmaster BluesArtifactIruki-WarakiAht Urhgan WhitegateNonePuppetmaster AF3Puppetry Taj
Borghertz's Chasing HandsArtifactGuslamJeuno UpperNoneRanger AF HandsHunter's Bracers
Sin HuntingArtifactPerih VashaiWindurst WoodsNoneRanger AF1Sniping Bow
Fire and BrimstoneArtifactPerih VashaiWindurst WoodsNoneRanger AF2Hunter's Beret
Unbridled PassionArtifactPerih VashaiWindurst WoodsNoneRanger AF3Hunter's Socks, Ice Arrow
Borghertz's Vermillion HandsArtifactGuslamJeuno UpperNoneRed Mage AF HandsWarlock's Gloves
The Crimson TrialArtifactSharzalionSan d'Oria SouthNoneRed Mage AF1Fencing Degen
Enveloped in DarknessArtifactCurillaChateau d'OraguilleNoneRed Mage AF2Warlock's Boots
Peace for the SpiritArtifactCurillaChateau d'OraguilleNoneRed Mage AF3Warlock's Chapeau
Borghertz's Loyal HandsArtifactGuslamJeuno UpperNoneSamurai AF HandsMyochin Kote
The Sacred KatanaArtifactJaucribaixNorgNoneSamurai AF1Magoroku
Yomi OkuriArtifactGilgameshNorgNoneSamurai AF2Myochin Sune-Ate
A Thief In Norg!?ArtifactGilgameshNorgNoneSamurai AF3Myochin Kabuto
Borghertz's Calling HandsArtifactGuslamJeuno UpperNoneSummoner AF HandsEvoker's Bracers
The Puppet MasterArtifactWindurst WallsNoneSummoner AF1Kukulcan's Staff
Class ReunionArtifactWindurst WallsNoneSummoner AF2Evoker's Spats
Carbuncle DebacleArtifactWindurst WallsNoneSummoner AF3Evoker's Horn
Borghertz's Sneaky HandsArtifactGuslamJeuno UpperNoneThief AF HandsRogue's Armlets
The Tenshodo ShowdownArtifactNanaa MihgoWindurst WoodsNoneThief AF1Marauder's Knife
As Thick as ThievesArtifactNanaa MihgoWindurst WoodsNoneThief AF2Rogue's Bonnet
Hitting the MarquisateArtifactNanaa MihgoWindurst WoodsNoneThief AF3Rogue's Poulaines
Borghertz's Warring HandsArtifactGuslamJeuno UpperNoneWarrior AF HandsFighter's Mufflers
The DoormanArtifactPharaBastok MinesNoneWarrior AF1Razor Axe
The Talekeeper's TruthArtifactDeidoggBastok MinesNoneWarrior AF2Fighter's Calligae
The Talekeeper's GiftArtifactDeidoggBastok MinesNoneWarrior AF3Fighter's Lorica
Borghertz's Healing HandsArtifactGuslamJeuno UpperNoneWhite Mage AF HandsHealer's Mitts
Messenger From BeyondArtifactNarcheralSan d'Oria NorthNoneWhite Mage AF1Blessed Hammer
Prelude of Black and WhiteArtifactNarcheralChateau d'OraguilleNoneWhite Mage AF2Healer's Duckbills
Pieueje's DecisionArtifactNarcheralChateau d'OraguilleNoneWhite Mage AF3Healer's Briault
Quest Type Start NPC Start Zone Fame
Summary Reward

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Order: Final Fantasy XI Online: Wings of the Goddess Expansion Pack (PC)(PS2)(XBOX 360)
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