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Today: 1107
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Items: 9505
Mobs: 4024
Recipes: 3285
NPCs: 2066
Quests: 570

PlayOnline: The Vana'diel Adventurer Recruitment Program (VARP)
Posted by: Mirriam -Wed May 11th, 2005 01:28 pm EDT
From the Official PlayOnline site (May 11, 2005):

What a better way to tell a friend or loved one you care than by inviting them to play with you in Vana'diel? And starting today, bringing a buddy to the world of FINAL FANTASY XI has become even better, thanks to VARP. Act now and you'll both be rewarded with exciting items to show off to all your fellow adventurers!

For more information on the Vana'diel Adventurer Recruitment Program, click here! For a peek at the items you and your friends can score by taking part in the program, click here!

PlayOnline: Fifth Vana'diel Census Released
Posted by: Cuer - Mon May 09th, 2005 03:25 pm EDT
From the Official PlayOnline site (May 9, 2005):

The Fifth Vana'diel Census

To celebrate three years since the launch of FINAL FANTASY XI in Japan, we are proud to present the Fifth Vana'diel Census, an analysis of the ever-growing community of Vana'diel.

The Vana'diel Census covers a wide range of data, and this year we have introduced completely new categories such as synthesis skill comparisons, face type popularity, and job distribution by race.

We hope you enjoy this unique perspective on the Vana'diel population!

Find the Fifth Vana'diel Census here.

PlayOnline: All Worlds Scheduled Maintenance May 11 2005, 10:00 to 17:00 PDT
Posted by: Cuer - Mon May 09th, 2005 03:12 pm EDT
May 9, 2005 01:00 [PDT]

All Worlds Scheduled Maintenance (May. 11)

At the following time, we will be performing FINAL FANTASY XI server maintenance on all Worlds. During this period, FINAL FANTASY XI will be unavailable.

Applications to the Return Home to Vana'diel campaign will also be unavailable during this period.

*The client software will also be updated at this time. Once this maintenance is completed, the client update will start automatically after logging back into FINAL FANTASY XI. Please follow the instructions that appear on your screen.

Thank you for your patience.

[Affected Period]
May. 11, 2005 from 10:00 to 17:00 (PDT)
*Maintenance completion time may be subject to change.

[Affected Services]
Official PlayOnline Announcement

Site Updates - May 6, 2005
Posted by: Cuer - Fri May 06th, 2005 05:53 pm EDT
Further info rolls in from the April 20 patch, and is reflected in these changes and additions. Items Added: Letter From Alfesar, Tablet of Ancient Magic, Piece From an Ancient Tablet, Large Treasure Chest, Treasure Map, Sublime Statue of the Goddess, Rauteinot's Parcel, Silver Comet's Collar, Zeelozok's Earplug, Cathedral Medallion, Antique Amulet, Tavnazian Cookbook, Ripped Floorplans, Red Oil

Items Updated: Xalmo Feather, Darksteel Formula, Tsahyan Mask, Muting Potion, Tactical Ring, Toreador's Cape, Letter From Alfesar, Bushinomimi, Odorous Knife +1, Odorous Knife, Hallowed Water, Fey Wand, Picaroon's Shield, Final Fantasy, Hickory Shield, Haunted Muleta, Luisant Salade, Brass Chain, Amaltheia Hide, Relic Shield, Mandragora Beret, Guide Beret, Sprout Beret, Chocopass, Wooden Katana, Hardwood Katana, Galka Mochi, Tarutaru Mochi, Hume Mochi, Elvaan Mochi, Mana Ring, Exorcismal Oak Lumber, Vivified Mythril, Invitriol, Bison Jerky, Nero di Seppia, Boscaiola, Pescatora, Carbonara, Vongole Rosso, Peperoncino, Misareaux Parsley, Mannequin Pumps

Items Drops Added: Mythril Ore, Moblin Mask, Moblin Armor, Platinum Beastcoin, Goblin Mail, Goblin Helm, Gold Beastcoin, Pso'Xja Chest Key, Quadav Mage Blood, Magnolia Lumber, Lanolin Cube, Ram Skin, Southern Mummy, Hickory Lumber, Beetle Jaw, Uggalepih Pendant, Spectral Crimson, Toreador's Cape, Tatami Shield, Amaltheia Hide, Warding Oil, Egret Fishing Rod, Concealing Cuffs, Demon Pen, Sacrarium Chest Key, White Steel, Paladin's Testimony

NPCs Updated: Deguerendars, Emaliveulaux, Alizabe

Mobs Added: Scythe Victim, Scythe Victim, Rohemolipaud, Golden-Tongued Culberry, Geush Urvan, Gration, Amaltheia, Badshah, Baumesel, Para

Mobs Updated: Amoebic Nodule, Ghost Crab, Cutter, Blind Crab, Snipper, Thunder Elemental, Earth Elemental, Moblin Gurneyman, Goblin Freelance, Moblin Ashman, Bugbear Bondman, Moblin Rodman, Moblin Pikeman, Moblin Gasman, Moblin Coalman, Moblin Repairman, Goblin Doorman, Goblin Shovelman, Goblin Tollman, Ancient Bomb, Goblin's Bat, Moblin Witchman, Moblin Chapman, Moblin Ragman, Moblin Pickman, Goblin Leadman, Goblin Gutterman, Goblin Hammerman, Goblin Craftsman, Stirge, Bugbear Servingman, Dark Bats, Thunder Elemental, Earth Elemental, Moblin Scalpelman, Goblin Swordsman, Moblin Groundman, Moblin Engineman, Moblin Roadman, Moblin Aidman, Moblin Topsman, Goblin Headman, Goblin Marksman, Goblin Hangman, Goblin Junkman, Bugbear Deathsman, Nightmare Bats, Purgatory Bat, Moblin Workman, Moblin Draftsman, Moblin Yardman, Moblin Tankman, Goblin's Bat, Goblin Foreman, Goblin Lengthman, Goblin Fireman, Goblin Packman, Bugbear Trashman, Dire Bat, Succubus Bats, Gigas's Sheep, Maharaja, Shadow Dragon, Padfoot, Rohemolipaud, Amaltheia, Gration, Stag Beetle, Geush Urvan, Gyre-Carlin, Master Coeurl, Orcish Overlord, Aquarius, Cargo Crab Colin

Recipes Added: Odorous Knife, Haunted Muleta, Hickory Shield

Desynthesis Recipes Added: Beetle Mittens, Sapara, Brass Mask, Pearl Ring, Garnet Ring, Peridot Ring, Ametrine Ring, Black Ring, Sphene Ring, Turquoise Ring

Recipes Updated: Nero di Seppia, Chain Mittens, Chiffonier, Clothespole, Tarutaru Folding Screen, Water Barrel, The Big One, Hume Fishing Rod, Combat Caster's Dagger +1, Wing Gorget, Reraise Earring, Vivified Mythril, Ardent Jadeite, Aluminum Chain, Aluminum Sheet, Melt Katana, Sacred Mace, Melt Claws, Melt Knife, Melt Dagger, Sacred Sword, Sacred Lance, Muting Potion, Chasuble, Rosenbogen, Dorado Sushi, Ethereal Oak Lumber, Water Tank, Light Anima, Water Anima, Lightning Anima, Earth Anima, Fire Anima, Wind Anima, Ice Anima, Dark Anima, Trader's Pigaches, Padded Cap, Red Grass Thread, Bison Gamashes, Hallowed Water, Hushed Dagger, Black Cuisses, Black Sollerets, Dragon Harness, Reraise Hairpin, Black Gadlings, Black Sallet, Sacred Wand, Trader's Slops, Kamayari, Coated Shield, Silver Mittens, Smooth Velvet, Lilac Corsage, Grass Cloth, Feather Collar, Mist Crown, Invitriol, Brimsand, Pomodoro Sauce, Peperoncino

Desynthesis Recipes Updated: Primate Staff, Moonring Blade, Brass Leggings, Brass Rod, Goshenite Ring, Ametrine Ring

BCNMs Updated: Today's Horoscope, Horns of War

ENMs Updated: Sheep in Antlion's Clothing, Automaton Assault, Beloved of the Atlantes, Fire in the Sky, Bugard in the Clouds, Bionic Bug, Totentanz

Feast of Swords
Posted by: Mirriam -Thu Apr 28th, 2005 04:42 am EDT
This event is relatively simple, but time consuming. First, talk to the Moogle in the city of your choice. 2 moogles in each city. The Moogle will give you a wooden katana. Ah, but this is only the start. Time to go fight some evil Armors! (The story here is pretty loose, so just play along.) Head outside the city, equip your katana and talk to the "Nomad Moogle" in whichever zone you choose. So far, most zones I've seen have a Nomad Moogle and Armors running around. You must equip the katana first, and you must talk to the Nomad Moogle in order to fight the Armor mobs. You will be level-capped at 1. While you are level-capped, no regular mobs will be able to attack you, and you will not be able to attack them. You will also not lose xp if you die.

Now that you're level capped, run around in search of the Armor mobs. It's best to do these right outside the city, because the more people you have killing these mobs, the better. The Armor mobs are in full Samurai AF2 gear, complete with the extra speed. They are hard to catch, and they will only stay still for about 30 seconds before running off again and leaving you in the dust. A ranger sub is very helpful.

The Armor mobs don't hit for much damage, but they have 2 unpleasant special attacks. Edge of Death is a special that takes everyone around to 1 hit point. Aetheral Toxin is their second special, which is essentially diaga.

After you've gone out and beat on the mobs for awhile, you can head back to the Moogle to trade him your katana (you will get it back) to show him how much "aura" you've absorbed. You will receive 1 Mochi for every hit you've dealt that particular mob, up to 12. (If you hit the Galkan Armor 5 times, you will receive 5 Galka Mochis, and so on.) The Mochi are costume items that cause the player to look like a boy when used, of the race specified, for a few minutes. If you hit each of the 4 mob types 12 times or more each, or if you deal the death blow to one or more of the Armors, you will get a hardwood katana.

Armor Mobs:
Hachiryu Armor (Galka)
Tsukikazu Armor (Elvaan)
Ubuginu Armor (Tarutaru)
Tatenashi Armor (Hume)

Moogle Locations:
Northern San d'Oria
Southern San d'Oria
Bastok Mines
Bastok Markets
Windurst Woods
Windurst Waters

Nomad Moogle Locations:
Should be one of these in most zones.

Event Specifics

Official Announcement: Feast of Swords
Event Schedule: April 27th, 2005 -- 17:00 to May 9th 24:00 (PDT)
Event Item Rewards: Elvaan Mochi, Galka Moochi, Hume Moochi, Tarutaru Mochi and Hardwood Katana
Other Items Used In Event: Wooden Katana

Vana'diel Adventurer Recruitment Program, Vana'diel Tribune II No 06
Posted by: Cuer -Thu Apr 28th, 2005 09:42 am EDT
Experience the Fantasy With Friends!

The all-new Vana'diel Adventurer Recruitment Program (VARP) begins on May 11th. Now, inviting a friend to join you in FINAL FANTASY XI's ever-expanding online realm can earn you and your buddy a Gobbiebag full of spectacular items. Check out the official VARP page for further details on all the benefits of this exciting program!

Apr. 28, 2005 03:30 [PDT]

Vana'diel Tribune II No.06 Edition has been released

The contents of the No.06 edition are as follows:

Mandragora Millinery!
Hooked on Fishing
The Return of the Mannequins
Vana'diel Profiles Sacrificing Genius: Karaha-Baruha
Exoroche on Arms and Armor - Brigandine
Against the Grain

We have updated the Personals Board with dozens of comments contributed by adventurers from all over the world. (The Personals Board system is currently in the beta testing phase.)

The Vana'diel Tribune II No. 06

PlayOnline: Feast of Swords
Posted by: Cuer - Wed Apr 27th, 2005 09:42 pm EDT
Apr. 27, 2005 17:00 [PDT]

Feast of Swords

Master, you have to help us, kupo!

Have you heard of the Feast of Swords?

It's a Far Eastern festival that celebrates the health and growth of boys. People decorate with huge flags in the shape of fish, and dress their sons in fancy armor, kupo. There are also lots of magical, yummy goodies to eat, of course...

Oops, talking about festivals always distracts me, kupo!

After the slight hiccup with the Doll Festival, the M.H.M.U. decided to hold a festival that appealed to the male half of the adventuring population. We sought the advice of a distinguished samurai, and began preparing for the Feast of Swords, kupo.

Our samurai adviser kindly brought in some sets of legendary armor from the Far East to lend an authentic feel to the event. That's when our problems began, kupo...

Someone--or something--broke into our vaults and stole the suits of armor, kupo!

Now the very same criminals have donned their ill-gotten costumes, infused them with their tainted auras, and are rampaging around the countryside!

We took the bad news to the samurai and this is what he said, kupo:
"I borrowed those suits of armor from the noble Genji family, a famous line of samurai. While I doubt that any blade could even raise a scratch, any damage to these rare and valuable artifacts could develop into a diplomatic nightmare. However, I believe that the evil entities corrupting the armor can be driven out through the use of specially blessed wooden katana. There is no other way to solve this dilemma."

We must retrieve those suits of armor intact before the Feast of Swords is over. I don't want to be looking over my shoulder for retribution-seeking ninja assassins from the Far East, kupo!

The M.H.M.U. put the festival preparations on hold to order a mountain of wooden katana.

Please help us, kupo! Talk to an M.H.M.U. moogle to get your weapon, and then receive a special blessing from the nomad moogles outside town. Take the fight to those thieving scoundrels!

The peace of Vana'diel--and the fate of the moogles--rests on your shoulders, kupo!

[Event Participation]

-Speak to the moogles in three main nations to receive Wooden Katana.

-Characters will be eligible to participate in the event by talking to the moogles around the three main nations.

-Players wishing to rejoin the event must speak to the moogles once more.

-A level restriction will be imposed during event participation. Please be aware that any equipment that exceeds the level restriction will be unequipped automatically.

-Characters who are KO'd during event participation will not lose experience points.

-Characters will be unable to attack or be attacked by normal monsters while the level restriction is in effect.

*This event is scheduled to begin at 17:00 on April 27 and end at 0:00 on May 9 (PDT).

Official PlayOnline Announcement

POL: Intermittent Connectivity Issues & Network Maintenance (Apr 28)
Posted by: Cuer - Wed Apr 27th, 2005 09:34 pm EDT
Apr. 27, 2005 11:00 [PDT]

Regarding Intermittent Connectivity Issues (continued)

This is an update regarding the recent technical difficulties with PlayOnline service since Apr. 9, 2005.

The DDoS attack from anonymous third parties is still continuing. Our technicians have been taking countermeasures to prevent the attacks in real time. However, we are in a situation where it is difficult to prevent all attacks.

This is mainly due to changes in attack methods. We are currently unable to determine the country of origin of these packets because the anonymous third parties have been changing the IP address within a world-wide range. They have also been sending packets through random ports, causing difficulty to distinguish between packets from DDoS attack and normal packets.

As one method of prevention, we have restricted part of the incoming route used by the DDoS attacks. However, since packets from DDoS attacks and normal packets coincide outside of our network, users may experience auction house and search failures, as well as FINAL FANTASY XI and PlayOnline login difficulties. We deeply apologize for this temporary inconvenience.

With cooperation from ISPs and support from law enforcement authorities, we will continue to take the most effective measures available. Network maintenance will occur tomorrow, Apr. 28, 2005 as part of these measures. (Please refer to "Network Maintenance" for more information.) Regardless of circumstances, we will strive to maintain the best service possible, and ask for your understanding and cooperation.

Official PlayOnline Announcement

Apr. 27, 2005 12:00 [PDT]

Network Maintenance (Apr. 28)

At the following time, we will be performing FINAL FANTASY XI network maintenance. During this period, FINAL FANTASY XI service will not be interrupted. However, some users may experience difficulties logging back into FINAL FANTASY XI after logging out. If you experience login difficulties, please give it some time and try again later.

Also during this time, auction house and search function may be unavailable. When this occurs, it will be announced in-game.

Thank you for your understanding and patience.

[Affected Period]
Apr. 28, 2005 from 3:00 to 5:00 (PDT)
*Maintenance completion time may be subject to change.

[Affected Services]

Official PlayOnline Announcement

Site Updates - April 25, 2005
Posted by: Cuer - Mon Apr 25th, 2005 06:42 pm EDT
A massive site update, with all the additions from the Feb. 20 patch. Full details about the new items, recipes, ENMs and quests introduced in the patch can be found in the April 2005 FFXI Patch Compilation of Info. The vast majority of the new additions are already detailed there, and the rest will be added as they are discovered.

Items Added: Mooching, Serpent Rumors, Marble Bridge Coaster, Scroll of Army's Paeon V, Noodle Kneading, Alchemic Purification, Gold Bed, The Big One, Invitriol, Hallowed Water, Demoralizer +1, Demoralizer, Whitebook Page, Ballista Whitebook, Redbook Page, Ballista Redbook, Galka Mochi, Tarutaru Mochi, Elvaan Mochi, Hume Mochi, Bison Jerky, Buffalo Jerky, Misareaux Parsley, Pomodoro Sauce, Nero di Seppia +1, Nero di Seppia, Boscaiola +1, Boscaiola, Pescatora +1, Pescatora, Carbonara +1, Carbonara, Vongole Rosso +1, Vongole Rosso, Peperoncino +1, Peperoncino, Vongola Clam, Tavnazian Goby, Lik, Cone Calamary, Gugrusaurus, Amaltheia Leather, Amaltheia Hide, Brass Chain, Hickory Lumber, Magnolia Lumber, White Steel, Aluminum Chain, Aluminum Sheet, Aluminum Ingot, Aluminum Ore, Spectral Goldenrod, Spectral Crimson, Cloud Evoker, Unicorn Horn, Semolina, Saber Shoot, Vivified Mythril, Ardent Jadeite, Broken Halcyon Rod, Broken Hume Rod, Worm Mulch, Lugworm Sand, Red Grass Cloth, Red Grass Thread, Red Moko Grass, Opal Silk, Haunted Muleta, Supernal Fragment, Attestation of Invulnerability, Euvhi Organ, Chocopass, Spaghetti, Kunwu Sheet, Kunwu Iron, Kunwu Ore, Griffon Codex, Wyvern Codex, Halcyon Rod, Hume Fishing Rod, Ebisu Fishing Rod, Dwarf Pugil, Drill Calamary, Aegis, Ancile, Dynamis Shield, Bulwark Shield, Relic Shield, Return Ring, Homing Ring, Toreador's Cape, Corse Cape, Little Worm Belt, Lugworm Belt, Fisherman's Belt, Culinarian's Belt, Alchemist's Belt, Boneworker's Belt, Tanner's Belt, Weaver's Belt, Goldsmith's Belt, Blacksmith's Belt, Carpenter's Belt, Unicorn Subligar +1, Unicorn Subligar, Baron's Slops, Trader's Slops, Luisant Brayettes, Alumine Brayettes, Onyx Cuisses, Black Cuisses, Unicorn Leggings +1, Unicorn Leggings, Baron's Pigaches, Trader's Pigaches, Luisant Solerets, Alumine Solerets, Onyx Sollerets, Black Sollerets, Reraise Hairpin, Unicorn Cap +1, Unicorn Cap, Baron's Chapeau, Trader's Chapeau, Luisant Salade, Alumine Salade, Mandragora Beret, Guide Beret, Sprout Beret, Maat's Cap, Gayanj's Earring, Zedoma's Earring, Feyuh's Earring, Ryakho's Earring, Morukaka Earring, Waetoto's Earring, Melnina's Earring, Desamilion Earring, Quantz's Earring, Belinky's Earring, Relaxing Earring, Sanative Earring, Reraise Earring, Naruko Earring, Gamushara Earring, Deadeye Earring, Counter Earring, Janizary Earring, Sangha Earring, Kshama Ring No. 9, Kshama Ring No. 8, Kshama Ring No. 6, Kshama Ring No. 5, Kshama Ring No. 4, Kshama Ring No. 3, Kshama Ring No. 2, Getsul Ring, Pacifist Ring, Tactical Ring, Assassin's Ring, Sanation Ring, Unicorn Harness +1, Unicorn Harness, Baron's Saio, Trader's Saio, Luisant Haubert, Alumine Haubert, Plastron +1, Plastron, Unicorn Mittens +1, Unicorn Mittens, Baron's Cuffs, Trader's Cuffs, Luisant Moufles, Alumine Moufles, Onyx Gadlings, Black Gadlings, Onyx Sallet, Black Sallet, Ether Ring, Crossbowman's Ring, Uggalepih Pendant, Wing Gorget, Mannequin Pumps, Picaroon's Shield, Tatami Shield, Hickory Shield, Buboso, Melt Katana, Sacred Wand, Sacred Maul, Sacred Mace, Wagh Baghnakhs, Melt Claws, Astral Pot, Wyvern Feed, Refresh Musk, Spirit Lantern, Healing Feather, Stone-splitter, Blau Dolch, Odorous Knife +1, Odorous Knife, Melt Kukri, Melt Baselard, Melt Knife, Melt Dagger, Maneater, Hardwood Katana, Wooden Katana, Imanotsurugi, Sacred Degen, Sacred Sword, Tutelary, Raise II Rod, Raise Rod, Frenzy Fife, Thug's Zamburak, Chanter's Staff, Onimaru, Koryukagemitsu, Sacred Lance, Horror Voulge, Hallowed Sword, Minstrel's Dagger

NPCs Updated: Benaige, Bin Stejihna, Rosswald, Phamelise

Mobs Added: Alsha, Bullheaded Grosvez, Watch Hippogryph, Guard Hippogryph, Hotupuku, Razon, Tarutaru Automaton, Mithran Automaton, Hume Automaton, Galkan Automaton, Elvaan Automaton, Fantoccini's Monster, Fantoccini's Wyvern, Fantoccini's Avatar, Fantoccini, Moblin Fantocciniman, Nepionic Parata, Nepionic Bladmall, Erdgeist, Cadaver Witch, Cadaver Warrior, Gwyn Ap Knudd, Bladmall, Parata, Race Runner

Recipes Added: Sacred Maul, Death Scythe, Plastron, Trader's Slops, Unicorn Leggings, Unicorn Subligar, Unicorn Cap, Unicorn Harness, Unicorn Mittens, Amaltheia Leather, Trader's Saio, Trader's Cuffs, Trader's Chapeau, Red Grass Cloth, Red Grass Thread, Aluminum Chain, Brass Chain, Black Sollerets, Black Gadlings, Black Cuisses, The Big One, Alumine Brayettes, Peperoncino, Buffalo Jerky, Vongole Rosso, Nero di Seppia, Pescatora, Carbonara, Sacred Lance, Sacred Mace, Melt Knife, Boscaiola, Pomodoro Sauce, Spaghetti, Hume Fishing Rod, Lugworm Belt, Little Worm Belt, Trader's Pigaches, Reraise Hairpin, Vivified Mythril, Wing Gorget, Ardent Jadeite, Alumine Haubert, Alumine Solerets, Black Sallet, Alumine Salade, Alumine Moufles, Invitriol, Hallowed Water, Reraise Earring, Aluminum Sheet, Aluminum Ingot, Halcyon Rod, Melt Kukri, Melt Dagger, Sacred Degen, Melt Claws, Sacred Sword, Hallowed Sword, Melt Katana, Sacred Wand, Melt Baselard

Desynthesis Recipes Added: Justice Badge

Recipes Updated: Nebimonite Bake, Cutlass, Leucous Voulge, Vulcan Blade, Vulcan Claymore, Vulcan Degen, Vulcan Sword, Seer's Crown, Raptor Helm, Mandibular Sickle, Gendawa, Bookshelf

Desynthesis Recipes Updated: Brass Axe

Items Drops Added: Pso'Xja Chest Key, Aquarian Abjuration: Feet

ENMs Added: Beloved of the Atlantes, Bugard in the Clouds, Fire in the Sky, Automaton Assault, Pulling The Strings, Totentanz, Shell We Dance?, Like the Wind

Spells Added: Army's Paeon V

April 2005 FFXI Patch Compilation of Info
Posted by: Cuer - Wed Apr 20th, 2005 07:05 pm EDT
The April 2005 FFXI patch brought a range of new items, as well as new ENM quests, NMs, and other additions to the game. All the information about these changes and additions will be eventually be found within this compilation of info. This news covers the main April 20, 2005 patch and the fixes from the May 11, 2005 patch. (Previous patch compilations of info can be found in the News Highlights.)

Original Post: April 20, 2005
Last Updated: Monday, April 17, 2006

Latest Additions: Updated with the latest information; as more info is available regarding the additions in this patch, it will be added.


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