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Items: 9505
Mobs: 4024
Recipes: 3285
NPCs: 2066
Quests: 570

All Worlds Login Technical Difficulties Notice (Aug 18)
Posted by: Cuer - Thu Aug 18th, 2005 10:05 pm EDT
Aug. 18, 2005 18:43 [PDT]

All Worlds Login Technical Difficulties Notice (Aug. 18)

We are currently experiencing technical difficulties with FINAL FANTASY XI.
Some players may experience problems while attempting to login. Investigation and recovery work is underway and we hope to resolve the issue as soon as possible.
We thank you for your patience in this matter

[Affected Period]
From Aug. 18, 2005 18:00(PDT)

Difficulty in logging in or out of FINAL FANTASY XI

[Affected Services]

Official PlayOnline Announcement

Aug. 19, 2005 00:15 [PDT]

All Worlds Login Recovery Notice (Aug. 18)

At the following time, some players experienced technical difficulties with FINAL FANTASY XI while logging in and out. This issue has now been resolved.
We apologize for any inconvenience we may have caused.

[Affected Period]
Aug. 18, 2005 18:00 - 23:00 (PDT)

Difficulty logging in or out of FINAL FANTASY XI

[Affected Services]

Official PlayOnline Announcement

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PlayOnline: Azimuth Circle and Sunbreeze Festival Period Extended
Posted by: Cuer - Mon Aug 15th, 2005 12:30 pm EDT
Aug. 15, 2005 02:10 [PDT]

Azimuth Circle and Sunbreeze Festival Period Extended

The Azimuth Circle and the Sunbreeze Festival events which were scheduled to conclude on Aug. 15, 2005 at 0:00 (PDT), have by popular demand been extended to Aug. 22, 2005 0:00 (PDT).

Whether you have yet to go through the events or you just can't get enough of them, don't miss out on this chance!

Official PlayOnline Announcement

See our walkthroughs for these events: the Azimuth Circle Walkthrough, and the Goldfish Scooping - Sunbreeze Festival info.
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Site Updates - August 14, 2005
Posted by: Cuer - Sun Aug 14th, 2005 04:06 pm EDT
New information for every weapon in the database was added in with this update.
  • The DPS of each weapon is listed on the individual weapon display. This is shown as Damage Per Second (DPS): on the item page for weapons. It is important to note that this is based on a simple calculation involving the Delay versus the Damage fields on the weapon; it does not include any of the effects on it. This is useful for some basic comparisons of weapons.
  • More new info can be found on weapons in the TP Per Hit: display. This shows how many TP (Tactical Points) are gained by each hit of the weapon.
  • Further information about the calculations used for these numbers can be found in the discussion of this news.
Items Added: Light of Vahzl, Caliginous Blade, Limit Breaker

Items Updated: Culverin +1, Culverin, Heavy Shell, Cannon Shell

NPCs Added: Hurr the Betrayer, Bou the Righteous, Stray Cloud

Mobs Added: Glyryvilu

Mobs Updated: Goblin Wolfman, Centurio XII-I, Maltha, Dune Widow, Father Frost, Mysticmaker Profblix

Quests Updated: Heaven Cent, A Smudge On One's Record, An Undying Pledge

Desynthesis Recipes Added: Long Boomerang

Recipes Updated: Gust Sword, Bone Arrow, Black Ink, Saltwater Aquarium, Ardent Jadeite, Adamantoise Soup, Moblumin Sheet, Shrimp Lantern

Items Drops Added: Scroll of Thunder III, Mercury, Wyrm Horn, Heavy Shell, Spider Web, Gold Beastcoin, Snoll Arm

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Site Updates - August 11, 2005
Posted by: Cuer - Thu Aug 11th, 2005 04:39 pm EDT
Extra information for items goes in with this site update. All items in the database were updated with those flags, even though they aren't listed as being updated below.
  • Extra flags were added to the items database, reflecting more detailed information directly from the FFXI data files. Along with older flags, these are all listed under the Flags: line on an item (see items such as the Adamantoise Soup or Kirin's Osode for examples of these new flags). The flags that can be listed are:
    • Rare - A standard flag that means a character can only hold one copy of that item in his Inventory, Safe, or Storage.
    • Exclusive - A standard flag that means an item must be kept by a single character; it cannot be traded or delivered to another character, or sold on the Auction House. Some items that are flagged Exclusive may be sold to NPC merchants.
    • Temporary - This flag is used on Ballista items, for items that can be dug up and must be used by the end of a Ballista match.
    • Not NPC Sellable - This flag means that an item cannot be sold to any NPC Merchants. By default, any item without this flag can be sold to them. See the Merchants Guide for more info on how to get the best prices for items.
    • Not Auction House Sellable - Any item with this cannot be sold on the Auction House. Important Note: If an item has either this flag OR an Exclusive flag, it cannot be sold on the Auction House. Some items have one flag, some the other, many have both; it all just depends on how they were flagged by the FFXI developers.
    • Not Deliverable - This flag prevents an item from being sent to another character by an Item Deliverer NPC. Any item with the Exclusive flag will not be able to be delivered, either, even if they do not have this flag.
    You will note that some items with the Exclusive and/or Not Auction House Sellable flags have an Auction House Category displayed on them. In order to make it easy to look up all items of a particular type, all items that can be equipped (Armor, Weapons, or Ammo) have the Auction House category that they would go in, even if they can't be sold on the Auction House. For example, if you look up all Dagger weapons, that search will include Exclusive Dagger weapons, so that all weapons of that type can be compared to each other.
  • The four new Beastmen Headgear quests went into the database, with full walkthroughs for each one, and the many new Notorious Monsters that they spawn. If you have more information about those quests, please post it in the Beastmen Headgear Quests discussion.
  • As always, more of the items and mobs from the patches within the last month were updated; full details about these can be found in the July 2005 Patch Compilation of Info.

Items Added: Onion Bandana, Onion Cap, Onion Vest, Onion Doublet, Onion Tunic, Onion Harness, Third Mimeo Feather, Second Mimeo Feather, Mimeo Feather

Items Updated: Evoker's Ring, Rebirth Feather, Republic Signet Staff, Kingdom Signet Staff, Federation Signet Staff, Goldfish Bowl

Mobs Added: Bugbear Porterman, Dread Dealing Dredodak, Grimoire Guru Grimogek, Goblin Preceptor, Poo Yozo the Babbler, Laa Yaku the Austere, Kee Taw the Nightingale, Goo Pake the Bloodhound, Fee Jugu the Ramfist, Duu Masa the Onecut, So'Hyu Quakemaker, No'Bhu Unyielding, Mu'Zha Infernoblade, Ka'Ghi Trovetaker, Hu'Rhe Marrowgorger, De'Pha Unscarred, Siegebreaker Wujroj, Shatterskull Mippdapp, Sevenskewer Krugglug, Rictusgrin Prakpok, Grimbolt Onkzok, Chillgaze Foddrud

Mobs Updated: Celphie, Haty, Bendigeit Vran, Orcish Overlord, Yagudo Avatar, Diamond Quadav, Centurio XII-I, Bo'Who Warmonger, Alastor Antlion, Carmine Dobsonfly, Bugbear Matman

Quests Added: A Generous General?, A Moral Manifest?, An Affable Adamantking?, An Understanding Overlord?

Quests Updated: The Postman Always K.O.'s Twice

Zones Updated: Shrine of Ru'Avitau

Desynthesis Recipes Added: Carapace Gauntlets

Recipes Updated: Royal Bookshelf, Greaves, Hosodachi, Urushi, Garlic Cracker, Crossbow

Desynthesis Recipes Updated: Suzaku's Sune-Ate

BCNMs Updated: Petrifying Pair

Items Drops Added: Prelate Key, Oldton Chest Key, Angel Skin, Malboro Fiber, Bugbear Mask

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Site Updates - August 8, 2005
Posted by: Cuer - Mon Aug 08th, 2005 08:27 pm EDT
A handful of updates here, to look at while waiting for the servers to come back up. Most of these updates and additions are from the latest FFXI patches; details and context can be found in the constantly updated July 2005 FFXI Patch Compilation of Info.
Items Added: Reliquiarium Key

Items Updated: Oliphant, Harlequin's Horn, Gjallarhorn, Millenium Horn, Dynamis Horn, Pyrrhic Horn, Relic Horn, Shofar +1, San d'Orian Horn, Kingdom Horn, Shofar, Crumhorn +1, Crumhorn, Horn +1, Horn, Royal Spearman's Horn, Gemshorn +1, Gemshorn, Mary's Horn, Cornette +1, Cornette, Virtue Stone, Freshwater Aquarium, Selene's Bow

Items Drops Added: Cluster Ash, Scroll of Refresh, Mercury, Ve'Lugannon Coffer Key, Sylvan Stone, Moblin Mask, Revival Tree Root, Snoll Arm, Silver Beastcoin, Tavnazian Liver, Honey, Scroll of Stonega III, Raxa, Chameleon Diamond, Goblin Mail, Magicked Steel Ingot, Bat Fang, Bat Wing, Lizard Egg, Attohwa Ginseng, Scroll of Firaga II, Dark Spirit Pact, Gold Beastcoin, Goblin Helm, Bird Egg, Scroll of Stone III, Resentment Cape

Recipes Updated: Moblin Putty, Sieglinde Putty, Arhat's Tekko, Copper Ingot, Hibari, Crossbow, Glass Sheet, Bookshelf, Coral Subligar, Goldfish Bowl

Desynthesis Recipes Added: Genbu's Kabuto, Suzaku's Sune-Ate

Desynthesis Recipes Updated: Gauntlets, Flame Boomerang

NPCs Added: Drake Fang

Mobs Added: Defoliate Leshy

Mobs Updated: Taxim, Kirata, Sharp-Eared Ropipi, Cwn Cyrff, Mycophile, Eba, Goblin Wolfman, Swamfisk, Phantom Worm, Yara Ma Yha Who, Meww the Turtlerider, Kreutzet, Biast, Taisaijin, Argus, Bugbear Matman, Goblin Collector, Swashstox Beadblinker, Earth Elemental, Moblin Scalpelman, Goblin Swordsman, Bugbear Deathsman, Moblin Draftsman, Moblin Tankman, Elel, Azren Kuba, Azren Kuguza, Fomor Ranger, Fomor Dark Knight, Fomor Bard, Stegotaur, Diremite, Addled Tumor, Vampire Bat, Heliodromos, Atomic Cluster, Cloud Hippogryph, Hawker, Firedrake, Hippogryph, Riverne Vulture, Hawkertrap, Ziphius, Odqan, Mantrap, Orcish Trooper, Kurrea, Abraxas, Cargo Crab Colin, Falcatus Aranei, Moblin Gurneyman, Moblin Ragman, Bifrons, Arch Corse, Lich, Mummy, Cave Antlion, Tracker Antlion, Trench Antlion, Cutlass Scorpion, Monarch Ogrefly, Hunter Antlion, Burrow Antlion, Goblin Smithy, Goblin Pathfinder, Unstable Cluster, Aspidochelone, Alastor Antlion, Ice Elemental, Srei Ap, Phasma, Cwn Annwn, Kindred Summoner, Kindred Dark Knight, Kindred Black Mage, Kindred Warrior, Smolenkos, Molech, Agloolik, Judicator Demon, Doom Mage, Fachan, Tyrannotaur, Akselloak, Nightmare Bats, Giant Buffalo, Brontotaur, Morozko, Doom Soldier, Nival Raptor, Polar Hare, Succubus Bats, Buffalo, Snoll, Uleguerand Tiger, Glacier Eater, Esbat, Variable Hare, Jagil, Teine Sith, Ignis Fatuus, Catoblepas, Tartarus Eft, Hobgoblin Toreador, Hobgoblin Alastor, Hobgoblin Physician, Hobgoblin Blagger, Hobgoblin Venerer, Goblin's Rarab, Hobgoblin Animalier, Hobgoblin Fascinator, Hobgoblin Martialist, Tragopan, Tropical Rarab, Raven, Marine Dhalmel, Island Rarab, Goblin Shaman, Goblin Pathfinder, Eft, Demonic Tiphia, Mimic, Indich, Caithleann, Lobais, Balor, Luaith, Black Coney, White Coney, Orcish Warlord, Bright-handed Kunberry, Serra

Quests Updated: Confessions of a Bellmaker, Knocking on Forbidden Doors, Indomitable Spirit, The Search for Goldmane, One Good Deed?, The Siren's Tear, Love and Ice

Zones Updated: Sacrarium

BCNMs Updated: The Hills Are Alive

Site Updates - August 3, 2005
Posted by: Cuer - Wed Aug 03rd, 2005 08:16 pm EDT
A slew of additions here, mainly with new Notorious Monsters from the July 2005 patch, as well as some of the new quests like the Fellowship Quests. All the new NMs, items and quests from the July and August patches are detailed in the July 2005 Patch Compilation of Info, which is regularly updated.

Items Added: Ice Fragment, Fire Fragment, Shaded Cruse, Light Fragment

Items Updated: Sirocco Kukri, Air Tank, Fomor Codex, The Big One, Laurel Crown, Stars Cap, Tavnazian Ram Meat, Tarutaru Stool, Honey, Scroll of Dispel, Mana Boost, Chocopass, Winterstone, Autumnstone, Summerstone, Springstone, Linkshell, Adventuring Certificate, Bastokan Flag, Flower Egg, Lamp Egg, Wing Egg, Herald's Gaiters, Variable Ring, Protean Ring, Pollux's Ring, Castor's Ring, Kaiser Schuhs, Grand Temple Knight's Bangles, Blue Ribbon +1, Purple Ribbon +1, Koenig Schuhs, Light Boomerang, Sapara of Trials, Futsuno Mitama, Frenzy Fife, Judge's Arrow, Onimaru, Scythe of Trials, Goldfish Bowl, Return Ring, Homing Ring, Hopipi Doll, Pumimi Doll, Tarutaru Top +1, Tarutaru Top, Galka Gilet +1, Mithra Top +1, Tarutaru Maillot +1, Elvaan Top +1, Elvaan Gilet +1, Hume Top +1, Hume Gilet +1, Galka Gilet, Mithra Top, Tarutaru Maillot, Elvaan Top, Elvaan Gilet, Hume Top, Hume Gilet, Tarutaru Shorts +1, Tarutaru Shorts, Galka Trunks +1, Mithra Shorts +1, Tarutaru Trunks +1, Elvaan Shorts +1, Elvaan Trunks +1, Hume Shorts +1, Hume Trunks +1, Galka Trunks, Mithra Shorts, Tarutaru Trunks, Elvaan Shorts, Elvaan Trunks, Hume Trunks, Hume Shorts, Optical Earring, Timepiece, Adamantoise Soup, Darksteel Bolt Quiver, Mythril Bolt Quiver, Horn Quiver, Silver Quiver, Beetle Quiver, Iron Quiver, Freshwater Set, Saltwater Set, White Sand, Onoko Yukata, Omina Yukata, Lord's Yukata, Lady's Yukata, Super Scoop, Tiny Goldfish, Black Bubble-Eye, Lionhead, Spirit Masque, Shrimp Lantern, Goldfish Set, Shield Bug, Sea Robber Cudgel, Premium Bag, Clustered Tar, Freshwater Aquarium, Saltwater Aquarium, Sea Foliage, River Foliage, Desalinator, Salinator, Libation Abjuration, Scroll of Reraise III, Lacquer Tree Log, Fruit Seeds, Silica, Sieglinde Putty, Glass Sheet, Toolbag (Shino), Toolbag (Kodo), Toolbag (Sai), Toolbag (Kagi), Toolbag (Jusa), Toolbag (Shihe), Toolbag (Mizu), Toolbag (Hira), Toolbag (Maki), Toolbag (Kawa), Toolbag (Tsura), Toolbag (Uchi), Goldfish Bowl, Zincite, Boreas Cesti, Tiphia Sting, Fresh Blood, Tamas Ring, Sattva Ring, Rajas Ring, Hallowed Water, Invitriol, Malflood Ring, Flint Stone, Zinc Oxide, Katayama Ichimonji, Antlion Trap, Peacock Charm, Leaping Boots, Archer's Ring, Emperor Hairpin

Items Drops Added: Pearl, Giant Bird Plume, Petrified Log, Swift Belt, Air Tank, Musk Sachet, Civet Sachet, Sweet Sachet, Attar Sachet, Olibanum Sachet, Millefleurs Sachet, Balm Sachet, White Rock, Rutter Sabatons, Rain Hat, Selene's Bow, Flytrap Leaf, Sennight Bangles, Cluster Core, Vilma's Ring, Venomous Claw, Horutoto Chest Key, Insect Wing, Seashell, Dragon Talon, Tiger Hide, Black Tiger Fang, Heavy Gauntlets, Zincite, Ebony Log, Moblumin Ingot, Lucent Cape, Swan Bilbo, Dhalmel Whistle, Archer's Jupon, Pamamas, Royal Jelly, Van Pendant, Giant Bird Feather, Sirocco Kukri, Seawolf Cudgel, Sea Robber Cudgel, Reverend Mail, Barbarian Mittens, Fomor Tunic, Sinister Mask, Clustered Tar, Soboro Sukehiro, Mountain Gaiters, Hospitaler Earring, Silica, Harvest Earring, Galliard Trousers, Yinyang Robe, Nanban Kariginu, Oliphant, Moblin Sheepskin, Ace's Helm, Intruder Earring, Ajase Beads, Purgatory Collar, Volans Greaves, Fasting Ring, White Sand, Gassan, Fresh Blood, Sands of Silence, Sylvan Stone, Scroll of Shell IV, Golem Shard, Mythril Ore, Rosewood Log, Fomor Codex, Patroclus's Helm, Raikiri, Tiphia Sting, Tortoise Shield, Black Hose, Mycophile Cuffs, Garde Pick, Almogavar Bow, Mahogany Log, Bellicose Mantle, Rogetsurin, Trailer's Tunica, Slime Oil, Pilgrim's Wand, Entrancing Ribbon, Katayama Ichimonji, Optical Earring, Auriga Xiphos, Gelong Staff, Clipeus, Rostrum Pumps, High-Quality Antlion Jaw, Diatryma Meat, Ru'Aun Coffer Key

NPCs Added: Cook Solberry, Cook Minberry, Cook Fulberry, Cook Balberry, Moblin Showman, Brita, Ominous Cloud (Bastok), Ominous Cloud (Windurst), Meret, Enaremand, Laillera, Colmaie, Gachemage, Adalefont, Diadonour, Laette, Chatarre, Cerite, Vilatroire, Ominous Cloud (San d'Oria), Dabbio, Perdiouvilet, Luto Mewrilah

NPCs Updated: Chaupire, Cauzeriste, Kopopo, Chomo Jinjahl, Nokkhi Jinjahl (Bastok), Nokkhi Jinjahl (Windurst), Nokkhi Jinjahl (San d'Oria), Ensasa, Upih Khachla, Cerite, Vilatroire, Dabih Jajalioh

Mobs Added: Indich, Caithleann, Lobais, Luaith, Balor, Bugbear Matman, Noble Mold, Black Coney, White Coney, Carrion Dragon, Namorodo, Mountain Worm, Shieldtrap, Ereshkigal, Cwn Cyrff, Haty, Kreutzet, Silverhook, Blackbeard, Goblin Collector, Goblin Wolfman, Eba, Mahisha, Unstable Cluster, Heliodromos, Ziphius, Colorful Leshy, Kurrea, Shikigami Weapon, Edacious Opo-opo, Meww the Turtlerider, Rose Garden, Celphie, King Vinegarroon, Centurio XII-I, Coo Keja the Unseen, Snow Maiden, Kirata, Serra, Shen's Filtrate, Shen, Yara Ma Yha Who, Nihniknoovi, Chocoboleech, Biast, Dosetsu Tree, Demonic Tiphia, Bo'Who Warmonger, Hercules Beetle, Mycophile, Meteormauler Zhagtegg, Fraelissa, Duessa, Fradubio, Bendigeit Vran, Maltha, Nunyenunc, Sharp-Eared Ropipi, Carnero, Maighdean Uaine, Chariotbuster Byakzak, Orcish Panzer, Swamfisk, Goliath Beetle, Feeler Antlion, Executioner Antlion, Ambusher Antlion, Alastor Antlion

Mobs Updated: Nival Raptor, Bloodsucker, Ahtu, Caithleann, Lobais, Luaith, Indich, Leshonki, Bo'Who Warmonger, Stroper Chyme, Mountain Worm, Father Frost, Snow Maiden, Colorful Leshy, Taisaijin, Zoredonite, Bugbear Matman, Balor, Arcane Phantasm, Keremet, Azren Kuguza, Azren Kuba, Ash Dragon, Tonberry Pursuer, Morbol, Bat Eye, Giant Scorpion, Meteormauler Zhagtegg, Noble Mold, Black Coney, Teine Sith, Cactuar, White Coney, Kreutzet, Rose Garden, Celphie, Argus, Leech King, Wyvernpoacher Drachlox, Cwn Cyrff, Zipacna, Maighdean Uaine, Ziphius, Coo Keja the Unseen, Kurrea, Orcish Panzer, Ereshkigal, Shen's Filtrate, Shieldtrap, Maltha, Serra, Haty, Ambusher Antlion, Feeler Antlion, Executioner Antlion, Edacious Opo-opo, Silverhook, Nihniknoovi, Goblin Collector, Blackbeard, Goblin Wolfman, Eba, Mahisha, Unstable Cluster, Heliodromos, King Vinegarroon, Tribunus VII-I, Meww the Turtlerider, Shikigami Weapon, Centurio XII-I, Kirata, Dosetsu Tree, Shen, Yara Ma Yha Who, Chocoboleech, Hercules Beetle, Mycophile, Sharp-Eared Ropipi, Demonic Tiphia, Carnero, Duessa, Biast, Fraelissa, Fradubio, Bendigeit Vran, Blob, Nunyenunc, Swamfisk, Chariotbuster Byakzak, Goliath Beetle, Alastor Antlion

Quests Added: Mirror, Mirror, Girl in the Looking Glass, Unlisted Qualities

Quests Updated: Scattered into Shadow, Wings of Gold, The Requiem, Painful Memory, Axe the Competition, The Merchant's Bidding, Inside the Belly, Over the Hills and Far Away, In the Name of Science, Advanced Teamwork, Intermediate Teamwork, Introduction to Teamwork, Warding Vampires, Tea With a Tonberry?

Zones Updated: Airship Between Jeuno & Kazham, Airship Between Jeuno & Bastok, Airship Between Jeuno & San d'Oria, Airship Between Jeuno & Windurst, Ferry Between Mhaura & Selbina, Chateau d'Oraguille, San d'Oria Port, San d'Oria South, San d'Oria North, Metalworks, Bastok Port, Bastok Mines, Pashhow Marshlands, Bastok Markets, Windurst Waters, Windurst Walls, Windurst Woods, Windurst Port, Ru'Lude Gardens, Jeuno Port, Jeuno Lower, Jeuno Upper, Diorama Abdhaljs-Ghelsba

Recipes Added: Silk Thread, Moblin Sheep Wool, Moblin Sheep Leather, Moblumin Sheet, Premium Bag, Black Ink

Recipes Updated: Pigaches, Lord's Sabatons, Battle Hose, Aluminum Ingot, Scarlet Linen, Premium Bag, Bastokan Sword, Moblin Putty, Shrimp Lantern, Antlion Trap, Shell Powder, Glass Sheet, Sieglinde Putty, Saltwater Aquarium, Goldfish Bowl, Flaxseed Oil, Freshwater Set, Saltwater Set, Zinc Oxide, Black Ink, Orc Helm, Goblin Coif, Quadav Barbut, Yagudo Headgear, The Big One, Black Sollerets, Combat Caster's Dagger +1, Tuna Sushi, Light Crossbow

Desynthesis Recipes Added: Targe, Coeurl Mantle, Hydro Patas, Shade Harness, Bone Scythe, Gauntlets, Carapace Mask, Hellfire

Desynthesis Recipes Updated: Hydro Patas, Espadon, Arhat's Gi, Moblin Mail, Moblin Helm, Plantreaper, Carapace Mask, Hydro Claws, Huge Moth Axe, Gigas Necklace

BCNMs Updated: Prehistoric Pigeons, Contaminated Colosseum, Moa Constrictors, Wings of Fury, Seasons Greetings, Under Observation, Royal Jelly, Double Dragonian, The Hills Are Alive

ENMs Updated: Playing Host, Simulant, You Are What You Eat

PlayOnline: PlayOnline Scheduled Maintenance (Aug 8)
Posted by: Cuer - Wed Aug 03rd, 2005 12:40 am EDT
Update August 3, 1:15PM EDT: Changed to the updated announcement, with the proper downtime listed.

Aug. 2, 2005 20:20 [PDT]

PlayOnline Scheduled Maintenance (Aug. 8)

At the following time, we will be performing PlayOnline server maintenance. During this period, PlayOnline, Tetra Master and FINAL FANTASY XI will be unavailable.

The "Friend List Plus" feature, as well as the "Q&A" feature accessible from the official PlayOnline homepage (http://www.playonline.com/) will be unavailable as well.

You may also experience delays when sending mail through the "PlayOnline Mail" system.

[Affected Period]
From Aug. 8, 2005 from 8:00 to Aug. 9, 2005 2:00 (PDT)

*Maintenance completion time may be subject to change.

[Important Update Details]
Server machine upgrades

[Affected Services]

*We confirmed that the previous information about the maintenance schedule was incorrect. However, the information has been corrected. We apologize for the inconvenience this may have caused.

Official PlayOnline Announcement

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Square-Enix News: Producer Interviews
Posted by: Cuer - Tue Aug 02nd, 2005 02:08 am EDT
Update August 3: Another interview has shown up, at GameInformer. It has some more specifics of the X360 version of FFXI, and how it will work together with the other versions.

At the recent Square-Enix 2005 Party, FFXI Producer Hiromichi Tanaka gave out a number of interviews. Two English language ones are out. First up, a lengthy interview with 1up where a wide range of issues are covered, including the recent NPC Fellows, game balance, and the port of FFXI to the Xbox 360:
1UP: It's been reported that the draw distance on the Xbox 360 will be twice as long as the PC version. Will this give Xbox 360 players an added advantage because they can see enemies from a longer distance, helping 360 owners to camp rare monsters more efficiently?

HT: Actually, the draw distance will mostly affect the overall scenery of the game. The distance between the players and enemies will be the same as the Windows and PS2 version.

1UP: Was putting FFXI on Xbox 360 a way to sustain the game because Sony yanked hard-drive support for the PS2 (Thanks, Sony!)? Nowadays if you want to pick up FFXI and start playing, the PC version is the only option at the moment.

HT: It's not so much the survival of FFXI as is it giving players an option to play the game on next-generation hardware. Of course the added bonus for those players is to play the game in high-definition on widescreen HD televisions.

1UP: Will the 360 version support voice-chat? We sure hope not.

HT: No, it won't. The reason being is that we track player abuse through the chat logs, and if we removed the necessity of the chat log, it would be impossible to take action against abusive players.

Mr. Tanaka was questioned in the 1up interview about the still-unannounced third expansion pack, but would not give further information at this time.

In another short interview at Gamespot, the topics raised included the advance of MMOG on multiple platforms:
GS: What does the future hold for what you do? Can we look forward to another MMO with the Final Fantasy franchise? What platforms do you see yourself focusing on?

HT: For MMOs, the platform isn't that important anymore. The only real requirement is its ability to display the images from the game. As technology advances it should be possible to play one game across different platforms.

GS: Does that complicate things for you as you move forward, as typically developers have had to appeal to one specific audience such as console or PC players?

HT: Since MMOs require a keyboard, that's really the only requirement now. If the platform supports a keyboard it doesn't matter whether it's a console or PC. From this point on it should be possible to make games for either.

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PlayOnline: All Worlds Scheduled Maintenance (Aug 1)
Posted by: Cuer - Sat Jul 30th, 2005 11:31 pm EDT
[Updated with full patch notes, August 1.]

Aug. 1, 2005 10:00 [PDT]

FINAL FANTASY XI Update (Aug. 1)

At the following time, we performed a FINAL FANTASY XI version update.

*The client software will also be updated at this time. Once this maintenance is completed, the client update will start automatically after logging back into FINAL FANTASY XI. Please follow the instructions that appear on your screen.

[Date & Time]
Aug. 1, 2005 from 10:00 to 13:00 (PDT)

[Affected Services]

[Important Update Details]
- An issue in Azimuth's Circle where it was not possible to obtain the Pumimi or Hopipi doll has been addressed.
- The behavior of Fellowship NPCs has been adjusted.
- Fellowship NPCs will now disappear after defeating a predetermined number of enemies even if the NPC remains in battle mode.
- Signal pearls will now fail to activate when the number of members and Fellowship NPCs in a party totals six or more.
- An issue wherein the special properties of certain equipment intended to affect a player's wyvern or avatar extended to Fellowship NPCs has been addressed.
- When asking for a new signal pearl, the relationship between a player and a Fellowship NPC will now worsen slightly.
- After certain conditions are met, players will be able to keep their Fellowship NPC around for extended adventuring.
- An issue where Stona did not cure Level 5 Petrify has been addressed.
- An issue where the birds in Bibiki Bay known as "tragopans" did not drop crystals has been addressed.
- An issue where players would not gain experience for defeating certain notorious monsters has been addressed.
- The message "(Monster name)'s strength is impossible to gauge!" will now be displayed when using the "check" command on pets summoned by notorious monsters.
- The notorious monsters listed below will slowly grow in strength after a certain amount of time has passed since being claimed: King Arthro / Simurgh / Roc / Serket / Capricious Cassie /Lord of Onzozo / Behemoth / King Behemoth / Adamantoise / Aspidochelone / Fafnir / Nidhogg
*This time period will vary for each notorious monster.
- The name of the notorious monster "Macan Gadungan" has been changed to "Kirata."
- The number of "glass sheets" produced by synthesis has been changed.
- The drop percentage for "silica" has been adjusted.
- Certain other monsters will now drop the item "silica."
*Changes in relation to the item "silica" have already been partially implemented. Further changes will be made during today's maintenance.
- It is now possible to mine "silica" in Tahrongi Canyon and the Maze of Shakhrami.
- An issue concerning the ability to earn experience points from a wider range of monsters (implemented in the July 19 version update) not functioning correctly for levels ten and below has been addressed.
- An issue where spells such as "Dispel" and songs such as "Magic Finale" did not affect the white magic spell "Stoneskin" has been addressed.
- An issue where mannequin poses did not function as selected has been addressed.
- A new command "/blockaid" has been added.
"/blockaid" has the following effect:
Magical assistance (such as "Cure" and "Protect"), trades, party invites etc. from non-party/alliance characters will be blocked.
The "/blockaid" effect will be canceled if the player temporarily logs out to the PlayOnline Viewer, logs out, changes areas, or is KO'd.
/blockaid on
Activate the blockaid effect.
/blockaid off
Cancel the blockaid effect.
Display current blockaid status.
- Players will no longer receive "Trade" offers from characters on their blacklist.
- Players will no longer be able to use spells or abilities to claim a monster as soon as it appears.
- If players attempt to use spells or abilities to claim a monster before a set amount of time has passed since it appeared, they will not be able to use those spells etc. again for a certain duration.
- The incomplete synthesis recipe for the "A Moral Manifest?" quest has been corrected.
- Several other minor issues have been addressed.

Official PlayOnline Announcement

Jul. 30, 2005 13:40 [PDT]

All Worlds Scheduled Maintenance (Aug. 1)

At the following time, we will be performing FINAL FANTASY XI server maintenance on all worlds. During this period, FINAL FANTASY XI will be unavailable.

*The client software will also be updated at this time. Once this maintenance is completed, the client update will start automatically after logging back into FINAL FANTASY XI. Please follow the instructions that appear on your screen.

Thank you for your patience.

[Affected Period]
Aug. 1, 2005 from 10:00 to 13:00 (PDT)
*Maintenance completion time may be subject to change.

[Affected Services]

[Important Update Details]
Resolution of several issues.

Official PlayOnline Announcement

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Square-Enix News: FFXI on X360 Shown
Posted by: Mirriam - Fri Jul 29th, 2005 01:48 am EDT
A report from IGN.com gives details of the display of FFXI on the Xbox 360 at the Square Enix Party 2005.
The Xbox 360 has a slight presence at the Square Enix Party 2005, set to run until Sunday in a dank convention center just outside of Tokyo. Square Enix placed the Microsoft platform on display in a large area devoted to Final Fantasy XI. While most kiosks in this area were for the Windows version of the game, one kiosk was connected to an Xbox 360 unit and was occasionally played by the Square Enix staff, its game content shown to the audience via a high definition monitor.

Sadly, IGN did not get a chance to try out the Xbox 360 version of Final Fantasy XI at the event. In fact, the Xbox 360 version was not made available for play to anyone except for the lucky few Square Enix staff members deemed worthy.

We did obtain some high resolution screenshots of the X360 Final Fantasy XI so that you can see for yourself how gorgeous the game looks in stills.

Five X360 images can be seen. Further details of the event can be read in an auto-translated Japanese report.

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