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Total: 384896920
Today: 7923
Yesterday: 23313

Items: 9505
Mobs: 4024
Recipes: 3285
NPCs: 2066
Quests: 570

Site Updates - October 13, 2004
Posted by: Cuer - October 13, 2004
More changes behind the scenes; updates were made to the databases to reflect all the new types of items and affects available. Most notably:
Items Updated: Twilight Crystal, Torrent Crystal, Plasma Crystal, Terra Crystal, Cyclone Crystal, Glacier Crystal, Inferno Crystal, Aurora Crystal, Trick Staff II, Treat Staff II, Bolt Belt, Pellet Belt, Water Tank, Potion Tank, Ether Tank, Magic Slacks, Messhikimaru, Reviler's Helm, Poiseden's Ring, Stoneskin Torque, Reraise Gorget, Curaga Earring, Palmer's Bangles, Haste Belt, Powder Boots, Warp Cudgel, Coated Shield, Blink Band, Twicer, Mist Tunic, Mist Slacks, Mist Pumps, Mist Mitts, Mist Crown, Invisible Mantle, Poisona Ring, Kingdom Signet Staff, Republic Signet Staff, Federal Signet Staff, Dispel Couse, Movalpolos Water

Site Updates - October 8, 2004
Posted by: Cuer - October 8, 2004
More updates to the new recipes and food stats. Of special interest are the new sushi recipes, some of which provide substantial Accuracy boosts.

-- Cuer

Items Updated: Hermes Quencher, Hyper Ether, Hyper Potion, Antacid, Shade Leggings +1, Shade Leggings

Recipes Added: Porcupine Pie, Sole Sushi, Tuna Sushi, Squid Sushi, Squid Sushi +1, Sub-Zero Gelato, Snoll Gelato

Recipes Updated: Silver Chain, Firesand, Armored Arrowheads, Mandibular Sickle, Mist Pumps, Sha'ir Crackows, Sha'ir Gages, Bison Warbonnet, Gendawa, Sha'ir Seraweels, Seer's Tunic, Steel Ingot, Pellet Belt, Eisenbrust, Bone Scythe

Site Updates - October 7, 2004
Posted by: Cuer - October 7, 2004
The Sha'ir and Conte recipes are here! With the patch of October 6, the rest of the recipes went in that had been missing for crafted items added in the Chains of Promathia expansion. This includes those two armor sets, as well as some of the new crafted materials.

Further updates from that patch will also be included here: Chains of Promathia Item & NPC Compilation of Info

-- Cuer

Items Updated: Molybdenum Sheet, Molybdenum Ingot, Kingdom Aketon, Carrion Broth, Scroll of Absorb-INT, Scroll of Absorb-AGI, Rice Vinegar, Ground Wasabi, Mizu-Deppo, Hiraishin, Kawahori-Ogi, Uchitake, Bast Parchment, Toad Oil, Yellow Liquid, Lufaise Fly, Hippogryph Feather, Jack-o'-Lantern

Recipes Added: Molybdenum Sheet, Molybdenum Ingot, Cashmere Cloth, Cashmere Thread, Barone Gambieras, Barone Cosciales, Barone Manopolas, Barone Corazza, Barone Zucchetto, Sha'ir Crackows, Sha'ir Seraweels, Sha'ir Gages, Sha'ir Manteel, Sha'ir Turban

PlayOnline: All Worlds Maintenance (Wednesday Oct 6) 10:00 to 14:00 (PDT)
Posted by: Cuer - October 6, 2004
[Update: the patch notes listed below have been changed to reflect the final patch details.]

* New Promathia missions have been added.

* Players undertaking the Promathia mission "The Savage" will now be able to proceed from Riverne - Site #A01 to Monarch Linn. However, it will not be possible to enter the battlefield for "The Savage" unless Monarch Linn has been accessed from Riverne - Site #B01.

* In the quest "All by Myself," the status of "Invisible" will be canceled while the level restriction is in effect. Also, an issue during the quest where other parties were unable to attack monsters that the NPC had disengaged has been addressed.

* The effect of the monster ability to draw in opponents has been extended to include pets, avatars, and wyverns.

* An issue in level restricted areas concerning level 75 characters gaining limit points regardless of the accumulation mode setting has been addressed.

* An issue in level restricted areas concerning the number of experience points gained being calculated incorrectly when high-level party members are KO’d has been addressed. All other instances of the number of experience points gained in special circumstances being incorrectly calculated have also been addressed.

* The amount of time that elapses before certain monsters and NMs reappear after being defeated has been altered in several areas. No changes have been made for monsters that only appear after a certain condition has been met.

* The coordinates where a characters appears after using the black magic spell "Escape" has been changed for the following areas:
Promyvion – Vahzl/Spire of Vahzl

* The type of monsters appearing in several areas has been changed.

* The location of several monsters in the following areas has been altered: Uleguerand Range/Attohwa Chasm/King Ranperre's Tomb

* PCs and NPCs in battle, or the currently targeted PC/NPC have been given display priority.

* An issue where crystals could be obtained from monsters that do not yield experience points while wearing the Kingdom Aketon, Republic Aketon, or the Federation Aketon has been addressed.

* Adjustments will be made to the length of time the "Memory Stream" remains active in the following areas:
Promyvion – Holla/Promyvion – Mea/Promyvion – Dem/Promyvion – Vahzl

* An issue concerning parts of the Oldton Movalpolos area that could be accessed by means not normally possible has been addressed.

* The names of the following dark stalker monsters in Lufaise Meadows have been changed:
Formor Monk -> Fomor Monk
Formor Black Mage -> Fomor Black Mage
Formor Summoner -> Fomor Summoner

* Item drop rates for monsters in the Chains of Promathia areas have been adjusted.

* Guild members now reveal synthesis recipes that have previously been kept secret.

* The purchase price for the following items has been adjusted:
Antlion Jaw/Bugard Skin/Bugard Leather

* The item "antacid" is now stackable. The number of these items producable by synthesis has also been adjusted accordingly.

* It will no longer be possible to unequip “Enchanted” or “Dispensing” items during use.

* The following item name has been changed:
"Shade Spats" -> "Shade Leggings"

* An issue concerning a difference in the color of certain text between the Windows version and the PlayStation2 version has been addressed.

* The previous cursor position will no longer be remembered by the "Refined Search Option Menu."

* An issue where a "polboot.exe" error was detected when performing a FINAL FANTASY XI file check on the PlayOnline Viewer has been addressed. (Windows version only.)

Site Updates - October 1, 2004
Posted by: Cuer - October 1, 2004
New information keeps rolling in, providing more updates. Many thanks to those who provide feedback; if you see more info that hasn't been listed yet, don't hesitate to leave feedback about it. For those who requested more information about specific recipes or items, we're either still working on it or it just hasn't shown up. The opo-opo scamper about daily, trying to pull together as accurate as info as possible.

Some notable updates:
  • An updated food effects list is available, containing all the crafting ingredients and fish that can be eaten, as well as the standard crafted foods. Note the new web address, if you had the old one bookmarked: FFXI Food Effects List
  • Many of the last patch's recipes were updated with further information.
  • The new zones from Chains of Promathia are in, although still missing most information, aside from the chocobo digging and clamming info listed below; more details will be filled in as we have them available.
As always, a comprehensive overview of the latest changes can be found in the September 13 Patch Compilation of Info.

-- Cuer

Items Added: Manaclipper Ticket, Sluice Surveyer Mk. I, Shard of Cowardice, Shard of Arrogance, Shard of Apathy, Paintbrush of Souls, Old Rusty Key, Barrel of Opo-Opo Brew, Moon Bauble

Items Updated: Kopparnickel Ore, Coral Fungus, Danceshroom, Copper Ore, Movalpolos Water, Lizard Egg, Yagudo Cherry, Woozyshroom, Wild Pineapple, Wild Pamama, Wild Onion, Wild Melon, Watermelon, Warm Egg, Thundermelon, Sunflower Seeds, Stone Cheese, Sleepshroom, Selbina Milk, Scream Fungus, Saruta Orange, San d'Orian Grape, San d'Orian Carrot, Rolanberry 881, Rolanberry 874, Rolanberry 864, Rolanberry, Rock Cheese, Reishi Mushroom, Rarab Tail, Puffball, Persikos, Pamama, Moon Carrot, Mithran Tomato, Land Crab Meat, La Theine Cabbage, King Truffle, Kazham Pineapple, Honey, Hare Meat, Gysahl Greens, Ground Wasabi, Dupe Item, Giant Sheep Meat, Frost Turnip, Faerie Apple, Eggplant, Dragon Meat, Dhalmel Meat, Derfland Pear, Danceshroom, Crawler Egg, Coral Fungus, Coeurl Meat, Cockatrice Meat, Buffalo Meat, Buburimu Grape, Bird Egg, Beaugreens, Bibiki Slug, Zebra Eel, Zafmlug Bass, Yellow Globe, Tricolored Carp, Tiny Goldfish, Tiger Cod, Silver Shark, Shining Trout, Shall Shell, Sandfish, Red Terrapin, Quus, Pipira, Ogre Eel, Nosteau Herring, Noble Lady, Nebimonite, Moat Carp, Lionhead, Icefish, Greedie, Gold Lobster, Gold Carp, Forest Carp, Elshimo Frog, Dark Bass, Crescent Fish, Crayfish, Copper Frog, Cobalt Jellyfish, Cheval Salmon, Black Sole, Black Eel, Black Bubble-Eye, Bastore Sardine, Bastore Bream

NPCs Updated: Vendavoq, Bagnobrok, Prestapiq, Takiyah

Recipes Added: Slice of Carp, Grenade

Desynthesis Recipes Added: Corse Robe, Corse Robe, Corse Bracelet

Recipes Updated: Ram Leather, Sheep Leather, Brass Ingot, Crimson Jelly, Fish & Chips, Snoll Gelato, Dark Anima, Light Anima, Water Anima, Lightning Anima, Earth Anima, Wind Anima, Ice Anima, Fire Anima, Quake Grenade, Firesand, Black Ink, Ether Tank, Armored Arrowheads, Mist Crown, Shade Harness, Shade Tiara, Igqira Hauraches, Igqira Lappa, Igqira Manillas, Igqira Manillas, Igqira Tiara, Mandibular Sickle, Light Ram Leather, Light Ram Leather, Tough Dhalmel Leather, Tough Dhalmel Leather, Bugard Leather, Bugard Leather, Buffalo Leather, Buffalo Leather, Haste Belt, Powder Boots, Garish Pumps, Bison Gamashes, Bison Kecks, Bison Wristbands, Bison Jacket, Ebony Lumber, Bolt Belt, Coated Shield, Gendawa, Scarlet Linen, Moblinweave, Mist Tunic, Garish Slacks, Noct Brais, Noct Gloves, Noct Doublet, Noct Beret, Seer's Slacks, Seer's Mitts, Orichalcum Sheet, Aqueous Orichalcum Ingot, Poiseden's Ring, Messhikimaru, Eisenschuhs, Eisenhentzes, Eisenschaller, Twicer, Tomahawk, Falx

Zones Added: Boneyard Gully, Attohwa Chasm, Mine Shaft #2716, Newton Movalpolos, Oldton Movalpolos, Riverne - Site #B01, Riverne - Site #A01, Monarch Linn, Sacrarium, Phomiuna Aqueducts, Sealion's Den, Tavnazian Safehold, Misareaux Coast, Lufaise Meadows, Phanauet Channel, Carpenters' Landing, The Shrouded Maw, Pso'Xja, Uleguerand Range, Bearclaw Pinnacle

Chocobo Diggers Unite! - October 1, 2004
Posted by: Mirriam - October 1, 2004
Chocobo Digging for both Bibiki Bay and Carpenter's Landing added/updated. So far, they appear to be copies of Buburimu Peninsula and Jugner Forest, respectively. Clamming also added for Bibiki Bay.

-- Mirriam

Site News - September 27, 2004
Posted by: Palos - September 27, 2004
The feedback form was broken for a few days last week, so if you tried to leave feedback last week and received an error message, please leave it again.
Also the site was slow/down for a few hours last week, sorry for the problems, it should be better now.

-- Palos

Site Updates - September 24, 2004
Posted by: Cuer - September 24, 2004
Information is streaming in for all the new expansion areas, and that is reflected with these updates. Thanks to a yeoman's effort by Palos, we now have all the new crafting tools listed properly in recipes; you can also find the recipes that use a specific crafting tool in the recipe search. All the new recipes known so far have now been added with this update, and we're moving on to the new areas found only within the expansion. As always, the best compilation of information about the new items and recipes is in the September 13 Patch Compilation of Info. Also note the new chocobo digging zone; Mirriam has been running chocobos all along Bibiki Bay to find out if it holds any interesting items.

-- Cuer

Items Added: Yagudo Crest, Quadav Crest, Orcish Crest, Lumberjack, Wood Ensorcellment, Wood Purification, Metal Ensorcellment, Metal Purification, Leather Ensorcellment, Leather Purification, Gold Ensorcellment, Gold Purification, Frog Fishing, Raw Fish Handling, Cloth Ensorcellment, Cloth Purification, Bone Ensorcellment, Bone Purification, Anima Synthesis

Recipes Added: Divine Lumber, Ancient Lumber, Lancewood Lumber, Lacquer Tree Lumber, Ebony Lumber, Mahogany Lumber, Rosewood Lumber, Oak Lumber, Chestnut Lumber, Elm Lumber, Yew Lumber, Willow Lumber, Walnut Lumber, Holly Lumber, Ash Lumber, Maple Lumber, Lauan Lumber, Arrowwood Lumber, Exorcismal Oak Lumber, Bewitched Ash Lumber, Ethereal Oak Lumber, Light Steel Ingot, Caliginous Wolf Hide, Light Ram Leather, Light Ram Leather, Tough Dhalmel Leather, Tough Dhalmel Leather, Smooth Sheep Leather, Smooth Sheep Leather, Aqueous Orichalcum Ingot, Neutralizing Platinum Ingot, Bewitched Gold Ingot, Indurated Gold Ingot, Rogue's Platinum Ingot, Urchin Sushi, Tuna Sushi, Squid Sushi, Sole Sushi, Smooth Velvet, Smooth Velvet, Fine Linen Cloth, Smooth Beetle Jaw, Vivified Coral, Dark Anima, Light Anima, Water Anima, Lightning Anima, Earth Anima, Fire Anima, Wind Anima, Ice Anima, Photoanima

Zones Added: Manaclipper, Bibiki Bay

PlayOnline: Applying for World Emigration - September 22, 2004
Posted by: Cuer - September 22, 2004
The commencement of European FINAL FANTASY XI service has increased the overall population during peak times. Though the servers are able to cope with the added load, we have noticed that the peak population at 7:00 (PDT) has increased drastically, with more Japanese and North American players joining the game. For this reason, we have decided to invite players to emigrate to different Worlds to help balance the overall population. Please read the following carefully. If you wish to emigrate, please follow the instructions below.

Official PlayOnline Announcement


Site Updates - September 20, 2004
Posted by: Cuer - September 20, 2004
The opo-opo crew is keeping busy, digging up the latest information on all the new recipes and changes with the patch. Over 100 recipes are now in from the patch, with more on the way. As always, the best context for all this info is the September 13 Patch Compilation of Info.

Items Added: Lumberjack, Wood Ensorcellment, Wood Purification, Metal Ensorcellment, Metal Purification, Leather Ensorcellment, Leather Purification, Gold Ensorcellment, Gold Purification, Frog Fishing, Raw Fish Handling, Cloth Ensorcellment, Cloth Purification, Bone Ensorcellment, Bone Purification, Anima Synthesis

Recipes Added: Orichalcum Sheet, Garish Crown, Igqira Hauraches, Igqira Lappa, Igqira Manillas, Igqira Weskit, Igqira Tiara, Scarlet Linen, Titanictus Shell, Reraise Gorget

Desynthesis Recipes Added: Moblin Mask, Moblin Mail, Moblin Armor, Moblin Helm, Bugbear Mask

Recipes Updated: Seer's Crown, Bison Steak, Snoll Gelato, Pet Food Zeta Biscuit, Carbon Fiber, Black Ink, Mist Crown, Shade Spats, Shade Tights, Shade Mittens, Shade Harness, Mandibular Sickle, Invisible Mantle, Mist Pumps, Bison Gamashes, Bison Kecks, Bison Wristbands, Bison Jacket, Bolt Belt, Couse, Seer's Mitts, Brass Tank, Rhodonite, Eisenschuhs, Eisendiechlings, Eisenhentzes, Eisenschaller, Twicer, Voulge

-- Cuer

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