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Total: 381950263
Today: 5361
Yesterday: 10704

Items: 9505
Mobs: 4024
Recipes: 3285
NPCs: 2066
Quests: 570

Name TypeZoneLocation
Cacaroon Aht Urhgan WhitegateG-11
Riyadahf Map DealerAht Urhgan WhitegateI-10
Ahkk Jharcham Aht Urhgan WhitegateI-10
Zhamwaa Residence RenterAht Urhgan WhitegateF-10
Fubruhn Aht Urhgan WhitegateF-11
Teteroon Aht Urhgan WhitegateG-1
Kadura-Haidura Aht Urhgan WhitegateG-10
Famad Aht Urhgan WhitegateL-10
Isdebaaq Aht Urhgan WhitegateL-10
Mushayra Aht Urhgan WhitegateF-10
Hadahda Aht Urhgan WhitegateF-10
Wahnid Guild MerchantAht Urhgan WhitegateH-11
Kemha Flashp Guild CraftsmanAht Urhgan WhitegateH-11
Baya Hiramayuh Adventurer's AssistantAht Urhgan WhitegateH-12
Khaf Jhifanm Standard MerchantAht Urhgan WhitegateH-11
Esoteric Hound Aht Urhgan WhitegateH-11
Burnished Bones Aht Urhgan WhitegateH-11
Zarfhid Aht Urhgan WhitegateH-11
Zwinam Aht Urhgan WhitegateH-10
Kulh Amaryio Standard MerchantAht Urhgan WhitegateI-10
Nonoroon Aht Urhgan WhitegateI-11
Bajahb Standard MerchantAht Urhgan WhitegateJ-11
Sashosho Aht Urhgan WhitegateK-11
Dabhuh Aht Urhgan WhitegateK-11
Giehnz Aht Urhgan WhitegateK-10
Hagakoff Standard MerchantAht Urhgan WhitegateK-10
Kelsha-Melansha Aht Urhgan WhitegateJ-11
Hajoam Aht Urhgan WhitegateJ-10
Waoud Aht Urhgan WhitegateJ-10
Kamnahb Aht Urhgan WhitegateK-11
Hashayra Aht Urhgan WhitegateK-11
Ulamaal Aht Urhgan WhitegateK-12
Qutiba Aht Urhgan WhitegateK-12
Ratihb Aht Urhgan WhitegateJ-12
Yafaaf Standard MerchantAht Urhgan WhitegateJ-12
Fayeewah Standard MerchantAht Urhgan WhitegateK-12
Zubyahn Aht Urhgan WhitegateK-12
Halbeeya Aht Urhgan WhitegateK-12
Iruki-Waraki Aht Urhgan WhitegateK-9
Mhasbaf Aht Urhgan WhitegateJ-8
Musdahl Aht Urhgan WhitegateJ-8
Kabihyam Aht Urhgan WhitegateJ-8
Kuhmden Aht Urhgan WhitegateJ-8
Nadeey Aht Urhgan WhitegateK-7
Ugahar Aht Urhgan WhitegateK-7
Hishahma Aht Urhgan WhitegateK-8
Qahzwin Aht Urhgan WhitegateK-8
Jumaaf Aht Urhgan WhitegateK-9
Kantila Aht Urhgan WhitegateK-10
Rytaal Aht Urhgan WhitegateK-10
Qulsun Aht Urhgan WhitegateK-10
Yahsra Aht Urhgan WhitegateL-10
Bhoy Yhupplo Aht Urhgan WhitegateL-9
Lageegee Aht Urhgan WhitegateL-9
Amajal Aht Urhgan WhitegateL-8
Mafwahb Aht Urhgan WhitegateL-9
Arzizah Aht Urhgan WhitegateL-9
Tohka Telposkha Aht Urhgan WhitegateI-8
Kubhe Ijyuhla Aht Urhgan WhitegateI-8
Ubahrid Aht Urhgan WhitegateI-8
Prillaure Event Scene ReplayerAht Urhgan WhitegateI-8
Zaranf Aht Urhgan WhitegateH-8
Matifa Aht Urhgan WhitegateH-9
Fochacha Aht Urhgan WhitegateI-9
Abquhbah Adventurer's AssistantAht Urhgan WhitegateI-10
Naja Salaheem Aht Urhgan WhitegateI-10
Rodin-Comidin Aht Urhgan WhitegateI-7
Abda-Lurabda Aht Urhgan WhitegateI-7
Tateeya Aht Urhgan WhitegateI-7
Ghatsad Aht Urhgan WhitegateI-7
Gigirk Aht Urhgan WhitegateI-7
Balakaf Aht Urhgan WhitegateI-5
Saluhwa Standard MerchantAht Urhgan WhitegateH-7
Mathlouq Aht Urhgan WhitegateF-5
Ekhu Pesshyadha Aht Urhgan WhitegateH-6
Galzweesh Aht Urhgan WhitegateH-6
Shahbizu Aht Urhgan WhitegateI-6
Atiza Aht Urhgan WhitegateI-6
Somnolent Rooster Aht Urhgan WhitegateI-6
Furious Boulder Aht Urhgan WhitegateI-6
Dwago Standard MerchantAht Urhgan WhitegateI-6
Kuhn Tsahnpri Adventurer's AssistantAht Urhgan WhitegateI-5
Muyadah Aht Urhgan WhitegateI-6
Mazween Standard MerchantAht Urhgan WhitegateG-7
Nijaom Aht Urhgan WhitegateF-7
Ahaadah Aht Urhgan WhitegateG-6
Drahbah Aht Urhgan WhitegateF-6
Nafiwaa Aht Urhgan WhitegateG-5
Hadayah Guild CraftsmanAht Urhgan WhitegateG-5
Wahraga Guild MerchantAht Urhgan WhitegateG-5
Gathweeda Guild MerchantAht Urhgan WhitegateG-5
Sulbahn Guild CraftsmanAht Urhgan WhitegateF-5
Shahau Guild CraftsmanAht Urhgan WhitegateF-5
Mariyaam Item DelivererAht Urhgan WhitegateE-6
Kazween Item DelivererAht Urhgan WhitegateE-6
Zabahf Aht Urhgan WhitegateF-8
Tehf Kimasnayha Aht Urhgan WhitegateF-8
Malfud Standard MerchantAht Urhgan WhitegateF-8
Gavrie Standard MerchantAht Urhgan WhitegateF-8
Mulnith Standard MerchantAht Urhgan WhitegateF-9
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