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PlayOnline: World Emigration Announcement
Posted by: Cuer - Tue Jun 07th, 2005 12:14 pm EDT
Jun. 7, 2005 06:30 [PDT]

Applying for World Emigration (Jun. 7)

The character population has increased significantly for many Worlds and shows no sign of slowing down. To help balance the overall distribution of adventurers, we have decided to invite players from select Worlds to emigrate to less heavily populated servers.

Please read the following carefully. If you wish to emigrate, please follow the instructions below.

[World Emigration Guidelines]

Applicable Worlds for emigration to Midgardsormr World:
Shiva, Valefor, Caitsith, Sylph, Ragnarok

Applicable Worlds for emigration to Remora World:
Bahamut, Odin, Siren, Unicorn, Gilgamesh, Asura

Applicable Worlds for emigration to Hades World:
Phoenix, Carbuncle, Fenrir, Ifrit, Diabolos, Fairy

* Emigration application is only available for the above worlds

* In the event that the number of players who wish to emigrate to the above Worlds exeeded the user limit, applications from certain Worlds will be cancelled.

[Application Period]
From Jun. 8, 2005 02:00 (PDT) to Jun. 13, 2005 4:00 (PDT)

How to apply for World emigration:

When the application period begins, an NPC called the World Shifter will appear in each of the following areas. By talking to this NPC, you can apply for or cancel World emigration, and confirm your character's emigration status. Please read the World Shifter's responses carefully before submitting an application.

Ru'Lude Gardens (I-10)
Port San d'Oria (I-8)
Port Bastok (L-8)
Windurst Walls (G-6)

*Note: After the application deadline, you will be unable to make any further requests for World emigration.

How to confirm your World emigration status:

During the application period, a login message will appear indicating your World emigration status. If you are already logged in, you can view this message by entering "/smes". Please be sure to confirm your status before the end of the application period.

*Message displayed when applying for World emigration:
"You have submitted an application for World emigration."

*Message displayed when not applying for World emigration:
"You have not submitted an application for World emigration."


If you are considering applying for World emigration, please read the following points to ensure a smooth transition.

When emigrating:
Emigration of characters is done one at a time. If you request emigration for any of your other characters, please conduct all applications separately.

Character name:
If your character happens to have the same name as another player in the World to which you emigrate, you will have to change your name before entering that World. If you need to change your name, your name will be shown in yellow, and you must follow the on-screen instructions. This name change will not affect your Friend List.

Delivery Box/Auction items:
All items up for auction and in your Delivery Box will be lost when you emigrate. Please collect these items before moving. Any items in your Mog Safe will be transported with you to the new world.

Regarding used linkshells:
Following a World shift, your linkshells will be automatically exchanged with new, unopened linkshells. If you have an unused linkshell, you may bring it to the new World. If a linkshell owner emigrates, the player's old linkshell will be deactivated and a new unopened linkshell will be automatically provided.

PlayOnline News: POL Update, Vana'diel Tribune, Return Home to Vana'diel
Posted by: Cuer - Tue May 31st, 2005 09:03 pm EDT
Three sets of news from PlayOnline:

Get ready for Part II of the "Return Home to Vana'diel" campaign!

The wildly popular "Return Home to Vana'diel" campaign continues! On Tuesday, June 7, at 4:00 p.m. PDT, Part II of the "Return Home to Vana'diel" campaign will commence for PlayOnline subscribers! So bring back your old character and enjoy the adventures that await in the world of Vana'diel!

For more information, please click here!

*Please note that we expect slight congestion on the first and last days of the campaign. To ensure site access, we ask that you try to avoid these times.

[Update June 2, 2005: Added full patch details.]

Jun. 2, 2005 01:20 [PDT]

PlayOnline Viewer Update (Jun. 2)

At the following time, we performed a PlayOnline Viewer version update.

*The client update will start automatically after connecting to PlayOnline. Please follow the instructions that appear on your screen.

[Date & Time]
Jun. 2, 2005 from 1:00 (PDT)

[Affected Services]
PlayOnline Viewer

[Important Update Details]
- Fixed several issues with the Login screen, such as member lists being deleted and PlayOnline passwords not being saved at times (Windows version only).

- Fixed some other minor issues.

Official PlayOnline Announcement

Vana'diel Tribune II No.07 Edition has been released

The contents of the No.07 edition are as follows:
  • Abdhaljs's Secret Garden
  • Eastern Armor Out of Control!
  • A Bat's-Eye View
  • Vana'diel Profiles
  • Aly's Escapades
  • A Walk to Remember

  • We have updated the Personals Board with dozens of comments contributed by adventurers from all over the world.
    (The Personals Board system is currently in the beta testing phase.)

    Vana'diel Tribune II No. 7

    Official PlayOnline Announcement

Square-Enix: No Graphics Update for FFXI on Xbox 360
Posted by: Cuer - Tue May 31st, 2005 12:49 am EDT
With the announcement of FFXI coming to the Xbox 360, there were questions about what changes might be made to the game, given Microsoft's requirements for all games released on the X360. As reported on GameIndustry.biz, (and later confirmed by GameSpot) Square-Enix has stated that there will not be an overhaul of the FFXI graphics to put them into the Xbox 360, but it will instead be a straight port with high-definition graphic modes:
The version of Square Enix' massively multiplayer title Final Fantasy XI which was announced with a fanfare for Xbox 360 earlier this week will not feature any major enhancements over the existing PS2 and PC versions of the game, representatives of the firm have confirmed.

Speaking to GamesIndustry.biz at E3, Japanese representatives of Square Enix said that the game would be "exactly the same", with the only update being the addition of HDTV resolutions. No new models or environments will be added to the game, which will run on the same servers as the PC and PS2 editions.

The company also revealed that Final Fantasy XI was originally in development for the current generation Xbox console, but that an agreement couldn't be reached with Microsoft that would allow Square Enix to implement its custom PlayOnline online gaming service on Xbox Live.

The restrictions on this have been eased significantly with the Xbox 360, the firm's spokespeople explained, and players will log into PlayOnline in order to play FFXI, not the Live service.

The team lauded the ease of development of the Xbox 360, saying that it took them just two to three months to get the game up and running on the platform, and said that it hopes to expand the audience for FFXI by moving to the new platform - especially in Europe, where this will be the first console version of the game to be made available.

Site Updates - May 27, 2005
Posted by: Palos - Fri May 27th, 2005 12:18 am EDT
Quests have arrived! The major addition of the quest database provides most of the additions and changes in this update. Items Added: Miasma Filter

Items Updated: Spirit Lantern, Oracle's Belt, Blue Cape +1, Blue Cape, Reraise Earring

NPCs Updated: Generoit

Mobs Updated: Amaltheia

Quests Added: A Flash in the Pan, Breaking Stones, Brygid, The Stylist, Buckets Of Gold, The Elvaan Goldsmith, Father Figure, The Return Of The Adventurer, Gourmet, Mom, The Adventurer?, The Signpost Marks the Spot, Stamp Quest, The Bare Bones, The Cold Light of Day, The Curse Collector, Wish Upon a Star, Altana's Sorrow, Blade Of Darkness, Blade of Death, Drachenfall, Fallen Comrades, Groceries, Hearts of Mythril, The Eleventh's Hour, Minesweeper, Rivals, The Siren's Tear, Vengeful Wrath, A Discerning Eye (Bastok), A Foreman's Best Friend, A Lady's Heart, The Stars Of Ifrit, Love and Ice, A Test of True Love, Lovers in the Dusk, Beauty and the Galka, Shady Business, Bite The Dust, Escort For Hire (Bastok), Fear Of Flying, Forever to Hold, Till Death Do Us Part, Welcome to Bastok, Guest of Hauteur, The Quadav's Curse, Out of One's Shell, Past Perfect, Cid's Secret, The Usual, The Wisdom Of Elders, Beadeaux Smog, Faded Promises, Mean Machine, Smoke on the Mountain, Stardust, The Darksmith, The Gustaberg Tour, Silence of the Rams, Brygid the Stylist Returns, Out of the Depths, A Question of Faith, Return to the Depths, A Boy's Dream, A Discerning Eye (San d'Oria), Signed in Blood, Tea With a Tonberry?, In a Pickle, A Discerning Eye (Windurst), A Discerning Eye (Kazham), Chasing Dreams, The Search for Goldmane, A Hard Day's Night, X Marks the Spot, A Bitter Past, The Call of the Sea, Unforgiven, Missionary Moblin, For the Birds, Better the Demon You Know, Petals for Parelbriaux, Elderly Pursuits, In the Name of Science, Behind the Smile, Knock on Forbidden Doors, Confessions of a Bellmaker, Indomitable Spirit

Zones Updated: Promyvion - Vahzl, Promyvion - Mea, Promyvion - Holla, Promyvion - Dem

Recipes Added: Kunwu Sheet, Kunwu Iron

Desynthesis Recipes Added: Fish Scale Shield

Recipes Updated: Chocobo Jack Coat, Ox Tongue, Reraise Earring, Reraise Hairpin

Desynthesis Recipes Updated: Horn Hairpin, White Cape

BCNMs Updated: Celery, Ouryu Cometh

Items Drops Added: Scroll of Blizzaga II, Scroll of Burst, Giddeus Chest Key, Toraimarai Coffer Key, Elshimo Coconut

Square-Enix News: Annual Profit Reports, FFXI Interview
Posted by: Cuer - Wed May 25th, 2005 12:15 am EDT
A handful of recent news items regarding Square-Enix and FFXI:

As reported in Japan Today, annual shareholder reports were released, providing information about the company:

Game software developer Square Enix Co said Tuesday its group net profit jumped 35.8 percent in the 2004 business year from the previous year to 14.93 billion yen as its online game services achieved strong growth.

Group pretax profit for the year ended March 31 increased 41.9% to 25.9 billion yen on 73.86 billion yen in sales, up 16.9%. Per-share group net profit rose to 135.63 yen from 100.04 yen.
Further information comes from a GameWatch article, with an original Japanese article and auto-translated version. The operating profit from Final Fantasy XI increased 36% in the period, and the online gaming market is seen as being a place for further growth. Update: More information from the financial reports can be found at Gamasutra.

A lengthy interview with Tanaka Hiro, lead producer of FFXI, can also be found at GameWatch (original Japanese article, Babelfish auto-translation and Excite auto-translation.) Much is discussed regarding the conversion of FFXI to the Xbox 360, as well as the current Chains of Promathia expansion. Of special note is the hint of another expansion, which was started in development at the same time that the CoP expansion was being put out. No time frame was given, or any further details about the next expansion.

Site Updates - May 21, 2005
Posted by: Cuer - Sat May 21st, 2005 06:06 pm EDT
Numerous updates to mobs, and the first non-standard BCNM, are all part of this update.
  • The mobs in the majority of the Chains of Promathia zones were updated and added to. This includes adding mobs for all the Promyvion areas, both the main zones and the BCNM Spire zones.
  • The Ouryu Cometh BCNM was added, reflecting a new type of BCNM put in with the April patch.
  • Apart from the BCNM, recipes and item drops from the April patch are still being discovered. All information for the April patch can be found in the April 2005 FFXI Patch Compilation of Info, which is periodically updated.
Items Updated: Ebisu Fishing Rod, Sanative Earring, Relaxing Earring, Euvhi Organ, Maat's Cap, Satiator Remnant, Coveter Remnant, Cerebrator Remnant, Minstrel's Dagger, Cloud Evoker, Recollection of Guilt, Recollection of Pain, Recollection of Fear, Penance Robe, Frog Trousers, Uggalepih Pendant, Spaghetti, Lugworm Sand, Worm Mulch

Mobs Added: Arcane Phantasm, Offspring, Procreator, Cumulator, Agonizer, Solicitor, Ponderer, Offspring, Propagator, Provoker, Wailer, Deviator, Memory Receptacle, Stray, Craver, Gorger, Thinker, Seether, Weeper, Wanderer, Delver, Coveter, Memory Receptacle, Stray, Seether, Craver, Weeper, Wanderer, Offspring, Progenerator, Satiator, Stray, Seether, Weeper, Wanderer, Wreaker, Cerebrator, Memory Receptacle, Stray, Seether, Thinker, Weeper, Bavarois, Ogreish Rissoto, Freshwater Trepang, Water Pumpkin, Sponge, Water Elemental, Earth Elemental, Ziryu, Ouryu, Arcane Phantasm, Fomor Thief, Fomor Ranger, Fomor Paladin, Fomor Ninja, Fomor Monk, Fomor Dark Knight, Fomor Bard, Boggelmann, Warder Thalia, Warder Euphrosyne, Warder Aglaia, Mantrap, Fomor Samurai, Fomor Ninja, Fomor Monk, Fomor Warrior, Fomor Thief, Fomor's Elemental, Fomor Summoner, Fomor's Bat, Fomor Beastmaster, Fomor Ranger, Ghost Crab, Kraken, Greater Pugil, Grindylow, Orc's Wyvern, Flytrap, Cryptonberry Executor, Cryptonberry Assassin, Tonberry's Elemental, Cryptonberry Assassin

Mobs Updated: Deviator, Wailer, Propagator, Offspring, Ponderer, Provoker, Memory Receptacle, Delver, Memory Receptacle, Satiator, Wanderer, Gorger, Cerebrator, Ajido-Marujido, Memory Receptacle, Memory Receptacle, Wanderer, Ul'yovra, Om'yovra, Ul'hpemde, Air Elemental, Thunder Elemental, Dark Elemental, Elel, Keremet, Azren Kuba, Azren Kuguza, Fomor Samurai, Fomor Warrior, Fomor Ranger, Fomor Paladin, Fomor's Bats, Fomor Thief, Fomor Summoner, Fomor Red Mage, Fomor Ninja, Fomor Monk, Fomor Dragoon, Fomor Dark Knight, Fomor Black Mage, Fomor Beastmaster, Fomor Bard, Blubber Eyes, Teratotaur, Stegotaur, Utukku, Lich, Mummy, Greater Gaylas, Gazer, Dark Elemental, Thunder Elemental, Duendes' Amoroso, Minotaur, Hell Bat, Foul Meat, Stegotaur, Fomor's Elemental, Fomor Summoner, Fomor Monk, Fomor's Wyvern, Fomor Dragoon, Fomor Thief, Fomor Ranger, Fomor Bard, Fomor Warrior, Fomor Samurai, Fomor Red Mage, Fomor Dark Knight, Fomor Black Mage, Fomor's Bat, Fomor Beastmaster, Fomor Paladin, Fomor Ninja, Makara, Oil Spill, Diremite, Canal Bats, Big Jaw, Taurus, Gloop, Addled Tumor, Vampire Bat, Air Elemental, Thunder Elemental, Ignidrake, Nitro Cluster, Lunantishee, Strato Hippogryph, Pyrodrake, Lesser Roc, Ouryu, Air Elemental, Thunder Elemental, Carmine Dobsonfly, Flamedrake, Atomic Cluster, Cloud Hippogryph, Hawker, Riverne Vulture, Hawkertrap, Fomor Warrior, Fomor Thief, Fomor's Elemental, Fomor Summoner, Fomor Samurai, Fomor Red Mage, Fomor Ranger, Fomor Paladin, Fomor Ninja, Fomor Monk, Fomor's Wyvern, Fomor Dark Knight, Fomor Black Mage, Fomor Bard, Gration, Gigas's Sheep, Mantrap, Apsaras, Greater Pugil, Grindylow, Clipper, Atomic Cluster, Mantrap, Fomor Paladin, Fomor Bard, Fomor's Wyvern, Fomor Dragoon, Fomor Dark Knight, Fomor Red Mage, Fomor Black Mage, Fomor Samurai, Fomor Ninja, Fomor Monk, Fomor Warrior, Fomor Thief, Fomor Summoner, Fomor's Elemental, Fomor Summoner, Fomor Beastmaster, Fomor's Bat, Fomor Beastmaster, Fomor Ranger, Fomor Ranger, Nakki, Makara, Apsaras, Greater Pugil, Clipper, Grindylow, Atomic Cluster, Cluster, Dark Elemental, Air Elemental, Gigas's Sheep, Orcish Stonelauncher, Bifrons, Will-o'-the-Wykes, Earth Elemental, Air Elemental, Xolotl, Citipati, Tomb Mage, Tomb Warrior, Arch Corse, Lich, Mummy, Cave Antlion, Pit Antlion, Goblin's Ogrefly, Goblin Reaper, Goblin Robber, Goblin's Gallinipper, Gallinipper, Ice Elemental, Srei Ap, Phasma, Cwn Annwn, Agloolik, Dread Demon, Gore Demon, Stygian Demon, Tyrannotaur, Giant Buffalo, Morozko, Mountain Worm, Succubus Bats, Zoredonite, Kraken, Greater Pugil, Fatty Pugil, Colossal Calamari, Uragnite, Clot, Cutter, Lancet Jagil, Greater Pugil, Grindylow, Ghost Crab, Coralline Uragnite, Kraken, Apsaras, Ghost Crab, Hobgoblin Toreador, Hobgoblin Alastor, Hobgoblin Blagger, Hobgoblin Animalier, Goblin's Rarab, Stubborn Dredvodd, Vodyanoi, Aipaloovik, Thunder Elemental, Water Elemental, Protozoan, Snipper, Fishtrap, Big Jaw, Ooze, Thickshell, Giant Pugil, Cryptonberry Assassin, Clipper, Orctrap, Spunkie, Fishtrap, Greater Pugil, Triangle Crab, Snipper, Bulldog Bats, Specter Bat, Wight, Wendigo, Ghoul, Ghoul, Water Elemental, Thunder Elemental, Thunder Elemental, Spinous Pugil, Shrieker, Spider Wasp, Dark Elemental, Blubber Eyes, Goblin's Bat, Goblin Veterinarian, Goblin Hunter, Goblin Jeweler, Goblin Enchanter, Goblin Bouncer, Goblin Mercenary, Goblin Bandit, Goblin Alchemist, Nunyunuwi, Ice Elemental, Gargoyle-Mu, Gargoyle-Lambda, Gargoyle-Kappa, Gargoyle-Iota, Archaic Chest, Million Eyes, Diremite Dominator, Frost Lizard, Purgatory Bat, Aura Pot, Morozko, Cryptonberry Harrier, Labyrinth Lizard, Gazer, Diremite, Maze Lizard, Snoll, Snowball, Gargoyle, Thousand Eyes, Golden-Tongued Culberry

Zones Added: The Garden of Ru'Hmet

Zones Updated: Riverne - Site #A01

Recipes Added: Black Ink

Desynthesis Recipes Added: Maple Wand, Bronze Spear, Darksteel Scythe, Trader's Slops, Gendawa, Trader's Saio, Beetle Harness, Cuir Bandana

Recipes Updated: Trader's Pigaches, Elshimo Palm, Oak Bed, Gold Gauntlets, Reraise Earring, Haunted Muleta, Primate Staff, Gold Thread, Alumine Brayettes, Royal Bookshelf, Vivified Mythril, Adargas, Spear, Elm Shield, Red Grass Cloth, Trader's Chapeau, Dragon Mail, Sacred Wand, Hachiman Sune-Ate, Brass Chain, The Big One, Sparkling Hand, Pescatora, Vongole Rosso, Spaghetti, Meifu Goma

Desynthesis Recipes Updated: Ash Pole, Death Scythe, Iron Mask, Ice Lance, Cuir Gloves

BCNMs Added: Ouryu Cometh

BCNMs Updated: The Hills Are Alive, Operation Desert Swarm, Royale Ramble

Items Drops Added: Recollection of Anxiety, Recollection of Animosity, Recollection of Suffering, Indigo Memosphere, Coveter Remnant, Recollection of Fear, Golem Shard, Beryl Memosphere, Satiator Remnant, Teal Memosphere, Cerebrator Remnant, Burning Memory, Bitter Memory, Recollection of Pain, Fleeting Memory, Radiant Memory, Profane Memory, Startling Memory, Somber Memory, Malevolent Memory, Luminian Tissue, Water Cluster, Earth Cluster, Revival Tree Root, Grain Seeds, Sheep Wool, Coeurl Whisker, Coeurl Meat, Spectral Goldenrod, Taurus Horn, Taurus Wing, Shall Shell, Fish Scales, Rock Salt, Garhada Teak Lumber, Flytrap Leaf, Crab Shell, Land Crab Meat, Bone Chip, Pugil Scales, Grotto Chest Key, Crossbow Bolt, Cyan Chip, Gray Chip, Bat Wing, Magic Pot Shard, Mercury, Lizard Egg, Lizard Skin, Snoll Arm, Florid Stone, Beastcoin

ENMs Updated: Bugard in the Clouds, Automaton Assault, Pulling The Strings

Site Updates - May 17, 2005
Posted by: Palos - Tue May 17th, 2005 10:25 pm EDT
Update: New Forum Discussion Guidelines have been added, reflecting the rules governing all posts. Please read them, and follow them when posting.

Additional discussion boards added:
Crafting Board
Quests and Missions Board
Site Feedback/Updates/Correction Board
in addition to the current:
General Board
More boards may be added in the future based on activity.

Preliminary user registration has been added.
You can Login and Register.
Currently this is used primarily for the forums, but more features will be added in the future. If you discover any problems please leave Feedback.

-- Palos

Final Fantasy XI Coming to Xbox 360
Posted by: Cuer - Tue May 17th, 2005 12:52 pm EDT
In the Microsoft Media Conference, Microsoft and Square-Enix announced that Final Fantasy XI will be coming to the upcoming Xbox 360 gaming console. This is a large switch, given the support that Square-Enix has given Sony in the past, including FFXI being on the PS2.

From the official Square-Enix press release:

Square Enix Announces First Collaboration with Microsoft

LOS ANGELES, California (May 16, 2005)

Square Enix Co., Ltd. (Tokyo, Japan, “Square Enix”) a leading developer and publisher of interactive entertainment software including two of the world’s most popular franchises FINAL FANTASY® and DRAGON QUEST™, today announced that FINAL FANTASY® XI will be released on Xbox 360™, Microsoft's next-generation gaming console, and Xbox Live, the company’s premier online gaming service. The partnership was announced at Microsoft's Media Briefing held in Los Angeles on May 16th. Xbox 360 will be available this holiday season.

“As we move forward with our cross-platform strategy to bring our titles to more gamers in multiple formats, we are extremely excited to launch our popular MMORPG on the Xbox 360 and look forward to this collaboration with Microsoft,” said Yoichi Wada, president of Square Enix. “The Xbox 360 provides a powerful platform from which gamers can be immersed in the spell-binding FINAL FANTASY XI story that comes to life through collaborative online game play.”

“We’re thrilled to be working with Square Enix to bring their incredible game FINAL FANTASY XI to Xbox 360,” said Robbie Bach, Microsoft chief Xbox officer. “The power of our next generation games and entertainment system combined with the creativity and innovation of Square Enix promises to truly revolutionize video games on a global scale.”

FINAL FANTASY XI is a massively multi-player online role-playing game (MMORPG). The original version of the game was released in May 2002 in Japan, October 2003 in North America and September 2004 in Europe, with a subscriber base now in excess of 500,000 active accounts.

With the release of the Xbox 360 version, Square Enix will be expanding its cross-platform strategy, making FINAL FANTASY XI available to a much wider audience. Players will be able to choose their hardware and play on the same servers as existing gamers. The powerful next-generation capabilities of the Xbox 360 will provide a much more dynamic and visually impressive gateway to Vana'diel - the world of FINAL FANTASY XI.

No further information regarding FINAL FANTASY XI for Xbox 360 is available today. More details will be released in the coming months.

In the IGN.com coverage, extra details are provided on the announcement:
The trailer that was shown at the press conference started off with a lot of landscape shots of the existing world of Final Fantasy XI, eventually building up to show characters one by one, fighting monsters such as Diablos and Behemoths. Details were far and few between, but from the trailer that was shown at the press conference, the gameplay looks on par with the PC version of the game, although the detail is more apparent with the X360 rev.

What's questionable will be whether or not the game will include the expansion Chains of Promathia, although chances are with the changes made to Xbox Live, the expansion might be a downloadable upgrade. But that remains to be seen. The game will utilize MS' Xbox Live service in conjunction with their PlayOnline service to deliver what'll be an attempt to merge both PC and Xbox 360 players into the same game world. This is a first for any MMORPG title that's currently active online, and it'll certainly present a huge challenge for both Microsoft and Square Enix to pull off without a hitch.

And the GameSpot coverage points out that:
Final Fantasy XI was the first game in the popular role-playing series to go online, and the Xbox version will sport new high-definition graphics and make use of all of Xbox Live's features.

PlayOnline: Adventurer Appreciation Campaign
Posted by: Cuer - Fri May 13th, 2005 07:58 pm EDT
On May 16, FINAL FANTASY XI celebrates 3 years of service since its launch in Japan! In a tribute to your continuing adventuring endeavors, the moogles are gearing up for another Adventurer Appreciation Campaign. What exciting surprises does this year's campaign hold in store!?

May 12, 2005 17:00 [PDT]

Adventurer Appreciation Campaign

Master, Master!
The Adventurer Appreciation Campaign is here again, kupo!
Woohoo! Yay! We love you! Phew, I need to get more exercise, kupo!

Anyway, let's review the history, kupo.
It's thanks to adventurers like you that the people of Vana'diel have been able to live and prosper in peace. The Adventurer Appreciation Campaign was begun by a certain personage to show our gratitude for this valuable contribution to society.
Are you with me so far, kupo?

Now we come to the fun part.
In addition to seeing a record of your adventures put together by the all-seeing moogles, you will receive a special present, kupo.
Can't wait to see your data, kupo? Not so fast!
First you have to survive the Trial of the Dragon Moogle, kupo!

Well, maybe I'm exaggerating a little.
Our campaign benefactor does, however, prefer to reward those adventurers who have shown themselves to be trusted, selfless heroes, kupo.

Even veteran adventurers may squirm at the opponents they must face to complete this trial. The Far Eastern martial goddess. The uncompromising knight of the Lion Kingdom. And last and most terrifying: the heartless Witch of Abyssal Curses.
What? You think I'm exaggerating again, kupo?

..Anyway, you can find out more by speaking to the moogles around town.
Your trial will take you around the world, so be prepared to take in all that appreciation, kupo!

Thank you for your efforts, master!
And thank you to all adventurers, kupo!

Event Participation

This event takes place in the nations of San d'Oria, Bastok, and Windurst. Listen carefully to the moogles' instructions, then join forces with other adventurers before setting out on your "trial."

Moogle Locations
Southern San d'Oria
Northern San d'Oria
Bastok Mines
Bastok Markets
Windurst Waters
Windurst Woods

This event is scheduled to begin at 17:00 on May 12 and end at 0:00 on May 30 (PDT).

Official PlayOnline Announcement

Event Specifics

Official Announcement: Adventurer Appreciation Campaign
Event Schedule: May 12 2005, 17:00 (PDT) to May 30, 0:00 (PDT)
Event Item Rewards: Chocopass, Homing Ring, Return Ring.

PlayOnline: FINAL FANTASY XI Update (May 11)
Posted by: Mirriam -Wed May 11th, 2005 01:36 pm EDT
FINAL FANTASY XI Update (May 11)

At the following time, we performed a FINAL FANTASY XI version update.

[Date & Time]
May 11, 2005 from 10:00 to 17:00 (PDT)

[Affected Services]

[Important Update Details]

- A new section of the Promathia story has been added.

- It is no longer possible to use the delivery service to send the following EX items:

Mannequin Pumps
Kshama Ring No.8
Kshama Ring No.2
Kshama Ring No.4
Kshama Ring No.3
Kshama Ring No.5
Kshama Ring No.9
Kshama Ring No.6
Sanative Earring
Relaxing Earring
Minstrel's Dagger

- Players will no longer counter attacks from monsters being fought by other parties.

- Players may now experience less server lag while participating in Ballista.

Affected zones:
Diorama Abdhaljs - Ghelsba
Jugner Forest
Pashhow Marshlands
Meriphataud Mountains

- Several other issues have also been addressed.

Official PlayOnline Announcement

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