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PlayOnline: All Worlds Maintenance (Sep 4)
Posted by: Cuer - Sun Sep 04th, 2005 03:07 pm EDT
Sep. 4, 2005 14:00 [PDT]

All Worlds Maintenance Completed (Sep. 4)

The FINAL FANTASY XI server maintenance scheduled to end on Sept. 4, 2005 15:00(PDT) is now complete.

We apologize for the inconvenience.

[Date & Time]
Sept. 4, 2005 from 12:00 to 14:00 (PDT)

[Affected Services]

[Important Update Details]
Resolution of several issues.

Official PlayOnline Announcement

Sep. 4, 2005 10:20 [PDT]

All Worlds Maintenance (Sep. 4)

At the following time, we will be performing FINAL FANTASY XI server maintenance on all worlds. During this period, FINAL FANTASY XI will be unavailable.

We ask that those players who were scheduled to enter Dynamis at the time of the maintenance wait until it is over before entering. Please note that we do not guarantee any items that may be lost during the period of the maintenance.

We apologize for any inconvenience.

[Affected Period]
Sep. 4, 2005 from 12:00 to 15:00 (PDT)
*Maintenance completion time may be subject to change.

[Affected Services]

[Important Update Details]
Resolution of several issues.

Official PlayOnline Announcement

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Xbox 360 FFXI News: Development Work Proceeds, Producer Interview
Posted by: Cuer - Sun Sep 04th, 2005 12:39 am EDT
Two recent articles provide information about the work being done at Square-Enix to get Final Fantasy XI ready for the Xbox 360. First is a Gamespot article about game development for the X360 in general. It includes a mention of the work involved in porting FFXI to the new console:
In terms of programming issues, one of the strengths of the Xbox 360, similar to the current Xbox, is the ease of porting Windows programs to the console. But surprisingly, porting programs isn't completely hassle-free, says Square Enix programmer Yasuhiro Yamamoto of his experience with Final Fantasy XI. "Windows PCs and the Xbox 360 have differences, so it'd be a lie if we said there aren't any headaches [in porting programs]. Sound is one example. The Xbox 360 uses a proprietary format, and it gave us a little bit of confusion. A bigger point is the CPU. Windows uses Intel, while the Xbox 360 uses the IBM's PowerPC. Under certain conditions, the two companies' CPUs will display programs in totally opposite ways. Flipping that around took us some time."

An in-depth interview at JustGamers with Toshio Murouchi, European Online Producer at Square-Enix, gives an overview of the progress on the X360 port. As mentioned previously, the X360 is confirmed to take up much the same space on the required hard drive as the PC version uses:
JG: As we know, the Xbox 360 version will make use of the hard disk drive. Can you estimate the free HD space; the game will make use of?

Toshio Murouchi: The final HDD space required has not been determined yet, but approximately same as Windows version. The HDD space that Final Fantasy XI requires will increase eventually depending on version-updates and the installation of expansion packs.

Further confirmation was also given regarding the content that will come with the X360 FFXI package; the current two expansions will be included, and presumably there won't be any others by the time of the X360 release:
JG: Will the final game come with every expansion and on a DVD?

Toshio Murouchi: Yes. The Xbox 360 version of Final Fantasy XI will include both expansion packs Rise of the Zilart and Chains of Promathia and their registration codes.

We will continue to bring further information regarding the development of the X360 FFXI as it becomes available.

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PlayOnline Development News: October Version Update
Posted by: Cuer - Fri Sep 02nd, 2005 08:21 pm EDT
From the Official FFXI Site (September 9):

New Storage Options!

A new option allowing adventurers to store equipment and furnishings obtained from special events will be introduced in the October version update. Storable equipment will be limited to those items that are displayed on a character when equipped. Adventurers will be able to store both normal and high-quality items, but will not receive a key item in exchange as in other equipment storage services.

Look for this new service in the upcoming version update!

From the Official FFXI Site (September 7):

The lost chocobo game and the distribution of recipe information at guilds will undergo changes in the October version update.

The following changes will be made in early October. The version update will bring several other adjustments and new material, so keep checking the main page for more information.

-Lost Chocobo Game
During the lost chocobo game, the time spent riding will be displayed after entering a new area.

-Synthesis Recipes
In the past, guild craftsmen distributed new recipes one at a time. However, following the October version update, craftsmen will present a list to the player depending on that player's skill level.

Official PlayOnline Announcement

From the Official FFXI Site (September 5):

Additions to the Fellowship System

The version update in early October will bring the following changes to the Fellowship system:

-Several Fellowship quests will be added, including one that raises the NPC's level restriction.
-There will be an increase in the variety of equipment worn by the NPC.
-Extra conversational options will be available at the Rendezvous Point.
-There will be more fighting styles to choose from.
-More information will be displayed on screen, such as the NPC's hit points.

These changes and more will be included in the upcoming version update. Details may be found on the FINAL FANTASY XI main page as soon as they are released.

Official PlayOnline Announcement

From the Official FFXI Site (September 2):

October Version Update

The FINAL FANTASY XI development team is currently working on the next version update! Adventurers can expect additions to the Fellowship system, new areas, and several other changes. Details will be posted to the Topics section as soon as they are released, so keep checking back for more information! The version update will take place in early October.

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PlayOnline: Vana'diel Tribune II No10 Edition Released
Posted by: Cuer - Wed Aug 31st, 2005 01:58 pm EDT
Vana'diel Tribune II No.10 Edition Released

The contents of the No.10 edition are as follows:
We have updated the Personals Board with dozens of comments contributed by adventurers from all over the world.
(The Personals Board system is currently in the beta testing phase.)

PlayOnline Server Maintenance (Aug 28)
Posted by: Cuer - Fri Aug 26th, 2005 01:15 pm EDT
[Updated August 29 with final PlayOnline Viewer Update notes.]

Aug. 29, 2005 03:00 [PDT]

FINAL FANTASY XI Update (Aug. 29)

At the following time we have performed a version update of FINAL FANTASY XI along with the scheduled server maintenance.

[Date & Time]
Aug. 28, 2005 22:00 - Aug.29 3:00 (PDT)

[Affected Services]

[Update Details]
- An issue wherein players were unable to obtain the "100 day after creation" special items (Kgd. Stable Collar, Rep. Stable Medal and Fed. Stable Scarf) for the Vana'diel Adventurer Recruitment Program has been addressed. These items enable teleportation to the Chocobo stables.

Official PlayOnline Announcement

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Square-Enix News: X360 Final Fantasy XI Requires Hard Drive
Posted by: Cuer - Wed Aug 24th, 2005 03:05 pm EDT
A number of articles recently have been written regarding the upcoming release of Final Fantasy XI on the Xbox 360. The X360 FFXI will require a hard drive on the console, which has surprised some people. An article in Boomtown seems to disbelieve the notion, with further info from XboxAddict:
Reports online are indicating that Square-Enix’s upcoming Xbox 360 version of Final Fantasy XI will only be playable if you’ve got a hard drive jammed onto Microsoft’s next-gen machine. The massively multiplayer version of the popular RPG franchise has already enjoyed widespread success on the PS2 and PC - despite the fact that the game never saw a European release on Sony’s machine. In fact, the 360 version will be the first to hit consoles on European shores, likely meaning a lot of fans will be eager to pick up the title at launch. However, the news that a hard drive is required to play is likely to come as a blow, not only to FF fans intending to snag the cheaper, hard drive-less Core version of the 360, but to Microsoft itself. Since the announcement of the dual packages, the company has been insistent that a hard drive won’t be mandatory to enjoy next-gen titles, but that the inclusion of one will enable developers to offer slicker, enhanced gameplay experiences.

It should come as no surprise that Final Fantasy XI will require a hard drive to be played on an Xbox 360; the game has always required a hard drive, regardless of which platform it was on. The concern regarding this is understandable for the PR team at Microsoft, who has been working overtime to assure prospective purchasers that the 20GB hard drive will not be required for any games. Consumers familar with FFXI or the MMOG market in general will understand the nature of these games, and that FFXI regularly releases massive updates that have to be stored somewhere on the system where it is played. The full PC version of FFXI takes up nearly 7GB of storage, and there is no reason to believe that the X360 will be any smaller; indeed, with the "enhanced graphics" promised for the X360 FFXI, it may take up even more storage space. It is beyond imagination to think that the game could be run on a machine without fixed storage.

The requirement of the hard drive for FFXI will be one more reason that any serious hard-core game player considering the X360 will want to purchase the Xbox 360 Premium, with the hard drive and other "accessories" included. It remains to be seen whether the steep price of that console package will encourage large numbers of potential X360 owners to wait for the inevitable price drops down the road. For Square-Enix, it must certainly be their hope to try to move many subscribers, both new and old, to the X360 version. Not only do they get revenue from a new sale of FFXI, but it increases the longevity of game to have it sell well on a new console. The release of FFXI on the X360 will certainly expand it's reach into Europe, since it has never been released on a console there, as mentioned above. Even with the steep initial price for a full X360 Premium system, there is no doubt that the release of FFXI on it bodes well for the game overall.
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PlayOnline Viewer Update (Aug 25)
Posted by: Cuer - Tue Aug 23rd, 2005 11:57 am EDT
[Update August 25 with final PlayOnline Viewer Update notes.]

Aug. 25, 2005 00:15 [PDT]

PlayOnline Viewer Update (Aug. 25)

At the following time, we performed a version update of the PlayOnline Viewer.

*The client software will also be updated at this time. The version update process will automatically begin upon login after the time stated below. Please follow the instructions that appear on your screen.

[Affected Period]
Aug. 25, 2005 from 0:00 (PDT)

[Important Update Details]
- An issue where the PlayOnline Viewer would terminate when the "UPnP Port Map" was "Enabled" in the Network Settings (Windows version only) was addressed.

- Other various issues were resolved.

Official PlayOnline Announcement

Site Updates - August 22, 2005
Posted by: Cuer - Mon Aug 22nd, 2005 10:43 pm EDT
A broad range of tweaks to items, zones and mobs make up this site update. The main notable update was to all the level capped zones; they now have comments marking them as such. The new quests listed here are from the July patch; full details for them can be found in the July 2005 FFXI Patch Compilation of Info.

Items Added: Delkfutt Recognition Device, Envelope From Monberaux, Clamming Kit, Weapon Training Guide, Censer of Acrimony

Items Updated: Mutton Tortilla, Mutton Enchilada, Windurstian Tea Leaves, Dash Sash, Red Sash, Teeth Sack, Fingernail Sack, Goblin Cup, Fish Bones, Goblin Die, Chicken Bone

NPCs Updated: Baehu-Faehu

Mobs Updated: Taxim, Overlord Bakgodek, Balor, Luaith, Lobais, Caithleann, Black Coney, White Coney, Baobhan Sith, Silverhook, Blackbeard, Indich, Edacious Opo-opo, Bright-handed Kunberry, Kreutzet, Shikigami Weapon, Dosetsu Tree, Snow Maiden, Biast, Coo Keja the Unseen, Shen, Maltha, Sharp-Eared Ropipi, Hercules Beetle, Golden-Tongued Culberry, Proconsul XII, Groundskeeper, Nunyenunc, Chocoboleech, Carnero, Fradubio, Meteormauler Zhagtegg, Ungur, Masan, Centurio XII-I, Rock Lizard, Alastor Antlion, Zoredonite, Antican Signifer, Centurio X-I, Sagittarius X-XIII, Bendigeit Vran, Haty, Yarr the Pearleyed, Novv the Whitehearted

Quests Added: An Undying Pledge, In Search of the Truth

Quests Updated: A Foreman's Best Friend, Indomitable Spirit, The Weight of Your Limits, The Walls of Your Mind, The Potential Within, Souls in Shadow, Shoot First, Ask Questions Later, Orastery Woes, Old Wounds, Methods Create Madness, Inheritance, From Saplings Grow, Cloak and Dagger, Bugi Soden, Blood and Glory, Axe the Competition, A Taste for Meat, The Merchant's Bidding

Zones Updated: Promyvion - Vahzl, Promyvion - Mea, Promyvion - Holla, Promyvion - Dem, Phomiuna Aqueducts, Sacrarium, Riverne - Site #B01, Riverne - Site #A01, Pso'Xja, Quicksand Caves

Desynthesis Recipes Added: Scorpion Gauntlets, Bilbo, Roshi Jinpachi, Hard Leather Ring, Gold Patas, Gold Cuisses, Ruby Earring, Sun Ring, Noct Doublet, Waistbelt, Fang Earring, Beetle Knife

Recipes Updated: Hachiman Sune-Ate, Errant Cuffs, Errant Hat, Antlion Trap, Tathlum, Tuna Sushi, Goldfish Bowl, Yagudo Headgear, Gold Armet, Shrimp Lantern, Eisenschuhs, Chain Hose, Byrnie, Trader's Slops, Trader's Cuffs, Trader's Saio, Silver Thread

Desynthesis Recipes Updated: Sun Ring, Barbarian's Belt, Hickory Shield

BCNMs Updated: Ouryu Cometh

Items Drops Added: Pso'Xja Chest Key, Vitriol, Manticore Hair, Pugil Scales, Cactus Arm, Scroll of Regen III, Scroll of Shellra IV, Doll Shard, Mercury, Grain Seeds, Ebony Log, Illuminink

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PlayOnline: Server Maintenance, Login Difficulty Issue
Posted by: Cuer - Fri Aug 19th, 2005 02:05 pm EDT
Aug. 22, 2005 12:57 [PDT]

All Worlds Maintenance Extension (Aug. 22): Addition

The scheduled FINAL FANTASY XI server maintenance being conducted right now on all Worlds will be extended for another 2 hours.

We deeply apologize for the inconvenience and thank you for your understanding.

[Date & Time]
Aug. 22, 2005 10:00 to 15:00 (PDT)
*Maintenance completion time may be subject to change.

[Affected Services]

Official PlayOnline Announcement

Aug. 22, 2005 11:45 [PDT]

All Worlds Maintenance Extension (Aug. 22)

The scheduled FINAL FANTASY XI server maintenance being conducted right now on all Worlds will be extended until Aug. 22, 2005 13:00 (PDT).

We apologize for the inconvenience and thank you for your patience.

[Date & Time]
Aug. 22, 2005 10:00 to 13:00 (PDT)
*Maintenance completion time may be subject to change.

[Affected Services]

Official PlayOnline Announcement

Aug. 19, 2005 18:17 [PDT]

All World Login Difficulty Issue

As we have previously informed in "All Worlds Login Technical Difficulties Notice (8/16)" and "All Worlds Login Technical Difficulties Notice (8/18)," we have been experiencing technical difficulties with the login to FINAL FANTASY XI since Aug. 16.
In case you experience login difficulties, please wait a while and try again later.

Also during the maintenance period announced on "All World Server Maintenance (Aug. 22)," there will be an update to resolve this matter.

We apologize for the inconvenience.

Official PlayOnline Announcement

Aug. 19, 2005 08:00 [PDT]

All World Server Maintenance (Aug. 22)

At the following time we will be conducting FINAL FANTASY XI server maintenance. During this period, FINAL FANTASY XI will be unavailable.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

[Date & Time]
Aug. 22, from 10:00 to 12:00 (PDT)
*Maintenance completion time may be subject to change.

[Affected Services]

Official PlayOnline Announcement

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PlayOnline: Blitz Buffalo
Posted by: Mirriam - Fri Aug 19th, 2005 06:47 am EDT
Blitz Buffalo It's Cool! It's Hot! It's Hairy! It's Blitz Buffalo!
"Blitz Buffalo" will begin on August 25! So what is this new festival that has the moogles in a frenzy?

Aug. 19, 2005 01:00 [PDT]

Blitz Buffalo

Did you enjoy the Sunbreeze Festival, kupo?
We expected it to bring cool breezes to Vana'diel, but somehow it's as hot as ever.

But I have good news, kupo!
The M.H.M.U. has come up with yet another cool festival to beat the heat--"Blitz Buffalo"!

You all know about buffalos, right?
They're big, black beasts that inhabit the Uleguerand Range. We moogles were able to move them to areas outside of several nations using special magic, kupo!
Eh? Did you just grumble something about "troublemakers"? That word isn't in our moogle vocabulary, kupo.

Anyway, now is your time to shine, adventurers! Chase down the buffalos and snag the red sashes from their horns! Let the Beastmen bask in the wisdom and courage of the nations, kupo!

However...take care, kupo.
The buffalos have grown rather upset watching the red sashes swaying from their horns. Sometimes you may start running after a buffalo, only to end up being the one chased! You wouldn't want to be sent flying into the clouds, would you? On the other hand, the breeze up there might be rather refreshing...if you live to enjoy it, kupo...

So, do you have enough courage to provoke one of the giant beasts? What's that? "It sounds extremely dangerous"? Don't worry--you'll be fine! Live for the moment, right, kupo?

Live on the edge...kupo...

Actually, we moogles gave the event a trial run ourselves and had a blast!
The sweat around our ears and the pounding of our chests during the hunt... It was a real rush, kupo!

Facing the blood-chilling glare of the buffalo...knowing what must be done... Ohhh, it makes me shiver just thinking about it, kupo!

That relieved gasp of freedom after barely escaping a buffalo's enraged charge...then turning back to seize the chance... I...I just can't take this anticipation, kupo!

Um, anyway! J-just make sure to participate!
Well then... Until next time, kupo!!!

[Event Details]
This event is scheduled to commence on August 25, 2005 at 17:00, and will last until September 5, 2005 at 0:00 (PDT).

[Event Locations]
- Southern San d'Oria
- Northern San d'Oria
- Bastok Mines
- Bastok Markets
- Windurst Waters
- Windurst Woods

Official PlayOnline Announcement

Event Specifics

Official Announcement: Blitz Buffalo
Event Schedule: August 25, 2005 to September 5, 2005
Event Item Rewards: Red Sash and Dash Sash.

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