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FFXI Easter Egg Hunt!
Posted by: Mirriam - Fri Mar 25th, 2005 02:10 am EST
It's that time again folks! For those who remember last year's Easter Egg Event, many aspects of this event are the same: you talk to the moogle, get eggs, and trade in assorted combinations for goodies. There are 3 new furnishings (based on the three starting cities) if you find the "hidden" combinations, and lots of new ways to get eggs!

Getting Eggs:
Every game day, you can talk to the moogle and get one initial egg. One way to get an egg you need is to group with other people before you talk to the Moogle: you may then choose an egg based on the initials of the people you are grouped with (excluding yourself), so if I, Mirriam, group with Cuer and Palos, I can choose a C Egg or a P Egg. You may also get one extra egg per Vanadiel day by trading 12 Bird Eggs, 12 Hard-Boiled Eggs, 6 Lizard Eggs, 1 Soft-Boiled Egg or 1 Colored Egg to the Moogle. Trading a Party Egg to the Moogle will get you 2 extra eggs, and trading a Lucky Egg to the Moogle will get you 3 extra eggs. The eggs you receive will be random. If you try to trade a Warm Egg to the Moogle, he will tell you "Ku........po! I can't egg-cept such a rare item. You should take more care of your belongings, kupo!" You may also get 1 egg per day by harvesting, logging or mining. (Odd, isn't it?).

Egg Combinations:
The first thing you will need to do is collect the first three letters of your name. So, for Mirriam, I need an M, I and R Egg. Turn these into the moogle, and you will get Chocobo Tickets or Colored Drops. If you trade in the eggs and you already have the item the Moogle wants to give you, he will tell you to sort your inventory and come back. You will not lose your eggs, however.

The next combination you'll want to try for are the 7 of a Kind or the 8 Initial Straight. The 7 of a Kind is just as it sounds, 7 of the same letter. The 8 Initial Straight begins with the first letter of your name, and then the next 7 letters of the alphabet. So, for Mirriam, I would need an M, N, O, P, Q, R, S and T egg. Trading for these combinations will get you either a Happy Egg or a Fortune Egg. IMPORTANT NOTE: for those of you who have a Happy Egg or Fortune Egg from last year, apparently if you try to complete the 7 of a Kind or the 8 Initial Straight, you will not get a reward, and the Moogle will still take your eggs.

Hidden Combinations:
Finding the hidden combination will get you the different egg furniture pieces. In order to get the particular eggs, you will need to trade the first 5 letters of a region the country whose egg you want to receive owns. To receive the Bastokan Lamp Egg, I could trade G U S T and A Eggs. To receive the Windurstian Flower Egg, I could trade S A R U and T Eggs. To receive the San d'Orian Wing Egg, I could trade in R O N F and A Eggs. This does not have to be done in any particular city. IE, you can get the Flower Egg in San d'Oria, as long as you trade in the right combination. Trading in the wrong combination will get you turned into a scary Beastman!

Moogle Locations:
Northern San d'Oria
Southern San d'Oria

Bastok Mines
Bastok Markets

Windurst Woods
Windurst Waters

Event Specifics

Official Announcement: The Egg Hunt Egg-stravaganza!
Event Schedule: March 24th 16:00 (PST) to April 3rd 24:00 (PST)
Event Item Rewards: Chocobo Tickets, Black Drop, Blue Drop, Clear Drop, Green Drop, Purple Drop, Red Drop, White Drop, Yellow Drop, Happy Egg, Fortune Egg, Flower Egg, Lamp Egg and Wing Egg.

The Egg Hunt Egg-stravaganza!
Posted by: Mirriam - Fri Mar 25th, 2005 12:37 am EST
Mar. 24, 2005 16:00 [PST]
The Egg Hunt Egg-stravaganza!

Master! Master! It's almost time for the Egg Hunt Egg-stravaganza, kupo!

As we speak, the Mog House Management Union is making preparations for this year's festival. There will be eggs and fun and prizes...and eggs, kupo!

But I'm worried about one thing. It seems like every year, the bigwigs down at the MHMU become more and more carried away when it comes to the rules of the game. All the new "combinations" they've been coming up with lately with are so confusing, kupo...

But don't fret, Master! We Moogles are on your side! When it starts looking like you are stuck in a rut, we'll find a way to help you out, kupo!

Now head on out into town, find one of my friendly brothers, and ask him about how you can get started collecting. If you're lucky, you'll be on your way to a roomful of lovely decorated eggs, kupo!

Wait a minute! Did I say decorated eggs...? No. Forget all about that. You didn't hear anything from me...kupo...

- Rules for the Egg Hunt Egg-stravaganza
It all starts with collecting special "initial eggs."

The easiest way to collect these eggs is by talking with one of the Moogle staff floating about each of the three nations. However, these representatives are only allowed to give you one complimentary egg per Vana'diel day (if you are in a party when you speak with the Moogle, you will have the opportunity to select the type of egg you want based on the initials of your party's other members).

Now, if you don't want to wait that whole day, you can gather even more initial eggs by trading other types of eggs you may have on hand to any of the Moogles in the three nations. How many initial eggs you receive varies depending on the quantities and varieties of eggs you trade, so if you are not happy with what you get once, keep trying! Just remember that these egg exchanges are also limited to one per day (per nation).

Once you've collected enough eggs, start exchanging with your fellow adventurers and try making a "combination." The most basic one is called a "First 3." When you have the three initial eggs necessary for this combo, trade them to one of the Moogles and collect your prize!

But don't let the fun end there! After a "First 3," try building an "Initial Straight 8" or a "7 of a Kind." The more you make, the more presents you'll take home!

Oh, and don't forget that you'll have to trade in a "First 3" before you can trade in any other combos. Think of it as a sort of preliminary test!

And for those of you who are looking for a real challenge, try discovering different, more exotic combinations. The Moogles are usually reluctant to give out any of their classified information, but maybe if you are persistent enough, one will let you in on a secret or two! Make it a point to talk to them as often as possible!

Please note that all "new adventurers" will be required to wait one Vana'diel day before being eligible to receive initial eggs.

- Combination Examples
First 3:
The first three letters of your character's name

- Moogle Locations
Northern San d'Oria
Southern San d'Oria

Bastok Mines
Bastok Markets

Windurst Woods
Windurst Waters

- Festival Duration
The Egg Hunt Egg-stravaganza will begin at 16:00 (PST) on March 24th and last until 24:00 (PST) on April 3rd.

Official PlayOnline Announcement

PlayOnline: Development News - March 2005
Posted by: Cuer - Tue Mar 22nd, 2005 04:50 pm EST
From the Official FFXI Site (March 30):

ENM Madness

Ever since their implementation in the February version update, Empty Notorious Monster (ENM) quests have been taking Vana'diel by storm! But what you've seen has only been the tip of the iceberg! Our next update, planned for late April, will introduce even more action-packed, white-knuckle battles for parties of all shapes and sizes. There will also be various system changes that will allow you to take on the nefarious beasts with even more of your friends!

From the Official FFXI Site (March 29):

Git Clammin'!

For all you clammers out there, we have some great news--the ever-popular Purgonorgo mini-game is being made even better! Fill your bucket to the brim without busting its bottom, and you'll be rewarded with an even bigger receptacle to test your clamming skills! And with a larger bucket, who knows what treasures you'll be taking home after a day of digging?

From the Official FFXI Site (March 24):

Equipment Storage

In the previous version update, a new service was added allowing players to safely store full sets of artifact armor for a small fee. Due to the positive feedback regarding this new feature, the development team has decided to expand the equipment storage service to include over thirty new sets of various low-level armor and clothing. After trading a full set (consisting of 4 to 5 pieces) to one of four NPCs located in each of the major nations, players will receive a claim slip that can be presented when they wish to have their armor returned.

Whether for level-restricted orb battles, Promathia missions, or for raising support jobs, low-level equipment can eat up a lot of room in a player's Mog Safe. Utilizing this feature will make it easier to store and retrieve space-consuming armor sets, while leaving Mog Safes open to hold more important items. The days of throwing away sleepshrooms to open slots for your silver gauntlets are over!

Further details on the expanded service will be made available in the version update announcement released in late April.

From the Official FFXI Site (March 22):

Upcoming Version Update

The development team is currently working on the next version update, which will include all the usual goodies--new quests, new Notorious Monsters, and various system additions and improvements--as well as the next installment of the Promathia story. Watch this space for the latest announcements regarding update details.

The next version update is scheduled to take place in late April.

PlayOnline Viewer Update
Posted by: Cuer - Tue Mar 22nd, 2005 04:41 pm EST
Mar. 22, 2005 01:40 [PST]

PlayOnline Viewer Update (Mar. 22)

At the following time, we performed a PlayOnline Viewer version update.

*The client update will start automatically after connecting to PlayOnline. Please follow the instructions that appear on your screen.

[Date & Time]
Mar. 22, 2005 from 1:00 (PST)

[Affected Services]
PlayOnline Viewer

[Important Update Details]

The following issues have been addressed:
- Fixed an issue where the PlayOnline Viewer and its contents cease to function in some instances.

- Fixed an issue where a handle profile other than that of the current active handle would be displayed in the "Edit Profile" screen.

- Fixed an issue where an error (POL-5440) would occur when attempting to set the profile privacy level for contents.

- Fixed an issue where group messages would at times be sent to group friends who have not yet received confirmation to join a group.

- Fixed an issue where a different handle would be displayed as the sender at times when replying to a group message.

- Fixed an issue where participants in a group chat would not be able to input text or view the log after being disconnected by the auto-disconnect function.

-Fixed some other minor issues.

Official PlayOnline Announcement

Site Updates - March 14, 2005
Posted by: Cuer - Mon Mar 14th, 2005 02:28 am EST
A large number of additions to the guides on the site, along with many more recipe updates, make up the bulk of the latest site updates.

Items Added: Astral Covenant

Items Updated: Viking Herring, Hierarch Belt, Drachen Greaves, Duelist's Boots, Evasion Earring, Evasion Torque, Evoker's Spats, Grand Temple Knight's Bangles, Master Caster's Mitts, Melody Earring, Melody Earring +1, Myochin Sune-Ate, Praefectus's Gloves, Spike Earring, Naval Rice Ball, Rogue Rice Ball, Witch Stew, Mushroom Stew, Pickaxe, Ancient Sword, Pet Food Zeta Biscuit, Wild Cookie, Acorn Cookie, Roast Pipira, Mutton Enchilada, Mutton Tortilla, Tender Navarin, Navarin, Coeurl Sub +1, Coeurl Sub, Sole Sushi, Shadow Gorget, Light Gorget, Aqua Gorget, Thunder Gorget, Soil Gorget, Breeze Gorget, Snow Gorget, Flame Gorget, Anrin Obi, Korin Obi, Suirin Obi, Rairin Obi, Dorin Obi, Furin Obi, Hyorin Obi, Karin Obi, Yovra Organ, Hpemde Organ, Aern Organ, Xzomit Organ, Phuabo Organ, Luminian Tissue, Map of Cape Riverne, Yellow Liquid

Items Drops Added: Hpemde Organ, Vitriol, Mercury, Manticore Fang, Kuftal Coffer Key, Rusty Bolt Case, Yovra Organ, Fire Cluster, Ice Cluster, Dark Cluster, Aern Organ, Phuabo Organ, Xzomit Organ, Luminian Tissue, Lightning Cluster, Wind Cluster, Earth Cluster, Firesand, Elshimo Coconut, Bat Fang

Mobs Added: Ul'hpemde, Ul'yovra, Om'yovra, Ru'aern, Ru'aern, Ru'aern, Ru'aern, Ru'aern, Ru'aern, Ru'aern, Ru'aern, Ru'aern, Om'aern, Om'aern, Om'aern, Om'aern, Om'aern, Om'aern, Om'phauabo, Om'xzomit, Aern's Elemental, Ul'aern, Aern's Xzomit, Ul'aern, Aern's Wynav, Ul'aern, Ul'aern, Ul'aern, Ul'aern, Ul'phauabo, Ul'xzomit, Om'hpemde

Mobs Updated: Bomb King, Doppelganger Gog, Doppelganger Dio, Vodyanoi, Narasimha, Mysticmaker Profblix, Padfoot, Tormentor

Zones Added: Grand Palace of Hu'Xzoi, Al'Taieu

Zones Updated: Misareaux Coast, Sealion's Den

Desynthesis Recipes Added: Raptor Mantle

Recipes Updated: Pickled Herring, Kinkobo, Prominence Sword, Leucous Voulge, Koen, Vermilion Lacquer, Blinding Potion, Adaman Ingot, Shade Tiara, Yew Lumber, Willow Lumber, Walnut Lumber, Rosewood Lumber, Oak Lumber, Maple Lumber, Mahogany Lumber, Lauan Lumber, Lancewood Lumber, Lacquer Tree Lumber, Holly Lumber, Elm Lumber, Ebony Lumber, Divine Lumber, Ash Lumber, Arrowwood Lumber, Ancient Lumber, Mist Pumps, Garish Pumps, Light Ram Leather, Caliginous Wolf Hide, Poisona Ring, Mist Mitts, Mist Tunic, Mist Slacks, Garish Tunic, Soil Kyahan, Shade Leggings, Titanictus Shell, Seer's Crown, Emperor Roe, Snoll Gelato, Dried Mugwort, San d'Orian Mace, Beverage Barrel, Dominus Shield, Ivory Sickle, Dragon Cap, Chasuble, Wise Cap, Wise Gloves, Wise Pigaches, Wise Braconi, Byrnie, Giant Bird Fletchings, Yasha Tekko, Yasha Hakama, Blessed Trousers, Blessed Mitts, Hachiman Hakama, Yasha Sune-Ate, Lord's Armet, Lord's Cuisses, Shotel, Lord's Gauntlets, Lord's Sabatons, Primate Staff, Tavnazian Taco, Windurst Taco, Hachiman Domaru, Hachiman Sune-Ate, Yasha Jinpachi, Hachiman Kote, Orichalcum Sheet, Blessed Pumps

Desynthesis Recipes Updated: Espadon, New Moon Armlets, Green Ribbon, Ebony Pole

BCNMs Updated: The Hills Are Alive, Wings of Fury

ENMs Updated: When Hell Freezes Over, You Are What You Eat, Test Your Mite

All Worlds Scheduled Maintenance Mar 14 2005, 9:00 to 10:30 (PST)
Posted by: Cuer - Mon Mar 14th, 2005 02:15 am EST
[Updated with final patch notes]

Mar. 14, 2005 09:00 [PST]

FINAL FANTASY XI Update (Mar. 14)

At the following time, we performed a FINAL FANTASY XI version update.

[Date & Time]
Mar. 14, 2005 from 9:00 to 10:30 (PST)

[Affected Services]

[Important Update Details]

The following issues have been addressed:
- Issues with unexpectedly long enchant effect duration for the following items has been shortened: Seito, Hushed Dagger, Hushed Baghnakhs
Official PlayOnline Announcement

Site Updates - March 5, 2005
Posted by: Cuer - Sat Mar 05th, 2005 04:12 pm EST
The changes and additions from the Feb. 23 continue to roll in. The most notable addition is the new information about all of the Empty Notorious Mob (ENM) quests! The information is all found in the new ENM Guide.

Other additions include more recipes, and updates on the drops of many new items. All of this info can be easily viewed at any time in the Feb. 2005 FFXI Patch Compilation of Info.

Items Added: Angelica's Letter, Censer of Animus, Censer of Antipathy, Censer of Abandonment, Monarch Beard

Items Updated: Florid Stone, Sylvan Stone, Chamnaet Ice, Cotton Pouch, Parradamo Stones, Flaxen Pouch, Dragon Leggings, Tavnazian Ring, Dorado Sushi, Tuna Sushi, Squid Sushi, Sole Sushi, Crimson Jelly, Muddy Siredon, Snow Lily, Recollection of Suffering, Recollection Of Pain, Recollection Of Guilt, Recollection Of Fear, Recollection of Anxiety, Recollection of Animosity, Cluster Core, Startling Memory, Somber Memory, Radiant Memory, Profane Memory, Malevolent Memory, Fleeting Memory, Burning Memory, Bitter Memory, Neptunal Abjuration: Feet, Neptunal Abjuration: Legs, Neptunal Abjuration: Hands, Neptunal Abjuration: Body, Neptunal Abjuration: Head, Wyrmal Abjuration: Feet, Wyrmal Abjuration: Legs, Wyrmal Abjuration: Hands, Wyrmal Abjuration: Body, Wyrmal Abjuration: Head, Martial Abjuration: Feet, Martial Abjuration: Legs, Martial Abjuration: Head, Martial Abjuration: Hands, Martial Abjuration: Body, Aquarian Abjuration: Feet, Aquarian Abjuration: Legs, Aquarian Abjuration: Hands, Aquarian Abjuration: Body, Earthen Abjuration: Feet, Earthen Abjuration: Legs, Earthen Abjuration: Hands, Earthen Abjuration: Body, Dryadic Abjuration: Feet, Dryadic Abjuration: Legs, Dryadic Abjuration: Hands, Dryadic Abjuration: Body, Dryadic Abjuration: Head, Bream Sushi +1, Chameleon Diamond, Tortilla Bueno, Leremieu Salad, Timbre Timbers Salad, Windurst Salad, Bream Sushi, Elm Log, Scroll of Banish III, Viking Herring, Salsa, Salty Bretzel, Coeurl Sub +1, Coeurl Sub, Timbre Timbers Taco, Windurst Taco, Emerald Quiche, Green Quiche, Bataquiche +1, Bataquiche, Tavnazian Taco, Leremieu Taco, Red Gravel, Kite Shield, Mushroom Soup, Cinna-cookie, Hiraishin, Makibishi, Bast Parchment, Toad Oil, Elshimo Coconut, Bitter Cluster, Kejusu Satin, Galateia, Wyrm Horn, Viridian Urushi, Cassia Lumber, Vermilion Lacquer, Cluster Ash, Mithran Rice Cake, Tarutaru Rice Cake, Hume Rice Cake, Elvaan Rice Cake

NPCs Added: Jakaka, Zebada, Twinkbrix, Yurim, Morangeart, Ratonne, Taulenne, Ophelia, Istvan, Tesch Garanjy, Shasha, Laughing Lizard, Venessa, Vladinek, Gregory, Sinon

NPCs Updated: Mep Nhapopoluko, Pikini-Mikini, Ratonne, Mazuro-Oozuro, Nilerouche, Pirvidiauce, Carautia, Shilah, Ness Rugetomal, Tesch Garanjy, Scavnix, Shasha, Vuliaie, Ghemi Sinterilo, Nomad Moogle

Mobs Added: Repiner, Neoingurgitator, Ingurgitator, Contemplator, Memory Receptacle (Blue), Memory Receptacle (Yellow), Memory Receptacle (Green), Memory Receptacle (Red), Zoredonite, Swift Hunter, Shrewd Hunter, Armored Hunter, Apis, Tuchulcha, Mindertaur, Eldertaur, Snow Devil, Bearclaw Rabbit, Bearclaw Leveret, Bugboy, Pasuk, Hamadryad, Seether, Envier, Wanderer, Neosatiator, Neogorger, Neoingester, Ingester, Weeper, Cogitator

Mobs Updated: Upyri, Odqan, Padfoot, Aiatar, Dire Bat, Ancient Goobbue, Sewer Syrup

Zones Updated: Bearclaw Pinnacle, The Shrouded Maw, Monarch Linn, Boneyard Gully, Spire of Dem, Spire of Mea, Spire of Holla, Spire of Vahzl

Recipes Added: Vulcan Degen

Desynthesis Recipes Added: Ebony Pole, Kororito, Mahogany Shield, Poet's Circlet, Trident

Recipes Updated: Gavial Mask, Pickled Herring, Urushi, Lacquer Tree Sap, Pirate's Gun, Molybdenum Ingot, Jagdplaute, Brimsand, Coeurl Sub, Salsa, War Bow, Elshimo Palm, Scimitar Cactus, Tsahyan Mask, Metal Knuckles

Desynthesis Recipes Updated: Gigas Necklace, Gloves

Items Drops Added: Scroll of Curaga IV, Sylvan Stone, Snow Lily, Wyrm Horn, Florid Stone, War Hose, Zoredonite Ring, Nebimonite Belt, Kosshin, Healing Mace, Scroll of Banish III, Platinum Ore, Shakudo Ingot, Bloody Robe, Extra-Fine File

ENMs Added: Sheep in Antlion's Clothing, Holy Cow, Brothers, When Hell Freezes Over, Follow the White Rabbit, Bionic Bug, Test Your Mite, Bad Seed, Pulling the Plug, Playing Host, You Are What You Eat, Simulant

PlayOnline: Final Fantasy XI and PlayOnline Version Updates
Posted by: Cuer - Wed Mar 02nd, 2005 04:31 pm EST
Update notes for the FFXI and PlayOnline patches:

Mar. 2, 2005 08:00 [PST]

FINAL FANTASY XI Update (Mar. 2)

At the following time, we performed a FINAL FANTASY XI version update.

[Date & Time]
Mar. 2, 2005 from 8:00 to 13:00 (PST)

[Affected Services]

[Important Update Details]

The following issues have been addressed:

-Synthesis and fishing effects being displayed even with the "Others' synthesis and fishing results" filter set to ON.

-The inability to enter the battlefield "Royal Jelly."
*The battlefield "Royal Jelly" was temporarily closed but can now be entered as usual.

-Players being unable to obtain experience points when the armory crate was opened in an ENM battlefield.

-The effect of "Doom" not wearing off if the number of players leaving the battlefield "Brothers" is different from the number that entered it.

-The inability to act until the battle timer expires when players in the battlefield "Test Your Mite" are in the middle layer at the end of the battle.

-The behavior of certain monsters in Al'Taieu.

-Inaccurate log window messages regarding certain monster abilities.

-The statistics of the Lu Shang's fishing rod.

-Sleep status being removed, and an inability to heal at night when wearing the Vampire Cloak.

-Dhalmel mantles +1 not being received for Tanners' Guild contracts.

-Shadow images created by the ninjutsu "Utsusemi" not being correctly erased by certain abilities.

-Search and auction house functions failing to download information.

-Monsters and other players not being displayed in the correct location.

-After being KO'd during Ballista and recovering on the spot, TP will now be limited to a maximum of 50%.

-The waiting period for recovering on the spot has been returned to the previous intervals.
20 seconds -> 30 seconds
30 seconds -> 45 seconds
40 seconds -> 60 seconds
50 seconds -> 75 seconds
60 seconds -> 90 seconds

-The Ballista Point Ranking system has been implemented.
See the official PlayOnline "About Ballista Changes and Additions" news item for more details.

Official PlayOnline Announcement

Mar. 2, 2005 08:00 [PST]

PlayOnline Viewer Update (Mar. 2)

At the following time, we performed a PlayOnline Viewer version update.

*The client update will start automatically after connecting to PlayOnline. Please follow the instructions that appear on your screen.

[Date & Time]
Mar. 2, 2005 from 8:00 (PST)

[Affected Services]
PlayOnline Viewer

[Important Update Details]
- The Friend List and several other features have been redesigned.
* Please refer to the link for additional details regarding the Friend List.
* As of 3/3/2005, several of the new features have not yet been implemented into each game's Friend List. The date of implementation for each game is TBA.

- The Group Friend List and Group Chat features have been added.
The Group Friend List allows you to bring a number of friends together into a large group. You can send group messages to all members, and also check members' online status. You can also communicate with members via the new "Group Chat" function.
* To start Group Chat, select the Group Chat icon from the upper right of the screen and press the START button on the analog controller (DUAL SHOCK(R)2) or press the [F1] key.

- The "Comments" feature has been added.
"Comments" allows you to write a short message that can be viewed by friends on your Friend List or Group Friend List. Your comments are viewable even when you are offline, allowing you to leave important information for friends (such as "Will be back later tonight!").

* If a comment's text is cut off on the Friend List, you can read the entire message at the bottom of the screen.
* Please note that a profile's comments will remain the same even if the handle is switched.

- Portrait images from your friends' profiles will be displayed on your screen if they have been specified as public.

- The friend registration process has been simplified.
A user who receives a "Let's be friends!" message simply needs to accept the request, and both sender and receiver will be added to each other's Friend List. An additional "Let's be friends!" request is no longer necessary. You may also enter a message when sending a friend request.

- Additional options have been added to the profile settings menu.
The new profile system allows you to select what parts of your profile are public. The "Friends Only" item has also been added. If you choose "Friends Only," your profile will be hidden from friend searches, and will only be open to friends and group friends. Please note that this system does not allow you not to set public/private access by item. Please select the "Not set" option to hide items.
"Friend Search" and "Handle List" have been moved to the Navigator sub-menu.

- The "Busy" and "Away Message" online status settings have been removed. "Busy" status is now classified as "Online," and "Away Message" is classified as "Invisible (Offline)."

- The "More Details" function has been removed when viewing a friend. "Notes" and "Friend Type" functions have also been removed.

- "Privacy Level" has been removed from the Friend List.
Your online status is always displayed to friends and group friends, even if they are playing different games.
* This is handled in the same way as the "Level 2: All Friends" privacy setting.

- The "Let's chat!" and "Private chat" message features have been removed.

- The "Mail," "Chat," and "File Manager" buttons have been moved to the Navigator sub-menu.

- The icons on the Headline Bar at the top of the screen have been redesigned. The Headline Bar is placed at the upper left of the screen, while the "Mail Check," "Message Check," "Group Chat," "Friend List," "Contents Menu," and "Log Out/Back to Game" icons are located at the upper right of the screen.

- The Auto Gallery feature has been added to the Options menu. The Auto Gallery is a slide show feature that displays wallpaper pictures selected from the Options menu. Note that if you set only one wallpaper, the Auto Gallery will display it continuously. The amount of time before the Auto Gallery displays can be set from [Options] -> [Viewer] - [Auto Gallery] - [Waiting Time].

- The P2P connection test has been updated.

- When PlayOnline is started from the PlayOnline install disc, the current version number is displayed at the top of the login screen.

- Miscellaneous

* Note that this update changes the visual design of the PlayOnline Main Menu.
* For more information regarding the changes to the Friend List and the Main Menu, please refer to the "Top Picks Display" under the PlayOnline Viewer.

The PlayOnline version update will modify the "pol.exe" file. Certain security/antivirus software may issue a warning, but this is a normal part of the version update process. (Windows version only.)

Official PlayOnline Announcement

Doll Festival
Posted by: Mirriam - Tue Mar 01st, 2005 01:03 am EST
This repeatable event involves simply talking to a Moogle in one of the starting cities, as listed below. Be prepared to find lots of new people or drag your linkshell into this. You'll need an alliance of 10 (or more) people. Depending on your party combination, one of three things will happen when you talk to the Moogle once your alliance is ready.

You will receive rice cakes as rewards, depending on the configuration of your alliance. The perfect setup has 6 males and 4 females, with 1 female leader and 1 male leader: Empress, Emperor, 5 musicians and 3 ladies-in-waiting. It doesn't appear to matter how the women are divided up among the 2 parties. If you do not have a perfect party, the cakes you get will be based on the races of the female members in your party. Note also that you must keep ALL 10 members throughout the dialogue, or the Moogle will scold you: "Kupo? What happened to your ten-person party? You can't trick presents out of me, kupo!" You can repeat this quest once every game day, as soon as it turns 0:00. Each rice cake lasts approximately 5 minutes, and will turn you into a little girl of that race. This event is scheduled to last 2 weeks

Bastok Markets* (G-8)
Bastok Mines (I-9)
South San d'Oria* (K-9)
North San d'Oria (D-8)
Windurst Woods* (K-10)
Windurst Port (F-5)
*Because you need so many people, I recommend going to these zones first to find other people for the alliance.

Starting Dialogue
Moogle: Have you seen the decorations?
The Doll Festival has started, kupo!
Moogle: I heard from my moogle sources that this is a celebration for the health and happiness of girls, kupo.
Moogle: Apparently, the young lady and her beau would play empress and emperor, and would be joined by eight of their friends for the festivities, kupo.
Moogle: Why don't you try making a ten-person party as well?
We can all have fun celebrating the Doll Festival, kupo!

Perfect Party Dialogue
Moogle: It looks like you have all the members you need, kupo!
Moogle: In fact, the moogle grapevine tells me that this is the perfect Doll Festival combination, kupo!
Moogle: As a reward for your blind luc--I mean, "resourcefullness," I'm going to give you lots of these treats, kupo!
You obtain 3 Hume rice cakes, 3 Elvaan rice cakes, 3 Tarutaru rice cakes and 3 Mithran rice cakes!

Party #1/Ladies in Waiting
Moogle: It looks like you have all the members you need.
Time for the festival to begin, kupo!
Moogle: After squeezing my moogle sources more, they told me that people used to eat these during the festival.
Here, you take one as well, kupo!
Moogle: Just in case you didn't know, the three girls in your party represent ladies of the court who wait on the empress.
Moogle: Moogles know everything about festivals, kupo!
You obtain a Hume rice cake and a Mithran rice cake!

Party #2/Musicians
Moogle: It looks like you have all the members you need.
Time for the festival to begin, kupo!
Moogle: After squeezing my moogle sources more, they told me that people used to eat these during the festival.
Here, you take one as well, kupo!
Moogle: And by the way, the 5 in your group represent musicians who entertain the empress and emperor, kupo!
Moogle: I wish I could play an instrument kupo!
You obtain a Hume rice cake and a Mithran rice cake!

Event Specifics

Official Announcement: The Doll Festival
Event Schedule: February 28, 2005 at 19:00 to March 13, 2005 at 19:00
Event Item Rewards: Hume Rice Cake, Elvaan Rice Cake, Tarutaru Rice Cake and Mithran Rice Cake.

Site Updates - February 28, 2005
Posted by: Cuer - Mon Feb 28th, 2005 08:53 pm EST
A massive amount of new info added to the database from the Feb. 23rd patch is in this update. The best place to find this info put into context is in the Feb. 2005 FFXI Patch Compilation of Info. That compilation will be updated regularly, until it contains all the additions and changes from the patch.

Items Added: Phoenix Armlet, Alchemic Ensorcellment, Flower Egg, Lamp Egg, Wing Egg, Tsahyan Mask, Beverage Barrel, Elshimo Palm, Scimitar Cactus, Salsa, Muting Potion, M Rice Cake, T Rice Cake, E Rice Cake, H Rice Cake, Malevolent Cluster, Radiant Cluster, Somber Cluster, Startling Cluster, Profane Cluster, Fleeting Cluster, Bitter Cluster, Burning Cluster, Elshimo Coconut, Yahata Sushi, Leremieu Salad, Vegan Sautee, Viking Herring, Salty Bretzel, Tortilla Bueno, Sophic Stew, Dorado Sushi +1, Dorado Sushi, Bream Sushi +1, Bream Sushi, Leremieu Taco, Tavnazian Taco, Timbre Timbers Taco, Windurst Taco, Emerald Quiche, Green Quiche, Bataquiche +1, Bataquiche, Coeurl Sub +1, Coeurl Sub, Lethe Powder, Lethe Water +1, Lethe Water, Catholicon +1, Catholicon, Petra Eater, Cactus Arm, Wyrm Horn, Sanctified Lumber, Ethereal Vermilion Lacquer, Vermilion Lacquer, Pristine Vision, Venerable Vision, Endearing Vision, Malicious Vision, Brilliant Vision, Vivid Vision, Pretentious Vision, Timorous Vision, Valiant Vision, Painful Vision, Audacious Vision, Solemn Vision, Violent Vision, Punctilious Vision, Vernal Vision, Virgin Image, Ancient Image, Valorous Image, Beatific Image, Grave Image, Snide Vision, Tenuous Vision, Impetuous Vision, Yovra Organ, Hpemde Organ, Aern Organ, Xzomit Organ, Phuabo Organ, Luminian Tissue, Florid Stone, Sylvan Stone, Chamnaet Ice, Cotton Pouch, Parradamo Stones, Flaxen Pouch, Brimsand, Red Gravel, Dark Scales, Super Cermet, Dragon Bone, Oversized Fang, Galateia, Rheiyoh Leather, Eltoro Leather, Tiger Eye, Habu Skin, Kejusu Satin, Viridian Urushi, Cassia Lumber, Scroll of Banish III, Shadow Gorget, Light Gorget, Aqua Gorget, Thunder Gorget, Soil Gorget, Breeze Gorget, Snow Gorget, Flame Gorget, Harmonia's Torque, Powerful Rope, Anrin Obi, Korin Obi, Suirin Obi, Rairin Obi, Dorin Obi, Furin Obi, Hyorin Obi, Karin Obi, Tathlum Belt, Scouter's Rope, Venturer's Belt, Vanguard Belt, Reverend Sash, Quick Belt, Astral Rope, Vampire Earring, Astral Earring, Wind Earring, String Earring, Singing Earring, Ninjutsu Earring, Summoning Earring, Healing Earring, Elemental Earring, Enfeebling Earring, Augmenting Earring, Dark Earring, Divine Earring, Guarding Earring, Buckler Earring, Parrying Earring, Evasion Earring, Geist Earring, Assailant's Ring, Woodsman Ring, Toreador's Ring, Serene Ring, Tavnazian Ring, Carect Ring, Commander's Cape, Psilos Mantle, Forager's Mantle, Gigant Mantle, Safety Mantle, Settler's Cape, Hexerei Cape, Gargoyle Boots, Elegant Ribbon, Faerie Hairpin, Vampire Boots, Vampire Mask, Vampire Cloak, King's Sabatons, Lord's Sabatons, King's Cuisses, Lord's Cuisses, King's Gauntlets, Lord's Gauntlets, King's Armet, Lord's Armet, Blessed Pumps +1, Blessed Pumps, Blessed Trousers +1, Blessed Trousers, Blessed Mitts +1, Blessed Mitts, Blessed Briault +1, Blessed Briault, Hachiman Sune-Ate +1, Hachiman Sune-Ate, Hachiman Hakama +1, Hachiman Hakama, Hachiman Kote +1, Hachiman Kote, Hachiman Domaru +1, Hachiman Domaru, Hachiman Jinpachi +1, Hachiman Jinpachi, Dragon Leggings +1, Dragon Leggings, Dragon Subligar +1, Dragon Subligar, Dragon Mittens +1, Dragon Mittens, Dragon Harness +1, Dragon Harness, Dragon Cap +1, Dragon Cap, Wise Pigaches +1, Wise Pigaches, Wise Braconi +1, Wise Braconi, Wise Gloves +1, Wise Gloves, Chasuble +1, Chasuble, Wise Cap +1, Wise Cap, Yasha Sune-Ate +1, Yasha Sune-Ate, Yasha Hakama +1, Yasha Hakama, Yasha Tekko +1, Yasha Tekko, Yasha Samue +1, Yasha Samue, Yasha Jinpachi +1, Yasha Jinpachi, Dominus Shield, Numinous Shield +1, Numinous Shield, Prominence Sword, Martial Sword, Vulcan Claymore, Martial Knuckles, Hushed Baghnakhs, Adargas +1, Adargas, Martial Bhuj, Prominence Axe, Leucous Voulge +1, Leucous Voulge, Martial Lance, Martial Scythe, Ivory Sickle +1, Ivory Sickle, Martial Knife, Hushed Dagger, Martial Axe, Hagun, Koen, Shamo, Seito, Sai +1, Sai, Martial Anelace, Vulcan Blade, Vulcan Degen, Vulcan Sword, Shotel +1, Shotel, Martial Staff, Kinkobo, Primate Staff +1, Primate Staff, Martial Wand, Hedgehog Bomb, Martial Gun, Martial Bow

NPCs Added: Mortitz, Migliorozz, Caruvinda

NPCs Updated: Sheia Pohrichamaha, Ghebi Damomohe, Griselda, Valeriano (Bastok), Pawkrix, Melleupaux, Nilerouche, Scamplix, Brave Ox, Brunhilde, Teerth, Visala, Oggodett, Parelbriaux

Mobs Added: Stubborn Dredvodd, Upyri, Padfoot

Spells Added: Banish III

Recipes Added: Viridian Urushi, Seito, Dark Scales, Hachiman Kote, Dragon Subligar, Lord's Sabatons, Tsahyan Mask, Lord's Gauntlets, Chasuble, Wise Pigaches, Wise Gloves, Wise Cap, Vulcan Claymore, Adargas, Shotel, Hachiman Domaru, Hachiman Jinpachi, Yasha Jinpachi, Scimitar Cactus, Lord's Armet, Lord's Cuisses, Wise Braconi, Dragon Mittens, Bataquiche, Prominence Axe, Hushed Dagger, Koen, Vulcan Sword, Beverage Barrel, Yasha Sune-Ate, Sai, Hushed Baghnakhs, Muting Potion, Brimsand, Dorado Sushi, Salsa, Green Quiche, Tavnazian Taco, Windurst Taco, Blessed Pumps, Hachiman Sune-Ate, Bream Sushi, Coeurl Sub, Prominence Sword, Ethereal Vermilion Lacquer, Vulcan Blade, Vermilion Lacquer, Leucous Voulge, Yasha Tekko, Hachiman Hakama, Yasha Samue, Yasha Hakama, Blessed Mitts, Blessed Trousers, Blessed Briault, Dragon Leggings, Ivory Sickle, Dragon Harness, Dragon Cap, Numinous Shield, Sanctified Lumber, Primate Staff, Elshimo Palm, Dominus Shield, Kinkobo

Items Drops Added: Astral Earring, Vampire Earring, Tathlum Belt, Florid Stone, Vampire Mask, Vampire Boots, Vampire Cloak, Sheepskin, Lanolin Cube, Assailant's Ring, Sylvan Stone

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